Lady Cultivator - Chapter 80 - A Reverse Robbery

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Chapter 80: A Reverse Robbery

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Mo Tiange took a sip from the cup in a very slow manner before answering, “He Bisheng 1 , He Bixiu 2 – both are really good names. Why are you born… why do you have to cultivate… your parents were indeed very smart!”

“Hmph!” He Bixiu didn’t catch the meaning behind her words. He showed a nasty grin and said, “Those words should be placed on yourself. For meeting us, you should be regretful that your parents gave birth to you, that you walked on the path of cultivation!”

Mo Tiange didn’t move. Behind the teacup, the corners of her lips rose.

The three people glanced at each other and hurled their respective spirit tools towards her. Right at that moment, Mo Tiange stuck a talisman on her body, and in an instant, she appeared behind the three of them. She then raised her hand, and numerous transparent flying needles were thrown from the gaps between her fingers.

The three of them were scared and hastily moved to avoid those needles. However, her movements were too fast. Everyone had at least several needles stuck on their respective bodies. Among them, He Bisheng was the most miserable one. His cultivation level was the lowest among them, so he realized the situation too late. Once he turned around, the flying needles just happened to be thrown at his chest. He basically had no time to react at all.

“Ah!!!” The needles were as fine as cow hair. Upon being stabbed, the three people immediately felt both pain and itchiness in the areas that got stabbed. All of them turned pale with fright. He Bisheng, who had the vital parts of his body stabbed, even became limp and fell to the ground.

With no time to lose, Mo Tiange once again raised her hand, causing the other two to feel scared and scramble to dodge. This time, however, the needles flew to other places. All of a sudden, several formation discs and formation flags hidden in the corners of the room were struck and broken.

The two people were flustered when they realized they were deceived. They stood firm and commanded the spirit tools in their hands to rush forward.

Mo Tiange’s figure resembled a ghost. A sword no one realized had appeared was used to block the attacks. Her hand made a slashing movement and the two spirit tools were deflected away.

The two people hastily tried to retake their spirit tools, but Mo Tiange once again waved her hand. The three of them couldn’t clearly see what things Mo Tiange threw. They only saw the thorny vines suddenly sprouting from the ground, completely trapping them in the center.

The fight only lasted a few seconds before the three people fell completely at her mercy. Mo Tiange clapped her hands and sat back on her seat. Meanwhile, the three other people in the sitting room were bound by the thorny vines and were repeatedly uttering painful cries.

At this moment, the three people finally felt afraid. The youth surnamed Huang and He Bixiu, who had personally witnessed how terrifyingly fast their opponent was and how their spirit tools were completely useless against her, were drenched in cold sweat.

He Bisheng anxiously called out, “Eldest Brother, he’s…”

He Bixiu didn’t have the time to worry about him. He yelled at Mo Tiange, “You!!! Have you been hiding your cultivation level!?” Among individual cultivators, their cultivation levels could be considered high. Ever since the three of them started working together, when had they ever fallen into this kind of miserable situation?

With a faint smile, Mo Tiange answered coldly, “Such a shortsighted person! Why would I hide my cultivation level?”

How strong people were in fights of magical power didn’t solely depend on their cultivation levels. These three people wanted to deceive an amateur into coming to their place so they could swindle some money. However, they hadn’t thought things through. If a cultivator, who had no cultivation clan, was able to cultivate until the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm, could this cultivator possibly be an amateur?

During the time she roamed the world with Second Uncle, she often saw fights of magical powers between Foundation Building cultivators. In addition, she experienced several life-threatening situations while in Yunwu Sect.

People like these three, who had to lay formations and use Bewitching Powder before they dared to act, who lacked vigilance and reacted slowly, were too far inferior compared to the disciples of the three cultivation groups. How could they possibly be her equals?

When that youngster was rambling on the road, Mo Tiange already sensed something was off, but since she had gone through numerous close battles, her courage was overwhelming. Once she saw through his clumsy trick, she already knew there was nothing special about her opponent.

