Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1149: A Bolt from the Blue

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Wu Ji’s words rendered Nie Tian speechless.

Blood was still flowing from Wu Ji’s nostrils and the corners of his eyes.

His originally gray hair was now snow-white, and the deep wrinkles in his face gave him a worrisome, frail look.

Wu Ji tried to recover a calm state of mind as he said to Nie Tian, “A calamity is going to sweep the Shatter Battlefield.

“I couldn’t see the process. All I saw was the result.

“But the result is simply terrifying...”

Nie Tian struggled to calm himself as he hurried to summon his flesh power to heal Wu Ji before Qi Lianshan returned.

Wisp after wisp of flesh power that carried the power of life infiltrated Wu Ji’s flesh and blood, restoring life force to him.

Wu Ji slowly sat up and said, “You don’t have to extend my lifespan with your precious Blood Essence yet. It only cost me a few hundred years of lifespan, which is something I can afford. Soon, I’ll be able to break through into the Saint domain and gain extra years. I won’t have to worry about my lifespan in the near future.”

With these words, he cast the mysterious time power again.

Time seemed to fly backwards, as if to recover the past years.

His snow-white hair grew gray again. The deep wrinkles on his face seemed to be gently flattened by an invisible hand.

Within a very short time, he recovered his previous appearance. The only difference was that he had clearly consumed a significant amount of power.

“Master, I can always regenerate Blood Essence with high-grade outsider and Ancientbeast corpses,” Nie Tian explained.

Wu Ji smiled weakly. “I know that. But don’t you have a shortage of those corpses? Don’t worry. I’ll find you when I face a serious lifespan problem.”

Nie Tian pondered briefly, then nodded in agreement.

Moments later, a spatial rift appeared in the sky, and Qi Lianshan returned.

“How did it go?” Qi Lianshan asked with wide eyes.

He could tell that Wu Ji was very weak at this moment.

He had clearly overconsumed his spiritual power and soul power, and was mentally exhausted as well.

“Let’s go back first,” Wu Ji said.


Under Qi Lianshan’s leadership, the three of them returned to the mountaintop.

Many Divine Sons and Daughters, Sons of the Stars, legacy disciples, and elders of the four great sects were gathered around the mountaintop, waiting.

As soon as Wu Ji showed up, everyone fixed their eyes on him.

Wei Lai approached him and asked eagerly, “Well...?”

“I didn’t see Grand Elder Mo Heng die in battle,” Wu Ji answered.

Overjoyed, Wei Lai said, “That must mean he’s going to survive. That’s great! As long as he survives, given our sect’s rich resources, we’ll be able to heal him no matter how serious his injuries are.”

Wu Ji glanced over the people in front of him, a pitying look filling his eyes. “I didn’t see him die… But I saw you die, most of you.”

“What?!” All of the experts that were only gathered in this place to learn whether Mo Heng was going to survive his duel instantly grew restless.

Many Saint domain experts and chosen ones from the Five Elements Sect, the Void Spirit Society, and the Heaven Span Pavilion that were originally floating around the mountaintop landed on the mountaintop.

All of their gazes locked on to Wu Ji like blazing lightning bolts and sharp blades.

Wu Ji took a deep breath and took his time to explain, “I didn’t see what happened. I only got to sneak a peek at the results. The result was that the Shatter Battlefield was completely broken. Even the central area, which should be the strongest, broke into pieces. A devastating battle seemed to have taken place.

“The dead were everywhere.

“Humans, Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, Bonebrutes, Floragrims, and dragons...

“In that peek, I didn’t see a single living being. Scattered corpses and dead silence was all there was. I couldn’t even imagine what had happened.”

Wu Ji painted a picture of the future he had seen to everyone, his tone a bit strange.

Complete silence fell on the mountaintop, which was now filled with experts from the four great sects.

However, each and every one of them had flickering eyes. Some suspected the truthfulness of Wu Ji’s words. Some had no doubt, but pondered what upheaval might happen to lead to such a catastrophic result.

Only after a long while did Wei Lai break the silence. “If that’s true, then heaven-shaking, earth-toppling changes must be happening in the Shatter Battlefield.”

