Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 328 - Battlefield of Shamans and Demons

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Chapter 328: Battlefield of Shamans and Demons

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“A battlefield of shamans and demons?”

A stone gave rise to thousand-leveled ripples.

The moment Feng Lin spoke, waves of emotions rose in the hearts of everyone.

The conjecture of a demon race’s civilization was Zhao Yue`e’s conclusion. But this Feng Lin merely cast a glance and refuted it.

(Although your medicinal refinement techniques are excellent, how could your attainments in mythology be deep?)

(He is just an elite cultivator anyway…)

They didn’t really believe Feng Lin. But because they needed Feng Lin to concoct medicinal crystals for them, no one said anything.

But their attitudes of disbelief were extremely evident.

However, Zhao Yue`e sank into ponderment. She seemed to have thought of something and turned to glance at Feng Lin, “How did you come to this conclusion?”

Feng Lin laughed softly. “Demons appeared because wild beasts and plants cultivated and achieved their dao, transforming into humans. This is merely their system of cultivation. As for the shaman race, things are different. They are true humans. In ancient times, humans were incomparably weak and had to fight for everything themselves, to seize whatever they needed. They offered sacrifices to the heavens, and their ancestors, they were wizards of nature and had tamed many wild beasts while absorbing the essence of heavens and earth to improve their own body, causing many miraculous changes to occur. Their forms might be similar to deities or devils and had similarities to the demons. If one doesn’t look closely, it is very easy to be confused. But between demons and shamans, one could transform into a human by cultivating while the other had to tame wild beasts to prevent them from harming humans. They were born mortal enemies, resulting in many great wars between the two races to occur in ancient times. Look at the gigantic python coiled around the giant! Although it seemed to be a fusion of the two, it is actually a genuine shaman’s body. Moreover, there are traces of fighting everywhere in the ruins. From my perspective, this wasn’t caused by a calamity but by a war between the shamans and demons. The aftermath of their battle shattered this star system…”

He calmly spoke, sharing his analysis backed up by logic.

Everyone exchanged glances, feeling extremely astonished.

Their hearts calm down as they pondered over his words. They discovered that Feng Lin’s words had a very high possibility of being true!

Very soon, the flying shuttle extended the drills and began to harvest the DNA of the giant skeleton while beginning analysis. A few moments later, it was discovered that this was truly the DNA of an ancient human.

Although the interstellar humans had many different types of genes, there were still similarities among them and ancient humans.

This undoubtedly proved that Feng Lin’s conjecture was correct.

“Amazing! I didn’t expect Master to have such profound attainments in mythology.” After the results were verified, the expressions of everyone changed. They didn’t dare to underestimate Feng Lin anymore and adjusted their mental states to treat him as an equal.

“A battlefield between shamans and demons?” Sutt silently pondered. After that, he grew excited. “Great Wall – Number A3, maximize the scanning system and scan for traces of battle in this ruins. Try to restore the original appearance of the battlefield.”

“Yes, captain!” The flying shuttle vibrated as countless probes extended toward the surroundings, sending out formless radiation that became frequency fluctuation. No matter how small the traces were, it was hard to avoid its probes.


Streams of data flooded the holographic image. Numerical characters flickered, causing one to feel their heads spinning if they stared at it.

The scanned images were displayed one after another. Traces of burnt marks by fire, impact from energy attacks, scars left behind by weaponry—everything was displayed!

The A.I. began to use its vast computing power to restore the direction of attacks, the scars of force usage. It recorded everything and began to analyze it.

The skeletal remains were restored to their most likely appearances before their death.

A green-faced, fanged monster with a tiger head, a giant wielding a red snake, three-tailed demon cat…the skeletal remains were restored one by one. The restored forms were all extremely life-like, as though these creatures had come from the Primordial Era to the Interstellar Era.

The science and technology of the Interstellar Era reached an unprecedented height. There was at least a 70% to 80% likeness for the restored forms.

Feng Lin, Zhao Yue`e, and the others silently waited for the results.

Ding, ding, ding!

The A.I.’s light flickered. After two hours and thirty-seven minutes, the results were finally out.

“The restoration of the battlefield is completed. Do you want to take a look?” the A.I. asked.

“Do it.” Sutt didn’t hesitate.

At the next instant, the light radiating from the flying shuttle completely dimmed, leaving them in darkness.

A holographic scene then started to manifest; stars began to appear in the darkness around them. It was like they were now in outer space.


Rumbling explosive sounds rang out ceaselessly.

Numerous savage and terrifying figures appeared. They were all from the ancient era.

On one side, the howls of wild beasts could be heard relentlessly; numerous human-like figures that were tall and imposing could be seen. However, their eyes shone with inhuman cruelty and cold-bloodedness. There were also many vestiges of wild beasts that could be seen on their bodies.

On the other side, numerous gigantic figures appeared. Their bodies were full of totem tattoos and there were all sorts of weapons. They roared loudly, their voices traveling afar, exuding a unique rhythm.

Was this a scene where ancient human ancestors fought against the demon race?

Feng Lin and the others couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

The demon race was extremely barbaric. They took on human forms by cultivating as a wild beast and were the most primitive tyrants in the world.

As for humans, they had to slowly explore the path of cultivation. Their knowledge was formed from accumulations of previous generations. Finally, they subdued the demons and became the lords of the world.

As the holographic scenes grew clearer, the secrets of the ancient battle were shown before them.

Everyone held their breaths, not even daring to breathe.

Swish, swish, swish~

Arrows fell like rain, with the speed and force of a shooting star.

Three-legged golden crows howled in the air. They were like falling suns, cascading down waves of fire and wanting to burn the entire world into ashes.

Demonic humans with snakes on both their arms rose from the water, causing huge waves to rise, wanting to drown out the flames.

Ice phoenixes flapped their wings, manifesting icy rain as a storm of frost manifested. It froze the waves of water into ice mountains!



Both sides went at each other with no mercy. Neither could live if the other survived!

Fresh blood splashed through the air as the flames of war rued the day.

What a great massacre!

Both sides had people that were akin to the existence of gods and devils; their power seemed boundlessly vast.

On one side, there were over ten-thousand-foot giants with dragons, flood dragons, snakes…all sorts of malevolent creatures as their weapons. These shamans caused violent winds, chill frost, angry thunder…blasting at their enemies.

On the other side, the demons howled as their demonic qi towered up into the sky, causing a screen of darkness that blotted out the sun.

The golden crows burned with fire, spiraling around in the air. The xuan tortoises had icy mountains on their backs; their limbs were as thick as pillars and every step they took caused the ground to crack. Countless lives were stomped into dust. There were also numerous enraged apes wielding metal cudgels, baring their fangs as they rushed the shamans.

These two races fought for the lordship of this world, conducting a massacre that would never stop until one side was completely annihilated.

Boundless waves of destructive might collided, forming aftershocks that dispersed outwards. Everywhere the aftershocks passed by, mass destruction followed.

The battle between shamans and demons destroyed the heavens and earth.

Kacha, kacha!

Feng Lin and the others opened their eyes wide. To their astonishment, they discovered that the ground began to tremble as the cracks widened, transforming into countless pieces of debris that scattered, revealing the shadowless dark void right at the very bottom.

A large piece of land fell below.

So it turned out that this universe ruins wasn’t caused by the destruction of the star system. Rather, it was caused by the destruction of a giant floating continent.