Lady Cultivator - Chapter 53 - Out of the Valley

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Chapter 53: Out of the Valley

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“Someone’s coming.” Liu Yidao, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes.

Mo Tiange immediately stood up and grasped the Green-Wood Sword in her hand.

Senior Martial Brother Zhou focused his attention and said, “There are about ten people.”

Ten people… It seems like they won’t be easy to handle….

According to Senior Martial Brother Zhou, he wandered around for an entire day and very rarely encountered other disciples from Yunwu Sect. As for disciples from Jindao School, they had been eliminated even earlier than Yunwu Sect’s. Zixia Sect was the strongest because it had many disciples, so the people approaching were most likely Zixia Sect’s disciples.

Amongst the dense fog, these people finally appeared before their eyes. All of a sudden, Wang Qianyi gasped in surprise as fury emerged on her face.

“Junior Martial Sister Wang, what’s wrong?”

Wang Qianyi angrily said, “The person who spoke rudely to us is among them.”

Because they were going to journeying together, they already shared their experiences with the group. Thus, Senior Martial Brother Zhou frowned when he heard her answer.

At this moment, their enemies were already upon them.

Of the group of ten, five of them were in the tenth layer, three were in the ninth layer and the two others were in the eighth layer. Apparently, all seventh layer Aura Refining disciples had long been eliminated. As for the remaining people, most of them were in the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm.

Mo Tiange pondered their situation in her heart. Their opponent’s side had ten people while her side had six. Although they had fewer people, Senior Martial Brother Zhou was in the eleventh layer; even if he was wounded, his strength couldn’t be underestimated. Their odds of winning were still considerably high.

“Eh~” Seeing Wang Qianyi and Shen Bing, a roguish youngster in front of them laughed mischievously and said, “So the two young ladies are here… you really made us look for a long time. What were you so anxious for? Are you perhaps still not satisfied with us brothers?”

A glaring red color spread across Wang Qianyi’s entire face. Shen Bing, on the other hand, was frowning slightly. Nevertheless, both of them bit their lips and said nothing.

Seeing the two of them, Senior Martial Brother Zhou stared coldly at their opponents, “Junior Martial Brother from Zixia Sect, please mind your conduct!”

This person glanced at Senior Martial Brother Zhou. He wanted to tease them further, but upon realizing that Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s cultivation level was in the eleventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, he immediately swallowed his words. However, he was still unwilling to admit defeat easily thus he said with a smile, “Senior Martial Brother, we were just joking around; there’s no need to be this serious, right?”

Mo Tiange snorted and said, “Several Senior Martial Brothers, is this also the way you normally joke around with the martial sisters from your sect? That’s indeed unique… In the Yunwu Sect, we, fellow brothers, are very respectful towards our martial sisters. We never purposefully tease them…”

These remarks made the youngster’s expression turn stiff. A tinge of red suddenly appeared on his face.

At this time, both groups sank into a momentary silence. Eventually, someone snorted and said, “What are we talking with them for? Just finish them as soon as possible so we can rest a while longer today!”

The youngster finally relaxed his expression. He “hmphed” and promptly took out his spirit tool.

By the second day, pretty much everyone had grown tired of polite exchanges of pleasantries. They fought practically right after they encountered their opponents. Therefore, because of the youngster’s reckless words, both sides were already in a silent melee.

Mo Tiange, Liu Yidao, and Qin Xi each fought one person. Senior Martial Brother Zhou fought three. As for the remaining people, they all rushed towards Wang Qianyi and Shen Bing. Both of them already had some minor injuries on their bodies and now that each of them had to fight against two people, dangerous moments frequently occurred.

Senior Martial Brother Zhou was occupied with handling those three people and couldn’t get away. Seeing that the two women seemed to be having difficulties in their fights, he shouted, “Junior Martial Sisters, come here! Junior Martial Brothers, leave your fights and come help us!”

Upon hearing what he said, Liu Yidao struck his opponent, forcing him to stagger backward. He then promptly moved towards Shen Bing and Wang Qianyi. Qin Xi also retreated, but as he did so, he said to Mo Tiange, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, hold them up!”

Mo Tiange nodded. She took out her remaining Fire Thorn seeds and threw all of them out, completely filling the air with seeds. Once they landed on the ground, thorny vines suddenly emerged and eventually trapped both her, Liu Yidao’s and Qin Xi’s opponents inside. Bewitching Flower seeds were also hurled, rendering those people powerless to fight.

