Lady Cultivator - Chapter 79 - Robbed? Deceived?

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Chapter 79: Robbed? Deceived?

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Mo Tiange left after staying at this small market square for several days.

Although she and Tianqiao acknowledged each other, in the end, their paths were different. Tianqiao would never leave her husband and Mo Tiange also didn’t have the ability to provide protection for Tianqiao and her husband, so it was better that they went their respective paths.

After the first day, Mo Tiange didn’t see that Meng Sigui again. Nevertheless, she finally left a few bottles of Aura-Nourishing Pills and some cultivation insight with Tianqiao for him before she left the market square.

Tianqiao didn’t have spiritual roots, and Mo Tiange didn’t have the ability to transform Tianqiao into a cultivator. She only wished that Meng Sigui would take these medicinal pills into consideration, or be fearful of her cultivation level and treat Tianqiao a bit better in the future.

After flying for several days to the north, Mo Tiange finally arrived at the monastery of Tiandao Sect.

Among the seven great cultivation groups of the Celestial Pole, aside from Zhengfa School, which was located in the glaciers in the northernmost part of the Celestial Pole, the six others were located in Kunwu Mountain Range. Among them, the two greatest groups, Tiandao Sect and Xuanqing School, happened to lie at opposite ends of Kunwu. One was in the east and one was in the west.

Tiandao School was located in the farthest northeast area, separated only by a mountain from the area where Devil Path thrived.

There was a rumor in the Celestial Pole that the Founding Father of Tiandao Sect was a heaven-gifted genius. 10,000 years ago, when people from the Righteous Path and Devil Path were fighting each other, his name was known all over the world. Later, he led his disciples to open a monastery and set up a sect here.

Reportedly, the reason why he chose to build his monastery here was to block the Devil Path disciples’ road to Kunwu and to test his disciples’ combat abilities. This confirmed that the Founding Father of Tiandao Sect was indeed someone who thought outside the box. Instead of wearing down the sect’s strength, fighting against people of the Devil Path actually made the disciples of Tiandao Sect mature quickly.

In fact, this kind of setup wasn’t only present in Tiandao Sect. Xuanqing School and Gujian Sect, whose strengths were second only to Tiandao Sect, were all pursuing this “thrive in calamity, perish in soft living” strategy. However, instead of people of the Devil Path, their enemies were the demonic beasts around them.

Once she arrived at Mount Yuheng where Tiandao Sect was, she could already see the Demonic Mountain that lay beside it from a distance.

The Demonic Mountain was a snowy mountain about 10,000 feet high. Even though it was adjacent to Mount Yuheng, it was many times higher. The foot of the mountain was covered with a grassy, lush forest, and white snow only began halfway up the mountain. At the mountaintop, however, pure white snowy peaks pierced through the clouds. It was said that Demonic Mountain was the highest mountain in Kunwu.

Just like many others, Mo Tiange could only sigh when she first saw the Demonic Mountain. Its reputation as the highest mountain in Kunwu was indeed justified. Nevertheless, Mo Tiange also had mixed feelings towards it… This was where her father perished.

Regarding this father whom she had never met, she admired him in her heart. When she was a child, her mother always said her father was a very gentle person. Others in the village praised her father as a very capable man every time they mentioned him. Later, when she arrived in Kunwu, Ye Jingwen said her father was a very famous person in eastern Kunwu, while Second Uncle had both respect and affection towards her father. Therefore, in her heart, her father was a successful cultivator, as well as a competent brother and husband.

Sometimes, she couldn’t help but wonder – if her father was still alive, would she have been spared from these years of suffering? However, every time she thought about this, she warned herself not to be greedy. Second Uncle already treated her well enough – taking the responsibilities of both father and mother in raising her until now, working hard to earn some spirit stones so she could cultivate without any worries, and wandering around with her in order to keep her safe… In these past ten years, Second Uncle could be considered to have lived for her sake. What did she have to complain about?

Because of the outstanding fame of Tiandao Sect, countless cultivators always gathered at the small town at the foot of Mount Yuheng.

This small town had orderly streets and luxurious shops with numerous cultivators shuttling around. Most of these cultivators were Aura Refining cultivators, but there were also quite a few Foundation Building cultivators. Sometimes, people could even see one or two Core Formation cultivators here. This really was an eye-opener for Mo Tiange. This Tiandao Sect was indeed different from common cultivation groups. Compared to this, Yunwu Sect was simply a rural area.

