Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 355 - Handsome Monkey King of the Water Curtain Cave

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Chapter 355: Handsome Monkey King of the Water Curtain Cave

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The water curtain was suspended from a high point, at the starting point of the waterfall all the way to the pool of water below. It acted as a natural barrier, protecting the entrance of the Water Curtain Cave and isolating this blessed land from the outside world, keeping the people outside in ignorance.

As long as one wanted to guard the entrance, the power of one man alone could block ten thousand people trying to rush inside here.

This was truly a good place to settle down. It was natural and its location by itself was easily a defensive formation.

Feng Lin paced about, the space inside the Water Curtain Cave felt incomparably vast. There were stone tables and stone seats. The cave seemed to be connected to all directions, extending outwards endlessly, capable of storing thousands upon thousands of people here. There was no rain or wind; this place was free from natural calamities and could be claimed as the residence of an immortal.

But there was a problem.

The waterfall’s falling speed was too ferocious, forming the water curtain which acted as a natural barrier.

It wasn’t a problem for Feng Lin to enter here with his tough body, but what about the other monkeys?

One must know that the impact of the water flow was exceedingly great considering how great of a height the water fell from. Those weak little monkeys would surely be washed off into the ocean.

Feng Lin was now in the position of the Monkey King and started to consider things on behalf of those little monkeys in his protection.

After experiencing this mythological illusionary realm many times, he was already quite experienced.

He had to try his best to comprehend the true essence of his mythological genes here and truly act the part of Sun Wukong, immersing himself completely. All things in the external world must be completely discarded; he had to be fully focused.

Only by doing so would one be able to find the meaning of their newly awakened gene, aiding them on their mythological path. This was excellent training for one’s will and dao heart as well.

It was easy to be immersed in the role.

The true difficulty was that one mustn’t sink in too deeply to the point of being unable to extricate themselves.

Which ancient mythological character hadn’t experienced many trials and tribulations before they climbed to the peak?

If ordinary people whose wills weren’t strong enough entered the illusionary realm, it was very easy for their state of hearts to crumble. They might not even be able to wake up.

If one was immersed too deeply, it was a type of trouble as well.

Feng Lin had entered here numerous times, thus he was very experienced. Although his body was a stone monkey, his own identity was branded deeply in his heart. He was a human of the Interstellar Era, Feng Lin.

His entire body had golden fur. He pranced about and was incomparably agile, running through this space, his figure leaving behind many after-images.

Feng Lin felt increasingly strange the more he explored.

This Water Curtain Cave had its own structure. It didn’t seem to be formed by nature. It felt like this place had been modified by someone into a blessed land for cultivation.

If it was really a blessed land for cultivation, there would naturally be a control zone.

Feng Lin thought about the crucial point. After that, he turned his gaze toward the stone tablet.

‘Blessed Land, the Flowerfruit Mountain. Another world in the Water Curtain Cave.’

(Who wrote these sentences?)

Feng Lin sent out a strand of his spirit force into the stone tablet. He instantly could sense an impossibly vast space filled with ethereal mist.

This tiny treasure actually was a spatial treasure that possessed boundless space?

This scene was so familiar.

Could this stone tablet be a xiantian spiritual treasure?

Feng Lin couldn’t be sure, but he knew that right now, his current strength still had no way to refine this treasure completely.

He wouldn’t think too much about it then. He simply left behind a spirit brand and after he had done that, he could faintly feel a mysterious connection between him and the Water Curtain Cave.

“Split!” Feng Lin’s heart stirred. He made a finger gesture and pointed at the water curtain.

The spiritual qi here was under his command, and the water curtain opened up, revealing the outside world.

Feng Lin laughed, finally putting to rest a question that had bothered him for some time.

If it was so easy to cross the barrier formed by the waterfall, why would these monkeys need to wait for the stone monkey to be born before they could enter?

And why did the legends record that after they entered once, the monkeys from then on could enter and exit freely?

What was recorded in the legends was only a summary of the entire truth, there were simply too many unknown details.

If Feng Lin didn’t personally experience this, he would never have known the whole truth.

Feng Lin laughed. He leaped through the air and exited the Water Curtain Cave.

As he was in the air, he suddenly had a puzzled look on his face.

This Water Curtain Cave was a cultivation ground, but who built it?

Only ghosts would know the answer.

For this, he could only probe again after he grew stronger in the future.

“What? You say that you have already barged through the water curtain and entered the cave? Impossible!”

“Behind the waterfall, there’s only a glossy stone wall, how can there be a cave?”

“That’s right. All the stories were merely something the old leader lied to us about. He just wanted to test our courage.”


Feng Lin walked into the monkey crowd and revealed his discovery.

The monkey crowd instantly bombarded him with their questions and suspicions.

Feng Lin couldn’t be bothered to explain too much. He calmly spoke, “This is the truth. If you are willing to enter the Water Curtain Cave with me, just come with me. If you are not willing, just stay here in the peach forest and wait for wild beasts to eat you.”

He couldn’t be bothered to explain further and simply turned to leave.

The monkey crowd instantly fell silent as they glanced at each other.

With regards to Feng Lin, they still trusted him because he was the person recommended by the old monkey king. After some hesitation, some of the monkeys began to follow after him.

“It’s true, it’s really true!”

“If we stay inside the cave, we would never need to be afraid of those wolves, tigers, leopards, and jackals bullying us again!”

“Long live the monkey king!”

Very soon, sounds of exultations rang out within the waterfall. The tones of their voices were filled with wild joy.

Their voices were high and drifted far away. A few moments later, those remaining monkeys who chose to stay in the peach forest glanced at each other. They hesitated a little while more before also heading over.

After the monkeys were gathered fully. They stood outside the Water Curtain Cave with mouths that were wide-open in shock.

The water curtain that acted as a barrier was split apart by a surge of heavenly might, opening up the way for them.

The monkeys glanced into it and were all dumbfounded.

Feng Lin surveyed his surroundings as he smiled. “Come with me.”

He took the lead and leaped through the air.

Ji, ji, ji…

The monkeys let out shouts of excitement and followed closely after.

All monkeys were agile and extremely nimble. Without the water barrier, the distance wasn’t a problem for them.

After the monkeys entered, they began to chatter unceasingly, staring around in awe.

There was an iron-panel bridge and after that, there seemed to be a residence. Inside it, stone stoves, stone bowls, stone plates, stone beds, and stone benches—all stone utensils could be seen.

All the monkeys were chattering. It was hard to mask their excitement.

“This will be a safehouse for us. The space here can contain thousands of people. Even inside here we can feel the spiritual qi.”

“That’s right. In the future, we will no longer be afraid of those predators!”

“The new king is simply too awesome!”

Feng Lin sat on the stone throne that was at the highest location. He stared down at the monkey crowd. After they were tired from playing, he spoke in a heavy voice, “Why are you all still not paying respects to your king?”

His voice was like the chime of a golden bell, causing the hearts of all the monkeys to tremble.

There was no doubt that the person who could barge through the waterfall and enter the Water Curtain Cave would be the monkey king of the monkey tribe. This was a rule they had followed since ancient times.

There were a few who were reluctant, but at this moment, they could only grit their teeth and kneel as all the monkeys greeted, “We pay our respect to the great king!”

Feng Lin laughed. He understood that since things came to this, it meant that he had already subdued the monkeys.

From now on, he was none other than the monkey king of the Water Curtain Cave of the Flowerfruit Mountain!