Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1113: A Gift from the Dragons

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Nie Tian felt uncomfortable.

The Flame Dragon Armor within his ring of holding suddenly stirred.

Nie Tian went blank for a brief moment before suddenly realizing that that flame dragon might have sensed the Flame Dragon Armor’s aura.

McEleney pointed at the wide-eyed flame dragon behind him and said, “Let me introduce you. This is Felix.”

He only stated Felix’s name, but not his identity or his status in the dragon race. However, it was obvious that all of the other five dragons, including McEleney, had great respect for him.

Nie Tian could tell that both this flame dragon’s exceptional size and aura set him apart from the other dragons.

Some nearby human experts’ expression flickered as soon as they heard the name. “Felix!”

“So you’re Nie Tian, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, right?” In his original form, Felix took a while to measure Nie Tian, then said, “I’d like to have a moment alone with you.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Zhan, Wei Lai, and other experts exclaimed, “No! Don’t!”

Nie Tian, however, smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

Felix turned his enormous body and headed towards a nearby floating meteor.

The other dragons remained where they were.

As they left together, McEleney said seriously to Nie Tian, “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

Nie Tian already knew this in his heart. He turned his head back to assure Yan Zhan and Wei Lai of his safety as he flew towards the floating meteor, which was from a shattered dead realm, on his Star Boat.

As the Star Boat descended, it seemed to enter a whole other world that was filled with swirling, fiery lights.

An intense dragon breath seemed to have filled this small area, completely separating the floating meteor from the outside world. No expert’s soul awareness would be able to infiltrate it.


The Flame Dragon Armor suddenly took it upon itself to fly out of Nie Tian’s ring of holding.

Torrential flames poured out of it and rapidly morphed into a lifelike dragon of flames.

At the same time, a soul aura gradually built up within it.

“Big... big brother!” The dragon soul said in the dragons’ ancient language.

In these words, Nie Tian heard a cheer from the soul.

The flame dragon named Felix instantly grew excited. His widened eyes spewed devastating flames as he stared at the illusory flame dragon the Flame Dragon Armor had morphed into.

“Soul regathered, heart regenerated, even your Bloodline Crystal Chains have reformed...” Felix muttered in their ancient language, his eyes soon brimming with tears of excitement. “Why didn’t you come back home with McEleney when he found you on the floating continent?”

“I wouldn’t have come this far if I did, big brother,” The Flame Dragon Armor said, emotional as well. “Back then, I hadn’t even gotten my memories back yet. I wasn’t even sure who I was.”

A shudder ran through Felix as he turned to look at Nie Tian. “All of these changes are because of him?”

The illusory flame dragon nodded vigorously.

Felix fell silent. Only after a while did he breath out a mouthful of his unique aura towards Nie Tian.

The aura engulfed Nie Tian in a split second, enveloping him in a fiery heaven and earth.

In his eyes, both Felix and the illusory dragon transformed from the Flame Dragon Armor suddenly vanished.

The flame spark within his flame power core, however, became unusually active.

It started to gather flame power from this crimson heaven and fuse it into his flame power core, allowing it to further crystallize.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up with delight.

In just a few seconds, his flame power core crystallized more than what was usually achieved by months of painstaking cultivation.

That was when he realized that the flame dragon named Felix, who the Flame Dragon Armor referred to as big brother, had given him this puff of dragon breath as a gift, even though it was also preventing him from overhearing their conversation.

Even though he couldn’t absorb and refine such a blazing gift directly, the flame spark within him could turn it into abundant flame power that could further the crystallization of his flame power core.

“I can’t let it go to waste.” Nie Tian was sensible enough to focus on absorbing and refining the searing dragon breath in order to achieve higher efficiency.

Several hours later...

Almost all of the remaining liquid part of his flame power core had crystallized.

He had a feeling that his accumulation and refinement of flame power at the early Soul realm was already complete.

Before, when he had practiced cultivation in the starry river outside the Realm of a Hundred Battles, the speed at which he had absorbed and refined flame power with the help of the flame spark had also been exceptional.

However, that was nothing when compared to what Felix’s gift brought him now.

All of a sudden, the fiery heaven and earth transformed by the dragon breath fell apart, and everything around him returned to normal.

The Flame Dragon Armor resumed its armor form and flew back into his ring of holding.

Felix took a deep look at Nie Tian with his huge dragon eyes.

He seemed to have been deeply surprised by what he had learned about him. “Please take good care of my little brother.”

Nie Tian smiled. “Of course. My Blood Essence runs in his heart.”

Felix nodded. “About that Ophelia, you’d better be extra careful. I met her many years ago. She wasn’t as strong as she is now, but she was already strong enough to make me take her seriously. Now, years have passed. I’m sure she’s become even stronger, and she carries a unique bloodline. But I hope you’ll win.”

He hadn’t thought Nie Tian stood a chance fighting Ophelia, but his conversation with the Flame Dragon Armor had changed his opinion.

“I’ll do my best,” Nie Tian said.

“I’ll come back before your duel with her starts, and I’ll be back again for the duel between Mo Heng and Grand Monarch Primal Demon.” With these words, Felix swung his huge dragon claws, ending their conversation.

After that, he left with McEleney and the other dragons.

However, their auras seemed to scatter in some nearby dead realms, as if they didn’t go very far so they could keep a close watch on what was happening in this area of the starry river.

A few more days passed...

Bright starlight suddenly appeared in the Demons’ floating stronghold. It condensed into clusters of starlight that rose into the air. With raging Demon qi, they hovered in a mysterious pattern, sprinkling intoxicating light.

However, the clusters of mysterious starlight only existed for a few seconds before vanishing completely.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace elders grew excited as they looked unblinkingly at the dazzling starlight that only existed for a brief moment.

“The Heavenly Stellar Stream!?”

“The Demons have brought the Heavenly Stellar Stream here!”

“Those clusters of dazzling starlight in a profound spell formation... It must be the Heavenly Stellar Stream!”

The fact that the Heavenly Stellar Stream was here meant that the Demons’ opponent for Nie Tian would arrive soon as well.

Shortly afterwards, a large Demon Eyes Flower gradually rose from the Demons’ floating land.

Han Yu, who Nie Tian had met once in the Domain of Nether Heaven, flew through the dark purple ward and presented himself in front of the human experts, with a large part of his body merged within the Demon Eyes Flower.

His appearance took the experts from the different sects by surprise.

“Is that a demonized human?”

“Is that man enslaved by a Demon Eyes Flower? Is the Demon Eyes Flower using his flesh and blood as nourishment? Such an abomination!”

“No, he’s not a human anymore! W-what the hell is he? Is he possessed by the Demon Eyes Flower, or is he controlling the Demon Eyes Flower?”

Han Yu gave a dark chuckle. “Where’s my little martial brother?”