In any case, she was idle and bored, so she just came to take a look. It would’ve been best if it wasn’t a trap, but if the other party really had malicious intentions, she just needed to counter-rob them. With the Constitution-Enhancing Pills recipe in her hands, she happened to be in dire need of money. Robbing people was the quickest method to get money, yet in normal situations, she really couldn’t let herself do this kind of thing. Now that there were some people who tried to rob her first, how could she let them go without getting something out of it?

Back when she approached this place, she discovered some traces of formations in the room and became even more certain about her suspicions. Nonetheless, the formation was only an insignificant Scorching Sun Formation; she didn’t care much about it.

“Y-you…” The youth surnamed Huang said in astonishment, “You obviously drank the tea. Why…”

Mo Tiange lifted the teacup and took another sip before answering, “Are you talking about the Bewitching Powder in this tea? A Refreshing Pill is enough to handle it.” One of the main ingredients for Bewitching Powder was Fragrant Jade Flowers. Years ago in the secular world, she was drugged by someone who used Fragrant Jade Flowers. Now, when she had more expertise, how could she not recognize the flower?

The three people finally realized that this person had been playing as a pig to eat the tiger!

The youth surnamed Huang looked sideways towards He Bisheng, who was sprawled on the ground, and cursed loudly, “It’s all because of you, this brat! What kind of eyes do you have!? This time, we’re going to face our deaths because of you!”

He Bisheng was injured, so it was hard for him to speak. Nevertheless, he anxiously said, “You… How can you blame… me for everything?”

“Who should I blame except you!?” The youth sneered, “It’s a person you brought back!”

He Bisheng’s face flushed out of anger. Unexpectedly, those remarks caused the gravest injury to him. With his anger, he couldn’t even speak properly and merely said, “You…”

Upon seeing his bother being treated like this, He Bixiu furiously said, “Huang Weiren, when my second brother normally brings people back, you also gain a lot of benefits! Since you’re complaining that he can’t do his job right, why didn’t you do it yourself then?”

Mo Tiange really wanted to laugh when she heard the youth’s name. Huang Weiren… crooked behavior… 3 These three people indeed deserved their names!

This Huang Weiren still continued to shout, “How could I have known that his stupidity reached this level?”

“You yourself also didn’t notice anything!”

“I… It’s because I believed your brother!”

Mo Tiange didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. These three people must have something wrong with their brains. At this point, they were still arguing incessantly. This really made her feel like she hadn’t accomplished anything ah~~~

She knocked on the table and said, “Have you argued enough?”

The two people reacted very quickly and stopped their dispute. He Bixiu then shifted his gaze towards He Bisheng, who lay motionlessly on the ground. After feeling conflicted for a moment, he pleaded, “Fellow Daoist Ye… Senior Ye… We must’ve been blind to not have recognized your mightiness. Please spare us!”

Huang Weiren joined in, “Yes yes yes! It’s all because we were blind; we actually didn’t see that you’re a master! You are respectable and generous; please don’t waste your time on us.”

Mo Tiange glanced at them but remained silent. It was only after she saw that the three people were scared out of their wits that she slowly spoke. “Let you guys go? I can… But first, tell me how many people you’ve deceived? How did you deceive them?”

The three people were delighted. He Bixiu and Huang Weiren also ended their argument. They stared at each other before pushing the responsibilities back and forth between them.

“You tell him.”

“It’d be better if you were the one to tell him.”

“I don’t really remember.”

“I can’t speak.”

The task was pushed back and forth between the two of them for a while. In the end, Huang Weiren finally spoke, “The three of us are individual cultivators from the vicinity of Tiandao Sect. With no other skills, we really couldn’t support our cultivation, so we came up with this method… There are a lot of foreign cultivators around Tiandao Sect; many of them came because they admired Tiandao Sect’s reputation as the greatest sect in Kunwu, and many others came to this market square to buy goods. We thought that with so many unmanaged foreign cultivators, no one would notice if we deceived one or two of them, so we started this capital-free robbing business.”

“Since your cultivation levels aren’t low right now, doesn’t that mean you’ve been swindling others for a long time? With this small trick of yours, don’t tell me you’ve never run into trouble before?”