“Fellow Daoist! Wait!” As she wandered around the streets, she suddenly sensed someone rushing towards her, causing her to quickly dodge out of the way.

“Aiya!” Someone fell on the ground. It was a very common looking youngster; both his looks and attire were common. His cultivation level was also only in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, so there was almost nothing special about him.

The youngster crawled up. Ignoring her vigilant expression, he said with a laugh, “Fellow Daoist has fast reactions!”

Mo Tiange glanced at him before she quickly put some distance between them. She faintly said, “Is there a problem?”

The youngster paid no attention to her cold attitude. He kept laughing and said, “My name is He Bisheng. May I know fellow Daoist’s name?”

Mo Tiange frowned before answering, “My surname is Ye. Does Fellow Daoist have any concerns?”

“Oh, turns out it’s Fellow Daoist Ye. It’s an honor to meet you. You must’ve come to participate in the Immortals Assembly, right? Me too. A few of us all came to participate. Since everyone is here for the same purpose, how about we gather together to exchange our experiences?”

Mo Tiange was somewhat speechless from the barrage of words of the youngster who claimed to be He Bisheng. This person is talking to himself! But he mentioned something about an Immortals Assembly; is Tiandao Sect about to hold an Immortals Assembly? It’s no wonder there are so many people here.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, come with me. Better late than never, right? If we miss this chance, we might have to wait ten more years! Although the cultivation levels of the people in my group aren’t high, everyone is willing to share their experiences. Maybe you can have a stronger grasp of the assembly after this!”

The youngster looked sincere, but Mo Tiange wasn’t moved. She only said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but there’s no need.”

“Of course there is.” The youngster appeared to not understand her refusal and remained enthusiastic as he said, “Fellow Daoist shouldn’t be too courteous; we’re all individual cultivators. Exchanging some knowledge and experience is better than having none at all. Let’s go, this way please.”

Right after he finished speaking, he directly showed her the way. Nevertheless, after walking two steps, he turned around and stared anxiously at her.

Mo Tiange felt helpless. Since she indeed had no plans at all, she shook her head and stepped forward to follow the youngster.

Upon seeing that Mo Tiange was willing to come, the smile on the youngster’s face became even more joyous. He led her through many left and right turns and kept rambling while he did so.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, I see that we aren’t too far apart in age, yet your cultivation level has already reached the tenth layer, really amazing! Are you perhaps someone from a cultivation clan?”

Mo Tiange shook her head and answered, “I’m not.”

In fact, she must’ve been about three or four years older than this youngster, but since she had a small stature, people always mistook her for being younger.

“Ah? That’s even more amazing then!” The youngster enviously said, “Fellow Daoist Ye must be a natural genius. There’s a high possibility you can be exempted from the test and directly enter Tiandao Sect!”

Mo Tiange didn’t answer. She was already twenty years old, and her cultivation level was also in the peak stage of the Aura Refining realm. Even if she was compared to disciples of large cultivation groups, she couldn’t be considered inferior. Nonetheless, she understood that her cultivation speed was fast not because she was a naturally gifted person, but rather because she took a huge amount of medicinal pills.

If she didn’t have Second Uncle’s full support or the numerous rewards she obtained after she entered Yunwu Sect, it would already be considered good if she was at the same cultivation level as this youngster.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, I still have two other friends who also came for the Immortals Assembly. Their cultivation levels are a bit higher than mine. Normally, the three of us only cultivated painstakingly, rarely communicating with others, let alone getting involved in fights of magical powers. At this Immortals Assembly, we have to have some strategy to protect ourselves before we think about how to win. We have no other way but to exchange a lot of knowledge with others and make better preparations. No matter what, we can’t lose our lives.”

The youngster was blabbering nonstop to the point where Mo Tiange didn’t even know what he was talking about. Soon afterward, the topic deviated to no one knew what, but the youngster still didn’t shut his mouth.

“Ah! We’ve arrived!” Eventually, the youngster stopped before an ordinary door and knocked on it.

Mo Tiange heaved a sigh of relief. Although she hadn’t been listening to him, having someone continuously chattering in her ear was very annoying.

