Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1150: Source of Fear

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Everyone started to panic.

Those who had been pointed at by Wu Ji knew that they would soon die and join the corpses that filled the Shatter Battlefield. Those who hadn’t been pointed at suspected that Wu Ji had only failed to recognize their faces among so many that were dead, and were also worried for their safety.

None of them dared to take his words lightly. After all, as an expert in time power, he had consumed several centuries of his lifespan to sneak a peek into the future.

All of these Divine Sons and Daughters and Saint domain experts had thought of every possible way to come to the Shatter Battlefield in order to witness the battle of their time between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng. However, none of them knew what to do now.

Soon, He Lianxiong from the Heaven Span Pavilion led his subordinates away from the mountaintop without saying anything to anyone.

Many from the Void Spirit Society, pointed at by Wu Ji or not, also left with complicated looks on their faces.

They didn’t even wait for their elders that had gone to inform their God domain seniors in the deepest part of the Shatter Battlefield to return.

Soon after they left, Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan, who Wu Ji had specifically mentioned, also made their decision. They bid Nie Tian farewell and left after a prolonged hesitation.

After all, they were scared of death as well.

While Hou Chulan, who Wu Ji hadn’t seen in his peek of the future, stayed put, her subordinates and a few elders of the wood element sect chose to leave the Shatter Battlefield after serious consideration.

Sitting on the ground, Wu Ji glanced at Dou Tianchen and Wang Meijia.

Upon meeting his eyes, the two Sons of the Stars exchanged a glance, and smiled bitterly at each other.

The two of them had also asked Wu Ji about their fates. Wu Ji’s answer was that they were among the dead as well.

Fang Yuan, however, was one of the few Wu Ji hadn’t seen.

After serious consideration, Dou Tianchen and Wang Meijia eventually bid farewell to Wei Lai and Yan Zhan, and headed back to the Realm of Fragmentary Star with their subordinates.

People left in groups.

In only a few minutes, ninety percent of the powerful experts from the four great sects that had been gathered around the mountaintop evacuated.

Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, Fang Yuan, Hou Chulan, and a handful of others became the only ones that remained.

Even so, they no longer paid attention to the duel between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng, but rather wracked their minds for what could trigger that catastrophic battle.

Fang Yuan’s expression flickered as he thought of a possibility. “Could it be the unearthing of a Heaven Nourished grade treasure, like that Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure that was unearthed in the Shatter Battlefield not very long ago? Only the appearance of such a precious treasure could spark conflicts among people of all races, and therefore lead to a full-scale battle.”

Hou Chulan’s eyes lit up. “That’s actually possible.”

Wei Lai shook his head. “No, it’s not. A treasure at the Heaven Nourished grade can’t possibly trigger a catastrophic battle where almost all core disciples and Saint domain experts fight to the death. Even Immortal grade divine tools won’t make those tenth grade outsider grand monarchs and God domain experts go so mad.”

Everyone fell silent upon hearing these words.

Back when Pei Qiqi’s Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure had first appeared in the Shatter Battlefield, only a God domain senior from the Void Spirit Society had been stirred, and come over.

None of the God domain experts from the other sects or outsider grand monarchs had shown any interest in seizing it for themselves.

This was enough evidence that Heaven Nourished grade treasures weren’t that precious in the eyes of tenth grade grand monarchs and God domain experts.

Only the ones that agreed with them perfectly might spark their interest so much so that they would travel across domains to seize them.

However, each treasure had their uniqueness, and thus couldn’t possibly agree with everyone, much less so many tenth grade grand monarchs and God domain experts.

Even if there was such a treasure, just one of them didn’t seem enough to cause such a fierce fight...

As their thoughts came to this point, everyone fell silent again, feeling that the future was hidden in a thick mist that they couldn’t see through.

Wei Lai turned to Wu Ji and said solemnly, “Anyways, we’re grateful that you made the sacrifice to sneak a peek at the future. If a calamity is really going to fall upon us, those who have evacuated in time will be forever grateful to you. After all, you made them understand that staying here meant their deaths.”

