Lady Cultivator - Chapter 66 - Kill

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Chapter 66: Kill

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Mo Tiange shook her sleeves, dropping several kinds of things onto the ground. She then took several Restorative Panaceas and put them into her mouth.

When she finished, several silhouettes already appeared in the poisonous fog.

Purple robes.

At once, Mo Tiange’s grip over her Green-Wood Sword tightened. On her side, Murong Zi endured his pain and struggled to stand up.

There were three of them in total and all were tenth layer Aura Refining cultivators. The leader was a middle-aged cultivator while the other two were a youth in his early twenties and an old man who seemed to be around fifty to sixty years old. Their ages were just about formed the three generations of old, middle, and young.

All of them looked difficult to handle. Since the middle-aged cultivator was the leader, he was presumably either the person with the highest status or the most talented among them. As for the youth, considering he was already able to reach the tenth layer despite his young age, he ought to be someone with talent and skill. The old man didn’t need to be pondered further – as someone with a lot of experiences, he was certainly the most cunning of them all.

Mo Tiange and Murong Zi glanced at each other; both had a wry smile on their faces. They had just gone through an arduous battle, yet they unexpectedly encountered this kind of group.

The three people stopped not too far away and began to cautiously size them up.

Mo Tiange and Murong Zi both pretended to be unperturbed and held their respective flying swords in their hands.

After a while, the youth finally lost his patience and asked, “Senior Martial Brothers, what are we waiting for?”

The old man frowned then said in an unhurried manner, “Be careful.”

They saw the remains of the Iron-Teethed Crocodile on the ground. Although it was already dead, from the tremendous aura it left behind, it was obviously not a first rank demonic beast. This made them very hesitant. The fact that just the two of them could kill a second rank demonic beast showed that these two people definitely had extraordinary skill.

However, the people in their group also weren’t people to be trifled with. They were unwilling to let this opportunity go just like that. After all, the remains of a second rank demonic beast could definitely get them a Foundation-Building Pill!

Cautious, calculating, and fanatical – these expressions emerged one after another on the three people’s faces. They were afraid their opponents would be too strong and would beat them up, but they also felt unwilling to let this tremendous prize go. The remains of a second rank beast could be used to refine spirit tools and could even be refined into magic tools that Foundation Building cultivators used. It was indeed a huge fortune.

Unable to hold back, the youth shouted, “Senior Martial Brothers, what are we hesitating for!? Are we really going to let them go and gain nothing!?”

The old man said, “These two people aren’t easy to deal with, we can’t be impulsive.”

In the end, both of them simultaneously shifted their gazes to the middle-aged cultivator standing between them.

For a moment, that middle-aged cultivator was uncertain. Kill? He wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. Let them go? He was unwilling. Furthermore, the two people in front of him were staring at him in a completely calm and unperturbed manner; it was as if they didn’t care what his group decided to do.

In fact, Mo Tiange and Murong Zi didn’t feel relaxed at all. Although Murong Zi had taken a Small Reversion Pill, his injuries wouldn’t heal instantly. Repeatedly fighting in his injured state also seriously damaged his meridians. He was only able to maintain this calm expression purely because he had a firm and determined nature.

Their demeanor really deceived their opponents. After struggling for a long time, the middle-aged cultivator reluctantly said, “Let’s go take a look somewhere else.”

Once the three people turned around to leave, Mo Tiange and Murong Zi secretly heaved sighs of relief. They honestly had no energy left to fight those people.

However, those three people unexpectedly stopped in their tracks. The middle-aged cultivator sneered, “We were almost fooled by them. Killing a second rank demonic beast… even if they’re not injured, how much spiritual aura could they have left!?”

Right after his speech was over, the three people turned around and split up in three directions to surround Mo Tiange and Murong Zi.

Mo Tiange promptly stuck a defensive talisman on her body and released her Green-Wood Sword. Murong Zi responded equally fast. He didn’t have any talismans left, but he still had his spirit tools. The iron-essence-infused flying sword of his was very fast. In a flash, it flew towards his opponent.

The two of them were trying to gain the upper hand by making the first attack. Their opponents were really caught off-guard. Seeing that two flying swords were rushing towards him, the youth was a bit flustered. Based on the very fast speed of the two flying swords, they clearly weren’t ordinary weapons, so he had no other choice but to hastily dodge.