Before long, the door was opened. A tall youth was standing behind the door.

Upon seeing him, the youngster hastily said, “Big Brother Huang, I’ve brought a guest.”

Seeing Mo Tiange standing at the back, the youth also smiled and said, “Welcome, Fellow Daoist. Please come inside.”

Upon entering, she saw that the inside appeared to be an ordinary house with a very small yard. In the main sitting room, someone was sitting alone.

Behind her, the door was closed with a loud banging sound.

The tall youth said to her, “Fellow Daoist, please come inside.”

As Mo Tiange walked into the main sitting room, the plump youth, who had been sitting, stood up and said, “This Fellow Daoist…”

The youngster rushed forward and made an introduction, “Fellow Daoist Ye, this is my eldest brother, He Bixiu. Eldest Brother, this is Fellow Daoist Ye who I just met today. Take a look, his age is almost the same as mine, but his cultivation level is already in the tenth layer. He’s really powerful!”

The plump youth called He Bixiu seemed quite amazed and said, “Turns out it’s Fellow Daoist Ye! Second Brother, you did well today! You actually brought back a Fellow Daoist whose cultivation level is in the tenth layer!”

“Of course I did!” the youngster said with a smug smile. He then said politely, “Fellow Daoist Ye, please take a seat and drink this tea first. Big Brother Huang, come here quickly!”

“I’m coming.” The youth whose surname was Huang hastily entered the room.

Mo Tiange sat down on the guest seat and took the spiritual tea offered by the youngster. She slowly blew on the tea to cool it before taking a sip. In her mind, she thought that since the youngster’s eldest brother, He Bixiu, and the youth surnamed Huang were both in the ninth layer and also seemed to be hard workers, they ought to have a huge chance at this Immortals Assembly if they had enough spirit stones to back them up.

Once she put the teacup down, the three people in front of her seemed to be even happier than before.

Mo Tiange calmly shifted her gaze towards the door before asking, “Fellow Daoists, may I know what all of you are so happy about?”

The three people who were staring and smiling viciously at her maintained their smiles but didn’t answer her question. The three of them glanced at each other. The youngster then said, “Eldest Brother, Big Brother Huang, are you satisfied with today’s goods?”

He Bixiu nodded repeatedly as he answered, “Not bad. Not only does this guy have a high cultivation level, but his skin is also smooth. After this, if we sell him to a high-level female cultivator or perhaps a male cultivator who likes men, we’ll definitely get a lot of money.”

The three of them burst into laughter which sounded completely wretched.

Mo Tiange frowned and asked, “Fellow Daoists, what are you talking about?”

Still, no one answered her question. Instead, the youth surnamed Huang said, “Right… Since this guy achieved such a high cultivation level despite his young age, his belongings are certainly abundant… Bisheng, are you sure he isn’t someone from a cultivation clan?”

“I’m sure,” He Bisheng said, “Take a look at his ordinary clothes. Besides, would those cultivation clans’ young masters be as calm as him?”

“If you put it like that… that’s reasonable enough.” The youth surnamed Huang nodded before saying, “It’d be good if you could find this kind of good every time.”

His remark made the youngster feel very dissatisfied. He complained, “Big Brother Huang, this isn’t solely my problem. Why did you direct that specifically to me?”

The youth surnamed Huang answered in a confident and self-righteous manner, “Aren’t you the one responsible for luring in the goods? See what kind of goods you brought back the past few days? They only had several spirit stones, and even their spirit tools were total crap.”

“Can you really blame me for that? Although there are people everywhere, not everyone is willing to follow me here…”

“Isn’t it just because you’re not skillful enough?”


“Enough!”Seeing that He Bisheng and the youth surnamed Huang were about to fight, He Bixiu shouted to stop them. He then said, “Can the two of you please take a look at the time!? Hurry up and work first!”

The two people took out their respective spirit tools while grudgingly glaring at each other.

Mo Tiange stared at them and said, “Fellow Daoists…”

“Haha!” Upon seeing her appearance, He Bisheng laughed and finally said to her, “Fellow Daoist Ye, have none of your elders taught you that a human’s heart is vicious and you can’t randomly follow a stranger?”

Mo Tiange swept her gaze over the three of them. Instead of answering, she directly asked, “What do you want to do?”