Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 321 - Black Tortoise Vs. Wukong

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Chapter 321: Black Tortoise Vs. Wukong

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The black tortoise was the god of the north, having the tortoise’s body, a snake’s tail, and a dragon’s head!

In comparison, Sun Wukong was a Heart Monkey that had attained Dao, being extremely violent and unbridled.

Both of them were rare divine creatures with their reputation and strength on similar grounds.

Strong battle intent burned as Feng Lin and Zhao Yue`e were fighting. The battle was very intense like Mars colliding into Earth.

The black tortoise sat in the air and bellowed non-stop. Waves surged and cold currents gushed.

The violent monkey’s two fists were like hammers, smashing out violently in a maniacal state, appearing to be extremely brutal and bloodthirsty.

Feng Lin’s figure kept darting about, moving rapidly around Zhao Yue`e, with his punches targeting her critical spots.

Zhao Yue`e stood there, neither moving nor dodging. She drew circles in front of her body with her hands: one acting as Yin, the other Yang; one being soft, the other strong. The forces formed an invisible circle that encompassed her. It was hard to make her budge.

Flowing water had no form and was ever-changing. However, once they formed a majestic force, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to move them.

The black tortoise versus Wukong… It was had for a victor to be decided very quickly.

Malicious Tiger Hunt, Swift Leopard Lunge, Immortal Crane Soar…

Feng Lin’s moves kept changing, bringing in violence, brutality, elusiveness…

However, the moment he struck the circle of force, he would be blocked by it. At the same time, waves of cold forces would counterattack, then stopped by Feng Lin’s Stone Monkey Body, unable to penetrate through in the slightest.

One of them had the heaviness of a tortoise and the agility of a snake. The other was like an innate stone monkey, having the agility of a monkey and the toughness of stone.

Both of these divine creatures were perfect existences!


Feng Lin’s and Zhao Yue`e’s punches collided fiercely and then they separated, standing still. Both of their eyes had a hint of helplessness.

The atmosphere suddenly turned quiet and awkward.

This Black Tortoise Gene was definitely also a perfect-grade transcendent gene!

Feng Lin gained a hint of understanding.

“To think that this guy can fight against Senior Zhao for so long. One really can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Although Senior Zhao only used elite cultivator-level battle prowess, the Black Tortoise Gene is also a perfect-grade gene that doesn’t have many rivals amongst other genes of the same grade!”

“What’s this guy’s background?”

To those students’ surprise, Feng Lin didn’t collapse after receiving one blow from Zhao Yue`e. The battle was more intense than they could imagine it to be.

Both of them kept on attacking, using lower-level moves that were extremely skillful, beyond one’s imagination.

The other students weren’t surprised that this was so for Senior Zhao. However, it was far too strange that this guy could be on par with her!

All of them wore strange expressions, becoming increasingly curious about Feng Lin’s background.

Moreover, according to that Iron Pillar, this guy was also a self-taught medicine refinement master!

All of their expressions became interesting.

“It’s coming!”

Iron Pillar, the black-haired young man who had been focused on the battlefield, suddenly spoke up.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

In an instant, their gazes were focused on the arena.

Having fought for so long without any results, although Feng Lin and Zhao Yue`e didn’t communicate with each other, there was one thing that both of them understood.

Both of them were unrivaled existence amongst those of the same grade. If they wished to decide on a victor, they would have to use their ultimate move and fight it out.

Both of them looked at each other, not moving. Their auras became increasingly strong.

Their qi clashed and even space became distorted, dispersing the light rays.

True Water of Xuanwu!

Zhao Yue`e put both of her hands before her chest and formed seals, her ten fingers overlapping like a blooming lotus flower. Streams of cold water flowed out from her fingertips.

In an instant, the surrounding temperature plunged intensely, as if they were all sunk into an underground ice cave.

The water vapor in the air rapidly gathered, forming streams of icy water.

At this moment, a life-like black tortoise manifested, swaying its head and tail. It looked as if it had woken from the ancient times and sent savage qi out, appearing extremely violent and brutal.

Feng Lin’s expression turned solemn as well. He put his fingers together like a sword and pierced out slowly!

It was only a sword finger, yet it had an absolute intent to annihilate celestials and gods, wiping out all lives.

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint!

Feng Lin was one with the sword, turning into a beam of silver light and piercing out straight toward the icy black tortoise like a flash.


The black tortoise opened its big mouth and bellowed non-stop, creating sound waves that caused the air to tremor, bringing forth strong thunderstorm. It went biting toward Feng Lin.

Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

The victor would be decided in this one attack. Who would be the one to emerge victorious?

Could this guy really win against the person who was recognized as the martial queen in the Great Wall University?

They were having a strange feeling of anticipation.

Chi chi chi!

Cold light surged from the sword attack.

Feng Lin charged into the black tortoise’s body, breaking through layers of barriers.

The black tortoise let out an aggrieved cry and froze for a moment before it shattered from the head down to its body, crumbling instantly.

A figure darted out. The sword finger’s remnant forces had weakened a lot, but it still pierced straight out.

Zhao Yue`e wore a solemn expression and faced the attack while forming the lotus flower seal with her hands.

Her ten fingers intertwined, entangling the sword finger and causing it to be unable to advance any further.

Feng Lin backed off, breathing out a turbid breath and wearing a dejected expression. “I’ve lost!”

“No, it’s my loss!” Zhao Yue`e smiled and shook her head.

Feng Lin’s countenance turned grim. “A lost is a lost! What do you mean by this?”

Unjust victory felt humiliating for him.

“You’ve misunderstood!” Zhao Yue`e only threw a glance toward Feng Lin and knew what he was thinking. She shook her head and smiled, saying, “I have no intention of giving way to you! This Xuanwu True Water is really my strongest killing move at the elite cultivator-level! After performing this move, I don’t have any means of retaliating. The reason I can take on your attack is because I’ve used the grand cultivator-level battle prowess! Therefore, it’s my loss! If we’re both elite cultivators, I won’t be your match!”

She explained, not having any burdens or trying to hide anything.

“What? To think that this guy actually won against Senior Zhao? This is unbelievable!”

“The martial queen’s records of being undefeatable by those of the same realm has been broken!”

“This guy…”

The spectators’ mouths were agape, not knowing what they should be saying.

The better they understood how terrifying martial queen Zhao Yue`e was, the more they understood the meaning behind this scene.

Ever since entering the Great Wall University, Zhao Yue`e had been underestimated by countless people due to the fact that she was a female. However, she had relied on her pair of fists to be unrivaled amongst those of the same realm. Only those geniuses who had stronger cultivation than her could barely win against her.

However, to think that she was defeated by someone of the same battle prowess. If news of this were to spread out, how big a commotion would there be in the Great Wall University?

So that was it!

Feng Lin nodded, feeling much better after hearing her say this.

However, he didn’t agree with Zhao Yue`e.

A loss was a loss!

Why would any reasons be required?

“Neither of us have lost! In a real battlefield, who would fight against you one-on-one fairly?” Feng Lin said calmly.

Zhao Yue`e was stunned for a moment before she smiled. “That’s true!”

She could also tell that Feng Lin also had a determined heart and wouldn’t be easily swayed by someone else’s words.

“I look forward to the day you become an elite adept! When that day comes, we can have another battle to make it clear who is the stronger one between us!”


The two of them looked at each other and smiled, having the feeling of people who could appreciate each other.

Both of them wanted to know that at the same cultivation realm, whose mythological path would be stronger?