Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 491 - Norse Mythology

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Chapter 491: Norse Mythology

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“Information about the Norse Mythological System?”

Upon seeing these words, Kennard instantly couldn’t shift his eyes away. He was so excited that his hands began to tremble.

As a genetic grandmaster, what had he never seen before? But right now upon seeing the information of a complete mythological system appearing before his eyes, it was truly difficult for him to maintain his calmness.

At the side, Feng Lin laughed when he saw this. He didn’t feel too surprised at Kennard’s reaction.

A hundred gene sequences wasted too much genetic potential. Didn’t this Kennard simply wish to obtain new mythological knowledge?

In that case, he might as well give Kennard the stories he knew about the Norse Mythological System and let him probe the mysteries behind them on his own. Feng Lin didn’t want to waste his genetic potential for nothing.

“Godking of Norse: Odin. He was the king of gods, the ruler of the world. He wore a large helmet and had two divine crows perched on his shoulders. They symbolized “thought” and “memory” respectively. Every morning, they would fly and report what they see and hear to Odin. Odin rode on two wolf mounts. The names of the two wolves were, “greed” and “desire”. They were responsible for guarding him. In order to increase his intelligence, to be able to foretell the future so as to better govern the world, Odin was determined to drink the water from the sacred well of wisdom which existed beside the root of the world tree. However, the guardian of the well, Mimir, wanted him to pay the price of one of his eyes. Odin didn’t hesitate; he instantly dug one of his eyes out. After drinking a draught of water, he obtained divine-level wisdom. He invented the ancient Nordic text. The fairy of fate then used these newly created characters to record destiny on his shield, and the runic characters became the source of all magic…”

“Queen of gods: Frigg. She was the goddess of love and governed marriage and family, the wife of Odin. She had authority in both Valhalla and Hades. She was extremely beautiful and had a white feather clasped in her golden hair. She dressed in white robes with a golden belt, and there was a string of keys on the belt. She loved beautiful dresses and resplendent gems. She once stole Odin’s gold to buy an extremely valuable necklace, and after Odin learned of it, he stormed out of Asgard in anger. Asgard was then invaded by the frost giants, which then covered the entire world with their icy breath. Until seven months later after Odin returned to Asgard did the crisis pass…”

“Thunder god: Thor. He was extremely muscular and his strength was astounding. He had a pair of leopard eyes and golden beard, wielding a divine hammer with metallic gloves. He also had a golden belt on. Thor would frequently clash against the frost giants and giant pythons in the eastern border, protecting the home of gods from them. Thor was upright and plainspoken, even daring to rebut Odin. Thor’s temper was extremely explosive, yet he was open-minded and heroic. When Ragnarok—the end of gods—arrived, Thunder God Thor fought against Jörmungandr—the Midgard Serpent and died together with it …”

Kennard only wanted to obtain more genetic sequences from Feng Lin, yet he didn’t expect Feng Lin to smack his face with a whole trove of mythological knowledge. This was truly a troublesome blessing.

He ignored the fact that Feng Lin stood before him and started to read through the information.

The names of legendary characters in mythology appeared before his life.

These gods’ names were previously scattered, recorded in fragmented mythological information. But now, they clearly appeared before him and formed a complete system.

Genetic Grandmasters were a group of people with the deepest mythological knowledge in the world. Given Kennard’s judgment, he could tell that the information Feng Lin had given him was the real deal and indeed belonged to a complete system.

Every god in the Norse Mythological System was reasonably orderly. Right now, it was like the secrets of Norse Mythology were fully displayed before his eyes. He was unable to contain his joy.

With such information, if he could analyze them bit by bit through his experiments, how many more new mythological paths and Genetic Sequence Diagrams would he be able to deduce?

Godking, Odin Gene’s sequence?

Thunder God, Thor Gene’s sequence?

Demon Wolf, Fenrir Gene’s sequence?

If he succeeded, each mythological sequence would contain boundless potential.

This was like a huge treasure trove before his eyes, waiting for him to excavate it, seemingly inexhaustible.

Staring at the dazed look on Kennard’s face, Lin Feng’s lips curled into a smile. Everything was within his expectations.

Because Kennard was a caucasian, he intentionally revealed knowledge of Norse Mythology to him. It seemed like this was truly the vital point of this man, and it should be more than enough to exchange for the information of this lab’s latest research.

“What? That’s all?” All of a sudden, Kennard roared in anger. It felt like the treasure that was about to be in his hands was suddenly seized away. Kennard’s eyes protruded and were bloodshot. An inhumanly violent aura radiated from him as he stared fixedly at Feng Lin.

At this moment, Feng Lin felt as though he was being glared at by an incomparably terrifying monster. Goosebumps involuntarily rose on his skin.

(Something is wrong with this man.)

Kennard’s eyes drooped and his expression turned incomparably sinister.

Right now, it was like he had lost control. He resembled a devil that had torn off his mask. Kennard no longer seemed like that erudite scholar. Instead, his aura was dark, sinister, and terrifying.

