Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1154: The Inevitable

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Like colorful rivers, the auras swam in midair.

Unlike the outsider grand patriarchs, dragons, and Ancientbeasts, Nie Tian was prepared.

He steered his Star Boat as far away from the auras as possible. He even activated Life Stealth to mask his flesh aura.

As soon as he did, his vigorous flesh aura magically grew weak.

Soon, even his heartbeat became too faint to detect.

Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian noticed that the colorful auras that had sensed his flesh aura and floated towards him suddenly changed directions and headed towards other areas, as if they had lost their target.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he was delightfully taken aback by the fact that his Life Stealth bloodline talent had such an incredible use. “I can’t believe Life Stealth can actually help me avoid these auras!”

Therefore, he stopped being so meticulous.

Moments later, he noticed that the colorful auras gradually engulfed the entire mountain valley.

Qi warriors of the four great sects either activated their domains or spiritual power wards to resist them.

Unlike hybrids, humans were born with faint flesh auras.

Since none of the experts gathered at the canyon carried noticeable flesh auras, it seemed that they couldn’t spark the colorful auras’ interest, triggering their transformation into glorious crystals that looked like diamonds of different colors.

For this reason, none of the experts from the four great sects were bewitched.

Nie Tian thought to himself, “Clearly, since humans have feeble bodies and negligible flesh power, that Star Behemoth never viewed them as prey, provided that these auras are actually coming from that Star Behemoth.”


As the earth continued to tear, more and more colorful auras flew out.

The outsider grand patriarchs, dragons, and Ancientbeasts that were originally fighting in another area of the heavens gradually moved their battlefield.

A ninth grade Demon grand patriarch that had activated Ancestral Awakening had rows of sharp bones growing out of his sides. At this moment, he was clawing at a dragon, their flesh auras clashing so violently that the space around them almost twisted and collapsed.

While fighting fiercely, they shifted hundreds of kilometers at a time, and soon ended up in the canyon region.

As soon as they did, they detected the auras of the numerous Qi warriors gathered there.

Upon seeing them, they split up without hesitation, as if they had found new, better targets.

Roaring and howling, they charged towards the place where the humans were.

In the depths of the canyon, bitterness filled Wei Lai’s face as he said, “I’m afraid what Wu Ji saw is actually going to happen. Even though we didn’t start this battle, those outsiders and Ancientspirits were affected by those mysterious auras, and became bloodthirsty.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone remembered Wu Ji’s peek at the future.

All of them, who had been waiting in the canyon for the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society to come and bring them to safety, grew very grim.

“It’s happening! A confused battle among all races is happening!”

“That expert who saw the future said that I would die here. Is that a fate I can’t escape?”

“Will I die too?”

Everyone’s hearts became filled with terror, whether their deaths were foreseen by Wu Ji or not.

The mad bloodlust and killing that had taken over the outsiders and Ancientspirits seemed to prove that Wu Ji’s vision of the future was gradually becoming reality.

Did it mean that their deaths were inevitable?

Seeing everyone in deep frustration, Wei Lai hastily soared into the sky and exclaimed in high spirits, “Don’t panic, everyone! As the man said, even though the past can’t be rewritten, the future is full of possibilities, and can be changed! Since a battle seems inevitable now, we’d better do our best to kill the bewitched outsiders and Ancientbeasts who know nothing but killing!”

Someone chimed in, “That’s right! As long as we can kill them all and stay sober at the same time, we’ll be able to survive!”

With a furious roar, He Lianxiong rose into the sky. “What are we waiting for then? We would have fought the outsiders and Ancientspirits to the death in the Dead Star Sea anyways! If a battle with them can’t be avoided, why not fight it today?!”

Immediately afterwards, Divine Sons and Daughters, Sons of the Stars, and numerous elders charged into the sky.

The sky over the canyon was soon filled with glorious domains that each had their unique features.

Some were filled with lush vegetation like the residences of immortals. Some were filled with blazing flames like a fiery purgatory. Some were filled with mountains that emanated golden light, while others were bone-piercingly cold, like worlds of snow and ice...

Domains of different attributes and wonders rapidly filled the sky.

Numerous Spirit Channeling grade treasures, including magic balls, pears, spears, swords, scrolls, and chessboards appeared within their domains, sending off a great amount of divine light that lit up heaven and earth, along with immense power fluctuations.

The Demon grand patriarch that had shifted to this area became their first target.

Being at the middle ninth grade, he was close to a hundred meters tall after activating Ancestral Awakening. At this moment, he was charging towards the human experts, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

However, countless spiritual tools unleashed dazzling divine light at almost the same time, reducing the Demon grand patriarch to a bloody mess.

Even Grand Monarch Blood Axe, who was at the early tenth grade, wouldn’t have been able to withstand the joint attack of so many Saint domain experts, much less a ninth grade Demon grand patriarch.

Just like that, he died in a flash.

As for the twisting dragon, Nie Tian had met him once. He had been among the dragons with Felix and McEleney when they had approached Nie Tian in the Dead Star Sea. He was also at the ninth grade.

Wreathed in golden light, he had claws that looked like huge anchors.

The violent death of the Demon grand patriarch seemed to stir him, as his winding body suddenly came to a stop in midair.

Even though his mind had been twisted with bloodlust, he sensed a hint of fear.

Thus, he threw his head back and let out a long howl.

As soon as he did, all of the other dragons and Ancientbeasts in the vicinity subconsciously gathered from different directions.

Many Demon, Phantasm, and Bonebrute grand patriarchs that were fighting the dragons and Ancientbeasts were also attracted to this area.

Floating in the sky, an elder of the wood element sect felt a numbness in his scalp as he looked at everyone that was attracted by the dragon’s howl. “This is getting out of hand.”

This was what they wanted to see the least.

What they wanted was for the Ancientspirits and outsiders to kill each other, and after the majority of them were dead, they would swoop in and collect the final victory.

They thought that if all of these powerful Ancientspirits and outsider grand patriarchs died here, they might finally be granted the major breakthrough they had been failing to make in the Dead Star Sea all these years.

However, no matter how ideal that seemed, it was merely a hope.

The outsiders and Ancientbeasts’ greatest apprehension and fear was humanity’s rise.

That was deep-seated in their minds.

Therefore, upon the sight of the Qi warriors, they did what they had done for the past countless years, and formed a union against the humans.

Standing on the Star Boat, Nie Tian narrowed his eyes and looked grimly at the outsiders and Ancientspirits that were gathering from all directions.

He sighed and realized that the catastrophic scene his master had foreseen had officially unfurled. “It seems that this can’t be avoided after all.”

An all-out battle among all races finally broke out.

Even though the humans hadn’t started this battle, the mysterious auras of some Star Behemoth had bewitched the outsiders and Ancientspirits, making this battle inevitable.

Frowning, he thought to himself, “Don’t tell me that Star Behemoth is still alive!”

As he did, he subconsciously summoned the Star Behemoth bone from within his ring of holding.

He wanted to see whether some form of connection would form between the bone and that mysterious Star Behemoth, as both of them had once been overlords of this starry river.