Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1116: Demonic Illusion Realm

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Strange illusions descended on the unidentified dead realm.

Ophelia’s sea of flesh aura rapidly morphed into a demonic shadow that was thousands of meters tall, propping up heaven and earth.

Breathing rolling Demon qi, it suddenly split up and morphed into Demons with all kinds of looks.

There were ancient Demons, low-tier Demons, demonic bugs, and many other odd-looking Demonic creatures.

All of them were very lifelike, as if they actually existed in the void over Ophelia’s head.

Many human experts frowned deeply watching the numerous demonic creatures that had appeared out of nowhere.

Face grim, Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society said in a low voice, “It’s said that there’s a branch of the Demons’ ancestors called Illusion Demons. They could transform into anything, from Phantasms, Fiends, to dragons and titans. Grand Monarch Illusory Demon carried the Illusion Demons’ bloodline.

“So does Ophelia.

“Not only does the Illusion Demons’ bloodline talent allows them to transform into almost everything, but it also allows them to create illusions and bewitch souls.

“What Ophelia is using now is her Demonic Illusion Realm, which was also used by the late Grand Monarch Illusory Demon. Her Demonic Illusion Realm is another form of her flesh aura sea. Like humans’ domains, it carries countless wonders.

“Nie Tian, on the other hand, hasn’t entered the Void domain yet, which means he doesn’t have his own domain. If he’s trapped within Ophelia’s Demonic Illusion Realm, it’ll be very hard for him to break free.”

Qi Lianshan, who had rushed to the site from the Void Spirit Society’s headquarters, sighed and said, “If it were another eighth grade Demon, Nie Tian might have stood a chance. But since he’s fighting Ophelia, the odds are really against him.”

He had accompanied Pei Qiqi and fought alongside Nie Tian in the Domain of Nether Heaven and the three Demon realms.

He had a very high opinion of Nie Tian’s strength and battle prowess.

Unfortunately, his opponent this time was the middle eighth grade Ophelia, who carried a grand monarch’s bloodline and possessed mighty tools.

“It’d be considered a victory for Nie Tian if he can simply survive,” Ji Yuanquan said.

Observers from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Heaven Span Pavilion, and the Five Elements Sect were scattered around the dead realm. Even though many of them couldn’t capture every detail of what was happening in the dead realm, they learned about the bloodline talent Ophelia was using from their sect seniors after witnessing the incredible changes in her flesh aura sea.

“Demonic Illusion Realm!”

“A bloodline talent that allows her to transform her flesh aura sea into a deadly arcane realm! Ophelia is only at the eighth grade, yet she’s already mastered such a profound bloodline talent created by Grand Monarch Illusory Demon. Simply terrifying!”

“Without a domain of his own, Nie Tian will definitely be affected in every way enveloped in the Demonic Illusion Realm.”


Standing on the desolate, icy ground, Nie Tian gazed skywards with a cold look in his eyes. “Are they illusory or real?”

Countless odd-looking demonic figures hovered restlessly in Ophelia’s flesh aura sea. Even though they didn’t seem real, as he examined them with his bloodline power, he was surprised to discover that they actually carried Ophelia’s flesh aura.

As he spread his soul awareness towards them, he also captured evident soul fluctuations.

All of a sudden, he became confused as to what was real and what wasn’t.

Only when a demonic insect bit the right side of his abdomen did he snap out of his daze. “This is real!”


The pitch-black demonic bug’s tiny wings fluttered vigorously.

It exerted itself to bite through his skin with its sharp teeth.

From the tiny bug, Nie Tian also sensed Ophelia’s flesh and soul aura.

It was as if Ophelia had created it by mixing her flesh aura with a wisp of her soul awareness in a profound manner.

“She can actually create living creatures by mixing her flesh aura and soul awareness? This Demon bloodline talent is quite interesting.”

Nie Tian smiled, completely unworried that such a tiny insect would harm him in any way.

