Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 180 - Registering for College Examinations

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Chapter 180: Registering for College Examinations

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“From today onward, everyone will be a part of the gifted class! Let’s all get along!”

A man with a burly built and fierce looks stood at the platform and announced loudly.

He had an obvious blade scar on his face and gave off a valiant aura. He didn’t look like a teacher, but instead, more like a strong warrior who was experienced in battles.

Feng Lin’s eyes gleamed. He realized that the gifted class’ headteacher was actually an elite cultivator.

In the massive Earth High School, he was ranked number two after the principal.

It seemed that the school held the gifted class in high regard to actually send an elite cultivator to be their headteacher.

Feng Lin secretly nodded.

When he was observing others, others were also observing him.

The capable-looking headteacher’s eyes gleamed as he kept on assessing Feng Lin with curiosity and judgment in his gaze.

All this while, the number one genius in Earth High School had been Duan Yunliu who had a vitality of close to 10. He was only one step away from becoming an Interstellar cultivator. However, Duan Yunliu was nothing when compared to Feng Lin.

This young man emerged strongly, clearing the illusory martial pagoda within a minute. It was an astonishing feat, and his achievement had caused the gifted class to lose its purpose.

Before this young man, who could be referred to as a genius?

Feng Lin had already steadily progressed and become an interstellar cultivator. Although his vitality level was unclear, it definitely far exceeded 10 points. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to cause the illusory martial pagoda’s system to break down.

Earth High School had been in decline for a very long time. Therefore, the principal was very excited at the sudden appearance of this unparalleled genius and had instructed the headteacher over and over again to carefully nurture Feng Lin. They would go all-out to let him achieve the greatest results in the Interstellar college examinations.

It wasn’t just the valiant headteacher. Right now, the gazes of the entire class were gathered onto Feng Lin.

This was with the exception of two people—Zhao Kai and Jess Klot. After spending the winter break cultivating, the two of them had also successfully entered the gifted class.

When they had challenged Feng Lin earlier, that horror of facing death right in the face had caused them to be scared out of their wits. They didn’t wish to go through it the second time.

Their gaze when looking at Feng Lin was that of horror. They didn’t dare to look at him too much.

However, there was a gaze that was filled with battle intent that was cast toward Feng Lin.

This was a handsome black-haired young man. He wore arrogance on his face, seemingly unconvinced.

He was Duan Yunliu, the person who had always been the undeniable number one genius in the school with a vitality of 9.6. He had cleared the illusory martial pagoda back in the second year of high school.

Accustomed to being the top person but yet being stepped under the feet of someone who had barged out of nowhere, how could he possibly be able to accept this?

His thoughts of wanting to challenge Feng Lin were written all over his face.

Contrary to their expectation, Feng Lin’s gaze was cold. He didn’t pay any heed to the faint hostility coming from these people.

People who incurred no jealousy are mediocre!

Whether other people love me or hate me… These are all fleeting moments…

The only thing that Feng Lin was concerned about was to register for the Interstellar college examinations.

Although such examination style that was like a carp jumping over the dragon gate still existed, with a strong emphasis on vitality, after experiencing ten thousand years of technology development, it had long spread across interstellar space. Therefore, it was impossible for there to be no changes at all in the way it was conducted.

Interstellar Universities were just a generic term, and they were differentiated by grades. From the lowest grade to the highest, they were the Planet Universities, Star Region Universities, Interstellar Empire Universities, and the last one was the Cosmos Universities.

The registration method would be different for the universities of different grades.

Out of them, the registration for the Planet Universities and Star Region Universities could be completed in their own school. As long as their final examination results met the required level, they would be admitted.

Things were different for the Interstellar Empire Universities and Cosmos Universities. They were considered to be the true elite universities amongst the Interstellar humans. Students were required to register at the designated locations and pass through many tiers of examinations.

Furthermore, the registration quota for every school was also limited.

Feng Lin’s classmates in the gifted class all looked at him with envious gazes. There was a limited quota, and they were afraid that Feng Lin would snatch their chances to get into Interstellar Empire Universities.

As for the Cosmos Universities, it was something that no one would consider.

It was the top-notch university that took in students from across the entire interstellar space. It was said that they even recruited some outstanding extraterrestrial races that harbored no hostilities toward humans.

