Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1146: The Actual No. 1 Cultivator from the Domain of the Falling Stars

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After Nie Tian’s exclamation, Wu Ji was able to land on the mountaintop without any resistance. However, everyone’s expressions flickered at he did.

Dou Tianchen, who was at the late Saint domain, was the first to sense something.

Looking astonished, he exclaimed, “Hmm?!”

Fang Yuan, Wang Meijia, and all of their Saint domain subordinates also gasped in shock.

As soon as Wu Ji landed, everyone on the mountaintop experienced a peculiar sense of time disruption.

Looking at Wu Ji, they all entered a trance, where their deepest memories came back to them, stirring up different emotions.

Many of those memories were on the verge of being forgotten, but were now brought back to the surface.

Nie Tian, however, didn’t feel much difference. Beaming with smiles, he approached Wu Ji.

A heartfelt smile appeared on Wu Ji’s face as well.

“He’s only at the late Void domain. Given his cultivation base, he shouldn’t be able to affect my state of mind.” Dou Tianchen muttered to himself, immersed in the scenes from the past that entered his mind. “Time... I feel like I’m in a different time... This is time power! The most mysterious and profound power in heaven and earth!”

With such thoughts in mind, his eyes suddenly burst forth with strong light.

Upon hearing his exclamation, all of the Qi warriors sitting on the mountaintop shuddered with astonishment.

Wang Meijia stared at Wu Ji with such astonishment that she seemed to be staring at a freak. “Time power! There are actually people who have mastered the laws of such profound power!”

There wasn’t the slightest disdain in her eyes anymore.

It didn’t matter what cultivation base he was at, just the fact that he practiced time power alone was respectable enough.

Not just them, even God domain experts would have treated him with great respect if they learned that Wu Ji had mastered the profound truths of time power, and that he was on the verge of entering the Saint domain.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment as he exclaimed, “Master, you’ve entered the late Void domain already?! And you’re about to advance to the Saint domain?!”

Wu Ji nodded, smiling. “The Shatter Battlefield is a blessed land for me.”

Nie Tian was so astounded that he didn’t even know what to say.

“My master should be considered the real strongest cultivator throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars!” He marveled inwardly.

Originally, he had assumed that Zhao Shanling, who had recently entered the late Void domain and was well-versed in spatial manipulation magics, was the strongest cultivator from the Domain of the Falling Stars.

He didn’t think that was true anymore.

Wu Ji’s cultivation base had been far lower than Zhao Shanling’s before they had broken free from the limitations of the Domain of the Falling Stars.

He had been only at the Soul realm when they had first entered the Shatter Battlefield.

Now, not a long time had passed, but he had already made the major leap from the Soul realm to the late Void domain, and it wouldn’t be long before he attempted to enter the Saint domain.

This was none other than a miracle!

Even Zhao Shanling’s achievements didn’t seem so incredible in comparison anymore.

“The river of time has helped me a great deal,” Wu Ji explained as his smile slowly faded away, recovering his usual, placid expression. “Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to make a series of breakthroughs in my cultivation. And the special materials I found in it helped me build my time domain. Then, I sensed your arrival, and came here to see you.”

Fang Yuan, Dou Tianchen, Wang Meijia, and all of their Saint domain subordinates gasped, fixing Wu Ji with admiring and respectful gazes.

“The river of time?!”

“You studied the profound truths of time power from the river of time?!”

“That mysterious river records the secrets of the development of all races, as well as the wonders of the change of eras.”

“I can’t believe you actually derived enlightenment from the river of time!”

Even though Wu Ji was only at the Void domain, to them, Wu Ji, who had derived profound knowledge from the river of time, seemed even more mysterious and awe-inspiring than some God domain experts.

“Who are those fighting at the heart of the Shatter Battlefield?” Wu Ji asked curiously.

Humbly, Dou Tianchen took the initiative to answer his question, “Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng, our grand elder. Since you’re our seventh martial brother’s master in the Domain of the Falling Stars, we shall accommodate all of your needs.

“You’re welcome to stay here and observe the battle, or catch up with seventh martial brother.”

With these words, he pointed at the mountains and valleys in the distance. “Disciples of the other sects are scattered across this region. And we each have our own viewing areas. Only God domain experts and their outsider equals can enter the central area to view the battle up close. Most of us can’t.

“As for you, even though you’ve mastered time power, which is probably the most profound power there is, since your cultivation base isn’t very high at the moment, I suggest that you stay here with us. What do you think?”

With these words, Dou Tianchen smiled, fixing Wu Ji with an inquiring look.

Nie Tian smiled and chimed in, “I happen to have lots of things that I’d like to talk to you about, Master.”

After a moment of pondering, Wu Ji nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll stay here for a while. However, I’ll have to return to the river of time later, since I’ll still need its help with my future breakthroughs.”

“Of course,” Nie Tian hastily said.

“Let’s see what you’ve seen and done over these years.” As soon as Wu Ji gently let out a breath, swirling lights appeared in the depths of his eyes, as if they were vested with the wonders of the river of time.

“Time Trace,” Wu Ji whispered.

In the next moment, Nie Tian fell into an illusion where he relived all that he had experienced over these years.

Scenes of the past appeared before his eyes as pieces of memories came back to him, as if he had traveled back in time.

Wu Ji simply looked into his eyes, as if he could see them all in the depths of his eyes.

This was a divine ability that even God domain experts didn’t have.

Fang Yuan, Dou Tianchen, and all of the others sensed the time manipulation in Wu Ji’s unique aura. Insecure and uneasy, they subconsciously backed away from him.

They felt that if he used this Time Trace on them, all of the things they had been keeping secret would be revealed.

“This is even more powerful than Soul Search, and it’s harmless!” Wang Meijia muttered in a low voice. “I thought time power only existed in legends. Even the four great sects don’t have records that describe them, let alone cultivation methods. Now that I’ve seen it myself, it’s indeed even more mysterious than spatial power.”

Dou Tianchen couldn’t help but marvel, “Who would have thought that a small place like the Domain of the Falling Stars would produce so many unique geniuses?

“I seems that I’ve got to find time to go there. There are simply too many unique people and shocking things there.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely a place worth visiting,” Fang Yuan chimed in with an amazed look in his eyes.

At the same time...

In areas where core disciples and elders of the Five Elements Sect, the Void Spirit Society, and the Heaven Span Pavilion were gathered.

“It’s time power!”

“I’m sensing an unusual time aura. Don’t tell me that the river of time has floated to this area! No, that’s not it!”

“Someone has channeled the river of time, and is using time power!”

“It’s coming from the place where the Sons of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace are!”

“Curious! Who on earth has mastered time power?! This is incredible!”

Sensing the time power, many of them awoke from their trance, where they were carefully observing the battle between Grand Monarch Primal Demon and Mo Heng, and converged on Wu Ji’s location.