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Chapter 1079: For example, being jealous

Since she already knew that it was PEI Yucheng who possessed her, Lin Yan was more or less prepared for it. However, at this moment, she really could not calm down at all! Because she was almost naked at this moment, only wearing her underwear! Lin Yan desperately tried to return to her body, and she had succeeded in doing so before. However, she failed this time and could not go back. In the end, Lin Yan had to give up. She held on to a tiny bit of hope and tried to talk to the consciousness that had taken control of her body. “PEI … PEI Yucheng?” Or perhaps she was just out of her mind and not PEI Yucheng? The air was silent for a few seconds. Then, her body replied in PEI Yucheng’s voice,””It’s me. ” Lin Yan was in despair. She was simply speechless! PEI Yucheng didn’t seem to have expected this either. He sounded a little awkward.”I’m sorry …” As soon as he finished speaking, his fingers quickly moved and pulled the skirt beside him. The dress that Lin Yan had chosen was an open – ended one. It was just like a jacket, and all she had to do was tie the belt. PEI Yucheng put the dress on quickly. Lin Yan wanted to cry but had no tears. She would be better off being possessed by a pervert or a Vixen! After putting on her clothes, Lin Yan complained,””Didn’t you promise me that you wouldn’t possess me again …” By now, PEI Yucheng had regained his composure.””I’m sorry. It’s just that there are some situations where I can’t control it. ” Lin Yan cried,”how can you do this? Under what circumstances would you lose control?” PEI Yucheng: “when I miss you. Or when I was disturbed or stimulated by some external force.” “What do you mean by external interference and stimulation?” Lin Yan asked in confusion. For example …?” “For example, jealousy,” PEI Yucheng said. “Uh …” Lin Yan was stunned. At the same time, Lin Yan suddenly felt guilty. Did PEI Yucheng find out something? It hadn’t been long since that Ji Mingzhe from KNO confessed to her in public, and now Xiao Ji had appeared, which made her tremble with fear. She didn’t know what PEI Yucheng knew about … “How did you two meet?” PEI Yucheng asked as he dried Lin Yan’s hair with a towel. Under such circumstances, Lin Yan’s consciousness was a little out of her control. Hence, she replied without thinking,””Um … Which one are you asking about?” PEI Yucheng’s fingers paused, and he said in a faint voice,””It seems like there’s more than one?” If Lin Yan was in her own body, she would have slapped herself. F * ck! Was there anyone who would sell themselves out like this? Lin Yan wanted to die. She tried her best to stop her consciousness from flying around. “Well, there were indeed two of them, but it’s really none of my business. I don’t even remember who the first one was. He suddenly said that I was his first love and even confessed to me at the press conference. I was also dumbfounded. The other one is a guy with a problem in the head. If I’m in my right mind, I wouldn’t have fallen for him …” “Is that so …” PEI Yucheng paused, then said nonchalantly,”it’d be best if that’s the case. Otherwise, I’m afraid there’ll be some trouble.” Lin Yan was confused,”huh? What kind of trouble?” “I’ve told you,” PEI Yucheng said nonchalantly.”Sometimes, I can’t control my own consciousness. If you’re with another man, I might possess your body at some inappropriate time.”