Lady Cultivator - Chapter 86 - Why

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Chapter 86: Why

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Mo Tiange really didn’t understand. She did everything cautiously, so how could this rich good-for-nothing know she was the one who took it?

At this moment, Jiang Chengxian’s gaze suddenly became very strange. Such a malice-filled gaze made her feel like she was a fish on a chopping board that would be chopped by him at will.

In a jovial mood, Jiang Chengxian stared at her and said, “Do you have any idea how I knew the pill recipe for Constitution-Enhancing Pill was in that guy’s hands?”

Mo Tiange was quite disgusted with the way he was staring at her. She frowned and said, “Senior Martial Brother Jiang, please explain.”

Jiang Chengxian didn’t care about her attitude. He just said with a complacent smile, “Well, there’s no problem in telling you now. I’m very lucky – my great-grandfather sent me to Tiandao Sect to handle some matters and make friends with some famous disciples; unexpectedly, right after I arrived at the valley, I saw that guy in a shop, asking whether the shop had a Purple Ganoderma older than 500 years. Of course, that kind of thing naturally wouldn’t be sold in such a small shop.”

“At first, I didn’t pay any attention to him, but as luck would have it, I ran into him in another shop selling the Constitution-Enhancing Pills! Hmph! The boss of that small shop was inexperienced and didn’t know the value of things, but I knew what the Constitution-Enhancing Pills were. Later, I told Junior Martial Brother Chen to create a conflict with him to find out his information. Thus, I found out he didn’t have any experts or important people backing him.”

So that was it! That individual cultivator in all likelihood had never heard Constitution-Enhancing Pills once caused a bloodbath, so he wanted to sell them to get some spirit stones to buy more materials. In the end, he attracted a calamity instead and lost his life… Right! Purple Ganoderma! I can probably guess how I was discovered.

She asked, “In Tiandao Sect’s Hu Clan, did you perhaps arrive at the Market Gathering early and saw me buying Purple Ganoderma?”

Jiang Chengxian laughed out loud and said, “Didn’t you know? I went to Tiandao Sect precisely to handle some matters in Hu Clan. I even became friends with them. I was already inside the room beside the counter when I heard someone was buying Purple Ganoderma. Out of curiosity, I simply went to take a look and to my surprise, I saw you again. The more I saw you, the more I felt you looked familiar. Later, I finally remembered you were a Yunwu Sect disciple!”

What else did Mo Tiange not understand after she heard this? She had really underestimated the other person!

As she thought carefully, the only time she saw Jiang Chengxian was three years ago when she first entered Yunwu Sect. Just because she ran into him ganging up on and beating up Jiang Shanghang, how could she really judge him as a good-for-nothing? Besides, even if he was ganging up on Jiang Shanghang, was that an indication he didn’t have any skills? He grew up in a large clan and had Core Formation cultivators as blood-related elders. Even if this Jiang Chengxian was originally a waste, he could still be taught to develop a scheming mind!

Nevertheless, she was understanding all this too late. She knew the mistakes she made, but her mistakes were irreparable.

Jiang Chengxian continued explaining. “Luckily, I didn’t dare to act in Hu Clan and instead went back to the valley. Sure enough, the innkeeper confirmed that you didn’t return that night. Later, I found someone who seemed to recognize you…”

When he reached this part, he deliberately stopped talking.

Mo Tiange’s whole body went freezing cold. Tianqiao!

She clenched her teeth and asked, “You… What did you do to Tianqiao?”

“What’s wrong?” At this moment, Jiang Chengxiang finally couldn’t hold back his smugness and burst out laughing. His eyes were filled with malicious intent, making her feel disgusted. He said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, if you wear women’s clothing, you must also be a very beautiful woman. Why do you have to dress like this?”

Having her secret exposed so suddenly, Mo Tiange was simply petrified and couldn’t say anything for a long time. She felt devastated; it was unclear whether it was because of Tianqiao or because of herself.

