Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 258 - Pointing Out The Correct Path

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Chapter 258: Pointing Out The Correct Path

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Just the opening move was already so difficult.

The reason why they had ten days of rest before the next exam was because the exam candidates could use this time to adjust themselves to their peak states and formed their own teams.

In ten days, if the members of their teams weren’t fully filled, Feng Lin’s group of three could only participate with three people. And with it, they would be at a great disadvantage when it came to certain situations.

The atmosphere turned heavy.

After some time, Feng Lin spoke to break the silence. He had a self-mocking smile on his face. “Seems like those geniuses in the universe look down on the exam candidates from the solar system!”

This was a helpless reality.

Because they originated from the solar system, they were naturally looked down upon by others.

“Those people lack judgment!” Aris snorted, “In the future, I will make them regret.”

At this moment, Yana also shook her head and started to blame herself. “Sigh, you two are cultivators whose strength couldn’t be considered weak even in the universe. I’m the one who burdened you two.”

“Don’t think like this,” Feng Lin spoke in a low voice. “A proper and capable team requires all sorts of abilities to fit in together. Combat strength isn’t the only criteria. Your sensitivity and control over information can allow our team to grasp the initiative in any situation. It’s only that those people have no idea. You must know that Athena is one of the twelve main gods in Greek mythology, and her mythological path can be considered a paragon mythological path. If you continue to walk on her path, your future is boundless; no ordinary people can be compared to you! Hence, compared to others, you are actually extremely important to our team and not a burden at all…”

He spoke the facts bluntly and didn’t take Yana as a burden at all. These were the true thoughts in his heart.

Yana stared at the serious look on Feng Lin’s face in astonishment. Her face blushed and no one knew what she was thinking.

At the side, Aris’s eyes were wide open. She glanced at her elder sister and Feng Lin while a puzzled look appeared on her face. Her gaze was filled with wariness and hostility as though her beloved sister was going to get taken away.

Feng Lin was stunned by her expression.

Ding, ding, ding!

At this moment, a sound echoed from his id microchip.

There was a reply to their invitations.

Yana had a look of joy. She clicked it open, and an extremely arrogant-looking face instantly appeared. It was actually an Indian with a turban. His eyes shone with a bright light as he started to speak with a thick accent.

“You bunch of trash from the solar system. You should know that we Indians are the descendants of Lord Brahma. Wanting to recruit me with your cultivation bases is simply an insult to me. You all don’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth. If others learned of this, I, Singh Niro, would lose all my face. If you guys don’t give enough compensation today, don’t think that I will let this matter rest.”

He kept blabbering, trying to extort Feng Lin’s group.


Feng Lin’s patience ran thin and directly closed the hologram. He coldly spoke, “Ignore the stupid guy. The personalities of some people are always like this. They don’t have the strength and only know how to brag. He is just an interstellar cultivator despite having such a good environment to cultivate. If he dares to appear before me, I’m going to make his head explode with my fist.”

The mythological path the Ultimate Killer King was on actually originated from India. Since Feng Lin could kill him, how would he care about this idiot?

“Mhm!” Feng Lin’s words were a little exaggerated, yet it caused the two sisters to feel comfort.

After that, more and more replies were sent back to them. But without exception, all were rejections. Those with better manners simply rejected, but most of the replies were filled with a mocking tone.

These people didn’t even ask what Feng Lin’s group’s cultivation level was. The moment they saw that they were from the solar system, they instantly despised them.

A thorough and complete contempt.

If one’s star system was a backwater region, they would surely be despised. This was an eternal, unchanging truth.

The solar system was simply too low in level. This was why everyone else despised the people in there.

This was a reality that filled them with helplessness.

Yana kept sending out invitations, but none of them agreed,

Although their team lacked two more slots, these slots were extremely hard to fill.

The expressions of Feng Lin’s group of three were extremely ugly. They felt that this was extremely humiliating.

“There are over a million candidates from the universe. We can search patiently and will surely find suitable people to join us,” Yana spoke. Her tone was filled with an unwillingness to give up now.

Feng Lin didn’t have much hope in this method. It felt like searching for a needle in the haystack. Rather than being passive, why didn’t they be more active and strengthen their cultivation bases instead?

The phoenixes stayed on the phoenix trees. After them, hundred of birds would fly there to worship the place.

“There’s no need to waste time,” Feng Lin calmly spoke. “Rather than seeking help from others, why don’t we enhance our strength? There are only ten days before the exam starts, and I already have some ideas about who to pick with regards to the two additional slots for our team.”

“Oh?” Yana was a little shocked. She didn’t know how Feng Lin could be so confident.

Feng Lin smiled but he didn’t explain. He continued, “Yana, you are walking on Athena Mythology Path and you are already very close to the limits of the interstellar cultivators. Why don’t you continue trying to break through? Once you succeeded, you would become an elite cultivator. This is the most important thing. As for me and Aris, we have to do our best to increase our vitality stats. If we are not strong enough, no matter how well we try to sell ourselves, no one would look up to us.”

Yana nodded, knowing that Feng Lin was right.


She furrowed her brows as though she was hesitating to say something.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Lin’s sharp senses naturally noticed her change of emotions.

After cooperating for such a long time, Feng Lin couldn’t be considered an outsider. Thus, Yana didn’t attempt to conceal things from him. “Since you have already guessed that I’m walking on Athena Mythological Path, I will tell you the truth. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom from Greek Mythology. All this while, I’ve been using the Mythology Deduction Method to reenact Athena’s path, yet I feel that something is missing. Maybe my intelligence isn’t high enough and so I have no way to trace back the mythological source deeper.”

