Lady Cultivator - Chapter 54 - The End

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Chapter 54: The End

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On the third day, no one emerged from the Transporting Formation.

Like other disciples, Mo Tiange meditated on this mountaintop. Regarding the spiritual aura on this mountaintop, although it couldn’t be compared to the spiritual aura in the North Peak of Mount Yunwu, it wasn’t inferior to the spiritual aura in the South Peak. Most cultivators were racing against time in their cultivation. They naturally wouldn’t waste this time idling around. Even the heads of the three groups and the other Core Formation cultivators who came to this mountain were also meditating without wasting even a second of their time.

During this period of time, Mo Tiange managed to stabilize her eighth layer Aura Refining realm. In addition to that, because she repeatedly participated in fights of magical power, her knowledge and experience in how to use her spiritual aura increased. She needed to carefully apply her skills because after all, some things had to be understood through combat; it wasn’t enough to just attend sermons.

Time passed by slowly. On the fourth day, the heads of the three groups as well as the other seniors who were meditating, opened their eyes one by one.

Sect Head Li of Zixia Sect said, “Time’s up.”

Both Sect Head Fang of Yunwu Sect and School Head Jin of Jindao School nodded in the same dignified manner. The three of them stood up and went to three separate positions around the Transporting Formation. All of them cooperated to target the formation using their spiritual aura, blowing away the Aura Refining disciples who couldn’t bear the power they emitted in the process.

One by one, messy looking disciples from the three groups appeared from the Transporting Formation. The Sect and School Heads once again worked together and suddenly, the Transporting Formation disappeared above the mountaintop.

After taking a look at these disciples, Mo Tiange found that the disciples who appeared numbered about fifty or sixty people. Most of them were Zixia Sect’s disciples and none were from Jindao School. Including the four people in Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s group, there were more than a dozen of them from Yunwu Sect.

Seeing this result made both Heads of Jindao School’s and Yunwu Sect’s expressions change. The School Head of Jindao School’s expression especially darkened to the point that ink was almost dripping out of his face.

A frown also formed on Mo Tiange’s face. It seemed that the strength of Zixia Sect surpassed everyone’s imaginations. This place was only a corner of the eastern part of the Kunwu Mountain Range. Aside from these three competing medium-sized groups, there weren’t any real huge or influential cultivation groups here. These three competing groups stood together and suppressed each other. At the same time, however, they also worked together to resist external opponents. It really wasn’t a good thing if one of these groups became overly powerful because the balance would probably be broken.

Sect Head Li of Zixia Sect didn’t show any emotion. He only showed a slight smile as he said, “Fellow Daoists, we should start counting the results.”

School Head Jin’s expression was still dark, but Sect Head Fang managed to hold his emotions back and said, “As brother Li wishes.” Sect Head Fang then walked towards Yunwu Sect’s disciples and shouted, “Disciples, hand over all opponents’ identity tablets you managed to acquire! No cheating!”

After Sect Head Fang finished speaking, the Foundation Building cultivator who had been waiting behind him spoke up: “Line up and bring the identity tablets over! Don’t cut in line!”

“Junior Martial Brother Ye, let’s go.” Qin Xi, sitting beside Mo Tiange, turned towards her as he spoke.

Mo Tiange nodded. She stood up and dusted off her sleeves before following the others to line up.

Sitting still on the ground were the disappointed-looking Aura Refining disciples who had been eliminated right after the competition began. Those who actually managed to seize some identity tablets weren’t numerous; there were only about a hundred disciples lining up.

Soon, it was Mo Tiange’s turn. A fleeting surprised expression flashed on the face of the Foundation Building cultivator who received Mo Tiange’s pouch. After he finished counting her identity tablets, he took another careful look at her then recorded her result, “Ye Xiaotian, eighty-four identity tablets in total.”

Mo Tiange gave her thanks and moved away.

“Qin Xi, twenty-two identity tablets in total.”

Mo Tiange halted her steps for a moment when she heard this sentence. She had a complicated feeling in her heart. Qin Xi had given her more than twenty identity tablets. She might obtain the reward for being in the top three disciples, not to mention that these identity tablets themselves were also worth about 200 spirit stones. If it wasn’t because she was in dire need of spirit stones, she really wouldn’t have accepted Qin Xi’s help. After all, a debt of gratitude was the hardest to pay.

Once she returned to her original place, Xu Jingzhi said with an extremely envious expression, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, I really never expected… This time, you definitely have a chance of being in the top three disciples.” When he overheard the cultivator recording the numbers, he was completely astonished. He never expected she could get that many. Those numbers really meant a lot of money!

Qin Xi, who just joined them, said, “We won’t keep Junior Martial Brother Xu in the dark. In fact, to get that reward, the two of us decided to shift those tablets to one person. By doing this, no one would have a bigger chance of getting that reward than us.”

Xu Jingzhi finally understood. “I see… However, the two of you are still very skillful! You actually got more than a hundred identity tablets together!”

Mo Tiange answered, “We were able to fish in troubled waters because Senior Martial Brother Liu was there. Otherwise, if it was just the two of us, we might’ve been besieged and eliminated by others a long time ago.”

Xu Jingzhi nodded. “You’re right, Senior Martial Brother Liu’s techniques are indeed very suitable to be used in fights of magical powers in Miwu Valley.”