Jiang Chengxian’s gaze traveled all over her body like he was contemplating where he should start eating her. He then said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, you shouldn’t misunderstand your good sister, she would rather die than tell me your secret! Therefore, I killed her husband before her eyes and searched her soul. It was only then that I realized you’re really not simple!”

Soul-searching! Mo Tiange’s eyes widened at those words. Within her clenched hands, her fingernails were almost lodged into her palms.

Soul-searching… could be considered the cruelest technique in the cultivation world. People would have their memories extracted from them while still alive and they would be in so much pain that they would be better off dead than alive. However, this technique could only be used on cultivators whose cultivation level was at least one realm lower than the user. Jiang Chengxian was only an Aura Refining cultivator, so he couldn’t use this Soul-Searching Technique on Meng Sigui. Tianqiao however, was a whole different matter.

A cultivator would end up becoming an idiot if the Soul-Searching Technique was used fully on them, let alone a mere mortal! Tianqiao… was dead already, dead because of her!

Mo Tiange took a deep breath and unexpectedly felt a lot calmer. She slowly said, “Other people didn’t know who Ye Xiaotian was, but you happened to be a Yunwu Sect disciple. So, you immediately went back, made your arrangements, and waited for me to come back and walk right into your trap.”

Jiang Chengxian said with a smile, “Correct! Junior Martial Brother Ye, you’re really smart! Unfortunately, sometimes a smart person can be ruined by their own intelligence! Although I might not be considered smart in your eyes, that sister of yours already gave me enough information. I just needed to think for a bit and I was already able to roughly guess why you’ve been dressing as a man. Pure Yin Constitution! Haha, since the heavens are helping me, how could I possibly let you go!?”

With an unexpected calmness, Mo Tiange faintly said, “So that means Senior Martial Brother Jiang hasn’t told anyone about this?”

Jiang Chengxian answered, “Of course not; how could I share such benefits with other people?”

“Not even to Jiang Clan’s ancestor?”

This question made him stunned for a moment. He indeed hadn’t told his great-grandfather because he was afraid great-grandfather wouldn’t give this benefit to him. In any case—


In the split second he was distracted, Mo Tiange flicked her wrist and launched several flying needles in a flash towards the vital part of his body. His reaction was slow, so the needles successfully stabbed him and caused him to directly fall to the ground.

Holding a spirit tool in one hand and talismans in the other, Mo Tiange coldly said, “I know that since you dared to fight me alone, you definitely have other tricks up your sleeves. However, I’m also not someone you can trample on as you please!”

Fury emerged in Jiang Chengxian’s eyes. The moment Mo Tiange hurled her talismans, he put his hand into his Qiankun Bag. A tiny, bright shield appeared in front of him and repelled the incoming attack.

Mo Tiange immediately hurled the Green-Wood Sword, sending it flying towards Jiang Chengxian.

Jiang Chengxian was indeed rattled. After taking on so many talismans attacks, the bright shield in front of him started to shake as if it was about to shatter. Now that Mo Tiange was pressing on, he could only fall back before taking several things out of his Qiankun Bag.

Seeing the thick stacks of talismans he held in his hands, Mo Tiange frowned and speedily retreated. Aura Refining cultivators depended too much on talismans in fights of magical powers, so she was basically in trouble if she fought against someone from a cultivation clan because they would definitely have a lot of talismans. Defeating this Jiang Chengxian would be very easy if he didn’t have those talismans. Unfortunately, he could afford to use even a high-grade defensive talisman to block all her attacks.

Mo Tiange took out her talismans and decided to go all out. Although the grade of her talismans wasn’t as high as Jiang Chengxian’s, it didn’t mean she had no chance at winning.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chengxian also rummaged through his Qiankun Bag, took something out and hurled it towards her.

Mo Tiange quickly dodged while also hurling a Ground-Breaking Talisman.

Jiang Chengxian stuck another defensive talisman on his body. An evil smile containing some hidden meaning appeared on his lips as he stared at some spot behind her. All of a sudden, a surge of spiritual aura plunged towards her from behind.

Mo Tiange dodged then turned around to see the thing behind her. Her expression changed.

