Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1132: A Spatial Creature

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Somewhere in the space disruption zone.

Chains of dazzling lights bound Yuan Jiuchuan’s lighting domain like shackles, so that he wouldn’t be able to channel power into his dantian region from it.

Face filled with frustration, Yuan Jiuchuan flew reluctantly behind the group of four.

If he dared to try something funny, his domain would be ripped apart. Once his domain perished, he would face another rebirth, assuming that he somehow secured a wisp of his soul.

For this reason, he didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

However, he still harbored hope in his heart.

Whenever Zhao Shanling and the others weren’t looking, his eyes would glitter, as he hoped that Pang Chicheng and the recruiters from that mysterious organization would rescue him and take him in as a member.


Streaks of glorious light dashed past them from time to time as Zhao Shanling flung his sleeves to change the directions of the ones that shot directly at them.

“How much of the Thunder Devil’s words do you think can be believed?” Pei Qiqi asked in a low voice.

“Who knows?” Zhao Shanling said, frowning. “But one thing I believe is true. I think he actually received help from a secret force. Otherwise, with him wandering this space disruption zone alone, there was no way that he could have advanced to the Saint domain.”

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian said, “Since the place you were taking us happens to be the same place where he was going to meet with those people, we’d better prepare ourselves for unpleasant encounters.”

“I believe I’ll be able to get us to safety as long as they don’t have God domain experts among them,” Pei Qiqi said calmly. “Given my spatial treasure, my expertise in spatial power, and the unique environment here, I’m like a fish that has returned to water.”

“I have quite a few escape magics in my skill set as well,” Zhao Shanling said, shooting Dong Li a glance.

The way he saw it, Dong Li was the weakest of them. If they found themselves in a critical situation, she might become a burden.

“What are you looking at?” Dong Li said unpleasantly. “I doubt you’re stronger than my black tortoise. And I’m currently deriving enlightenment from the dark stone we secured from the Demon realm. By the time I turn it into a powerful weapon, who’s to say that I won’t be able to match your battle prowess?”

Zhao Shanling nodded with a wry smile. “I’m sure you will.”

Without suns, moons, or stars, none of them could tell time in the space disruption zone. After an unknown period of time, Zhao Shanling suddenly grew cautious. With a stern expression, he whispered, “We’re almost there.”

Feeling his nervousness, everyone else raised their guard as well.

Yuan Jiuchuan, who Pei Qiqi dragged behind them with glowing chains released by her Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure, realized that they had slowed down, and became secretly excited. “It seems that we’re about to get to the place where I’m supposed to meet with Pang Chicheng.”

He snuck a glance at Zhao Shanling and the others with a cold, vicious look in his eyes. As much as he tried to hide his evil thoughts, Dong Li saw right through him.

“I don’t see why we have to keep him alive,” she suddenly said.

Yuan Jiuchuan’s expression flickered drastically.

“Is it only because we want to verify the authenticity of his words?” Dong Li muttered to herself. “The way I see it, we might as well kill him and be done with it. If he somehow escapes, it’ll most likely get us in trouble. I don’t like the feeling of traveling with potential trouble by my side.”

Hearing her words, Zhao Shanling narrowed his eyes and said reluctantly, “But we agreed to spare his life as long as he does what we say.”

“We should keep our promise,” Pei Qiqi chimed in.

“Well, there are many other forms of keeping him alive.” Dong Li said with a vicious look in her eyes, as if she was figuring ways to keep better control of Yuan Jiuchuan, so that there will be no mishaps.

At this moment, Zhao Shanling moved to be abreast of Nie Tian, and pointed into the distance. “Look, Nie Tian. Those curious clouds over there, with peculiar spots of light flickering inside of them. Each of those spots is a secret portal that connects to an unknown heaven and earth. Unusual fluctuations fill the depths of those clouds, which makes it difficult even for me to move forward within them.

“I examined them before, and had a peculiar feeling that somewhere in them is a magical heaven and earth that’s inhabited by creatures that practice spatial power. They might be humans, outsiders, or some other unique species.”

Fascinated by his words, Pei Qiqi said, “According to my master, many space disruption zones indeed have unique creatures living in their deepest areas. They’re usually born with a profound grasp of spatial power. And I can absorb and refine their bloodline power directly.

“For that reason, outsider grand monarchs and human experts that are well-versed in spatial power often come looking for those unique species of spatial creatures, along with rare spatial materials. Even though these special places can be easily found, they’re usually full of danger. Even my master hasn’t explored all of them.”

Zhao Shanling marveled, “It’s already extremely impressive for your master to have explored a few of them. I bet his gains were substantial too. After all, your master is one of the greatest spatial power wielders that has ever lived.”

As they spoke, something suddenly flew out from a tiny spot of dark yellow light in the clouds in front of them.

It was a peculiar winged insect the size of a man’s palm!

It glowed with silver light, with fine spatial lightning sputtering off its swaying tentacles.

After it flew out, the tiny spot of dark yellow light started expanding at a high rate, as if something else was going to charge out of it as well.

However, that thing had to be far larger than the silver insect. It wouldn’t be able to do so before the flickering spot became wide enough.

“Hmm?!” Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up as she pointed at the silver insect from afar. “That little thing has quite intense spatial power inside of it! The special power its flesh aura contains will be useful to me.”


Her Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure shot out of her hand.

The silver insect trembled with fear upon seeing the incoming irregularly shaped crystal. However, as much as it wanted to, it couldn’t break free from a strong binding force from the crystal.

In the next moment, the insect that was the size of a palm was enveloped by light released by the crystal.

The corners of Pei Qiqi’s mouth rose in satisfaction as she watched the crystal drag the silver insect into her palm. Then, she reached out and pressed her jade-like finger on the insect, as if to communicate with it.

However, before she could finish, a fierce roar came from within the expanding spot of light.

Everyone’s expression flickered.

Even Zhao Shanling felt a strong sense of danger upon hearing the roar.

Face grim, Nie Tian took a deep breath and prepared for battle.

The silver insect that Pei Qiqi had her finger on shivered, looking even more terrified, as if it had been chased to this place by what had let out that bloodcurdling roar.

Moments later, Pei Qiqi withdrew her hand and said with forced composure, “That’s a special kind of creature that only lives in space disruption zones. My master has killed a bunch of them. Don’t worry. The only problem is that I don’t know what grade it’s at. If its grade is much higher than mine, it might be a bit tricky.”


As soon as she finished, a strange-looking creature charged out of the expanding portal.

As soon as it did, Dong Li’s black tortoise showed itself and enveloped her in its dark power.