Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 397 - Teaching

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Chapter 397: Teaching

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“This is the final list you’ve selected?” the Lieutenant Colonel looked at the list of members Feng Lin had handed him and frowned. “Isn’t 18 too few?

“Will you be able to complete the military mission like this?”

Feng Lin smiled. “18 people aren’t few at all. It’s mainly because the crimson refinement gunpowder’s refining skill has a high requirement of one’s mental energy. Currently, these are the only ones who meet the requirement. 18 people are enough. It won’t be hard to produce the crimson refinement gunpowder once they’ve learned how to do so. I can guarantee that we’ll be able to refine 500 kilograms or more of the crimson refinement gunpowder within a month. It’s not impossible to hit 1,000 kilograms either! It all depends on how fast they learn.”

“I see!” Hearing that, the Lieutenant Colonel nodded.

It was still the same old thing. Professional tasks will be left for professionals to handle.

Since Feng Lin said this, then he wouldn’t interfere too much.

The results would speak for themselves.

If Feng Lin didn’t manage to fulfill his promise in the end, there would naturally be punishments waiting for him.

It was unacceptable for one to go back on their words in the military.

“Since that’s the case, your team can start preparing immediately. I’m excited to see your results one month later!” The Lieutenant Colonel looked at Feng Lin with a meaningful gaze, his tone filled with expectations.

Feng Lin smiled and nodded, appearing very calm.

Seeing that Feng Lin was so confident, the Lieutenant Colonel uncontrollably felt assured.

He then led the many soldiers and left. Since the members had been selected, he didn’t interfere with Feng Lin’s following arrangements.

All the recruited medicinal refinement masters fell silent and this continued for very long.

They appeared thankful. Their attempts had all failed and they thought that they would definitely be eliminated. They didn’t expect to end up being selected in the end.

Even they themselves found this to be unbelievable.

Feng Lin threw a glance at them. Everyone looked back at him silently, filled with unease.

They were clear that this person was merciless, and they didn’t dare to do anything funny.

The reward for this military mission was huge, and it took them a lot of effort to stay behind. If they were to be driven out, there would be nowhere for them to go crying to.

Seeing this, Feng Lin nodded.

For the recruited people, not only were their mental aptitudes strong enough, but their medicine refining skills weren’t bad either. Most importantly, they were obedient.

This was what he valued the most.

Those pricks who didn’t know any better had all been eliminated.

Facing the many pairs of eyes that craved knowledge, he didn’t try to mystify them and said directly, “After this medicine refining simulation, you guys should be aware that the process of refining doesn’t take too much skill. The most crucial step is the Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique that I had created. This is the crux that will cause the medicine to undergo a qualitative change, and it can only succeed with sufficient mental energy. Congratulations. Since you are still here, it means that you’ve met the innate requirement. Next, I’ll explain the secret of success behind the refining of the crimson refinement gunpowder!”

When the many medicinal refinement masters heard this, they couldn’t help but hold their breaths and pay full attention, fearing that they would miss out on the slightest detail.

“The trick to successfully performing the Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique is the way you use mental energy. The crystallization of the crimson refinement gunpowder must be split into three steps–mental sensory, mental control, and mental temperature control. Mental sensory is to use one’s mental energy to constantly sense the medicine’s medicinal properties and perform fine-tuning. Mental control is to use one’s psyforce to control the combination of the medicinal properties’ molecules, allowing them to form a stable crystallized structure and lock in the medicinal prowess.

“The standard for the crimson refinement gunpowder is the most perfectly stable six-sided structure. Only with this can the violent medicinal prowess be suppressed. Otherwise, it’ll explode. However, this isn’t enough. The most crucial thing is to isolate the liquid with your mental energy and vaporize them in parts, eventually forming the sand-like state. The third step is mental temperature control. The crimson refinement gunpowder’s medicinal effects aren’t too stable and in the crystallization process, they can easily show an explosive reaction. The slightest bit of temperature increment can lead to a chain of terrifying consequences. When working with the crystallization, you must use your mental energy to constantly adjust the flames’ temperature to achieve the final product. The Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique is an extremely precise skill. The slightest bit of difference can lead to vast differences. You must be able to perform every step to an extremity. Any slightest mistake will end up in failure…” Feng Lin explained the refining technique for the crimson refinement gunpowder in detail, teaching them.

When the medicinal refinement masters heard that, they were suddenly struck with a realization.

However, this wasn’t over. Feng Lin continued saying, “The reason you guys had failed the refining process is because you only know mental sensory and mental control, but know nothing about mental temperature control. Next, I’ll be teaching you the unique fire control method for refining the crimson refinement gunpowder. Take a good look. I’ll only demonstrate it once. If you miss out on this chance, then you can only try to figure it out yourself!”

The moment Feng Lin said this, everyone immediately stared at his every action in full attention.

Right now, he was already forming repeated hand seals, and a ball of flames kept on changing under his control. Sometimes, it would burn fiercely; sometimes, it would be calm as water; sometimes, it would spin like the wind…

The most ordinary flames were rendered into all sorts of forms, and his control over the fire had reached an amazing realm where it would go as he wished. It was an act of turning something normal into something really amazing.

The medicinal refinement masters remembered the hand seals changes, sensed the permeating mental waves in the air, and started practicing. They wanted to acquire this mysterious mental ability as soon as possible.

Feng Lin quickly finished his demonstration and didn’t repeat himself.

As the team leader, he had a reputation to maintain. He wasn’t here to look after these people.

It was already a heaven-blessed opportunity for these medicinal refinement masters to be able to witness the crucial part of the Crystallized Medicine Creation Technique. If they didn’t even know how to value this opportunity, there’d be no need for him to keep them.

Thankfully, the people who were left were clever enough and learned things very quickly. No one dared be careless in the slightest, and Feng Lin nodded in satisfaction as he looked at them.

Then, under his guidance, many medicinal refinement masters started to attempt refining the crimson refinement gunpowder once again.

There were all sorts of ingredients in this high-grade refinement chamber. They could use them freely, practicing non-stop until they were successful.

In order to deal with the impending war against the spirits, the Great Wall Army viewed the crimson refinement gunpowder in high regard. In order to obtain a tremendous amount of gunpowder, they didn’t care about the costs.

Feng Lin kept on providing guidance on the side, pointing out their mistakes in their refining technique.

With a tremendous amount of ingredients supplied, the 18 of them got increasingly closer to the final step of success. In merely half a day, someone successfully refined a sand-like item. Although it eventually exploded, that person was only just one step away from success.

Feng Lin nodded.

Once these people were successful in the refining process, he would be relieved from such a heavy refining mission. He could take the chance to do his own things.

Feng Lin felt as if he could see the scene in which he was promoted to a Lieutenant one month later.