Lord of All Realms - CChapter 1558: Refining Into A Crystal!

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The black tortoise’s gigantic form gradually approached the eye.

All of a sudden, the eye burst forth with flesh power that gave it a terrific, familiar feeling!

“That eye!”

Some hidden Bloodline Crystal Chains in the so-called Son of Darkness’s heart shone with mysterious dark purple light in a subtle manner.

The flickering and morphing light seemed to be manifesting pieces of forgotten history that had been passed on as bloodline legacies.

Aztec’s soul roamed the light, as if to perceive certain things that had happened in the past.

To his astonishment, he saw an ancient Devil god fighting an incredibly huge dark behemoth somewhere in the Void World.

Their battle was catastrophic to that area of the starry river and those who lived in it.

As their flesh auras clashed and they tore at each other, mighty waves of power from their clash spread into their surroundings, spinning and shattering realms.

An unknown number of realms and living beings in the area were eliminated by their battle.

Even Aztec, the Son of Darkness, had never seen a battle at such a level.

From the memory imprints, he saw that the dark behemoth was eventually engulfed by the Devil god’s boundless power and died in their prolonged battle.

However, the Devil god also suffered severe injuries and almost died.

Finally, by ripping off and devouring pieces of flesh from the dark behemoth, the Devil god recovered. He gouged out the dark behemoth’s eyes and transformed them by mixing them with his own flesh aura and dark power.

He also took the dark behemoth’s enormous heart and fused his own power into it, along with dozens of kinds of mysterious dark metals, and forged it into a tool that emanated darkness unceasingly, like a dark sun.

After strengthening himself with the dark behemoth’s flesh and forging its eyes and heart into unmatched tools, the Devil god finally finished his transformation and transcended the limits of the tenth grade.

Then, he got to touch the essence of darkness. He entered the origin of darkness, which was like an area of eternal darkness. This allowed his understanding of dark power to rise above that of any other living being!

After that, the Devil god refined those two eyes and heart of the dark behemoth for a second time, this time with his transcended bloodline. That was when the Dark Aureole became the most precious dark treasure, and the Devils’ signature tool.

The Devil god naturally became the most powerful expert in Devil history. Even the Bonedrudes and Netherspirits bowed their heads and acknowledged their allegiance to the Devils during his era.

“That... That’s my ancestor.” Aztec finally learned the truth from his deepest bloodline imprints. “That dark behemoth looked like a giant tortoise. Don’t tell me that...”

With a violent shudder, his soul snapped out of his bloodline imprints and back to reality.

Eyes wide, he examined the black tortoise for a few seconds before he suddenly realized the connection behind everything. “This is unbelievable! No wonder the dark power released by this eye and that Dark Aureole could be absorbed by the dark magical patterns on the shell of that tortoise! That tortoise carries its bloodline!”

At this moment, the black tortoise raised its foot to touch the eye that belonged to Aztec.

Aztec’s expression flickered as he hastily activated his dark bloodline, burned his Blood Essence, and stimulated his soul power.

Purple light and black clouds flew out of him and swirled towards that eye, the purple light being his bloodline power and the black clouds being his soul energy.

Now that he had learned the real origin of those eyes, he realized that this black tortoise could very well replace him as the new master of that eye.

However, even though that eye belonged to the dark behemoth, his ancestor, the Dark King, had refined it over and over.

Because of this, that eye of the dark behemoth had been branded with his ancestor’s dark bloodline as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to control it so skillfully, or influence that other eye and the Dark Aureole that belonged to Dong Li in the Realm of Crystal Snow using his bloodline power.

Since Dong Li didn’t carry the dark behemoth’s bloodline or the Dark King’s bloodline, she had been at a disadvantage in their scramble for the eye and the Dark Aureole.

However, now that the black tortoise had learned the truth and gone all-out to stimulate its bloodline, it shrewdly discovered that not only the eye in Aztec’s control, but even Dong Li’s eye and the Dark Aureole had started interacting with its bloodline.

The black tortoise was instantly thrilled.

“Aztec, are you still trying to hold onto that eye of the Dark Behemoth?” Nie Tian said with a crafty smile. "Wake up already. Do you not know where you are right now? This is the Realm of Crystal Snow, my turf. Look around and see how many God domain experts are gathered here.”

For a moment, after hearing these words, Aztec was rattled, and didn’t know what to do.


Before he could say anything, Yin Xingtian’s Godspan Sword Formation spread like the gorgeous tail of a peacock and fell towards him like a rain of sword lights. “You dealt me a heavy blow earlier because my battle prowess was greatly limited by the darkness. Now that the darkness has dissipated, I’d like to give you a taste of the true might of my sword formation!”

The swishes of myriad swords echoed out simultaneously!

The extremely sharp sword intent of the Godspan Sword Formation seemed endless as it sliced even the space where Aztec was.

Aztec, who had activated Ancestral Awakening, was instantly cut bloody. Pieces of flesh were cut off his body, but before they could touch the ground, they morphed into drops of purple blood that flew back to him.

Even so, he suffered serious injuries from the attack, and couldn’t help but shout, “What a contemptible way to attack a man!”

“Contemptible?” Nie Tian said with a laugh. Then, his eyes grew cold. “Don’t tell me that you expected us to just stand here and watch while you fight the black tortoise for that eye. When you invaded our world and slaughtered our people in our realms, did you ever give them fair treatment?”

As soon as he said these words, Yu Suying, Zu Guangyao, Ji Yuanquan, and Ye Wenhan swooped toward Aztec together.

Divine light burst forth from their bodies and the Immortal grade divine tools in their hands as Aztec from the Void World lost control over that eye.

Even Yin Xingtian alone was too much for him to handle, not to mention so many God domain experts.

Overwhelmed by the attacks of many powerful tools and incantations, his enormous body exploded into a blood mist that filled the sky with a boom.

In the blood mist, drops of blood attempted to join back together.

Seeing this, the God domain experts, who had fought countless battles against the outsiders from the Spirit World, smiled coldly and cast spells to form various restrictive wards, starlight shields, spatial barriers, and sword intent cages.

Aztec’s blood mist was then confined to a small area for a second round of exterminating attacks.

Seeing that Aztec was on the verge of elimination, Nie Tian stepped forward and made a grabbing motion towards him. “Don’t refine him just yet. I have a use for his dark bloodline.”


Aztec’s heart, which was still beating, but filled with fierce sword intent, flew into his palm.

“Bloodline: Profound Truths Crystallization!”

Nie Tian activated his bloodline talent and refined fine wisps of mysterious light that represented the essence of Aztec’s dark bloodline from it.

A dark purple gem-like crystal gradually formed in his palm.

After that, Nie Tian said, “Leave his flesh aura to me.”

Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Zu Guangyao, and the others immediately opened up the wards to allow the purple blood mist to be channeled into the Profound Truths Crystal by Nie Tian.

It wasn’t very long before Aztec vanished completely. All that was left was a sparkling purple crystal in Nie Tian’s palm.

He handed it to Dong Li with a smile. “Go ahead. Take it.”