Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1097: Query

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With a grim face, Zhongli Jian bellowed, “The Pure Heaven Sect!”

He was the first to charge out.

Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect hesitated briefly before also whizzing off into the distance.

Patriarch Pure Heaven had always been the strongest Qi warrior of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Even though Zhongli Jian and Dong Qisong had recently entered the Saint domain with Nie Tian’s help, neither of them deemed that their strength had surpassed Patriarch Pure Heaven’s.

Before, Patriarch Pure Heaven had dominated the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. None of the other experts from the other sects had dared to oppose him.

Only later, when all of the other sects had all acknowledged allegiance to Nie Tian, had Patriarch Pure Heaven restrained himself a bit.

However, no matter how much Zhongli Jian and Dong Qisong detested Patriarch Pure Heaven, they both understood the saying: if the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold.

They understood it now more than ever, with Demons launching a massive invasion.

“Let’s go!” Nie Tian summoned his Star Boat, and flew off with Pei Qiqi.

Since it was fairly close, he didn’t ask her to create another spatial rift.

The Star Boat rapidly approached the Pure Heaven Sect’s headquarters.

It was a winding mountain range that was now enveloped in rich Demon qi. Many low-tier Demons were whizzing by in the sky with high-tier Demons sitting astride them.

Grayish-yellow auras were rising continuously from the mountain range to resist the infiltration of Demon qi.

In the depths of the rolling Demon qi, Hazlitt, the Flame Maniac, and Feimos, the Controller, had both activated Ancestral Awakening.

They were now raising torrents of Demon qi and roaring furiously as they attacked the Pure Heaven Sect’s defenses.


Profound power continued to rise from the heart of the earth and fuse into the Pure Heaven Sect’s grand spell formation as it protected the mountain range that stretched thousands of kilometers from the two Demon grand patriarchs’ bombardment.

Patriarch Pure Heaven was sitting at the center of the spell formation by himself, with a gray ball floating over his head.

Murky power seemed to be surging within the stone ball as it channeled power from the heart of the earth unceasingly to maintain the Heaven-enveloping Earth Origin Formation.

Both Hazlitt and Feimos were at the ninth grade, which meant that they were roughly as strong as middle Saint domain human experts.

However, their joint efforts had failed to break the Heaven-enveloping Earth Origin Formation within a short time. They could only have the enormous low-tier Demons spew more Demon qi, so they could gradually undermine the grand spell formation and seek an opportunity to charge through it.


Patriarch Pure Heaven in the grand spell formation sensed Zhongli Jian and Dong Qisong’s auras, and thus shot out like a cannonball.

“Pure Heaven Ball! Heaven Shake, Earth Tremble!” As soon as he exclaimed, murky energy whizzed out of the gray stone ball, causing great changes to the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the entire Realm of Pure Heaven.

The earth rumbled as misty spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth gathered from all directions to thin the Devil qi.

Mountains shook as rich earth power and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth fused into huge boulders.

In the next moment, the boulders were channeled by the Pure Heaven Ball, and started bombarding the low-tier Demons that were slamming into the protective ward.


They were hit by the huge boulders with unstoppable momentum, letting out pained howls.

Even Hazlitt and Feimos cried out in pain as their enlarged, sinister-looking bodies were bombarded repeatedly.

At this moment, Zhongli Jian activated his flame domain and shot towards Hazlitt wreathed in raging flames.

Without hesitation, Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect also activated his domain, which seemed to be filled with all kinds of spirit fowls and beasts. All of them looked very lifelike, as if they were flesh and blood.

He had refined the blood and souls of a wide array of spirit fowls and beasts into his domain. He could easily summon and mix them, making them let out deafening bellows.

Jing Feiyang and the others arrived after them, but also joined the battle without hesitation.

Standing on the Star Boat, Pei Qiqi gazed off at Patriarch Pure Heaven, who was channeling power from heaven and earth with his Pure Heaven Ball and unleashing different exquisite, mighty magics on the Demons.

“Patriarch Pure Heaven...” she muttered. “Very impressive. Even though he’s only at the early Saint domain, he can single-handedly contend against two Demon grand patriarchs.

“No wonder he’s the strongest Qi warrior in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Zhongli Jian and Dong Qisong are also at the early Saint domain, but they clearly can’t match his battle prowess.”

