Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1152: The Maker

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Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “I’m all ears!”

However, Hou Chulan didn’t speak up right away. Instead, she signaled for him to slow the Star Boat down.

Nie Tian did as he was bid.

As they decelerated, Fang Yuan, Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the others overtook them one by one.

Hou Chulan clearly knew the Void Spirit Society’s gathering place, as she showed him the right directions from time to time.

Only after putting a significant distance between themselves and the others did she say, “Something has happened in the Shatter Battlefield, causing all Sound Stones to fail, so we don’t have to worry that someone will overhear our conversation.”

“So what do you know?” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

Hou Chulan’s bright eyes finally fixed on him. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Your bloodline is called the life bloodline, isn’t it?”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered. He pondered in silence for a few seconds before nodding slightly. “Yes, it is.”

Hou Chulan’s eyes widened as she exclaimed in astonishment, “I can’t believe I was right!”

“How much do you know about the life bloodline?” Nie Tian asked urgently.

Hou Chulan shook her head and said with a complicated look on her face, “Not much. I only read a little about it in some old records in my sect regarding blood-mixing. According to those records, the notion of making hybrids first came from a peculiar member of your sect.

“However, most of the contents regarding that man seem to have been deliberately erased, including his name and achievements.

“I went through many records, but only found very little information about him. It was said that he went astray as he headed down the path of mixing humans with outsiders and Ancientbeasts, and descended to a crooked rogue force.”

Nie Tian listened attentively.

Hou Chulan paid close attention to the changes in his expression as she carried on. “According to the records, he committed heavy crimes, and eventually died in a joint purging operation of the four great sects. However, it was unknown whether he perished completely, or managed to escape with a wisp of his soul.

“Anyways, he put forth a theory that the bloodlines of all living beings, including humans, outsiders, and Ancientspirits, share one origin.

“He thought that that origin was the life bloodline, which carries unlimited creative power. After clashing and merging with different auras, it gave birth to a wide array of new bloodlines.

“Therefore, the life bloodline is the foundation on which the myriad races in this starry river have been born.

“If new races are to be born, the catalysis of the life bloodline will be necessary too.

“However, the origin of the life bloodline remains a mystery.

“That strange person used to refer to himself as the Maker. He intended to refine brand new bloodlines based on the existing myriad races, then create brand new races with the crucial help of the life bloodline.

“His wild ambition to create brand new races made everyone insecure and uneasy.

“He made many attempts, but none were successful. Instead, he created many bloody calamities. After his repeated failures, the four great sects could no longer tolerate him or his crazy experiments. He was disgusted by the whole human world.

“Shortly after that, he was trapped and killed.”

With these words, Hou Chulan stopped and fixed Nie Tian with a deep look, which made him very uncomfortable.

Only after a short while did she go on. “If your bloodline is indeed the life bloodline, then you must have very close connections to that man. Besides, your existence proves that he’s still alive. Not just that, but he has even succeeded in creating a life bloodline.

“Now, your life bloodline can be viewed as the key to breeding brand new beings and races!”

After she finished her words, Nie Tian was completely flabbergasted, his mind in a tremendous muddle.

“The strange man who first put forth the idea of mixing bloodlines, called himself the Maker, and attempted to create brand new races...

“Technically speaking, those hybrids I saw in that mysterious place were a new race, a new life form that has combined the merits of human bloodlines and the bloodlines of other races.

“Is it true that my life bloodline has played a catalytic role in their breeding?

“Was his success with me the reason why that man was able to move on to the next step? Was my blood taken before I even awakened my life bloodline?

“Do those hybrids have any connections to me? Was it really that man who created all those hybrids?”

Questions exploded in Nie Tian’s mind, rendering him completely confused.

Only after a long while did he come out of his daze and ask, “How many people in your sect know about this? And who else knows that I carry the life bloodline?”

“All those who know anything about that man are very old. Most are dead.” Hou Chulan answered frankly. “As for your life bloodline, I wasn’t even sure before you admitted to it. And I only came to that conclusion because the flesh aura you used to help me during my breakthrough into the Saint domain was simply unbelievable.”

Nie Tian fell silent once again.

“But don’t worry,” Hou Chulan said with a relaxed tone. “I’ll keep this secret for you. I won’t even tell my master about it. You’ve helped me many times. I won’t care even if there’s some kind of connection between you and that man.”

As they spoke, the Star Boat flew into a canyon.

A large number of Qi warriors were gathered there.

Lou Hongyan, Huang Jinnan, He Lianxiong, Dou Tianchen, Wang Meijia, and many Saint domain elders were waiting anxiously.

A glowing spatial rift was floating over the canyon. Dazzling lights could be seen interweaving within it.

However, the lights were gradually fading.

Multiple Saint domain disciples of the Void Spirit Society were channeling spatial power from numerous spatial jades and mixing it with their own power and soul awareness to stop the spatial rift from closing.

However, their joint efforts were in vain, as that spatial rift eventually closed under some irresistible force.

Standing on a large protruding rock, Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society said with a very grim face, “A force that seems to originate from the Shatter Battlefield itself has cut off all of its connections to the outside world.”

Then, upon seeing Nie Tian’s Star Boat, he beckoned for him to fly closer.

“I can’t believe everyone is here. Not a single one got out.” Nie Tian said, finding this ironic.

After hearing these words, He Lianxiong and a few others looked somewhat embarrassed, and didn’t say a word.

All of them had been scared and run for their lives after learning their fate from Wu Ji.

However, who would have thought that none of them were able to get out?

As Nie Tian landed, Qi Lianshan said, “Nie Tian, our sectmaster said that he’ll come here himself after he gets ahold of the situation. Let’s wait here together.”

The reason why everyone had come to this place was because all of their spatial rifts or teleportation portals had exploded.

However, Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, was an expert whose understanding of spatial power was hardly matched in this starry river.

As long as he was here, people didn’t feel worried about leaving the Shatter Battlefield alive.


The roars of dragons and Ancientbeasts echoed out in the distant sky. Ninth grade outsider grand patriarchs also headed towards them from different directions.