Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 302 - The Fool And The King

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Chapter 302: The Fool And The King

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When he heard the words of this young woman, Feng Lin had a strange look on his face.

Divination was a technique that allowed one to deduce fate. It was extremely mysterious.

The future was ethereal and misty; any minor changes could affect everything, triggering a butterfly effect.

“That’s right.” The witch Sally smiled mysteriously. “The gypsies can divine a person’s future very accurately. This is an art passed down from ancient times. Tarot cards are magical items that can communicate with the divinity. For you, a student of the Great Wall University, we don’t have anything to repay your help. But maybe my divination would be able to help you. Do you want to try?”

Tarot cards?

Feng Lin looked at the colorful and mysterious pictures on the cards. He knew that gypsies had already been doing this since ancient times. His heart couldn’t help but stir.

Gypsies were a nomadic race, often moving around and living without a fixed destination in the Ancient Earth Era. They interacted with all sorts of cultures and collected a mix of myths and legends. They had their own secrets.

The origins of the tarot cards were also very mysterious. No one could verify where they came from.

Although divination sounded illogical, Feng Lin didn’t look down on it. This was because he knew that the art of divination truly existed.

It was just that the number of variables affecting the future was far too much; thus, it was extremely difficult to foretell things accurately. Only those with deep cultivations or profound knowledge could understand this. The majority of people who did divination were all swindlers and glib talkers.

But if a true master truly used it, they would even have the power to seize luck from the heavens and peer into the future. It was extremely mystical.

Feng Lin could clearly understand this point.

Back when he had been probing the secrets of alchemy, he had been brought into the memories of the furnace before he obtained the inheritance.

That old man with celestial air who gave the lecture seemed to be able to see Feng Lin despite Feng Lin only appeared countless years in the future. It was truly terrifying.

Staring at the confident look of this witch, Feng Lin decided that there was no harm even if he tried.

No matter what the result was, it would still be dependent on whether he believed it or not.

(Let’s try it then.)

Feng Lin agreed.

The witch clasped her hands together as the tarot cards silently floated. They even shuffled themselves.

The tarot cards danced in the air, resembling a hundred flying birds that packed together as dense as the stars. After that, they separated and curved in the air in a mysterious arc, causing people to be unable to tell the direction they wanted to fly to.

“Insert a trace of your genetic force and control the direction of the tarot cards. Only by doing so would a hint of your spirituality be captured; this is to accurately determine the trajectory of fate for you.” The witch’s voice rang out, ethereal and misty.

This was such a mysterious scene. Even more so because the witch was only an interstellar cultivator. Feng Lin began to feel some interest in the result of divination.

His heart stirred as a strand of his spirit force flowed forth.

The tarot cards reacted upon sensing an external energy interacting with them. Their trajectory changed, becoming even more mysterious and unpredictable.

“Past, present, future!” The witch’s voice rang out. “What do you wish to divine?”

“The future.” Feng Lin didn’t hesitate.

He knew everything there was to know about his past, and he had no questions about his present goals. He was only drawing a blank for the future.

“Use your psyforce to capture a major arcana and minor arcana card,” said the witch.

The speed of those tarot cards was extremely quick like ghostly shadows. No one could tell what was the true content of each card. They could only depend on luck.

Feng Lin had a quick eye. His spirit force divided and formed two invisible hands as he grabbed a hold of two cards in an instant.

The witch waved her hand and the remaining cards flew back to it. “Flip the major arcana card over first.”

Feng Lin’s left hand flipped a card. On the card, a figure clad in luxurious robes could be seen, and there was a beautiful ornament on his head and a cane in his hands. There was a piece of luggage attached to the end of the cane, and behind him, there was a dog following it. He was standing on the edge of a precipice and would fall to his death if he took another step forward.

“Ordinal number zero, The Fool,” said Sally softly, her bright eyes looking at Feng Lin.

(The fool? The beginning of tarot cards, the card that contains countless possibilities?…)

Feng Lin had some simple understanding of tarot cards, and he was able to analyze it slightly.

But the more in-depth analysis naturally had to be handled by the professionals. He wasn’t so arrogant that he thought he knew everything.

“Wearing magnificent clothing but walking into the abyss. The next step contains countless possibilities, but it might also bring you countless calamities. In the future, you have to be incomparably cautious.” The witch cast a deep glance at Feng Lin.

(What does it mean?)

This ambiguous divination basically could be used as a reference to countless situations. It could mean many things and had no practicality.

Feng Lin didn’t say anything. He continued waiting for more explanation.

“The fool means that you have no distractions in your heart. He walks with confidence, nothing on the ground can restrict him. It means that you have a determined heart.”

“Resplendent clothes, walking on the precipice of a cliff with thoughts in his eyes. This card symbolizes that you are walking on a path where danger and rewards balance each other out.”

“The rose in his left hand, his belongings in his right, roaming everywhere. This means that you have already cast aside all worries in your heart.”

“The dog behind you is barking. He is reminding you not to barge ahead carelessly, and you have to pay attention to the path beneath your feet…”

“This is interesting.” A faintly discernible smile could be seen on Feng Lin’s face. He couldn’t help but admit that these explanations did indeed have some accuracy to them.

“There are a total of twenty-two cards in the major arcana, and it can only foretell the general situation. If you want the divination to be more accurate, we have to depend on the fifty-six cards in the minor arcana as a reference to the major arcana card you drew. You can flip the second card over now,” said the witch.

Feng Lin flipped over the card in his right hand. It was a king in white robes, with a red cloak over him. A treasured sword was in his hands, and the tip of the sword was pointing to the sky, exuding an aura of imposingness and majesty.

“King of Swords!” The eyes of the witch gleamed with a bright light as though she wanted to see through Feng Lin. After a long time, she spoke in a faint voice, “The treasured sword represents power. This means that your journey to the Great Wall University might lead you to obtain a supreme type of power. As for the position of the king, it is a status. Power would naturally bring status, and with enough power, it can protect your esteemed status. When matching it with the fool’s card, I can predict that soon, the path you will be walking would lead you to triumphant progress, but it would be filled with endless thorns and challenges. It is a path that contains countless possibilities.”

“In that case, isn’t my divination a very good one?” Feng Lin didn’t believe in this too much. He just treated it as a good omen.

“Tarot cards contained both positive and negative omens. There’s no good or bad.” The witch shook her head. “Although the treasured sword is sharp, it is double-edged. You might end up impaling yourself on it. The status of the king might be high; a wise and capable king would lead to the masses worshiping you. But if you became brutal and tyrannical, the masses would overthrow you and send you up the scaffold. And no matter which is the ending, both share something in common.”

“What is it?” Feng Lin calmly asked.

The witch cast a deep look at him. Her eyes flickered involuntarily with shock and fear. “You would have an extraordinary life no matter what. Be it being high-up and lofty, standing at the peak of the stars, or fall so deeply into the abyss that the entire world would become your enemy!”

“The path is beneath your feet. Everything depends on your choices.”