Lady Cultivator - Chapter 59 - Annexation

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Chapter 59: Annexation

Translator: Cenniwdyl Editor: Caron_

Nobody in the sect’s square was clear about what just happened in the main hall. However, they did see the outcome.

Under Sect Head Li’s command, Sect Head Fang was immediately beaten to the ground. No one knew what trick Zixia Sect did to him, but he unexpectedly couldn’t fight back. Other Core Formation cultivators were nowhere to be seen; it was unclear whether they were trapped somewhere or if they had been persuaded to join the other side.

Core Formation cultivators really valued their lives. Even if faced with the extermination of their sect, they might not be willing to fight back if their lives were at stake. However, in the end, Sect Head Fang was the Sect Head. Furthermore, he knew perfectly well that with his identity, he wouldn’t have a good ending if Yunwu Sect was destroyed, so he had to go all out to resist even though he had to risk his life in the process.

Sect Head Fang fell before everyone’s eyes, clearly losing his life. Yunwu Sect’s disciples present in the square were both shocked and frightened.

“Fang Dingyue, just close your eyes and die in peace. Today, our Zixia Sect will merge the three groups! From now on, we will become one of the eight great cultivation groups! Hahahaha…”

Along with his laughter, Sect Head Fang fell to the ground with a loud bang. A grieving, indignant yell appeared from Yunwu Sect’s disciples, “Sect Head…”

Sect Head Li turned his gaze towards them as a ruthless glint flashed in his eyes. With a wave of his sleeve, the person who just yelled suddenly made a bloodcurdling screech and fell to the ground.

Mo Tiange turned around to look at the Foundation Building cultivator on the ground. His eyes were wide open as if he passed away with some unresolved grievances; blood was still gurgling in the bloody hole in his body.

At this moment, everyone heard a mournful cry: “Dad!!” It was actually Wang Qianyi. The dead Foundation Building cultivator was her father, Wang Qiao. Although Wang Qianyi had a Foundation Building cultivator as a father, she never bragged about it. Usually, she only said that she was Wang Qiao’s disciple. This was the first time she called him dad in front of others, yet now they were actually separated by death.

Mo Tiange looked up to stare at Sect Head Li who was still floating in the air. Fortunately, the one staring at him was only an Aura Refining disciple, thus Sect Head Li didn’t have any intention of killing her.

Due to his ruthless actions, Yunwu Sect’s disciples no longer dared to move. Several Foundation Building cultivators were even trembling with fear. They never thought that this Sect Head Li would be this vicious and heartless; what Wang Qiao did was merely utter a short yell, but he was immediately killed for it!

Sect Head Li was very satisfied to witness the absolute silence below. He even showed a slight smile when he said, “Disciples, as you saw, Yunwu Sect no longer exists in eastern Kunwu from this point onwards! If you join Zixia Sect, you’ll still get the same treatment as before and might even get better treatment. If you don’t…” He swept his gaze over the square before fixing it on Wang Qiao’s corpse. His meaning was more than obvious.

Under this combination of reward and threat, Yunwu Sect’s Aura Refining disciples and several Foundation Building disciples didn’t dare to make even the slightest move. Everyone tacitly accepted the outcome.

Sect Head Li snorted in satisfaction before turning his attention towards Jindao School’s disciples. “You don’t need to take any chances. Jindao School nowadays can’t do anything and is at our mercy. Jindao School will receive the same fate as Yunwu Sect—from now on, you’ll be a subsidiary of my Zixia Sect. Those who refuse… Hmph!”

With Yunwu Sect as an example, no one from Jindao School dared to take any action. The present Zixia Sect really was too powerful. Even if the other two groups worked together, their power was still insufficient to fight them, not to mention that right now, Jindao School’s cultivators were trapped by them.

At this moment, several figures flew out of the main hall’s ruins. Each of those figures was either carrying or holding another person in their hands; some were dead, some were still alive. The people those figures brought out were actually the Core Formation cultivators from Yunwu Sect and Jindao School!

Mo Tiange hastily shifted her gaze to watch. Most of those cultivators were dead already, though for the few still alive, they were unconscious. She didn’t know what kind of method Zixia Sect used, but they unexpectedly managed to catch so many Core Formation cultivators in one swoop!

This Sect Head Li turned around and spoke to someone, “Brother Jiang, this time, I have to thank you. In the future, I’ll have to rely on you to handle Mount Yunwu as a subsidiary of my Zixia sect.”

The person he addressed as “Brother Jiang” was a man who seemed to be in his early thirties. He was wearing a yellow robe and his cuffs… were embroidered with several cloud patterns, the symbol of Yunwu Sect!

This person looked extremely indifferent as he said, “Since Sect Head has commanded me so, how could I not comply?” His remark implied he recognized Sect Head Li as the Sect Head of the three groups.

Sect Head Li laughed out loud, extremely satisfied with his answer.

