Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 349 - School Opening Ceremony

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Chapter 349: School Opening Ceremony

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Imposing, majestic.

The freshmen stood in neat rows in the gigantic public square like the most seasoned of soldiers, with their bodies as straight as a spear. They stood in a military formation and looked extremely grand.

And other than the 1,000 plus freshmen who just joined this year, there were also biological creatures of other races here. More accurately, there were alien races present.

There were humanoid octopi with eight tentacles. Their skin was black and they came from an oceanic civilization from a planet made completely from the water. It was located near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

There were stone giants whose height was over eight meters with bodies as tough as rocks.

There were also harpies who could transform their bodies into gaseous states to travel the outer space.

All sorts of alien races who could normally be seen in illustrations on the web all appeared right now. This was truly an eye-opener.

There were also a group of green-skinned monsters which Feng Lin found to be extremely familiar. They had long noses and stooped bodies along with wrinkled skins. These creatures were none other than the space goblins.

One among them wore luxurious robes and a crown. It should be none other than the king of space goblins.

Since the Great Wall University was one of the cosmos universities, if only interstellar humans were present and not the interstellar races, the name wouldn’t be apt.

Feng Lin had an understanding in his heart, and he saw things on a deeper level.

These aliens all had quite a high status among their own races, but weren’t they only here to be the hostages?

The law of the universe was the law of the jungle, just on a greater scale.

When two different races came in contact, in order to seize resources, conflict would surely arise. The only exception was when one of the races completely became a vassal to the other.

Feng Lin had a look of contemplation on his face.

Although interstellar humans weren’t the strongest in the universe, their territory had already extended to the entire Milky Way Galaxy. It seemed like they had subdued quite a few races and had a few vassals.

“Students, this is the opening ceremony of our Great Wall University, we welcome you to join us. In the future, you all will feel extremely fortunate that you made this choice, for this is the best choice you’ve made in your life. Over here, you all will stand at the frontline of humanity, fighting against alien races. You will obtain the most advanced cultivation knowledge and walk on your respective paths that are filled with boundless possibilities. One day, you will stand at the peak of the starry space, proudly peering at the long river of human history…”


A towering aura radiated forth.

A figure stood in the air. The sound of his arrival was like thunder from the nine heavens, causing everyone to turn their attention over.

This person was none other than the headmaster of the Great Wall University. He was also the commander-in-chief of the interstellar army of the Great Wall. His title was Marshal Liu Zhengang!

As the headmaster of one of the cosmos universities, he wasn’t ordinary headmasters that looked stooped and old. He was extremely fit like in the prime of his years. An imposing aura could be felt from him.

For the people present, regardless of their cultivation bases, all of them felt involuntarily pressure to bow their heads.

This was a suppression that came from the difference in gene level!

Many people couldn’t withstand the pressure and directly slumped onto the ground.

Only tens of people managed to remain standing, their backs as straight as ever. This caused many bewildered looks to turn to them.

How terrifying were the cultivations of these people?

Feng Lin summoned his Heart Monkey Force and managed to barely stand tall underneath the pressure. Wariness grew in his heart.

“Headmaster Liu Zhengang’s cultivation is truly terrifying!”

“That goes without saying. The headmaster is an extremely famous and powerful cultivator in the universe. It’s said that he has already broken through the three realms of ‘adept’ and surpassed the sage realm, achieving the realm of genetic king!

“What cultivation realm is that? It sounds incredible!”

At the opening ceremony, the headmaster gave a passionate speech. Many students below conversed silently, sighing in admiration. Their eyes filled with yearning.

A genetic king?

Feng Lin was silently shocked. After he came to the Great Wall University, he used some of his contribution points to exchange for some common cultivation knowledge.

The cultivation system of mythological genes could be classified into many realms. In the beginning, the first three realms were the cultivator, elite cultivator, and grand cultivator realm.

After breaking through the grand cultivator realm, there would be the three realms of the adept level: the adept, elite adept, and grand adept realm.

Once one surpassed the grand adept realm, they would reach the sage realm. The sage realm could also be classified into three realms.

The genetic king realm was the second realm out of the three sage realms.