He turned to the experts from the other three sects and said with all seriousness, “This is a matter of paramount importance. We have to inform our God domain seniors that are observing the battle in the heart of the Shatter Battlefield!”

Many experts nodded vigorously and left without the slightest hesitation. “That’s right!”

At this moment, Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, the five sect heads of the Five Elements Sect, and several God domain experts from the Heaven Span Pavilion were all observing the peak battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng in the deepest part of the Shatter Battlefield.

If a fierce battle was going to sweep the Shatter Battlefield, taking countless lives, those God domain experts might be able to prevent it if they were informed in advance.

As Wu Ji had said, the past couldn’t be rewritten, but the future was full of possibilities, and could be changed.


Fancy air-transportation spiritual tools and domain-enveloped figures shot off the mountaintop one after another.

Those who remained on the mountaintop seemed to have an inescapable haze in their eyes, as they had become awfully quiet.

“What can lead to such a horrible result?”

“We’re only here to observe the battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng. There should be no reason for such a fierce battle to break out.”

“Something must be happening and causing strong conflicts between the powerful experts of different races that are gathered here.”

“How can we avoid it?”

“Should I leave the Shatter Battlefield now?”

“Will I die here if I don’t leave?”

Mixed expressions flashed across the faces of those remaining on the mountaintop, as if they were weighing their choices inwardly.

People no longer paid attention to the battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng.

Many focused their gazes and soul awareness on Wu Ji, while others glanced into their surroundings.

Wu Ji, however, sat as still as the water in an ancient well, as if he didn’t have a stir in his emotions.

After a while, he said in a low voice, “Little Tian, you’d better get out of here.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Master, you didn’t see my body, did you?”

Wu Ji shook his head. “I didn’t. I thought of you when I was peeking into the future. However, as soon as I did, I started to burn my lifespan at an alarming rate. Sensing the anomaly, I stopped immediately. You must be very, very special. It seems that I’ll have to burn much more of my lifespan to see your future than Mo Heng’s.

“Do you know what that means?”

A puzzled look appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “No.”

Wu Ji’s eyes glittered as he said, “This would only happen to those who will play crucial roles in the future. The fact that it happened to you means that you’ll possess power that allows you to change the landscape of this entire starry river, and have a significant influence on the thousands of races that live in it!”

Nie Tian laughed and said arrogantly, “Who would have thought that my future was going to be so splendid?”

“I’m not joking,” Wu Ji said with a serious look in his eyes. “However... If you’ll have a significant influence on the landscape of this starry river... then you wouldn’t die in the Shatter Battlefield... If you did, then my fast lifespan consumption when peeking into your future wouldn’t make sense.”

As profound as these words were, Nie Tian understood them.

He probably wouldn’t die here.

With such a realization, Wu Ji gave up on persuading Nie Tian to leave, but let him make his own decision.

One of He Lianxiong’s subordinates walked over. Standing in front of Wu Ji, he asked in a low voice, “Umm... Did you see me among the dead?”

Wu Ji looked up. After having a good look at his face, he nodded. “It appears so.”

The man slowly walked back to He Lianxiong’s side, looking so wretched that it was as if he had just lost his parents.

Wu Ji pointed at He Lianxiong. “He dies too.”

He Lianxiong’s expression flickered drastically.

Wu Ji then pointed at some other subordinates of the chosen ones in front of him. “You, you, and you... I saw you all among the dead.”

He even pointed at Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan. “You two were among the dead as well.”

Those he pointed at looked extremely grim.

However, none of them blamed him for pointing it out. They understood that those who mastered time power were the most special existences in this world. Their words were not to be taken lightly.

Some others that Wu Ji didn’t point at approached him to ask him if he had seen them among the dead.

Wu Ji shook his head towards him and said expressionlessly, “Sorry, what I saw was only a glimpse of the future. I didn’t see everything. Perhaps you die. Perhaps you don’t. I can’t give you the answer you’re looking for.”

Someone finally gave in to his fear and said, “I can’t capture the quintessence of the battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng anyways. I might as well get out of here now.”

“Me neither. We might as well leave now.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you. Let’s get out of his damned place!”