Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1155: Deterioration

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The Star Behemoth bone that belonged to him had grown further after absorbing a tremendous amount of dashing lights from the depths of that space disruption zone.

Now, it had grown to eighty meters long.

As soon as it flew out of his ring of holding, it blossomed with crimson light, countless fine veins that formed complicated patterns on its surface lighting up bit by bit.


The colorful auras that had risen from the bottomless chasms seemed to be suddenly stirred.

They were originally scattered in the sky. However, at this moment, they started slowly converging on Nie Tian from different directions.

Standing on the Star Boat, Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly.

He was well-aware that if the rainbow-like auras infiltrated his flesh aura, he would most likely be influenced as well.

That was why he had activated Life Stealth to avoid their detection.

However, as his Star Behemoth bone appeared, the colorful auras were immediately attracted.

While pondering whether he should fly away, he discovered that the glorious auras that looked like colorful winding rivers seemed to only be interested in the Star Behemoth bone.

They stretched over and poured into the crimson translucent bone, creating lightning bolts that slithered on its surface, giving rise to fizzing sounds.

“This is...” Nie Tian went blank, a peculiar notion occurring to him.

The two Star Behemoths seemed to be communicating in a way that was beyond his understanding.

“The Star Behemoth Elder Wei Lai talked about might have died here long ago, but its soul awareness seems to still exist.” With this thought, Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he fixed the bone with a deep look. “Even though there’s only a bone left of this one, my life bloodline restored life to it, setting it on the path of resurrection.

“As the overlords of this starry river during the Primal Era, Star Behemoths once sat at the top of the food chain. Shouldn’t they be unadapted to this era...?”

Nie Tian frowned as he was carried away in thought.


The bone, in which his Blood Essence had sparked growth and many wonders, continued to sputter lightning bolts.


In the Stone Golem capital.

The nine Stone Golems’ fanatic sacrificial ritual with evil spirits and ghouls carried on.

Terrifying fluctuations gradually came from the depths of the dark pit where glorious lights interwove.


Rainbow-like auras rose from the pit and gradually pervaded the entire dilapidated city.

The heart of the Stone Golem leader who had returned to the tenth grade pounded heavily.

In a pious manner, he crouched down facing the pit, as if to listen to instructions that were coming from it.


The titan named Chatvic suddenly returned, his enormous body taking up the area of the heavens over the city.

Like suns, Chatvic’s eyes shone on the bottomless pit where glorious lights were interweaving. “The upheaval sweeping across the entire Shatter Battlefield is being caused by you!

“Are you trying to temporarily resurrect that thing with this sacrificial ritual? Why are you doing this?”

“Why?” The Stone Golem leader said with a sinister smile. “To have our revenge, of course!

“Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, along with the other races that are currently in the Shatter Battlefield... all of them played their role in that battle where my clan was annihilated! And you! We were allies, but now you’ve betrayed our alliance! You’ve even made peace with them and stood with them against others!

“You all deserve to die!”

Chatvic grew furious as he roared, “I don’t know where you were banished all these years, but you were gone for far too long! You don’t understand that the humans are our greatest threat now! Only by uniting with them are we strong enough to contend against the rapidly-rising humans!”

The tenth grade Stone Golem gazed skywards and let out a scalp-numbingly sharp laugh. “Times have changed. It won’t be long before you witness the birth of a brand new era. We Stone Golems will rise up again and follow that one’s steps in the coming era!”

Chatvic was taken aback. “What one? Who are you talking about?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Well, I can’t allow you to resurrect that thing here! It will eliminate every living being in the Shatter Battlefield!”

“I’m sorry, but that’s why I was arranged to come back here.”

“You were arranged to come back here?”

Chatvic pondered for a while, then suddenly realized that these Stone Golems had probably joined some force that he didn’t know of.

What that force was scheming seemed so sweeping that he felt very insecure and uneasy.

“If that’s the case, I can only stop you by force!” Without much thought, Chatvic, who was towering like a mountain peak, dove out of the heavens in an attempt to destroy the huge pit at the center of the city.

The Stone Golem leader shook his head. “Perhaps you had a chance to stop us the last time you were here. However, you found out about our plan too late.”


Like lightning bolts, hundreds of thousands of glorious auras suddenly shot out from the depths of the pit, where countless lights were interweaving.

In the blink of an eye, they infiltrated the titan’s rich flesh aura sea, which had formed naturally.

As soon as his flesh aura sea was tainted by the colorful auras, it began to mutate, and tiny crystals rapidly came to form within it.


Chatvic’s enormous body crashed heavily into the Stone Golem capital like a toppled mountain peak.

The city was dilapidated and full of broken walls. Now as he crashed into it, it was completely destroyed. Many broken stone pavilions were razed to the ground, rubble flying in all directions.

A few minutes later...

Chatvic slowly rose to his feet, staggering. His flesh aura sea was filled with more and more fragmentary crystals that looked like tiny colorful diamonds.

His pupils were gradually flooded by bloodlust and madness, his self-awareness lost.


Like a lofty mountain peak, he suddenly exploded into the heavens, as if to find targets to kill.

“Being at the tenth grade and calling yourself an Ancient God, you’re possessed just like the others!” The Stone Golem leader exclaimed in high spirits. “Even you can’t resist it. I bet those dragons, Ancientbeasts, and outsider grand monarchs will fall victim to it as well!”

With these words, he glanced around at the city that had been shattered by Chatvic, feeling a bit of heartache.

“It’s only a matter of time before we establish a new home, repopulate, and reclaim our glory!”


In the canyon where many humans were gathered.

Numerous outsiders, Ancientbeasts, and dragons had come from the vicinity and engaged in a fierce battle against the Divine Sons and Daughters, Sons of the Stars, and Saint domain experts.

Standing on his Star Boat, Nie Tian stared unblinkingly at the bone.

Lightning bolts wreathed the parts of it that had been contacted by the colorful auras. A weak awareness seemed to be forming within it.

Nie Tian exerted his senses, but still failed to solve its wonders.


A God domain expert suddenly arrived.

It turned out to be Ji Yuanquan, the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society.

The purpose of him being here was to create a spatial tunnel that connected to the outside world, so the members of different human sects that were stranded here would be able to evacuate from the Shatter Battlefield as soon as possible.

Before coming, he had met with Wu Ji, and noticed the strange auras that had been dispersed into many parts of the Shatter Battlefield.

Numerous outsiders and Ancientspirits had been bewitched and plunged into a mad killing state. Therefore, he had been convinced that what Wu Ji had foreseen was bound to happen.

“Why is it you, Vice Sectmaster?” Saint domain disciples of the Void Spirit Society called out upon seeing him.

“The sectmaster is otherwise occupied. He can’t come here himself.” Ji Yuanquan said with a bitter expression. “The outsider grand monarchs, dragons, and Ancientbeasts in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield have also descended into madness!”

Wei Lai gasped. “What?! Things have deteriorated so quickly?!”