It was said that when one reached such a high level in cultivation, they could consciously control the mythological genes in their body, making them fuse voluntarily, achieving complete control.

On the cultivation path, although Feng Lin possessed a huge advantage, he was merely at the start of his path.

As long as he hadn’t fully matured, he would at most have great potential. Potential didn’t equate to strength.

The appearance of the headmaster caused Feng Lin to see his future path clearly. He would grow even stronger.

“The universe is incomparably vast, filled with endless danger. Although humanity currently occupies the Milky Way Galaxy, we are actually living in the midst of deep water and hellish fire. There are countless races stronger than us, capable of destroying the human race at any time. We have to vie with them for any resources.

“If you all thought that you all can cultivate in peace after joining the Great Wall University, I’m afraid you are wrong. Over here, the competitive situation is far more intense than what you have imagined. After school starts, there would be a devil training for three months. For those who can persist on their own all the way to the end, they would be qualified to become someone that the school would nurture using the best resources.

“After entering the university, all your past achievements wouldn’t count for anything. We have our own standards. From now onwards, all of you will start from zero. Every bit of resources and every achievement would have to be fought for by you, contending against the others. Do you all dare to do so? Are you all capable enough to do so?” said the headmaster, his words stirring the hearts of everyone.

But as cultivators, how could they say that they were not up to the task?

The freshmen were all proud individuals. They instantly roared in unison, “I can!”

Their words rang out loud in the air. This wasn’t merely just spoken words; they truly felt that they could do it from the depths of their hearts.

Being able to join one of the cosmos universities was already a good proof of their qualifications. Which of them weren’t the most outstanding ones among their peers when they grew up? Their self-confidence had been nurtured since they were young. How could they say that they wouldn’t be able to do it?

“Very good!” the headmaster spoke. “The devil training will sort you all into different rankings for the newbie board. You will get academic points based on your exam results and performance in school. I shall announce the current rankings now!”

“The first place would surely be Donghuang Taichu, right?”

“The second place should be Augustus!”

“That’s right, we are all freshmen, so how would we have any good performance in school? Isn’t the ranking still based on our exam results?”

Everyone silently mused.

But at the next moment when they saw the revealed rankings, all of them were stunned.

There was a single name floating high up in the air. The number of academic points was 10,237, completely crushing the second place Donghuang Taichu who had 2,635 points and the third place Augustus who had 2,263 points.

If the first place wasn’t Feng Lin, who could it be?

In truth, if simply based on Feng Lin’s exam results, he would only have about 268 points. But his performance in school was simply too dazzling, resulting in the current situation.

Killing spirit lifeforms, fleeing from the Great Qin Flying Shuttle and surviving alone in outer space…

Defending himself in the military tribunal, exposing the true traitor to humanity…

Excavating a mythological ruin, filling up huge amounts of mythological blanks…

(Although he was recruited by the university earlier, how long was that only?)

(In such a short time, this brat actually accomplished so many things?)

All the freshmen were stunned after they saw his accomplishments.

(Was there something wrong?)

(But this brat was just a mere elite cultivator!)

(That’s right, he must have gained a huge advantage because he joined the Great Wall University earlier.)

(The future devil training would surely make him reveal his true form. Everything now is just a facade of glory.)

Feng Lin as an elite cultivator actually climbed to the top ranking, suppressing everyone. This scene was too dazzling. How could those proud freshmen be able to accept this? They only felt that Feng Lin was lucky because he was recruited earlier. There was nothing impressive about him.

Feng Lin stood in the crowd and could sense numerous gazes filled with hostility staring at him. He was already a thorn in the eyes of many people.

Yet, he stood there calmly.

Those who wouldn’t inspire jealousy in others were nothing but mediocre beings.

What was there to be afraid of?

“Interesting.” Donghuang Taichu who was in the crowd suddenly laughed. His expression seemed gentle, but his eyes were as sharp as a sword.

(How long has it been?)

(When have I ever been suppressed by another person with such a huge disparity before? Even that person failed to accomplish this.)

(This Feng Lin? You truly are a very interesting fellow!)