Mo Tiange quietly shifted her direction. A handful of Fire Thorn seeds were thrown, temporarily trapping the youth.

She wanted to tell Murong Zi to work with her and take care of the old man first when she suddenly heard a heavy groan. Once she turned around to look, she found that Murong Zi was holding his chest and vomiting a mouthful of blood while his flying sword flew unsteadily in the air as if it was about to fall. She shouted in fright, “Senior Martial Brother Murong!”

Their three opponents were exhilarated. The youth was trapped and temporarily couldn’t get out, but the old man and the middle-aged cultivator glanced at each other then simultaneously made their moves.

The middle-aged cultivator took out the most common spirit tool in the cultivation world – a flying sword. However, the old man actually brought out a mirror.

Mo Tiange hastily recalled her Green-Wood Sword, but it only managed to obstruct the mirror. Murong Zi avoided the flying sword rushing towards him at an alarming speed with difficulty. Nevertheless, the flying sword still grazed his shoulder, bringing about a blossoming bloodstain on his robe.

The middle-aged cultivator naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity go. He flew quickly to take the flying sword then went directly to stab Murong Zi.

Mo Tiange wanted to help, but the old man’s mirror was really difficult to deal with. Right after she blocked it off, it flew back to the old man’s hand. The old man flipped it over and directed it towards her. Suddenly, a golden beam flashed towards her. Although she had a protective barrier placed on her body, she didn’t dare to completely rely on it and had to recall her Green-Wood Sword to ward off the golden beam.

At this moment, the middle-aged cultivator approached Murong Zi’s body. Seeing that Murong Zi didn’t have the slightest strength to strike back, he showed an evil smile and thrust the flying sword forward. “Pu!” the flying sword pierced Murong Zi’s body deeply. Blood dripped along the blade.

However, at the same time, the middle-aged cultivator also cried out “AH!” loudly. He released his hold over the flying sword and covered his own stomach.

Another flying sword had stabbed his back and went through his stomach. It was Murong Zi’s extremely sharp, iron-essence-infused flying sword!

Mo Tiange’s expression changed. She also heard her opponent shouting, “Senior Martial Brother Zhang!”

Murong Zi had taken the middle-aged cultivator down with him, but instead of getting angry, their other two opponents only showed panic. In just a short while, one of them had been trapped and one other was almost killed.

The old man quickly made a decision. He stored the mirror in his hand back and fled away. Perhaps, this cowardice of his was the only thing that had kept him alive until now.

Instead of chasing the old man, Mo Tiange flung her flying sword forward to finish the middle-aged cultivator off then turned towards the youth. The youth, whose expression turned very ugly when he saw the old man fleeing, immediately swung the huge knife in his hand, chopped the Fire Thorns, then rushed towards Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange had never met an opponent who used their own spirit tool to cut things down like some solider from the secular world, so her response was somewhat slow. Fortunately, she had a defensive talisman pasted on her body. She backed away while using Green-Wood Sword to ward off his attack. In fact, she wanted to strike back, but because she didn’t have much spiritual aura left, she had no choice but to retreat.

Seeing that she didn’t dare to fight back, her opponent looked complacent and pressed on.

Unexpectedly, Mo Tiange smiled. A formation flag appeared in her hand. With a light wave, loud popping noises suddenly appeared around the youth. The formation disc and formation flags she hid now stood erect.

The youth turned deathly pale out of fright. In an instant, he was baffled by the scene before his eyes. Windblown yellow sand was everywhere just like a desert in the far west.

This was a formation Mo Tiange hurriedly laid down a moment ago. Originally, she wasn’t sure she could use it. Fortunately, this youth was an impulsive person and could be lured into the formation. Now that he entered her formation, he was naturally at her mercy.

With another wave, the situation inside the formation once again changed. Five element spells barraged the youth unceasingly. The youth brandished his knife to block the spells, yet he found that they disappeared right when he made contact with them. Realizing that these were basically an illusion, he became so angry that he broke out into curses.

Mo Tiange swallowed another Restorative Panacea before she took out a stack of talismans and directed her Green-Wood Sword, using all of them together to attack the youth trapped inside the formation.