Huang Weiren said, “Trouble is out there but we’ve always been very cautious. We never provoked Tiandao Sect people and never looked for people from cultivation clans. We only sought foreign individual cultivators, people who usually don’t have any power. Although there were indeed several powerful ones, only a few of them could hold on after the formations and Bewitching Powder were used.”

What he said was reasonable. If it wasn’t because she was proficient in formations and recognized the Bewitching Powder, perhaps she also would’ve fallen into their trap.

“Did people really get fooled by this clumsy trick of yours?”

The three people looked bitter when they heard her question. He Bixiu said, “We choose our targets wisely. If they’re foreign cultivators who came to Tiandao Sect to exchange insights about Dao, we pretend to be Tiandao Sect’s cultivators. If they came to buy things, we pretend to have the highest grade materials but aren’t aware of it…”

“Oh?” Aren’t those people very stupid?

“Lately, because Tiandao Sect is about to begin its Immortals Assembly, there are a lot of country bumpkins who’ve never seen the real world before. Therefore, we just…”

Mo Tiange understood what he meant. With so many cultivators coming here, the naïve ones were also numerous, so swindling some of them was naturally easy. Besides, during the Immortals Assembly, it would naturally be more chaotic than normal. Basically, no one would pay attention to them, therefore making these guys so conceited. When they saw that her cultivation level was high despite her young age and ordinary clothing, they thought she was a naïve person and became very eager.

“So… After all this time, you must’ve robbed a lot of things.”

Huang Weiren winced. He stared at her and said, “In fact, we didn’t get that much…”

Mo Tiange chuckled and said, “Didn’t get that much? Then you can take all of it out. Come on, take it out, and I’ll spare your lives…”


“It doesn’t matter if you refuse to take it out; after I chop you up, I can take my time searching for it.”

Watching the three people struggling and conflicted, Mo Tiange’s rather depressed feelings suddenly improved. Using other people’s misfortune to console herself was indeed very effective.

“Eldest Brother,” He Bisheng, who was sprawled on the ground, said bitterly, “I… I don’t want to die.”

He Bixiu and Huang Weiren both looked conflicted. The two of them used their gazes to discuss the matter.

When Mo Tiange saw their actions, she only let out a soft laugh. With her palm facing upward, she made a beckoning gesture. All of a sudden, those flying needles flew back to her hand, including the ones that were stuck in the three people’s bodies. He Bixiu and Huang Weiren were fine, but He Bisheng had been stabbed with numerous flying needles. Now that those needles were drawn out of his injured body, he immediately cried out in pain, “Brother! Brother! Just give them to him!”

Upon seeing He Bisheng’s miserable condition, He Bixiu promptly shouted, “Alright! We’ll give everything to you!”

Mo Tiange showed a faint smile and said, “Throw me all of your Qiankun Bags!”

Even though He Bisheng was injured, he was the most frightened one, so he was the first to tremblingly throw her his Qiankun Bag. Upon seeing his actions, He Bixiu clenched his teeth and followed suit in taking out his Qiankun Bag.

On the other hand, Huang Weiren was very unwilling. The two others fixed their gazes on his body. After staring at the rest of them for a long while, he finally braced his heart and threw his bag towards Mo Tiange.

After taking the Qiankun Bags and opening them to take a look at the contents, she casually stuffed them into her robes.

Seeing that the three swindlers and robbers in front of her were impatiently watching her, she smiled, took out a talisman from her Qiankun Bag and hurled it forward.

“BOOM!” The entire sitting room was engulfed in a blaze. One after another, the three people shouted, “You’re not keeping your word! Didn’t you say you’ll spare us!?”

Mo Tiange turned around and walked towards the door. While waving her hand, she said, “You didn’t hand all your things over. Since the items you gave aren’t enough to buy back your lives completely, I’ll just take half a life from each of you.”

Once she left the house, she took a moment to determine her path then slowly made her way towards the street.

Those three clearly hadn’t taken out all their belongings, but Mo Tiange wasn’t a full-time robber; she was too lazy to fight for those things. Although she didn’t kill them, she did give them a lesson to vent her anger. The fire back there was enough to make them half-dead.

She had a smile on her face when she arrived on the street. With only one Fleeing Talisman and one Inferno Talisman, she obtained several hundred spirit stones. This business was indeed pretty good!