Having succeeded in diverting Xu Jingzhi’s attention, the two people smiled towards each other. Surprisingly, they were incredibly well coordinated in deceiving other people.

“Right! Where’s Senior Martial Brother Liu? This time, he’s really made a huge profit! The reward from persisting until the end of the competition is two bottles of Aura-Converging Pills, and there are still other rewards he’ll get… Alas, he can get a lot of spirit stones if he sells them later.” Thinking about the luckiest Liu Yidao, Xu Jingzhi became even more envious.

Liu Yidao’s hearty laughter appeared behind them. “Junior Martial Brothers, what I achieved is thanks to you guys.”

The three people turned and saw Liu Yidao, looking very happy yet exhausted, walking towards them. All of them called out, “Senior Martial Brother Liu!”

Once they greeted each other, Liu Yidao turned towards Mo Tiange and Qin Xi to express his thanks. “I haven’t thanked Junior Martial Brothers properly. If it wasn’t because you risked your lives to take those people down, we wouldn’t have won.”

Mo Tiange smiled and said, “Senior Martial Brother Liu is being too serious. Back then, I really couldn’t hold on much longer, so I thought I might as well take them out with me. Truthfully, I even compromised Senior Martial Brother Qin.”

Qin Xi shook his head. “It was just an accident. I only wanted to help and accidentally got eliminated together with you. Junior Martial Brother Ye doesn’t have to worry too much about it. Senior Martial Brother Liu also shouldn’t let it become a burden on your mind.”

Because they were talking about that fight, Xu Jingzhi enviously said, “You three are really inconsiderate! You can talk after you go back. Talking about this now, in front of me, aren’t you trying to infuriate me?”

Liu Yidao burst out laughing and patted Xu Jingzhi’s shoulder. “Junior Martial Brother Xu also made a contribution. Fortunately, the ones who met those five disciples of Jindao Sect were you and Junior Martial Brother Jiang. Otherwise, I would’ve been a goner.”

Xu Jingzhi rolled his eyes. “Senior Martial Brother Liu, haven’t you had enough trying to irritate me!?”

Liu Yidao burst into another hearty laugh. Mo Tiange couldn’t help but shake her head as she smiled. I could be considered lucky, right? With this identity as Ye Xiaotian, I got to know these few friends. No matter what happens in the future, I should cherish today’s situation.

After the three groups finished taking records of the identity tablets, all Sect and School Heads gathered in one place. School Head Jin of Jindao School still had the same gloomy expression while Sect Head Li of Zixia Sect had a smile on his face. As for Sect Head Fang of their Yunwu Sect, his expression wasn’t as calm as before. They just finished tallying and although not many disciples of Yunwu Sect managed to persist until the end of the competition, the identity tablets they obtained were numerous. He could finally recover Yunwu Sect’s dignity.

The disciples couldn’t hear what the three of them were discussing, but before long, they separated and went to call their respective disciples. All of them took their disciples onto their flying magic weapons and left the mountain.

Several hours later, when they finally arrived at Yunwu Sect’s sect square, the Sect Head announced, “Disciples, the performance of my Yunwu Sect in Miwu Valley’s competition this time was quite satisfactory! However, you absolutely cannot be complacent. Just so you know, we’re still far behind Zixia Sect. We have to continue to put in our maximum efforts! Alright, the Miwu Valley’s competition is over. Now, I’m going to announce the names of the victorious and the top three disciples.”

Reading the names reported by the Foundation Building disciples, Sect Head Fang frowned but didn’t say anything. He loudly announced, “Now I’m going to call out the names of the thirteen victorious disciples: Zhou Jinan, Liu Yidao, Li Rongsheng, Murong Zi, Wang Qianyi, Shen Bing… The three disciples who obtained the most identity tablets: Zhou Jinan, ninety-two tablets; Ye Xiaotian, eighty-four tablets; Li Rongsheng, seventy-six tablets. I hope other disciples can follow their example and cultivate diligently to strengthen my Yunwu Sect! That’s all. You’ve suffered these past three days, so go back and rest. The rewards from obtaining identity tablets will be given out tomorrow. As for the victorious and top three disciples, you may go to the steward’s hall to collect your rewards.”

Having obtained the result she wanted, Mo Tiange finally heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she accepted Qin Xi’s identity tablets, otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten this reward. She immediately notified Qin Xi and Xu Jingzhi and went with Liu Yidao towards the steward’s hall.

Liu Yidao patted her shoulder and said with a smile, “You and Junior Martial Brother Qin are really smart! This reward isn’t too different from the reward for winning.”

Liu Yidao was a full head taller than her. He was very strong, so these pats of his made Mo Tiange grimace in pain. “Senior Martial Brother Liu, this junior martial brother of yours is weak and thin; please don’t use too much strength.”

Liu Yidao promptly kept his hands to himself when he saw her expression. He asked in utter confusion, “Junior Martial Brother Ye… you seem to be around eighteen years old. Why are you so small like this? Even your waist is small, just like a girl’s…”

Mo Tiange hastily said, “I can’t do anything about my small stature! Maybe I’ll still grow tall in the future!” Small waist? Fine! When I go back, I’ll wrap it a few more times to thicken it…