The youth thought the oncoming attacks were just another illusion, so he didn’t try to protect himself. The attacks fell squarely on him, completely snuffing out his life.

Mo Tiange sighed in relief and retrieved her Green-Wood Sword. Thinking about Murong Zi, she hastily ran back towards him.

“Senior Martial Brother Murong!” As Mo Tiange helped Murong Zi up from the ground, she realized that his breath was now extremely weak.

He had already suffered some serious injuries in the first place. However, when the two of them encountered the Iron-Teethed Crocodile, they had to exert all kinds of efforts to kill it. Right afterward, they met these three opponents, and he was stabbed in the stomach. His life was basically hanging by a thread, so after killing the middle-aged cultivator, he couldn’t hold on.

Right now, in addition to having his spiritual aura completely exhausted and his meridians seriously damaged, his dantian had also been stabbed – he was really beyond her help.

Murong Zi slowly opened his eyes and struggled to speak. “Junior… Martial Brother Ye…”

Mo Tiange nodded. “I’m here.”

Murong Zi suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood. Mo Tiange hastily propped him up and held his palm to transfer some spiritual aura into his body.

Her motions eased his pain slightly. He showed a faint smile and said weakly, “I know I’m… dying. Please help… me to do… something.”

Mo Tiange nodded at once. “Senior Martial Brother Murong, please go ahead.”

He made an arduous effort to pull out his Qiankun Bag then said, “The most promising in our clan… is Little Yan. Please give… the beasts I killed… and my flying… sword… to her.” He closed his eyes for a moment before continuing, “The rest, let them be… mementos for you.” He spoke while tightly clenching Mo Tiange’s sleeve. Blood flowed incessantly from his mouth.

Mo Tiange sighed in secret as she listened to his last will and said, “Rest assured, Senior Martial Brother. I will definitely deliver your things to her.”

Murong Zi smiled. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and sorrow. His hand gradually loosened, and his head fell sideways as his breath eventually ceased to exist.

Mo Tiange was in a daze for quite a while before she finally regained her composure. Although Murong Zi wasn’t her friend, she was still swept by a wave of sadness. This was death, something that existed everywhere in the cultivation world. In the blink of an eye, this senior martial brother, who a moment ago was still talking cheerfully and was full of confidence despite his serious injuries, had become a corpse.

She rubbed her face in a desperate attempt to erase her sadness. She stood up and began tidying the place up. No matter what, she had to keep on living. She had to build her foundation, form her Gold Core, form her Nascent Soul, and step by step, move on with her life.

After collecting the Qiankun Bags and the weapons from the three dead bodies, she set all three bodies ablaze. However, she gathered Murong Zi’s ashes and put them in a small jade box.

She then proceeded to clean the bloodstains on her body before sorting up the things from the three Qiankun Bags.

It was very fortunate that those two Zixia Sect disciples had some medicinal pills and talismans because she used most of hers. In addition to those, all three people had some demonic beasts’ remains inside their Qiankun Bags. Although the two Zixia Sect disciples had only a few of them, Murong Zi had more than ten.

After pondering it for a moment, she gathered the three people’s demonic beasts’ remains and put them into a Qiankun Bag along with the few spirit tools Murong Zi had. These spirit tools were of no use to her. Besides, she had, after all, gone through an adversity with Murong Zi and was friends with Murong Yan, so she might as well give all of it to Murong Yan… providing she was still alive.

Shortly afterward, she went to handle the Iron-Teethed Crocodile’s remains. The Iron-Teethed Crocodile’s remains were good for refining tools, so it was rather valuable. While storing the Iron-Teethed Crocodile’s remains, she also found the flying needles Murong Zi left behind.

These flying needles were glittering and translucent, almost like they were formless. They were indeed good for sneak attacks. Hence, she took them and put them into her own Qiankun Bag.

By the time she finished sorting everything and recovered all her spiritual aura inside the formation, Mo Tiange decided to leave the poisonous spring. Since that old man from Zixia Sect fled, other people might come to this place. It’d be better for her to take refuge somewhere else.

When she turned her head around to look back at the poisonous spring, she couldn’t help but sigh. People who were still talking and smiling a moment ago were now a pile of ashes.