He could tell that even though the demonic bug was doing its best, its teeth could barely pierce his skin.

What he actually concerned himself with were the low-tier Demons and various ancient Demons he couldn’t name that might follow the bug.

However, his expression flickered in the next moment, before he could be overwhelmed by a variety of demonic creatures.

He looked down at the demonic bug and pinched it with his fingers.


The bug exploded as he applied force, turning into wisps of flesh aura that returned to the Demonic Illusion Realm.

Nie Tian felt a tingling numbness in his right side, which seemed to be caused by some toxin that the demonic bug carried.

Any toxin that could make him feel this way was far beyond ordinary.

What was even stranger was that the demonic bug had merely been a mixture of Ophelia’s flesh and soul aura.

Nie Tian gasped. “Wait!”

He suddenly realized that the demonic bug was by no means a simple illusion from Ophelia’s Demonic Illusion Realm!

The toxin it had injected into him through its teeth had been the demonic bug’s bloodline power!

“She must channel flesh auras from all kinds of demonic bugs and low-tier Demons, then refine and blend them with a secret method, so that the illusory demonic creatures she unleashes can still wield their bloodline power.”

By the time he figured out the truth, he was already engulfed by a sea of demonic creatures that seemed to be illusory, but carried actual bloodline wonders.

Sinister wolves bit his legs. Purple snakes spewed acidic venom towards him. Large, rhino-like low-tier Demons charged towards him.

Even in the air, demonic fowl attacked his head with sharp teeth and claws.

“Life Strengthening!” With an explosive roar, his bloodline power burst forth, allowing his muscles to bulge and his whole body to expand. A scaly layer with mysterious gold and silver patterns on it rapidly spread all over him like a suit of full-body armor.


His fierce flesh aura burst forth from within him, blowing the demonic creatures that pounced on him to pieces.

“Come on out!” The Star Behemoth bone that was close to sixty meters long was summoned from within his ring of holding.

As soon as it appeared, an overwhelming aura spread into its surroundings, as if it were the overlord of this starry river, and stood at the top of the food chain.

Even though the human observers didn’t feel any different, many of the powerful Demons, Fiends, and Phantasms that had come to witness Ophelia’s duel against Nie Tian felt disturbed.

The same went for Felix and the other dragons, who were secretly observing the duel from a significant distance.

It was as if some remote memories that had been branded in the deepest parts of their bloodlines were somehow awakened.

Many Demons that carried the bloodlines of ancient Demons couldn’t keep themselves from trembling.

Even the dragons let out uneasy, low-pitched roars.

What was even more surprising was that, after the bone appeared, the Demonic Illusion Realm Ophelia had created with her flesh aura sea actually started to unravel and dissipate.

Ophelia’s bloodline came from a branch of the ancient Demons: Illusion Demons.

In the lost era when they had lived in this starry river, Star Behemoths had been their most dreaded natural enemy.


Countless blood-colored patterns rose from within the bone, rapidly condensing into a huge net.

As soon as the net formed, Ophelia’s Demonic Illusion Realm split up like shattered glass, with wisps of flesh aura trapped by the huge net.

At this moment, Nie Tian’s Blood Essence that had fused into the bone established a mysterious connection with him.

He heard a distant voice echoing in his ears, telling him that the huge, blood-colored net the bone was using was actually a Star Behemoth bloodline talent: Predation!

It was with this very bloodline talent that the bone had caught and killed Catie outside the Realm of a Hundred Battles. Now, it was merely repeating what it had done before.

“Even Catie, an early ninth grade grand patriarch, was killed by this mysterious talent. Does this eighth grade Demon have what it takes to fight it?” Nie Tian thought to himself.

At this moment, he was losing his flesh power at an alarming speed. Two drops of Blood Essence were seething in his heart. However, he didn’t seem to feel a thing.

He only stared coldly at Ophelia.

“Han Yu told me about this bone of yours long ago,” Ophelia said. Though surprised, she didn’t look scared, as if she had expected something like this.