Apparently, she was surprised that Patriarch Pure Heaven could come out of the grand spell formation to fight two Demon grand patriarchs at the same time.

Nie Tian nodded slightly. “It seems that he refused to bend his knees to me for a reason. With the help of his Pure Heaven Ball and his sect’s grand spell formation, I suppose he can even contend against middle Saint domain experts like Jing Feiyang. No wonder the two grand patriarchs have failed to breach his sect within a short time.”

Nie Tian was also surprised that Patriarch Pure Heaven could channel the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth from around the Realm of Pure Heaven and earth power from the depths of the earth, and use them as his weapons.

Feimos the Controller roared something in the Demons’ language.

Upon hearing him, Demons that were besieging the Pure Heaven Sect’s headquarters from different directions instantly flew skywards, and left for the starry river.

All of the Demons that had invaded the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries were at the eighth or ninth grade. They all had the ability to travel across the starry river without relying on starships.


Figures that were either enormous or elegant shot towards the highest heavens.

Hazlitt and Feimos gave up and withdrew upon seeing the arrival of the five Saint domain experts.

Nie Tian lifted his arm and ordered in a soft voice. “Go after them!”

All of the Saint domain experts except Jing Feiyang and Patriarch Pure Heaven then chased the Demons into the starry river.

Somewhat hesitant, Jing Feiyang turned to look at Nie Tian.

“Don’t worry. Even ninth grade grand patriarchs won’t be able to hurt us,” Pei Qiqi answered his question on Nie Tian’s behalf. “No matter what happens, I’ll be able to get Nie Tian out of danger.”

Her words put Jing Feiyang’s heart at ease. He nodded and also shot into the heavens.

At this moment, Nie Tian summoned his Spirit Pearl.

As it floated around in the sky, the discarnate souls of the dead eighth grade low-tier and high-tier Demons were pulled into it.

Face grim, Patriarch Pure Heaven floated in midair, holding his Pure Heaven Ball.

Only after a while did he approach Nie Tian. Fixing him with a deep look, he asked in a sullen voice, “Why did the Demons target my sect?”

“Because their hidden teleportation portal in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was located in the vicinity of the Realm of Pure Origin,” Nie Tian answered. “It’s only natural that they attacked whoever was closest.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face grew increasingly grim.

The Pure Heaven Sect had three major realms, the Realm of Pure Origin, the Realm of Gray Moon, and the Realm of Heavenly Light. He had expected what must have happened to the other two as soon as he had seen Hazlitt and Feimos.

Now that his sect’s three most important realms had been ravaged by the Demons, their strength had suffered a significant decline.

It seemed that they would lag far behind the other sects in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. It would be almost impossible to catch up with them again.

“You’re the reason why the Demons showed up in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, right?” Patriarch Pure Heaven questioned Nie Tian.

“That’s right.” Nie Tian didn’t deny it. “My subordinates and I wiped out many Demon clans in three Demon realms. It goes without saying that retaliation is the purpose of their invasion. But clearly, they didn’t know that your sect isn’t one of my subordinate sects. They just assumed that every sect in my subordinate domain must be my subordinate sect.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven grew furious. “So what happened to my sect was an accident?”

Nie Tian took his time to say, “I guess you can put it that way. My sect has already given the entire Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries to me. But since you refuse to join my force, I didn’t impose. And as for this Demon invasion, it’s an accident that the Demons targeted your sect first.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven laughed coldly. “Given to you? The Pure Heaven Sect has a long and proud history in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. For ten thousand years, we managed the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries carefully and kept everything in order. Now, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace simply shows up and names it your private property?”

Nie Tian fell silent.

The four great sects had always dominated the human world.

Domains like the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries normally wouldn’t even interest them. It was only because of Nie Tian that they had announced that the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries was his private property now.

Despite their domineering methods, most sects, like the Beast-controlling Sect and the Divine Flame Sect, had acknowledged and accepted their decision.

Who would have thought Patriarch Pure Heaven was so unhappy about it?

After hearing his argument, Nie Tian pondered for a while, and also felt that his sect’s doing was, in fact, rude and unreasonable.

However, when such things happened on the four great sects, it somehow seemed to be acceptable and make sense to many people.

However, Patriarch Pure Heaven happened to be a rebel.