Obviously, this cultivator surnamed Jiang was a traitor in Yunwu Sect. No one knew what kind of benefit Zixia Sect offered him that he would go as far as betraying his own sect. Bear in mind that most Core Formation cultivators were proud and arrogant. Unless the advantage they obtained was enormous, they would never be willing to have their name blackened.

All of a sudden, a commotion arose among Jindao School’s faction. A Core Formation cultivator walked forward carrying someone in his hands then threw that person in front of Sect Head Li. Mo Tiange watched attentively and found that it was actually School Head Jin of Jindao School!

At this moment, Sect Head Li was extremely smug. He stared at the ashen-faced School Head Jin and said with a smile, “Brother Jin, considering our years of friendship. I’m giving you another chance. Why doesn’t Jindao School surrender and pledge allegiance to my Zixia sect?”

School Head Jin looked furious. His whole body was battered and he appeared completely miserable. He turned his head to stare at Jindao School’s disciples then he moved his gaze towards the corpse beside him. After a long time, he dejectedly sighed, “Do I still have a choice now? Now that you’re a knife and I’m only a piece of fish meat, I can only follow Brother Li’s arrangements.”

This reply… obviously meant he was acquiescing. Although everyone already understood the outcome in their hearts, having the School Head personally declare it was a different matter. Jindao School’s disciples instantly lost hope. The die had been cast and Jindao School would no longer exist.

Sect Head Li showed a satisfied smile. He then looked up, staring into the distance. “That’ll do. Martial Uncle Qian has commanded that since these people have surrendered, we should start dealing with the remaining problems.”

Remaining problems? Mo Tiange was confused for a moment. However, she then saw Sect Head Li making a command and leaving a Core Formation cultivator there before leading everyone to fly away, taking School Head Jin along with him.

When the rays from their flights disappeared in the horizon, one by one, the Aura Refining disciples in the sect square finally heaved sighs of relief. The pressure of so many Core Formation cultivators was really painful for them to bear.

Now that they had left, Zixia Sect’s disciples erupted in cheers and began talking cheerfully. Regarding this kind of important matter, they naturally had no prior knowledge of. However, since their sect managed to annex two other groups to become the biggest sect in the area, they naturally had nothing to be unhappy about.

Unlike them, Yunwu Sect’s and Jindao School’s disciples looked thoroughly dejected and nervous. Although this Sect Head Li wanted them to submit instead of completely exterminating them, they were, after all, the party that got annexed. Who knew what would happen to them in the future? Moreover, most of them were children of cultivation clans affiliated with Yunwu Sect. Who knew whether or not their clans would suffer tragedies as a result of this event? If that was indeed the case, their entire clans would be thoroughly annihilated.

At this moment, the one remaining Core Formation cultivator was sitting in the middle of the square. Perhaps because it was so noisy, he opened his eyes and shouted, “The original Zixia Sect’s disciples are to leave immediately! Disciples from Yunwu Sect and Jindao School have to stay!”

Once his words rang out, the square instantly became silent. Zixia Sect’s disciples bowed their heads and left one after another. As for the disciples from the other two groups, they were afraid to make even the slightest noise.

Seeing that all Zixia Sect’s disciples left after just a while, the Core Formation cultivator once again closed his eyes and continued meditating.

When the disciples of the two groups saw that this Core Formation cultivator didn’t care about them, each one of them walked towards their respective friends and family and began talking to each other in whispers.

Seeing this scene, Mo Tiange also quietly walked towards Wang Qianyi.

Ever since Wang Qiao died, Wang Qianyi had been sitting in a daze while hugging his corpse with tears falling from her eyes. It was as if she still couldn’t accept his death. Shen Bing and Murong Yan were already at her side, consoling her while also feeling anxious in their hearts. The two of them were also children from cultivation clans. Furthermore, they had a master. This kind of accident made them afraid that their own clans and master would be implicated.

Once she arrived at their side, Mo Tiange greeted Shen Bing and Murong Yan and advised Wang Qianyi in a low voice, “Senior Martial Sister Wang, this is not the time to be grieving. Martial Uncle Wang has passed away and the matters he left behind are waiting to be managed by you. You mustn’t dwell on your grief.”

Wang Qianyi took a deep breath and wiped her tears away. She stared at Mo Tiange and said, “Thank you for the reminder, Junior Martial Brother Ye. I will persist!”

Mo Tiange nodded and stopped talking to them. Even though she was familiar with Wang Qianyi, their friendship hadn’t yet reached the stage where they would share happiness and hardship together. Before the matter was over, it would be better for her to not have much interaction with Wang Qianyi.

When she looked up to find Liu Yidao and the others, the first one she saw was actually Jiang Shanghang. She didn’t know why, but Jiang Shanghang had a very ugly expression on his face, causing him to look even gloomier than he usually was.