“It’s that father of ours that is to blame. He only left behind the Athena Mythological Path but provided no guidance. After he left that behind, he vanished so quickly that we didn’t even get to ask him anything. This inheritance is basically incomplete!” Aris coldly snorted at the side, filled with resentment toward their father.

Although the two sisters always mentioned their father, Feng Lin now felt extremely curious about him.

He also felt that the true reason for the bottleneck wasn’t due to an incomplete inheritance.

But that it was due to paragon mythological paths having their own hereditary memories!

Since Yana was walking on this path, she definitely would have some clues from her hereditary memories. Since she had the Mythology Deduction Method, she naturally could continue cultivating even if the inheritance her father had given her was really incomplete.

There might be some other reasons as to why she was at a bottleneck.

Feng Lin stared at her sickly pale face and her fragile figure that seemed as though she would easily be blown over by a gust of wind. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind as he asked, “Did your intelligence already surpass the common realm since you were very young? Yet, you have never like fighting or killing?”

“How did you know?” Yana nodded.

Aris who was at the size also felt curious.

Understanding shone in Feng Lin’s gaze.

There was an ancient saying in Huaxia.

People with deep emotions wouldn’t live long lives. If one’s intelligence is too high, they would surely harm themselves in the end.

Those who were too intelligent tended to overthink, yet they failed to pay attention to their health. By constantly being in deep thinking, they would easily neglect and harm their bodies.

For Yana, it was precisely because she was too intelligent since she was young and thus neglected to cultivate her strength.

Although strength wasn’t everything, one definitely couldn’t survive without strength.

One must know that to walk on the Athena Mythological Path, one couldn’t be simply depending on wisdom and intelligence.

Feng Lin had a thoughtful smile on his face as he gave some pointers. “Yana, you are walking astray, no longer on your mythological path. Although intelligence is important, if you don’t have the strength to protect your intelligence, everything would be useless. Intelligence is the plan, and strength is the tool you use to execute the plan. Without strength, no matter how good the plan is, it’s nothing but empty air. It is nice to look at, but it is of no value at all. On the path of cultivators, the heart and strength mustn’t be lacking. You should know that although Athena was famous because she was the Goddess of Wisdom, her authority doesn’t simply lie in Wisdom. Her true full title is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War!”

“Goddess of War? Impossible! Why have I never heard my father mentioned this before? And how did you know this? If Athena was the Goddess of War, wouldn’t that contradict with my mythological path of Ares, the God of War? It’s impossible; the authority portfolio of gods shouldn’t stack with each other!” Aris instantly shook her head.

“This is different. Ares the God of War’s full title is known as Ares, the God of Combat and War. Notice that the word ‘combat’ is before War. His authority portfolio pays more attention to cultivating one’s combat prowess, while war is secondary. As for Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, she shares a part of the War portfolio with Ares as well,” Feng Lin spoke, opening up a new line of thought for Yana and Aris, listing out the differences between.

“This…” Aris was stunned when she heard that. She didn’t understand and she asked, “How did you know this?”

Feng Lin mysteriously smiled but didn’t reply.

In truth, he didn’t only know that both Athena and Ares shared the War authority portfolio. He even knew that they had once competed against each other over a different authority portfolio and started a divine war.

Ultimately, because Athena’s authority portfolio of War consisted of the art of warfare and military training, she used her brilliant tactics and managed to win against the barbarians of Ares’s army, obtaining the major portion of the War authority portfolio.

Hence, this was why he could tell that Yana was walking erroneously on her path based on her performance. She focused too much on intelligence, and it was tough for her to break through to become an elite cultivator. This might be the reason why.

“Goddess of war?” Comparatively, Aris was puzzled. However, Yana thought deeper. She seemed to have understood something as her expression changed. She hurriedly stood up and went back to her residence to immediately enter seclusion.

After Feng Lin pointed out the correct path, she felt that the fog in her vision had cleared and she could see a new land.

She had confidence in being able to breakthrough soon!

“Elder sis, what is going on?” Aris was still puzzled.

“Don’t worry, Yana must have gained some new insights. I believe a newly evolved cultivator would soon appear in our team.” Feng Lin smiled and passed ten small bottles over.

“What are these?” Aris asked.

“These are some genetic potions named the transcendent holy water. They are of the low-martial tier and flawless-grade,” Feng Lin replied. “Their effect is immediate and very apparent. These genetic potions can assist both of you during a breakthrough and cause your vitality stats to increase.”

“You are even a geneticist?” Aris stared at him in shock, feeling that Feng Lin was getting more and more unfathomable, like he was shrouded in countless secrets.

Feng Lin didn’t explain in detail. He merely smiled and went into the cultivation room as he started cultivating again. “Next, I’m going to put in all my effort in cultivation to increase my vitality stats and to prepare for the unexpected. You should do the same as well.”

After that, the door of his cultivation room closed and no more sound could be heard.

Feng Lin sat on the ground and modulated his breathing, sinking into contemplation.

Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10 + Beast King Gene x10 = Monkey King Gene.

The path for the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene had been extremely clear since the beginning. He could simply just go with the flow.

But for the Beast King Gene’s genetic tree, up until now, Feng Lin had only awakened one of the most basic Bloodthirst Gene. There were still many other genes he hadn’t awakened yet.

The secrets of paragon mythological paths existed in hereditary memories.

Next, what he needed to do was to use his memories as a way to reverse and trace the source of all the other genes, awakening them together in a single attempt.

With this aim in mind, Feng Lin gradually closed his eyes; his heart entered a state of focus. In an instant, his consciousness sank into an endless tunnel of darkness as he fell into it.

Time was flowing slowly and a bright light shone all of a sudden.

Feng Lin didn’t know when it happened. But when came to his senses, he was already in the form of a golden-furred monkey, stretching himself on a mountain peak as though he had just woken up!