Lady Cultivator - Chapter 60 - Purging

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Chapter 60: Purging

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It didn’t take Mo Tiange long to find Xu Jingzhi. When she approached him, she found that his expression was also not good. She had to tug at his sleeve repeatedly to attract his attention.

“Junior Martial Brother Ye…” Xu Jingzhi was slightly trembling as he said, “How… How could this happen?”

Mo Tiange couldn’t answer this question and could only console him, “Senior Martial Brother Xu, don’t worry. I believe they only want to annex the other two groups. They wouldn’t kill people unless it’s necessary.”

Nevertheless, Xu Jingzhi shook his head. “How could annexing other cultivation groups be that easy? The three groups have coexisted for several thousand years and there have indeed been situations where one was particularly stronger than the others. However, they’ve always existed in harmony… The relationship between each group is complicated and using brute strength to push the others around is easy, but completely controlling the others is difficult. I think… this deed Zixia Sect committed will inevitably cause a bloodbath.”

Mo Tiange stayed silent. She didn’t really understand these matters of groups and clans, but what Xu Jingzhi said sounded quite reasonable.

When Mo Tiange turned to look at her surroundings, she saw that Qin Xi was coming towards them. “Junior Martial Brothers.” Although his expression still looked calm, it seemed a lot graver than before.

“Senior Martial Brother Qin.” Mo Tiange once again turned her head and looked around. “Have you seen Senior Martial Brother Liu?”

Qin Xi shook his head and said, “I don’t know where Senior Martial Brother Liu is. I’ve only seen the two of you.” After pausing for a moment, he continued, “But I did see Senior Martial Brother Jiang. His expression looked very bad.”

Xu Jingzhi scornfully snorted. “Of course he looks bad. It was their Jiang Clan that betrayed Yunwu Sect!”

Both Mo Tiange and Qin Xi were stunned. “Jiang Clan?” That traitorous Core Formation cultivator back then was indeed addressed as “Brother Jiang.”

“Turns out that person is a Core Formation grandmaster from Jiang Clan!” Qin Xi said while nodding his head slightly. “It seems Senior Martial Brother Jiang also has a hard time accepting this.”

“What does he have a hard time accepting?” Xu Jingzhi sneered. “This time, their Jiang Clan has obtained what their hearts desired, winning the sect’s power despite unscrupulously becoming another clan’s lackey!”

Mo Tiange and Qin Xi glanced at each other but didn’t answer. Everyone knew Jiang Shanghang didn’t have a good relationship with Jiang Clan. Moreover, Aura Refining disciples definitely wouldn’t be aware of this kind of matter. Perhaps, when Jiang Shanghang learned about this matter, his thoughts were even more complicated than theirs.

Qin Xi pondered their situation and said, “We can do nothing except wait right now. Junior Martial Brother Xu, lift up your courage. With a change, we just need to act accordingly.”

Xu Jingzhi naturally understood; he just felt worried when he thought about his family in Yunwu Sect.

The three of them found a secluded corner and waited there patiently.

One night passed by. A fleeting ray finally appeared on the horizon and swept across the sky before landing in the middle of the square. It was a Core Formation cultivator. They saw him speaking to the cultivator who was guarding them then he walked towards Yunwu Sect’s disciples. He said, “Follow me back to Yunwu Sect. You are not to disobey!”

Hearing his orders, hesitation appeared on Mo Tiange’s, Qin Xi’s and Xu Jingzhi’s faces.

Xu Jingzhi whispered, “Don’t tell me they’ve already…”

The other two could guess what he intended to say. Telling them to go back could only mean that those people already took care of the cultivators remaining at Yunwu Sect, though it was still unclear what those people did to seize power over the sect.

Qin Xi said calmly, “We’ll know after we go back.”

Mo Tiange nodded. “True, Senior Martial Brother Xu. Let’s go back first.”

Xu Jingzhi nodded. His face was extremely pale.

Several hundred disciples from the Yunwu Sect climbed onto that Core Formation cultivator’s flying magic weapon. When they first arrived, everyone’s nervousness was due to excitement. This time, they still felt nervous, but it was due to fright.

Although Mo Tiange wasn’t as nervous as Xu Jingzhi, she was still afraid. She was afraid that a battle might’ve happened and harmed innocent people. If fights of magical powers between the Core Formation cultivators destroyed the market square in Mount Yunwu, it would be dangerous for Second Uncle!

Because their hearts were burning with anxiety, this journey of several hours felt particularly long. After a long time, the gate of Mount Yunwu finally appeared before their eyes.

After landing in Yunwu Sect’s square, the Core Formation cultivator shouted, “Disciples are to return to their respective Immortal’s Cave. You are forbidden from wandering around at will!”

Obviously, no one dared to question his commands. One by one, Yunwu Sect’s disciples left the square with lowered heads. Even though they were worried about their families, no one dared to say anything.

Mo Tiange threw a glance towards the foot of the mountain. That area seemed serene and had no trace of fighting. Second Uncle must be safe, right?

