Legend of the Mythological Genes - Chapter 127 - Mythological Will

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Chapter 127: Mythological Will

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Feng Lin opened his eyes slowly, and his figure underwent a huge change. The energies in his body gushed out in waves, irrepressibly twisting the void, forming and sending out a series of seething waves that could be seen by the naked eye.

The spot where he stood at suddenly became the core of a tempest.

Feng Lin silent looked at his two hands and into his own body. He felt that the majestic energies in his body were gushing out endlessly like spring water, seeping into each of his cells, into his blood, and into his organs… His body was steeped in energy, both inside and out, and held a tremendous amount of powers.

Although his body was material, it now possessed the nihility characteristic that a certain kind of energy possessed, existing between material and incorporeality. It was very mysterious.

This was ‘energy-evolution’?

Feng Lin was slightly taken by surprise. The change to his body was too great to the extent that even he found it to be a little unbelievable.

If his entire body were to complete the ‘energy-evolution’ process, he’d be able to control the energies of the void and grasp extraordinary powers. This was the realm of elite cultivators.

The human body was matter-based. In the beginning, it was an absolute matter, and the process of becoming transcendent would be to complete the ‘energy-evolution’ process.

However, once each and every cell completed the ‘energy-evolution’ process, the human body would be able to connect to the universe from the distance, producing an ineffable connection.

Between breathing, they would be able to absorb the universe’s energies, turning them into powerful vitality for themselves.

And as the ‘energy-evolution’ continued, cultivators could eventually survive by feeding on the wind and dew, breaking out of the restrictions of food. They would be capable of consuming the universe’s energy as a replacement for their nourishment, turning them into energy for the human body.

In the universe, the method of replenishing energy through food was considered the most inferior and inefficient method. A conversion rate of 30% was already considered to be very efficient.

However, swallowing energy directly could allow one to have access into the purest life energy. A conversion rate of 80% would be considered normal in this case. Moreover, one would also be able to avoid the influence which the impurities in food would bring for the human body.

This was also how the higher level lifeforms in the universe often used to survive. Food was just a means of satisfying the taste buds and was not something that was essential.

Such characteristics were recorded even in the myths and legends from Earth’s various ancient civilizations. Amongst Huaxia’s myths and legends, they were often referred to as fasting.

After the human body underwent ‘energy-evolution’, their breathing would correspond with the universe. The new would supersede the old, changing the intrinsic nature of life itself. The human body would then evolve into a higher level of lifeform, and the lifespans would naturally be extended.

The elite cultivator would have at least a lifespan of 300 years.

Feng Lin looked inside his body. His Stone Monkey Gene had suddenly soared up to a maximum point of 10 from 6 at one go. His Psychokinesis Gene and Spirituality Gene had both been awakened as well and reached an extremely high point. His vitality had also leaped tremendously to 88.9.

This was simply a complete and thorough change.

If he could be compared to a fish previously, he was now already a dragon with dragon whiskers and horns.

Although he would still be a fish, he would have undergone some transcendent changes, possessing transcendent characteristics, revealing signs of outstanding talent that would sprout out.

It would only take one step for him to become a fish that leaped across the dragon’s gate [1], turning into an actual dragon that could roam the heavens.

The changes were so tremendous that even Feng Lin was struck dumb.

How on earth did this happen?

He looked at the glass cabin which had been used for the Divine Blood Ritual. The terrifying cells from the God’s Blood had already completely disappeared. What was left was only a faint puddle of water, with no signs of blood at all.

Feng Lin recalled the remnants of his memories from earlier, and his expression turned weird as a horrifying guess appeared in his heart.

Could it be that I have engulfed all of the cells from the God’s Blood, which caused my genetic potential to increase at a rapid rate and my genes to be strengthened instantly?

But how could I have digested such a massive amount of energy so quickly?

Many questions floated in Feng Lin’s mind, and he felt as if there was a ghost hidden in his body, which came out to disturb him every now and then.

This scene made him spooked out!

He felt uneasy from the bottom of his heart and tried to recollect his earlier change in detail. An extremely unbridled cry suddenly rang out in his mind.

Heaven and earth give birth to me, Sun Wukong!

Feng Lin seemed to have seen a monkey break out from the stone and scream toward the sky with a savage expression.

Hereditary memories?

Feng Lin thought about it for a moment and immediately shook his head.

No, it wasn’t that simple!

If what he saw was the scene of the monkey being born, he shouldn’t be shouting something like “Heaven and Earth give birth to me, Sun Wukong!”

Even the Great Sage Equal to Heavens was extremely weak when it was just born. How could it possibly know its name from the future?

Then what was this?

It was like memories, yet not so?

Feng Lin recalled the memories of that soul being in deep slumber. It went through countless years, developing a consciousness, and learned how to take in the essence of the sun and the moon. It then eventually encountered the tribulation of the red tidal waves, and then Sun Wukong eventually broke out from the stone and was born into this world.

It was filled with surging viciousness—undisciplined and out of control—capable of turning the three realms into chaos.

That red tidal waves had also been destroyed with great ease, wiped out with a single move, and completely engulfed by Sun Wukong. It was as if Sun Wukong had taken some kind of great nourishment.

He started to recall all these scenes.

The auras emitted by the red tidal waves were one that wiped out all life and engulfed everything. It felt extremely familiar to Feng Lin.

Could it be…?

Earlier on, that unknown domineering consciousness in the cells of the God’s Blood had invaded his body, causing his consciousness to sink into a state of dead silence.