Wu Ji remained expressionless as he said, “I can only hope what I saw can be changed.”

Yan Zhan’s expression flickered. “What do you mean?”

Wu Ji shook his head. “Who knows? They’ll have to safely evacuate from the Shatter Battlefield in order to turn their fate around. But I’m afraid that they...”

“Are you saying that they won’t be able to leave the Shatter Battlefield?” Yan Zhan asked. Clearly, he didn’t think this was likely. “The four great sects still have secret tunnels or spatial rifts that connect to the Shatter Battlefield. Even though that Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure has destroyed most of the spatial rifts, those belonging to us remained intact.

“Not to mention that the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society is currently in the Shatter Battlefield.

“With him here, won’t it be easy for the disciples of the Void Spirit Society to evacuate?”

Hearing his words, Wu Ji looked down without putting forth an argument.

However, his lack of a reaction made Wei Lai and Yan Zhan even more uneasy. They suspected that he had sensed something, but since he couldn’t explain it, he chose to remain silent.

Silence once again enveloped everyone.

At this moment, Hou Chulan took the initiative to approach Nie Tian. With a sweet smile, she said, “I didn’t have a chance to thank you for last time. If it weren’t for you, my breakthrough into the Saint domain wouldn’t have been so smooth.”

Nie Tian smiled and said, “You’re welcome. I gave you my word. It’s only right that I keep it. Not to mention that you paid me handsomely.”

“Your master from the Domain of the Falling Stars was really a big surprise.” Hou Chulan changed the subject. “Who would have thought that he has mastered time power?”

The two of them chatted on randomly.


In the Stone Golems’ capital.

For some reason, countless evil spirits and ghouls suddenly went berserk.

As the ancient ritual carried on, the strongest Stone Golem continued to gather power from the city, his bloodline aura rapidly building up.

An exceptionally tall stone gate that looked simple and unsophisticated suddenly collapsed with a loud crash.

The huge pale-gray stones that had formed it crumbled. After mixing with bits of broken bones and blood of different colors, it lit up an ancient spell formation that had been engraved on a spacious altar.

The altar then split open, revealing a dark, bottomless hole in the ground, like a huge well that led directly to hell.


Countless evil spirits and senseless ghouls swarmed from every part of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range and poured frenziedly into it, as if they were irresistibly drawn to it.

The nine Stone Golems had sickening smiles on their face as their bloodline auras soared.

The strongest of them suddenly threw his head back and roared something in an ancient language, his aura rising through the heavens.

The tenth grade!

It seemed that he had made another breakthrough in recovering his bloodline power.

Countless evil spirits and ghouls continued to gather from all directions and swarm into the bleak, unfathomable ‘well’.

The ‘well’, however, looked like a huge mouth full of terrifying fangs that wanted to devour everything in this world, as if it would never be satisfied.


In a remote corner of the Shatter Battlefield.

Kan Zhisheng, who was guarding that spatial rift, suddenly sensed something, his expression flickering violently.


Before he could realize what it was, the spatial rift that was the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s only connection to the outside world exploded!

He stood aghast.

Moments later, Dou Tianchen and Wang Meijia hurried over from the distant sky with their subordinates.

Looking extremely frustrated, Kan Zhisheng said, “That spatial rift I’ve been guarding exploded by itself… I don’t know what happened. Perhaps you should go ask powerful experts from the Void Spirit Society and see if the spatial fluctuations in the Shatter Battlefield just went through significant changes.”

Dou Tianchen’s face dropped as he looked blankly at the remains of the spatial rift that were fading from the air. “What?! What the hell happened?!”

Kan Zhisheng shook his head repeatedly. “I really don’t know.”

Wang Meijia pondered briefly before taking out a Sound Stone and saying, “I’m friends with one of the Void Spirit Society elders.”

Clutching the Sound Stone, she infused it with a wisp of her soul awareness in an attempt to establish communications with that elder.

In the next moment, her face fell.