As a genetic grandmaster that experimented on his own kind, could Kennard be simply just a researcher?

Could he possibly have added some inhuman modifications to his own body?

Feng Lin faintly discovered that he had underestimated Kennard. His heart was filled with chills.

“Where’s the rest of the knowledge? Why is there only a single page?” At this moment, Kennard’s body size changed. His eyes were bloodshot and his veins throbbed on his face.

It was like the moment Feng Lin failed to give a reasonable explanation, he would lunge over.

Feng Lin’s heart thumped, yet his expression remained calm. “How vast is the entire Norse Mythological System? What I know is only the tip of the iceberg. How can I possibly give you the complete information? No matter how valuable your research is, can it be compared to the knowledge of a complete mythological system? Even if the information I have is incomplete, I still need to see if your research is worthy enough to be exchanged for what I have!”

Who didn’t know about how valuable mythological knowledge was?

Without paying something, how could Kennard expect to get something else in return?

Why would there be something so cheap in the world?

Feng Lin’s tone was calm as he smiled quietly.

No matter how valuable the research information of this lab was, it was impossible for Feng Lin to hand over the complete knowledge of the entire Norse Mythological System.

Right now, the inheritance of mythology was completely fragmented!

If he randomly took out knowledge of a complete mythological system, it would be too conspicuous. He would definitely attract the covetous attention of those major powers.

Feng Lin naturally wouldn’t want to place himself in danger.

As to how much information he gave out, that would depend on whether the research information provided by Kennard could move his heart.

The redness in Kennard’s eyes faded away. He cast a deep glance at Feng Lin and remained silent for a long time. The atmosphere also felt unprecedentedly treacherous.

Feng Lin’s external expression remained calm, but he was extremely vigilant in his heart. He was prepared to act at any moment.

For a genetic grandmaster like Kennard that could deduce so many genetic sequences, if he cultivated, he would definitely not be a weakling.

Because, compared to ordinary cultivators, a genetic grandmaster had many more options to choose from. They would naturally select the best option for themselves.

Feng Lin would never underestimate his opponent, let alone someone like Kennard who was an extremely rare genetic grandmaster.

Ultimately, the silence of the situation was still broken.

“Follow me.” Kennard coldly snorted and began to walk toward the depths of the lab.

Feng Lin didn’t hesitate and followed closely behind.

Although the atmosphere was weird and there might be danger waiting for him, he also wanted to know about the latest research information discovered by Kennard.

The fact that he was walking on Sun Wukong Mythological Path also gave him enough confidence that no matter how troublesome the situation was, he would still be able to deal with it.

Given how vast the universe was, he didn’t dare say that no one was a match for him. But if he wished to leave, Feng Lin believed that only a very few people in the universe would be able to stop him.

Even the spirit blackholes weren’t able to do so, let alone a human like Kennard.

The deeper he entered, the dimmer the laboratory became.

Numerous large-scaled life maintenance cabins appeared before Feng Lin’s eyes. The transparent alloy reflected the scenes inside.

Right now, the creatures immersed in the red liquid were no longer human. They were animals of all shapes and sizes. There was a three-tails fox with scales, a gorilla with four arms, a giant python with a singular spiral horn…

From these creatures, one could see traces of the original animals they were based on. Yet all of them were mutated.

What was crucial was that Feng Lin could clearly sense the force of mythological genes within them.

“These are…” Feng Lin had a guess in his heart, but he still put on a look of puzzlement on his face as he asked.

Kennard laughed lowly, his laughter sounded hoarse but was filled with satisfaction. “Mythological genes originated from myths and legends. You must know that in the ancient myths, there were not only legendary characters, but also legendary monsters as well! How can it be that only humans could awaken the powers of mythological genes? From my research, I discovered that animals also have mythological genes, but because they lacked the intelligence and wisdom of humans, they had no way to awaken their genes naturally. However, if we use external force to stimulate them, we would be able to cause the mythological genes in animals to awaken and retrace the genetic path, allowing animals to gain the powers of mythological and legendary monsters! I named this as mythological ancestor recall engineering…”

When he spoke until here, Kennard began to laugh complacently.

Feng Lin’s expression didn’t change. He glanced at the creatures in the red fluid. He could see three-tail fox, devil ape, a jiao snake…There were indeed traces of mythological creatures in these animals.

Genetic potential +890, +920, +1090…

Feng Lin glanced over at everything. From these monsters, he saw the truth of many ancient myths and legends, leading to his genetic potential rising.


All of a sudden, the sound of a strong and powerful heartbeat rang out…

Feng Lin saw a ball of meat as large as a fist floating in a sealed vacuum space in a cultivating device. It throbbed and pounded like a heart, yet it emitted mythological genetic powers. However, the properties of the genetic powers were muddled with no singular attributes. In fact, it seemed that it was able to evolve to produce any desired attribute.

“What creature is this?” Feng Lin mumbled silently in his heart.

All of a sudden, a voice filled with fanaticism rang out from the side.

“This is my origin laboratory’s highest achievement, the greatest masterpiece!”

“Creation cells!!!”