Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1120: Doom Blade

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The demonic blade was stimulated and awakened by Ophelia’s Blood Essence.

Extremely fine wisps poured down from the numerous high-tier and low-tier Demons that were gathered outside the dead realm.

The wisps were a mixture of the Demons’ refined flesh auras and Demon qi.

Many high-tier Demons were completely capable of stopping them from flying towards the demonic blade.

However, none of them did.

They simply let that demonic blade channel and use their power as an additional source of power.

Observed from afar, the demonic blade looked like a blackish-violet crescent moon.


Drops of Blood Essence continued to fly out of Ophelia’s chest and fuse into the blade like drops of water fusing into a sponge.

All of a sudden, the demonic blade blossomed with terrifying purple light.


Strange cracking sounds echoed in the air, as if this area of the dead realm was under too much pressure.

A violent roar suddenly burst forth from within the demonic blade.

In the next moment, clusters of black flames and bolts of purple lightning shot out of the crescent moon-shaped blade.

Every inch of the area exploded.

Nie Tian’s Primal Chaos, which he had established with all sorts of power, caved in.

As clusters of black flames and bolts of purple lightning blasted into the Primal Chaos, the unique field, most of whose power had been fused into the Titan’s Wrath, suddenly collapsed.

Nie Tian instantly felt suffocated, as if he couldn’t even breathe.


He madly drew star power from his spiritual sea to cast the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s secret escape magic, a short-range Starshift.


The moment after he escaped, the piece of solid, desolate ground he had stood on was bombarded by black flames and purple lightning. The entire area was enveloped in an aura of doom.

The earth burned with black flames.

Lightning slithered in the air, as if to capture and wipe out any life force it could find.

Many powerful human and outsider experts that were gathered outside the dead realm couldn’t help but exclaim upon capturing the unique aura of the black flames and purple lightning released by the demonic blade.

“Doom Blade!”

“It’s the Doom Blade indeed!”

“That’s one of the Demons’ signature treasures!”

The Doom Blade was a very famous weapon in Demon history.

Its last holder was Ophelia’s mother: Grand Monarch Illusory Demon. When she had died, the Doom Blade had been passed on to Ophelia.

This terrifying blade could release destructive black flames and purple lightning and reduce all beings with flesh and blood to ashes.

To stimulate and awaken it, the wielder would have to use his or her Blood Essence, which might be rather easy for ninth or tenth grade Demon grand patriarchs and grand monarchs.

However, since Ophelia was only at the eighth grade, she was under great pressure every time she used her Blood Essence to awaken the Demonic Doom Spirit within the Doom Blade.

It was said that a fierce spirit slumbered inside the Doom Blade. The Demons called it the Demonic Doom Spirit.

It was not the spirit of an ancient Demon, or any member of the Demon race.

In fact, it had originally been called the Doom Spirit.

Only after a powerful Demon grand monarch had merged with the Doom Blade and awakened it with his Blood Essence had its name been changed into the Demonic Doom Spirit.

The added ‘Demonic’ was to indicate its connections with the Demons.


Black flames spread across the ground as purple lightning roared through the air. The mixed energy in that area seemed to be transforming into a mysterious power that carried a unique aura of doom.

“Doom, doom, doom for all lives...” Vague, remote calls came from within the Doom Blade.

Even though it wasn’t in any of the known languages, everyone who heard it explicitly understood every word of the remote bellows.


The Star Behemoth bone flew back into Nie Tian’s hand.

“Hmm?!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly as it did. He found that the bone seemed to have noticed the inconvenience its size was bringing him, and thus took it upon itself to shrink down to about two meters long, like a scarlet spear.

Feeling heavy pressure from the demonic blade, Nie Tian didn’t dare to delay as he summoned the Flame Dragon Armor from within his ring of holding. “Flame Dragon Armor!”

Exuding raging flames, the suit of armor clad itself on Nie Tian, covering most of his body.


Ophelia turned slightly to face Nie Tian again, before bloodcurdling shrieks suddenly came from within the Doom Blade in her hand.

In the next moment, the black flames and purple lightning that had engulfed Nie Tian’s previous location dashed towards him again, as if they were soldiers following the commands of a general.


The shrieks coming from the Doom Blade grew increasingly urgent and ear-piercing.

Nie Tian started to feel a numbness in his scalp and a splitting pain in his head. Just as he was about to cast Starshift again, he discovered that the area he was in was somehow sealed off by the sharp, bloodcurdling shrieks.

The shrieks seemed to have formed an invisible ward that prevented him from escaping with Starshift.

Black flames spread across the hard ground at an alarming speed. The purple lightning bolts traveled even faster through air. In the blink of an eye, they reached the sky over Nie Tian.


Purple lightning bolts struck down, carrying an aura of destruction.

Nie Tian hastily drew his flame power, wood power, star power, and flesh power to establish wards of different colors.

As soon as the wards came to form, numerous heaven-filling lightning bolts slammed down into them.


As fragile as paper, one ward after another exploded.

Like numerous purple chains, the lightning bolts came closer and closer to Nie Tian.

They whipped at the last blazing shield created by the Flame Dragon Armor repeatedly, giving rise to sputtering sparks.

Nie Tian struggled as his flame power was consumed at an alarming rate.

At this moment, the black flames that slithered across the earth like snakes finally reached him as well.

At the same time, the Doom Blade continued to let out sharp, intimidating shrieks, along with more purple lighting bolts and black flames that carried an aura of destruction.

The entire dead realm seemed to be devastated by a power of doom, as if something terrible was about to happen.

Nie Tian gradually started to show signs of tiring out.

Seeing this, the powerful outsider experts that were observing the battle realized that he was finally going to burn out his last bit of strength and die under the Doom Blade.

Some Demons sneered. “It’s his honor for him to die under my people’s unparalleled mighty weapon.”

“It’s the Doom Blade he’s up against! What else do you expect? After awakening the Demonic Doom Spirit in the demonic blade, Ophelia’s battle prowess has risen so high that even a ninth grade grand patriarch would find her hard to deal with. That Nie Tian is only at the Soul realm. How can he possibly survive the Doom Blade’s devastating might?”

Many observers whispered among themselves, assuming that Nie Tian wouldn’t be able to save the situation. The Doom Blade would eventually plunge him to his doom.

Even Nie Tian himself felt that none of his defensive means seemed to be working against the black flames and purple lighting, and he was running low on all sorts of power.

He started to feel powerless.