Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1128: Different Times

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Countless fine lighting bolts slithered in the depths of Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyes as he used his soul awareness to examine the group of people in front of him, hoping to find out what made them so audacious.

His eyes ran through Zhao Shanling, Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi and Dong Li. It seemed to him that there wasn’t anything extraordinary about them. “Only at the Void domain and Soul realm...”

He was slightly relieved.

In his previous life, he had reached the middle Saint domain, and earned himself the name ‘Thunder Devil’.

Now, many years later, after numerous incredible encounters, he was at the early Saint domain again. Even though he hadn’t returned to his peak state, he didn’t think Nie Tian and the others in front of him would be able to cause him any trouble.

“Thunder King Seal!”

A cyan magical seal suddenly flew out from between Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyebrows.

At the same time, his domain spread out into his surroundings.

In a split second, a large area around him became filled with slithering lightning bolts and deafening thunder, as if a storm of lightning and thunder had poured out of the highest heavens to devastate everything around him.

The magical seal he had taken from Mo Qinglei had become even more powerful after he had acquired and refined it.

One large thunderball after another floated from within the seal, each thrumming with terrifying, explosive lightning power.

Among Nie Tian’s group, only Dong Li’s expression flickered slightly as she secretly summoned her black tortoise.

In the next moment, ink-black dark power spread out from within her.

The light around her was gradually devoured.

She and the black tortoise, which had just awoken from a deep slumber, were soon enveloped in darkness, as if they had entered an utterly dark heaven and earth.

Even though it wasn’t a domain, it seemed to have the same wonders as a dark domain.

“Darkness...” A shocked look appeared in Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyes as he discovered that all the lightning bolts that flew out of his domain towards Dong Li were deprived of their light as soon as they flew close to her.

It was as if the power within them was instantly neutralized.

He then looked at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian only circulated his flesh aura, without even summoning the Star Behemoth bone.

With wisps of flesh aura wreathing him, his body became so strong that the raging lightning bolts only left tiny black spots on his tough skin.

Meanwhile, Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi vanished into thin air as his domain that was like a lightning storm spread towards them, as if they had entered another space.

The two of them were also the main target of the large thunderballs released by the Thunder King Seal.

After all, they were at the Void domain.

However, the thunderballs that carried Yuan Jiuchuan’s most refined power simply couldn’t lock onto their auras.

Yuan Jiuchuan even noticed that Zhao Shanling and Pei Qiqi would show themselves from time to time just to taunt him.

“Dammit!” He was furious, as he hadn’t expected that many years later, he would finally enter the Saint domain, but be unable to slay the people who had set him up and banished him to this space disruption zone after running into them.

“I can’t say that I’m impressed by your strength as a reborn cultivator,” Pei Qiqi said with an expressionless face. “But it’s interesting that you managed to break through into the Saint domain after all these years. Perhaps you had some thrilling encounters in this place. You probably would have had your revenge if you weren’t fighting us. What a pity...”

The irregularly shaped crystal suddenly flew out of her palm.

As it spun, the glorious, dashing lights that could be seen everywhere in the space disruption zone were instantly attracted to it.

The crystal blossomed with blinding light.

Numerous shining spatial blades then came to form, as if they were carved out by the spinning crystal.

There were only dozens of them at first, but n a matter of seconds, thousands of them came to form, and shot towards Yuan Jiuchuan’s lightning domain like swords of dazzling light under Pei Qiqi’s guidance.


Yuan Jiuchuan’s solid lightning domain instantly became riddled with holes.

Heavy damage was inflicted on his domain before he could react.

Yuan Jiuchuan’s face turned pale with astonishment as he switched his gaze between the crystal and Pei Qiqi. “Divine tool! That’s a spatial divine tool! And forging spatial power into blades to rain them on enemies… this is a secret incantation of the Void Spirit Society that they won’t pass on to just anyone!”

Pei Qiqi nodded slightly. “You know things. However, this tool of mine isn’t a divine tool yet. Although it won’t be long before it upgrades and joins the ranks of spatial divine tools.”

As they spoke, more spatial blades formed around Yuan Jiuchuan.

Like rainbows, they flew across the air, as if to inscribe a profound sealing spell formation.

No matter what spatial incantations Pei Qiqi cast with the crystal in this space disruption zone, their might seemed to be amplified and become overwhelming.

“Spatial Imprisonment!”

A curious pattern of numerous spatial lines gradually appeared in the air over Yuan Jiuchuan’s domain, madly absorbing spatial power from its surroundings as it did.

A powerful sealing spell quickly came into effect.


Yuan Jiuchuan was terrified to discover that he could no longer move his lightning domain.

He could neither withdraw it into his dantian region, nor draw power from it. It was practically in a state of paralysis.

Furthermore, he found it laborious to move his arms and legs. Even his blood flow started to slow down as the spell gradually took effect.

Yuan Jiuchuan’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Another secret incantation of the Void Spirit Society!”

Now, he was completely certain that this girl in front of him must have close connections to the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society.

This was because the incantations she was using were more profound than those used by all of the Void Spirit Society disciples he had met before.

Only legacy disciples of the Void Spirit Society’s sectmaster would be taught such core secret incantations.

Standing next to her, Zhao Shanling took his time to say, “Don’t kill him yet, kid. And make sure that his soul doesn’t escape. He must have found something special in this place in order to advance to the Saint domain. His discoveries might be useful to us.”

Enlightened by his words, Pei Qiqi nodded slightly and said, “Got it. I’ll keep him alive.”

Zhao Shanling smiled. “Good.”

The two of them talking as if he weren’t there made Yuan Jiuchuan so mad that he felt like coughing up blood. He was the Thunder Devil for heaven’s sake!

In his previous life, his name had spread across all the human domains. He had been the nightmare of those who practiced lightning power. Even many from the four great sects had feared him.

Now, however, two Void domain cultivators were discussing whether they wanted to keep him alive right in front of him.

Such humiliation!

“Explode! Explode! Explode!” As Yuan Jiuchuan roared, a vortex of lightning within his spiritual sea suddenly burst, blasting out more terrifying lighting power.