It was a rope-shaped magic weapon that was brimming with spiritual aura, rushing towards her as if it had a pair of eyes.

Under pursuit by the magic weapon, Mo Tiange could only run. She didn’t even have any strength left to hurl her talismans.

Aura Refining cultivators used spirit tools and Foundation Building cultivators used magic tools, while Core Formation cultivators and higher used magic weapons. Magic weapons were originally refined by cultivators in the Core Formation realm and above, so how could spirit tools compare to them? Even if Aura Refining cultivators were only able to use a small portion of magic weapons’ power, it still wasn’t something ordinary cultivators could handle.

Right now, Mo Tiange’s heart was filled with regret. Although she did have a magic weapon in her possession, the Enchanting Lantern, she hadn’t had the time to refine it, so it couldn’t be used.

With great difficulty, she tried to dodge another incoming talisman, but one wrong footstep made her move one step too late. In a flash, the thing behind her dashed forward and tied her up.

As the spiritual aura in her body stagnated, Mo Tiange finally fell to the ground.

Jiang Chengxian, who saw that she had been firmly trapped, stopped attacking and started laughing. He said, “This is Dragon-Trapping Rope that I got from my great-grandfather. How is it? Can you move?”

“Dragon-Trapping Rope…”

“Yes, Dragon-Trapping Rope. Even if a Core Formation cultivator is presented with this, they can be trapped by it if they aren’t careful,” Jiang Chengxiang said proudly as he stepped forward.

Sensing that all the spiritual aura in her body was confined by this Dragon-Trapping Rope to the point where she didn’t even have any energy to resist, Mo Tiange suddenly felt powerless. After ten years of cautiousness and vigilance, her secrets were unexpectedly revealed just because of a single moment of carelessness, landing her in a dangerous situation…

After cautiously pulling several flying needles out of his body and dealing with his injuries, Jiang Chengxian walked towards her and pulled her Qiankun Bag from her waist. Once he opened it and checked the contents, he said with amazement, “You actually have so many things!”

There was something different about the gaze he used to stare at her. He continued to speak, “What a pity… Even though you’re quite a character, you were born the wrong gender! If you want to blame anyone, you should only blame God!”

Under Mo Tiange’s glare, Jiang Chengxian stuffed her Qiankun Bag into his robe then approached her to examine her face. He watched her for quite a while before he undid her hair and held up her chin. “Tsk, you look pretty good. Although you can’t be considered an outstanding beauty, you’re still a beauty.”

Mo Tiange turned her head with disgust. If she ever got the chance, she definitely had to chop off those disgusting hands.

Jiang Chengxian didn’t get angry. While laughing happily, he said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye… don’t blame me for being too unromantic for wanting to do the good thing here. I don’t want to wait and have something go wrong while waiting!”

Mo Tiange moved her head away from him and a sneer formed on her lips. She naturally knew what Jiang Chengxian wanted to do to her, but she wasn’t stupid enough to think that begging for mercy would be any use. If she could survive, she would certainly pay him back ten times what she suffered now one day.

Jiang Chengxian, who got even happier upon seeing her current appearance, said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, your appearance actually looks far better than those dim-witted beauties. I could never imagine that a biting beauty also has a special taste!”

She didn’t want to respond to him and wanted to just pretend she couldn’t feel anything… But when those disgusting hands started to move around her body, she finally opened her eyes and said wrathfully, “Get lost!”

Nevertheless, Jiang Chenxian laughed in an extremely cheerful manner. “The time to uncover the riddle has arrived. Junior Martial Brother Ye, what are you wearing? Why’s it so hard? I can’t even feel anything.”

“Oh… the clothes you’re wearing are thick indeed! But it’s okay. When it comes to things like undressing a beauty, I’m very happy to do them!”

Mo Tiange bit her lips so hard that blood started to flow out as she endured that pair of hands moving around her body. She kept telling herself that she had to endure it. Although she was wishing she could die, she wouldn’t kill herself just because of this. She had to live… live until the day she could chop this man into pieces!

However, having to go through this still made the rims of her eyes wet.