Lady Cultivator - Chapter 84 - Hurriedly Rushing Back

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Chapter 84: Hurriedly Rushing Back

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The female cultivator led Mo Tiange to a corner of the hall where she pushed open a completely ordinary looking wooden door and said, “Young Master, please.”

Mo Tiange took a look at the room. It was a very simple room compared to the hall. Upon seeing that the room was empty, she nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Still maintaining a reverent attitude, the female cultivator bowed before retreating.

After the door was closed and she was left as the only one remaining in the room, Mo Tiange sighed in relief. She found a couch and sat down. She then wiped her face somewhat tiredly.

In fact, it didn’t even matter if Jiang Chengxian saw her. From the beginning until now, he wasn’t aware she witnessed him robbing the medicinal pills. It was just that she herself was uncomfortable and preferred not to be seen by him so she could avoid the possibility of any incidents occurring.

After she checked her Qiankun Bag to ensure her newly-purchased goods were still inside, she directly closed her eyes and began meditating to adjust her breath.

Two hours passed by very quickly. When she opened her eyes once again, the female cultivator who led her into the room opened the door and said respectfully, “Young Master, the Market Gathering has ended; you may leave.”

Mo Tiange said, “I know. I’ll go when there are fewer people outside.”

Her reasoning was very normal, so the female cultivator answered, “Alright, please take your time.”

After approximately a quarter hour later, Mo Tiange surmised there weren’t many people left in the hall and came out of the room.

Sure enough, the ones remaining in the hall were only the female cultivators who, under the command of several stewards, were tidying things up.

After she swept her gave over the entire hall and saw no Jiang Chengxian, she swaggeringly walked out of the Hu Clan’s Cool Breeze Pavilion. She then stealthily made her way back to her rented hut.

Today’s incident made her realize that Illusory Transfiguration Technique was very important. If it wasn’t because her Illusory Transfiguration Technique was too abysmal, she wouldn’t have to hide.

Nevertheless, once she thought about today’s harvest, it was hard for her to conceal her excitement. Purple Ganoderma wasn’t easy to find, but Black Eagle Fern was pretty common. After she returned home, she ought to be able to obtain it very easily as long as she asked the sect’s shop to purchase it on her behalf.

She lay down in a very good mood. After a while, however, she suddenly felt a pain coming from her chest. Her brows furrowed as she pondered the cause of the pain, but in the next second, she actually turned pale with fright and hastily took out Second Uncle’s Life Tablet which she had been wearing on her body. Sure enough, the original dark red color of the jade tablet had somewhat faded, almost turning pink. Second Uncle! It’s Second Uncle…

Looking extremely pale, Mo Tiange sprang up and collected her belongings. Without pausing at all, in just a short moment, she opened the door and stepped out, rushing wildly out of the formation.

The change in color of this Life Tablet indicated that Second Uncle’s injuries were flaring up! It was just as she thought before – Second Uncle was just trying to console her! His condition obviously wasn’t good, but he stubbornly wanted her to go traveling around. It hadn’t even been two months, but he already… Even if she rushed back with all her might, it would still take her more than ten days to get there. She didn’t even know if Second Uncle could hold on until she got back or not.

Burning with anxiety, Mo Tiange exerted all her effort to rush back to Mount Yunwu. Along the way, she didn’t even take one stop to rest. Even when her spiritual aura was exhausted, she took Restorative Panaceas instead of resting. From time to time, she would watch the Life Tablet. Fortunately, the color of the Life Tablet didn’t fade any further.

Ten days later, Mo Tiange burst into the small courtyard where her Second Uncle lived. She yelled, “Second Uncle!”

Hearing no sound in the room, Mo Tiange rushed into the room. Soon afterward, her complexion turned ghastly pale.

Second Uncle was lying completely still on the bed.

Mo Tiange hastily stepped forward to feel his pulse.

He was still alive, but his spiritual aura seemed to be very chaotic. Feeling slightly relieved, she took a Small Reversion Pill and fed it to Second Uncle.

Because she was extremely worried, she lost track of the time. It might’ve been only a moment, or it might’ve been a very, very long time. In the end, Second Uncle finally made some faint noises.

“Second Uncle!” Mo Tiange called out.

Ye Jiang opened his eyes and tried hard to smile. With great difficulty, he finally managed to squeeze out two words, “Medicinal Pill…”

Mo Tiange hurriedly took out every Small Reversion Pill she had in her Qiankun Bag and asked, “Second Uncle, do you mean these pills?”

