Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1145: An Ancient Alliance

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The nine Stone Golems had first emerged from the Seven-star Blue Sea in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and later found their way to the Shatter Battlefield.

They had been rather weak when they had first been freed from the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Now, many years had passed, and all nine of them had recovered a great deal of their strength with the help of this mysterious, ancient city.

The Shatter Battlefield had originally been the Stone Golems’ ancestral land.

This city had been their capital, and the foundation of their existence during the Desolate Antiquity Era. Many of their secrets were still buried here.

The strongest Stone Golem gazed skywards at Chatvic.

He had been at the early ninth grade when he had left the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Now, after numerous rituals with the profound spell formations that had been built into the city, he had already returned to the peak of the ninth grade, only one step away from recovering his original grade, the tenth grade.

The strongest Stone Golem gazed at Chatvic in the heavens, and asked in a unique rhythmic language from the Desolate Antiquity Era, “Who’s your ancestor?”

“Judging by our age difference, I’m a junior to you,” Chatvic the titan answered in the same language. “If what I suspect is true, you must be the son of your race’s last chief. According to our ancient records, you seemed to have been banished before that last battle broke out.

“People thought you died a long time ago. Who would have thought that you’d actually be alive after disappearing for so long?

“Where were you banished to? I know that your people have lifespans so long that they make you seem immortal, but none of them have lived this long.”

Chatvic understood that among all the ancient races from the Desolate Antiquity Era, Stone Golems had the longest lifespans.

Their bodies weren’t completely flesh and blood. Perhaps that was the reason why they could easily live for tens of millions of years.

This made them a special race that could live even longer than dragons, titans, and any Ancientbeasts.

However, having the longest lifespans didn’t mean that they were the strongest.

On the contrary, one of the downsides of their long lifespans was that it would take them an extremely long time to make advances in their bloodlines.

For titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts, if they continued to accumulate strength and didn’t die prematurely, they would have a great chance at advancing to the tenth grade in several hundred thousand years.

However, it would take Stone Golems ten times longer to do that.

Furthermore, due to their uniqueness, reproduction was incomparably difficult to them.

That was also part of the reason why they hadn’t been as strong a race as the titans or the dragons, both number-wise and battle prowess-wise.

All of these factors had contributed to their defeat and annihilation in their competition against the uprising outsiders.

The strongest Stone Golem gave a cold snort and said, “Where I was banished is not for you to know. Now, I’m the chief of the Stone Golem race. I came back to our capital so that I could recover my strength and take back what belongs to us.

“Besides, since I’m back, meaning that our race is not extinct, the agreement between us still stands, right?” He asked with a firm tone.

“Well...” Chatvic hesitated. Only after a moment did he say, “I’ll have to ask my older brother about the details of that agreement, and see where they stand on the matter. Also, I don’t know whether the dragons and the Ancientbeasts are still going to honor their parts of that agreement. So I can’t give you an answer before I return.”

“Our people paid a heavy price for that battle,” The Stone Golem leader said indignantly. “I hope you’ll all stay true to your promise!”

Chatvic nodded. “We’ll give you an answer after I go back and talk to them.”

“That Demon grand monarch currently fighting in the depths of the Shatter Battlefield is a direct descendant of those who caused the annihilation of my people!” The Stone Golem exclaimed, anger building up inside of him.

Chatvic frowned and asked, “Are you talking about Grand Monarch Primal Demon? He’s the Demons’ current chief, an expert at the late tenth grade. Even I can’t match his strength. Besides, you were gone for so long that you probably don’t know the current landscape of this starry river.

“Now, the humans who you and the Demons used as sacrificial offerings are our primary threat.

“We Ancientspirits usually have to work with the Demons, Phantasms, and other outsiders in order to suppress their expanding ambitions.

“Because of that, even though battles still break out between us and the outsiders every once in a while, we stand as one whenever the humans march their armies into the Dead Star Sea.

“You probably need time to get a full understanding of the new world.”

The Stone Golem leader let out an uncanny laugh that regular cultivators wouldn’t be able to hear, but Chatvic could. “The new world? Rest assured. I know what the ‘new world’ should look like. It won’t be very long before you see it too.”

“What are you talking about?” Chatvic asked, looking confused.

“Nothing. Just wait and see.” The Stone Golem said coldly.

As baffled as Chatvic was, he didn’t pursue the topic. As his enormous body gradually moved away from the area, it was like heavy clouds that scattered, revealing the heavens again.


Atop the broken mountain peak.

Four Sons of the Stars, including Nie Tian, were sitting quietly with their respective subordinates, carefully observing and sensing the battle between Mo Heng and Grand Monarch Primal Demon through their Star Eyes.

The battle had lasted a long time.

At this moment, Wu Ji traveled through the flowing mixed auras and slowly approached them without relying on any transportation spiritual tools.

As he flew closer, Dou Tianchen’s eyes snapped open. Fixing the new arrival with a cold stare, he asked, “Who is it?”

Dou Tianchen was the strongest of the Sons of the Stars present, as he had already entered the late Saint domain.

Even so, he felt insecure and uneasy as Wu Ji approached. He couldn’t determine the nature of Wu Ji’s unique, odd aura.

However, as he took his time to examine him carefully, he found that he didn’t seem to be as powerful as he had thought.

That was when he realized that this man’s cultivation base might not be high, but the incantations he practiced must be very special.

A plain, remote voice echoed out. “Wu Ji, from the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

Nie Tian, who was sitting on the ground, snapped out of his trance. He sprang to his feet and exclaimed in great excitement, “Master!”

Fang Yuan and Wang Meijia were awoken by his exclamation. “Master?!”

Their subordinates also fixed the new arrival with curious looks, wondering how unusual Nie Tian’s master was.

Soon, everyone’s gaze landed on Wu Ji, who gradually entered their sight.

“Only the late Void domain.”

“Not even at the Saint domain.”

“He seems to be a bit too weak...”