Feng Lin’s classmates knew well that they were merely cultivators in the most retrogressive area in the interstellar space.

They could be seen as geniuses in Earth High School, but they were not worth anything in the solar system, let alone if they were in the interstellar space.

Therefore, none of them had thought of applying for the Cosmos Universities.

Feng Lin’s eyes were cold as he took in everyone’s hostilities.

Dragons didn’t stay with snakes. How could these people know of his lofty aspirations?

These hostilities toward him were a joke. It was like the rats on the ground harboring hostility toward the majestic eagles that flew in the sky for taking over their territory.

The gifted class was the elite class in Earth High School. The reason the school would focus all of its resources to nurture them was so that they could get into good schools. Through that, they would gain fame for Earth High School, raising its reputation.

There were only ten or more vacancies for the Interstellar Empire Universities. There were many interested parties, and the competition was very intense.

There was no such thing as attending classes in the gifted class. It was just the headteacher, who was an Interstellar cultivator, providing guidance to the students and trying to rapidly raise their cultivation level before the college examinations.

As long as their vitality and wisdom increased and they had a clear understanding of theories and knowledge, they would soon be able to grasp things. There was no need for intentional guidance. They could just study independently.

“Applications start from today!” On the first day of school, the valiant headteacher made an announcement in a deep voice. He wanted to get the college examinations enthusiast and then provide them with relevant training to prepare them for their aspired schools.

As the genius with the most dominating performance in the illusory martial pagoda, he first asked Feng Lin, “Feng Lin, you’ll go first! Tell me what Interstellar University’s grade you’re going to apply for. I’ll write it down for the record.”

Feng Lin had no hesitation and said, “Cosmos University!”

The moment he spoke up, silence filled the room.

The other students in the class all heaved a sigh of relief. They managed to get one more open slot!

At the next moment, their eyes were wide-open.

What? He is going to apply for a Cosmos University?

Where did he get his confidence from?

Putting aside the fact if Feng Lin had such capabilities, they mournfully realized that although they viewed him as their rivals, he did not care about them at all.

“You want to apply for a Cosmos University?” The valiant headteacher couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“That’s right!” Feng Lin said calmly. “Cosmos Universities takes in students from across the universe, even extraterrestrial races. Everyone is treated equally, so no matter how retrogressive a star region is, no matter how weak a school is, there’ll be at least one vacancy! Don’t our school has one too? I’m going to be taking that!”

Although his tone was calm, it was also dominating. When the responsibility came, one should just step up and not decline. If I don’t do it, then who will?

The valiant headteacher nodded. He knew that Feng Lin was right. However, he quickly shook his head.

It was true that Earth High School had one application quota for Cosmos Universities. However, as there hadn’t been anyone applying for Cosmos Universities over the years, they would usually sell that quota to other high-grade high schools to earn a tremendous amount of star coins.

If Feng Lin wished to take this quota, then the school would indirectly lose out on a large amount of star coins. Would the principal agree to this?

He realized that even though he was the headteacher, he had no say in this matter at all.

“Wait a minute! I’ll get the principal to come and talk to you!” The valiant headteacher threw a glance at Feng Lin and left hurriedly.

A commotion broke out in the gifted class. Feng Lin waited quietly, feeling very calm.

The principal arrived very quickly. When he saw Feng Lin, he immediately asked in a deep voice, “Do you want to apply for Cosmos Universities?”

It was the same question, but a with deeper questioning tone.

Since this was a matter that concerned himself, Feng Lin didn’t show any impatience. He affirmed, “That’s right!”

The principal appeared troubled. If they were to sell this quota to other schools, they would be able to get at least 10 million star coins. This amount of money was very important to Earth High School, which lacked cultivating resources to begin with. It was an important source of income.

“How are you so sure that you’ll be able to get in? This quota is very important to the school. If you don’t have confidence, it’ll be a waste of the school’s resources. Do you understand this?” The principal didn’t give his reply straight away but asked Feng Lin instead.

Feng Lin didn’t explain himself. Actions speak louder than words. Why did he have to waste his efforts on talking?

With a tremble, he released the restraints on his body and unleashed all of his vitality pressure. Even space became distorted.

The pressure seemed as if it was material, pressing down like Mount Tai and giving everyone the feeling as if a great calamity was coming.

There was dead silence…