When they returned to their house, they weren’t even in the mood to discuss the event. Everyone was sitting in a daze in the sitting room. Even Jiang Shanghang didn’t go back to his room. Just like them, he was staring at the door, lost in his thoughts. Regarding Liu Yidao, no one knew where he was; up till this moment, he was still nowhere to be seen.

Xu Jingzhi, who was getting increasingly anxious the longer he waited, stood up and started to walk back and forth in the sitting room. In the end, Jiang Shanghang finally slammed his teacup on the table with a “Bang!” and said bluntly, “Stop turning around!”

Because of his outburst, Xu Jingzhi’s pent-up emotion finally erupted. He suddenly stood still and his eyes seemed ablaze. After a long time, he finally asked in a stiff manner, “What did you say?”

Jiang Shanghang grunted, “I’m dizzy because you keep turning around!”

Xu Jingzhi was still for a moment. Then he suddenly stepped towards Jiang Shanghang, furiously speaking through gritted teeth, “You still dare to speak! This is all because your Jiang Clan ungratefully helped another sect! As Yunwu Sect’s elders, they actually colluded with others! How do you still have the guts to speak!?”

Although Jiang Shanghang’s face went pale, in the next second, he sprang from his seat. His face turned extremely red as he said, “What do their deeds have to do with me!? Do you really think everyone else is a good person? It’s only because your Xu Clan doesn’t have the ability to betray our sect; otherwise, there’s no telling who the traitor would be!”

“You!!!” The expression on Xu Jingzhi’s face changed dramatically. He rushed forward and grabbed Jiang Shanghang’s collar, trying to fling his fist towards Jiang Shanghang’s face.

Jiang Shanghang naturally wouldn’t take things lying down. Thus, without saying anything else, the two of them were engaged in a brawl.

Mo Tiange also felt nervous, but when she saw them like this, despite still having some misgivings and being afraid of having too much contact with them, she couldn’t help but step forward and try to stop them.

After being unable to pull them apart for a while, she had to shift her gaze towards Qin Xi, who was sitting motionlessly by the side, begging for his help.

Contrary to her expectations, Qin Xi shook his head. Mo Tiange was confused. What does he mean? He doesn’t want to interfere?

Qin Xi sighed and pointed to the seat beside him. After she sat down doubtfully, he finally said, “Right now, their emotions are unstable, so venting those emotions by fighting is also good. Rest assured… Take a look, they aren’t using any spiritual aura. They won’t cause any real injury.”

“Really?” She then turned her gaze towards them and saw that they had finally rolled to a spot, punching and kicking each other, fighting in an unruly manner just like mortals in the secular world.

After a long time, the two of them finally felt tired and stopped. Both were equally bruised and battered, gasping for breath. Mo Tiange held Xu Jingzhi up with a sigh. “Senior Martial Brother Xu, I won’t help you treat your wounds. You can personally take a look at yourself in the mirror.”

Xu Jingzhi sat down in a chair and forced a smile. “Since when has Junior Martial Brother Ye been able to joke around?”

“What else can we do except joke around?” Mo Tiange stared at the tranquil scene outside the house. “We can’t do anything.”

At this moment, someone walked hastily towards them from outside the courtyard. Out of surprise and excitement, Xu Jingzhi called out, “It’s Senior Martial Brother Liu!”

Everyone stepped forward, completely scaring Liu Yidao, who had just entered the premises.

Unable to restrain himself, Xu Jingzhi asked, “Senior Martial Brother Liu, what happened to you? Where have you been?”

Seeing all of them, Liu Yidao showed a bitter smile. “I was left behind in Zixia Sect and just returned. You…” he stared at the bruises on Xu Jingzhi’s and Jiang Shanghang’s faces and asked, “Junior Martial Brothers, what happened?”

Qin Xi said, “Senior Martial Brother Liu doesn’t need to care about them. They were just bickering. Senior Martial Brother, did you see anything on your way back? What’s the situation outside?”

Liu Yidao watched the two bruised people with doubt before answering, “Junior Martial Brothers don’t have to be worried; there aren’t any huge changes in the sect. However, it’d be best if we don’t go outside in the next few days. I heard they’re going to carry out a power-purging from all factions inside Yunwu sect. We’d better not get involved.”

“Really?” Hearing these words, Xu Jingzhi showed another bitter smile. “I wonder how my clan is faring. If they’re alright, they should at least send a message…”

Liu Yidao consolingly said, “Junior Martial Brother Xu doesn’t need to be worried. Cultivation clans are the foundation of cultivation groups. As long as your clan doesn’t put up any resistance, nothing will happen to them.”

Nonetheless, Xu Jingzhi was still worried. As for Jiang Shanghang, although he wasn’t worried about the wellbeing of his clan, hearing this news made him feel even worse than before. Without saying anything, he went back to his room and slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Mo Tiange looked towards the scenery outside the house, feeling extremely depressed. Are they really going to purge the sect? It seems… under this tranquility, a bloodbath will really happen in Yunwu Sect.