Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1139: A Brand New World

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Nie Tian expression grew grim. “Your master? I can’t believe the head of the lightning element sect is also...”

“Not just my sect. There are people like us in the four great sects as well.” Han Sen said sincerely.

He had first met Nie Tian in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range.

Since he hadn’t awakened his lightning bloodline back then, and neither had he learned about this grand secret, he had found hybrids like Nie Tian repulsive.

However, things were different now.

Now that he had learned this shocking secret from his master, he took it for granted that since Nie Tian was a hybrid like him, he wouldn’t be able to escape his fate as part of the coming new era.

Therefore, he held nothing back from him.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “There are people like you and your master in the four great sects now?!”

“Times are indeed going to change,” Dong Li muttered, her flickering eyes fixed on the secret portal. “I wonder how many like him have come out of that place and blended into the human domains over the years. Perhaps most of them only haven’t displayed remarkable talent yet because they’re waiting for their bloodlines to be awakened.

“But once their bloodlines are awakened, their prominent talent and strength will definitely set them apart from regular cultivators.

“And I bet people are secretly making efforts so that this grand scheme will pan out...”

Her words suddenly reminded Nie Tian of the secret force Yuan Jiuchuan the Thunder Devil had told them about.

That force, which consisted of crooked human sects like the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the Nether Spirit Society, and the Death Curse Sect, was every bit as strong as any of the four great sects. It might very well be behind all this.

“It even has rogue Phantasms, Demons, Fiends, and other outsiders as its members.”

As his train of thought came to this point, he was more and more convinced that that secret force was responsible for this hybrid scheme.


At this moment, the portal Pei Qiqi and Zhao Shanling had entered suddenly started to emanate unusual spatial fluctuations.

Many passing dashing lights were sucked into it.

The secret portal started to expand.


Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi charged out of it successively.

Zhao Shanling was covered in blood. Face pale, he shouted upon charging out of the expanding portal, “We need to leave now!”

Pei Qiqi seemed to be in a better condition than him, as there wasn’t any blood on her. However, her eyes were bereft of their usual glitter.

She fixed Han Sen with a bewildered stare. “Who’s this, Nie Tian?”

“A hybrid.” Nie Tian told her the truth. “He was hoping to go in there to seek further bloodline upgrades when I stopped him.”

Zhao Shanling took a deep breath and said with a panicked look in his eyes, “Forget about him. We’re done exploring this place. Let’s get out of here!”

“Let’s go!” Pei Qiqi also urged him.

Nie Tian shot a glance at Han Sen.

Meeting his eyes, Han Sen hastily exclaimed in a terrified voice, “We’re both hybrids, and I’ve told you everything you want to know!”

Nie Tian nodded and said, “Whatever. A man like you can never surpass me. I guess it doesn’t matter whether you’re dead or alive.”

Immediately afterwards, the wisps of blood-colored aura that had been suppressing Han Sen’s bloodline flew out of him and returned to Nie Tian.

Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi flew off in the opposite direction of the depths of the strange clouds. Nie Tian and Dong Li hastily followed along.


After they left, the secret portal fluctuated even more violently.

Strange lights shot out of it as it continued to expand.

Standing in front of the portal, Han Sen was apprehensive about the unusual changes, and didn’t dare to enter it rashly.

After a long while...

As dazzling light burst forth from within the secret portal, three figures flew out of it.

They were two men and a woman, all of them at the Saint domain.

The woman seemed rather old. She was wearing a feather hat and dressed in a rather manly manner. She was a middle Saint domain spatial power expert.

From the look of it, she outranked the other two.

She shot Han Sen a sideways glance and took a brief moment to examine him. “You’re a hybrid? What are you doing here?”

Honest and humble, Han Sen answered, “My master is the head of the lightning element sect. Now that I’ve awakened my bloodline, he told me to come here to seek further breakthroughs in my bloodline and cultivation base. Are you from in there, Senior?”

The woman smiled and said, “Oh, your name is Han Sen, isn’t it?”

Han Sen nodded vigorously.

The three experts then talked among themselves, as if they were in a rather good mood.

“Not bad. Your bloodline is already at the fifth grade. You have a bright future ahead of you.”

“Yeah, perhaps the lightning element sect will finally have their first God domain cultivator thanks to you.”

“This deal is quite rewarding. Our efforts didn’t go to waste.”

At this moment, Han Sen said cautiously, “Two people came out before you.”

The woman in the feather hat shot a glance in the direction Pei Qiqi and the others had left in, and said, “That’s alright. A new era is at hand. That girl is a hybrid too. It’s only a matter of time before she joins us.”

“There was another one waiting for them out here,” Han Sen hastily said. “His name is Nie Tian. It seems to me that he’s even stronger!”

The woman was taken aback. “Nie Tian?!”

However, she quickly recovered from her astonishment. With an unfathomable look in her eyes, she smiled and muttered to herself, “So it was him. Not bad. I didn’t think he’d actually find his way here. Luckily for us, it’s almost time. Otherwise, things might actually have been a bit tricky.”

The three experts had been calm and composed since they had flown out of the secret portal. They didn’t seem to have the slightest interest in pursuing Pei Qiqi and the others.

“Come on. We’ll show you in. I believe you’ll be able to make another bloodline upgrade in there soon.”

With these words, they took Han Sen into the fluctuating portal.


Under Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi’s leadership, Nie Tian and Dong Li flew at full speed in the space disruption zone, avoiding the dashing lights that shot across from time to time.

“What happened in there?!” Dong Li exclaimed.

Pei Qiqi had focused on getting away from that secret portal at first, as if she was scared of being caught.

Only now, after flying at full speed for some time and sensing no pursuers, did she finally relax and slow down.

“That secret portal connects to a brand new world that doesn’t belong to outsiders, Ancientspirits, or humans.” Zhao Shanling dropped a bomb with his first sentence. “Like ours, it’s also vast and filled with countless realms. The only difference is that many of the realms in it are still in transformation, and haven’t been explored.”

Nie Tian gasped. “A brand new world?!”

Zhao Shanling nodded. “We must have not discovered it yet, as there are no rumors of such a brand new heaven and earth in either our world or the outsiders’ world. However...”

He paused for a moment. “It already has inhabitants. And most of the young inhabitants are hybrids!”

Pei Qiqi jumped in and said, “I believe the disappeared Void Palace Sect has already become a part of that world. However, we were spotted when exploring it. Those locals tried to catch us. Since they were stronger than us, and we didn’t want to take risks, we could only get out of there first.”

“This discovery is far too significant,” Zhao Shanling said aloud. “We have to inform the four great sects of it.”

Pei Qiqi looked back. “The strange thing is that they didn’t come after us after we got out of there.”

She was well-aware that one of the pursuers was well-versed in spatial power and had a high cultivation base.

However, the fact that her Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure hadn’t detected anything indicated that they had given up.

This was such a huge secret. They were bound to inform the four great sects of it if they made it out of this space disruption zone. Why didn’t they try to stop them?

Pei Qiqi found this baffling.