Ye Jiang nodded. Once she fed all those pills to him, he sat up with her assistance and started to adjust his breath.

This time, it took him one whole day to recover.

The sky darkened then brightened once again. At last, when Second Uncle’s complexion slowly improved, he opened his eyes.

Now that Second Uncle was out of danger, Mo Tiange’s nerves, which had been tense for one whole day, slowly relaxed. However, she still nervously asked, “Second Uncle, how are you feeling?”

Ye Jiang shook his head and said, “I’m alright.”

Seeing that Second Uncle’s complexion still looked ashen, Mo Tiange worriedly said, “You look like this but you still say you’re alright? Second Uncle, tell me honestly. What happened?”

Ye Jiang gave her an appeasing smile. “I’m really alright. I forgot I took all of my Small Reversion Pills and my injuries worsened. Without the medicine for a while, my body couldn’t hold on, so an accident happened.” After he finished his explanation, he stared at her with concern and asked, “Xiaotian, did you come back because of me? It’s really my fault for being careless and troubling you…”

Mo Tiange promptly shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, I found something that will be very helpful when I build my foundation and was just about to head back. Second Uncle, are you really alright?”

“I told you I’m alright, no need to worry over nothing. What did you find?”

Mo Tiange cautiously examined her Second Uncle. Although his breath was still weak, it was much steadier than before, so she reluctantly believed him. She then took out the pill recipe for Constitution-Enhancing Pill and said with a smile, “Second Uncle, look at this!”

Ye Jiang skeptically took the jade slip. After he inserted his divine sense into the jade slip, his expression suddenly became surprised. A long time passed before he finally sighed and said, “So it’s Constitution-Enhancing Pill… Where did you get this thing?”

Mo Tiange asked with astonishment, “Second Uncle, you know this pill?”

A nostalgic expression appeared on Ye Jiang’s face as he said, “200 years ago, this Constitution-Enhancing Pill sparked a bloodbath. Every cultivator older than 200 years old definitely knows about this.”

“A bloodbath?”

Ye Jiang nodded slowly, apparently recalling the matter. He said, “At that time, Second Uncle was still an Aura Refining cultivator while your father was still in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. The clan also had a living Core Formation ancestor. No one knows which ancient cultivator’s remnant place the pill appeared from, but it caused a storm to most of the Nascent Soul and Core Formation cultivators in the Celestial Pole.”

“It was found first by Core Formation cultivators, and their fights to obtain it were endless. Later, many Nascent Soul cultivators also came to blows over it. It was precisely because of these fights that our Core Formation cultivator was injured and died an untimely death. In the end, the pill recipe was lost, and we never found out who got it… Where did you get it?”

Mo Tiange said, “From an Aura Refining individual cultivator. I also got it incidentally.” Afterward, she recounted the incident that happened that evening.

Once she finished, Ye Jiang was silent for a long time. After thinking for a long time yet still not understanding the matter, he said, “Perhaps that person was just lucky. This is also a kind of fated chance.” He then smiled at Mo Tiange and said, “Xiaotian, the value of this thing is unpredictable. It seems Heaven is also helping you.”

Seeing how happy her Second Uncle was, Mo Tiange was also delighted. She said, “In addition, I also happened to buy a 600-year-old Purple Ganoderma at a Market Gathering. I’m indeed lucky.”

“Oh? This is indeed rare. 600-year-old Purple Ganoderma is a rare item.”

“True. If it wasn’t for luck, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken before I would’ve had the chance to buy one… Right! Second Uncle! I’ve been thinking that it’d be better for me to learn about pill-concocting. What do you think?”

Ye Jiang nodded. “It’s your decision.” After he answered, he proceeded to praise her, “Your decisions are becoming increasingly sound-minded. I’m relieved.”

“But it seems I really don’t have any talents in concocting pills. I spent 100 portions of materials to concoct low-level medicinal pills, but I only managed to get six successful pills.”

Ye Jiang couldn’t help but say with a laugh, “This is normal. You don’t have to look down on yourself. Most Concoctions Masters were just like this when they just started. Talent? People with talent have always been in the minority; persistent people are the masters. Take it easy. You’re still young, and there are more than a hundred years for you to squander.”

“I understand.” Mo Tiange hesitated for a moment then asked him again, “Second Uncle, your injuries…”

Seeing that he couldn’t keep her in the dark, Ye Jiang eventually sighed and said, “Alright, Second Uncle will tell you the truth. My condition is indeed not good… Before you came back, I fainted for too long, so my injuries became even more severe. Since you came back, just keep me company through this final moment of mine…”