Could it be that they had entered deep into his body, violating the remnant consciousness that Sun Wukong had in his mythological gene?

The more Feng Lin thought about it, the more he felt that this was possible.

Was it mythological will?

Based on the never-ending conjecture toward myths and legends, when the characters became extremely strong and said to have reached the level of paragon-phase gods and devils, even their existence itself would have taken on a transcendent characteristic, becoming the embodiment of some kind of power. Each paragon-phase gods and devils were unique in the world, being irreplaceable.

Their bodies, souls, memories… had all become one, forming an undying and indestructible mythological will that could change the world.

Even if they were to turn into dust, as long as they had one last breath left in them, they would be able to recover if they were to encounter the right opportunity.

As an unrivaled battle god in Huaxia’s myths and legends, Feng Lin would definitely not believe that Sun Wukong hadn’t left behind any of its mythological will at all.

At the thought of this, he was struck by comprehension.

Although the Stone Monkey Gene was only a Primeval Gene, it was Sun Wukong’s starting point after all. Therefore, it would naturally have a bit of Sun Wukong’s mythological will left in it.

Although there was very little, it still wasn’t something which the cells in the God’s Blood could fight against.

The Great Sage Will had initially been in a deep incubation period. If Feng Lin were to rely on himself to awaken it, he would have no idea how long he would take.

However, the cells in the God’s Blood had looked for their own trouble and challenged it, waking up the Great Sage Will. They ended up in a pathetic state while Feng Lin got the better end of this.

Feng Lin understood that mythological inheritance wasn’t as simple as just being mythological memories. It also included mythological will within.

From Nuwa mending the heavens, Houyi shooting down the suns, Kua Fu chasing the sun, Yugong moving the mountain…

These characters from myths and legends slowly grew into the paragon-phase step by step until they reached the peak, standing above all other living creatures. The paths they had taken were extremely rugged and when they eventually reached the very top, they reached a magnificent scale that was beyond people’s expectations.

When mighty force was attributed to a single body, it was possible to shake the sun and the moon, move mountains and rivers, and change the heaven and earth…

There was no one that was born as a sacred being, and thus they had the spirit to constantly strive to become stronger.

Their will that allowed them to be put through the mill without their wills destroyed even at the point of their death was very moving.

If one was able to experience such mythological will, sensing the spirit of ancient gods and devils, they would definitely be able to firm up their hearts and become unwavering, cutting off all restrictions.

This was how things were for Feng Lin now. All the terror, bewilderment, and perplexity that he had felt in the past had now been swept clean. It was as if his heart had been cleansed of all dust, completely purified in-and-out, just like crystals.

There was no Bodhi tree, nor was there a mirror.

Originally, there is not a single thing, so where does dust alight?

He sensed Sun Wukong’s powerful never-yielding spirit.

A stone was a lifeless object, yet a living flesh and blood could be born from it. How massive of a will was required to achieve this?

Thousands of words welled up, turning into one sentence. That was…

Heaven and Earth give birth to me, Sun Wukong!

Sun Wukong had a powerful physical body that was indestructible, reaching the limits of material items.

It was also called Heart Monkey [2], with a strong spirit that could shake the three realms, capable of taking on various forms, and even the power of its idealism was also at a great extreme.

Sun Wukong had been the product of the two universe’s regulations—materialism and idealism—and contained the universe’s deep profoundness. The fact that it was born was already a miracle and it had unlimited potential. It was also a matter of course that it was able to become a paragon-phase god thereafter. However, it could be that the Buddha’s interference had unknowingly cut off its future.

Regardless, to the current Feng Lin, to be able to take on the path of Sun Wukong was definitely a great matter worth celebrating.

Through this fortunate encounter, Feng Lin’s comprehension of the genetic formula became deeper.

Although the genetic formula was very simple, each part of it entered deep into the intrinsics of the cultivation path of myths and legends, having the most mysterious profoundness.

The Stone Monkey Gene was a materialistic gene, capable of strengthening the body, making it impenetrable by blades and spears, and impervious to fire and water. It used materialism to shake the world.

The Spirit Gene was an idealistic gene. Invisible spiritual powers could guide the universe’s energies, using idealism to change everything.

Without a mighty spirit, it would be impossible for a monkey to be born from a stone.

A deep feeling of comprehension filled up Feng Lin’s heart.

“Target has recovered life signals. Wipe him out completely!” A cold killing intent was emitted.

Feng Lin cast his glance in that direction and saw a burly figure that was like a small mountain pouncing toward him.

The scorching light that shot out from his only eye had an extremely high temperature, slicing through everything.

The glass cabin was instantly split into two. The figure shot out toward Feng Lin, wanting to slash him up into fragments.


The void tremored.

Feng Lin’s eyes burst out in light, and invisible waves extended out from his forehead.

The surrounding air amassed together by the pull of an invisible force, condensing and seemingly taking on a material form. They eventually condensed to form a material mirror.


The light was distorted by the mirror and instantly deflected back, hitting the titan fiercely, causing it to cry out in pain.

Feng Lin leaped up and an aura that seemed like he was looking down upon the rest of the world surged in his body. It was as if the Great Sage Equal to Heavens from the myths and legends had returned to the mortal world.

He had been beaten up so badly previously, and it was time to retaliate!

The Great Sage didn’t die but had just arrived late.

Right now…

The Great Sage had returned!



[2] Another name Sun Wukong was known by. The term for the word ‘heart’ can also refer to the mind/psyche/spirit.