Right after watching this scene, Senior Martial Brother Zhou took a glance at her out of surprise. Among their group, Mo Tiange was the only one in the eighth layer of the Aura refining realm. He thought she was merely lucky, and he hadn’t expected that her fighting method would be so unique. Aura Refining disciples would have a hard time avoiding this enemy-trapping technique if they didn’t make any prior preparations. With this technique, it wasn’t surprising that she was able to last until now.

Mo Tiange cautiously moved between the three people. She wasn’t Senior Martial Brother Zhou who could completely depend on an enemy-trapping method in a one-against-three fight. She could only hope that her companions could quickly take care of the rest and lend her a hand once they had their hands free.

Seeing this situation, one opponent whose cultivation level was comparatively high among the people trapped inside the formation yelled loudly, “Fly up!”

With this loud reminder, her opponents struggled to fly using Light Body Technique. Mo Tiange’s expression changed. Her opponents indeed weren’t simple; they were actually able to come up with a solution to free themselves so quickly.

Most of the seeds she had were used already. She could only clench her teeth and try her best.

Qin Xi’s whispers suddenly appeared in her ear: “Don’t force it! Let’s seize an opportunity to be eliminated together with them!”

Although Mo Tiange was dumbfounded at first, she immediately understood Qin Xi’s meaning. Taking advantage of this situation to be eliminated was the best option. It was fair and aboveboard. Furthermore, they wouldn’t drag down Senior Martial Brother Liu.

At this moment, having somewhat made up her mind, Mo Tiange took out several spirit stones from inside her robe. With a wave of her sleeve, those spirit stones were secretly laid out.

Under the joint attacks of her three opponents, Mo Tiange, looking extremely pale, retreated continuously. Her opponents were overjoyed upon seeing this. The three of them then moved forwards to attack together.

When Mo Tiange looked like she could no longer endure, Qin Xi called out, “Junior Martial Brother Ye!” He turned around, wanting to help her. Right at this moment, the surrounding scenery changed. Mo Tiange drew her sword and pointed it towards the ground. A sudden wind threw sand and stones in all directions. Inside Miwu Valley, several beams of light simultaneously exploded.

Liu Yidao rushed forward wanting to help, but he was too late. He had no other choice but to helplessly watch them disappearing among the sand as several identity tablets fell to the ground.

The scenery before their eyes changed. Mo Tiange looked around and realized she was at the mountaintop. Qin Xi and several other people stood by her side.

Disciples from the three groups crowded the mountaintop completely. The appearance of Mo Tiange and several other people led them into an uproar.

The three disciples from the Zixia Sect glared angrily at Mo Tiange and Qin Xi before heading towards the spot where the other Zixia Sect disciples were gathered.

“Junior Martial Brother Ye! Senior Martial Brother Qin!” Someone called out to them. Mo Tiange turned around to look and found that it was actually Xu Jingzhi. He hastily pulled the two of them to look for a remote corner to sit. He then anxiously asked, “How are you?”

Mo Tiange smiled and answered, “We’re good. We got several identity tablets, but today we really couldn’t hang on inside. Senior Martial Brother Xu, what happened to you?”

Xi Jingzhi sighed. “Don’t even talk about it… We must’ve been out of luck; not too long after we split up, we ran into five Jindao School disciples who were also teleported to that place like us. We simply didn’t have any time to tell you guys because we were defeated so quickly and teleported out of the valley.”

What happened was indeed just as they guessed. Mo Tiange consolingly said, “I see… It was indeed because of bad luck. It wasn’t your fault.”

Qin Xi nodded and asked, “Where’s Senior Martial Brother Jiang?”

Xu Jingzhi said, “Senior Martial Brother Jiang looked very unhappy. He had a hard time accepting the outcome because he diligently prepared himself. We split up right after we came out; I don’t know where he is now…”

He then excitedly asked, “How is your harvest? Since you just came out today, it should be pretty good, right?”

Mo Tiange smiled and answered, “We were just fishing in troubled waters; the result wasn’t bad.”

Having heard her answer, an envious expression appeared on Xu Jingzhi’s face. He said, “It’s good as long as you harvested something, unlike us who prepared for a long time, but alas…”

While they were chatting, several people emerged from the Transporting Formation. Those people were the ones who had just been fighting with them. However, Liu Yidao, Senior Martial Brother Zhou, and the others weren’t among them.

Mo Tiange and Qin Xi glanced meaningfully at each other. Their hearts understood that Senior Martial Brother Zhou and the others already won the fight.