Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 399 - Spirit Race Attack

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Chapter 399: Spirit Race Attack

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Darkness, the eternal color of the universe. Outer space was filled with a deathly silence and there was nothing else.

Only the light from the distant clusters of stars could be seen flickering.

Outside the star fortresses, dark currents flowed forth like the tides.

The students and soldiers of the Great Wall University and Great Wall Army all inclined their heads and stared at the sky, involuntarily holding their breaths.

Feng Lin and the Lieutenant Colonel stood among the crowd, a heavy expression on their faces. The atmosphere was unprecedentedly tense.

In the dark space, a thick blanket of boundlessly vast dark clouds moved through the sky. Everywhere they went, the stars in the surroundings would lose their colors. All energy seemed to be devoured cleanly, causing the atmosphere to become extremely cold and desolate.

The dark currents were like tidewater, coming waves after waves, extending forever into the distance. This caused many to feel despair when they saw it.

After the apparatus revealed their true forms, everyone could see that the dark currents were actually spirit monsters. Their numbers were in the millions and they were of all shapes and sizes. In fact, there were many spirit species that were undiscovered by humans appearing here now. They could only give it a preliminary name based on their appearances. There were some that looked like man-eating plants with giant sawteeth, some that looked like giant water bear bugs with malevolent-looking mouths and claws, and even some that resembled winged dragons that had incomparably sharp claws…

There were masses of spirit monsters everywhere.

The spirit black tide came wave after wave as though they wanted to completely engulf the Great Wall University.

“The spirit tide has truly come!”

“In just one more hour, they would arrive at the Great Wall! We cannot allow them to wantonly destroy our Milky Way Galaxy!”

“Only one of us can survive!”

Inside the fortresses, a commotion could be heard.

With the sudden attack of the spirit race, people inside the Great Wall University weren’t afraid. Instead, their battle intents were gushing out ferociously.

For the past several thousand years, the people of the Great Wall University had been guarding the boundaries of the Milky Way Galaxy, fighting at the front line against alien races.

The reason why human civilization could prosper was all because of the generations of effort paid by the Great Wall Army, the one that had to bear the burden of alien invasions.

Thousands of years of bloody battles and the debt of hatred from their ancestors were accumulating up until now; there was simply no way to resolve this grudge. This was why a commotion could be heard within the Great Wall University.

“KILL! I must get revenge for my older brother!”

“My grandpa, my father, my big brother all sacrificed their lives to defend the spirit tide. Now, it is my turn!”

“A battle between different races. Anyone can win but humanity cannot lose!”

The battle intent surged as the soldiers began to don their equipment.

All the star fortresses entered the highest state of vigilance. Over a million thick and powerful cannons extended from the walls, aiming at the black tide in the distance, preparing to fire.

Not a single person felt fear. They were filled with excitement and the desire to fight. It felt like a pot of water just boiled; the emotions of everyone was high, charging up the atmosphere.

Somehow, it felt like the arrival of the spirit tide was nothing but an opportunity for them to have their revenge.

Feng Lin was among them. He was also affected by the atmosphere and felt hot blood coursing through his veins.

However, he didn’t lose his rationality, calmly considering the situation.

Once the battle started, all interstellar humans had a responsibility to go out and kill!

When that time came, Feng Lin didn’t feel that he could sit out of the battle.

Naturally, he wasn’t willing to do so as well.

A battlefield was where heroes were born; it was a place for heroes.

The most wealth could only be gain amidst battle!

By fighting the spirit race on the battlefield, one could seize trophies of war to replenish their coffers. Regardless of power, cultivation opportunities, or the spirit race civilization’s product… all of these could be used as resources to increase one’s strength.

If one could survive until the end, they would achieve an unimaginable accomplishment.

Every battle against alien races would lead to the shifting of power balance within humanity, akin to the cards of fate being shuffled. No one was willing to miss the chance.

How would Feng Lin be willing to stay at the back?

As the black spirit tide approached, the nearby stars began to dim like fires being extinguished. The originally dark outer space became even more desolate, devoid of light. It was like a giant black hole had devoured everything. It was extremely terrifying.

If one stared at the scene for a long time, their hearts would involuntarily pound with fear.

“This is…?” Feng Lin asked in a bewildered tone.

The Lieutenant Colonel spoke, “You should understand now, right? Between different races, there’s no mercy. One cannot live while the other survives. The spirit race are energy lifeforms, and they have to absorb energy in the universe to survive. They are like a sweeper existence and everywhere they ‘sweep’ through, all energy would be cleanly devoured, dooming the place they swept through to eternal damnation. With no energy, there’s no way other lifeforms would be able to survive. They are akin to the plague of the universe. Everywhere they passed by, nothing can survive. Even fixed stars would be destroyed by them. From the information we gained about the spirit race, we discovered that they have at least destroyed over ten star systems, over thirty thousand civilizations with many of the civilizations more advanced than humanity! Humans walked out of the solar system and managed to unify the Milky Way Galaxy after a thousand years. But even before we could explore further out, we encountered attacks from the spirit race. Now after two thousand years have passed, we finally managed to stabilize the situation, but we still have no way to head out and explore new lands!”

After speaking until here, he clenched his fist tightly. The dignity of being a soldier caused him to feel extremely sullen.

The intent of his words truly caused one to feel frightened.

To him, Feng Lin was just a junior. These words wouldn’t be able to stir his heart too much.

“There are civilizations more prosperous and advanced than ours, yet why are they already destroyed? How did we manage to defend against alien races for over two thousand years?”

“Although those alien races with more advanced civilizations had the technology, their life evolution level wasn’t high enough and they had no way to fight against the spirit race. In the cruel interstellar battle, their lives weren’t enough to pay the price of war and were all incomparably weak. Their level was much lower compared to the spirit race and under the mental attacks from them, the weaker lifeforms would all collapse effortlessly as the entire races went extinct!

“As for humanity, we are lucky because mythological genes exist within us. These are valuable treasures left behind for us by our ancestors in primordial times, allowing our life level to be enhanced as we undergo a transformation, reaching a higher cultivation realm. Although our starting point is weak, as long as we cultivate step by step, we would be able to surpass the life level of the spirit race sooner or later! Our individual combat prowess isn’t inferior to them at all and our technology level is also equal to them. This is why both sides are in a stalemate even after such a long time!” the Lieutenant Colonel spoke in an impassioned tone.

So this was the case!

Feng Lin also nodded as he fell into contemplation.

“Pay attention, the spirit race is attacking. Next, it should be the time we test the might of your crimson refinement gunpowder, right? I hope your gunpowder would be able to cause great damage to them. If this experiment is a success, humanity would gain another powerful weapon against those bastards!” The Lieutenant Colonel was filled with anticipation.

Feng Lin smiled and nodded. He then glanced over into the horizons.

The black spirit tide surged forth like the ocean.

When they got near, explosive blasts sounded out, reverberating through the air.


The firing of the cannons continued unceasingly.

Over a million cannons started to fire, blasting the balls of crimson refinement gunpowder into the crowd of spirit lifeforms.

A strange red light began to be emitted. The moment they came in contact with the spirit lifeforms, they began burning like straw, and the flames from the gunpowder spread with great intensity like the plague.

The humans in the fortresses were all cheering as the red flames towered up into the sky, taking up one half of the surrounding space, with the other half being taken up by the spirit race in frenzied retreat!

The crimson refinement gunpowder showed its effectiveness after a single blast!

What a grand scene of destruction in the universe!

Everything was truly burned cleanly, turning into ashes!