Lady Cultivator - Chapter 52 - Senior Martial Brother Zhou

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Chapter 52: Senior Martial Brother Zhou

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At dawn the next day, the group of five left the stone chamber.

Wang Qianyi and Shen Bing suffered only minor injuries, so they could remain in Miwu Valley. After adjusting their breaths for one whole night, they were pretty much alright now.

After a discussion, the five people agreed they would be traveling together. In case they were separated, they would use talismans to contact each other. In addition to this, Qin Xi also coldly warned the two women that if they got eliminated because they were too weak, they shouldn’t complain to the rest of them.

His words and attitude were completely different to how he was last night. Mo Tiange felt that he seemed to have some ulterior motive. Since she didn’t know what his origins were, she felt it’d be better for her to decrease contact with him. Otherwise, it’d be bad if problems really came up and she was compromised by him.

Wang Qianyi and Shen Bing could only nod and force themselves to smile. In the sect, they were considered rather competent Aura Refining disciples. They understood what was good and what was bad. They already considered themselves lucky that this group was willing to travel together with them despite knowing that they were already injured. Besides, Mo Tiange already talked with them last night. The general idea was that since they were traveling with Mo Tiange’s group, they had to follow the group’s rules. Because they were already mentally prepared, Qin Xi’s words weren’t that harsh to hear.

Today was indeed different from yesterday. Although they had walked around the valley for a while, they hadn’t met anyone else. Most people were probably eliminated yesterday.

Liu Yidao continued to scout the situation ahead. He had a sneaking technique that allowed him to hide his breath and strengthen his divine sense; indeed, he was the best man for this task.

They hardly met any people in small groups today; those they met were either lone wolves or groups consisted of seven, eight or even more than ten people. Presumably, those who survived yesterday were able to do so only because they were extremely powerful or because they were in a group with many people.

Mo Tiange’s group eliminated most of the lone wolves they met. However, there were several people whom both Shen Bing and Wang Qianyi recognized, reportedly for having extraordinary strength among Aura Refining disciples. After careful consideration, Mo Tiange’s group didn’t attack them. They didn’t need to take risks; after all, they already had enough identity tablets in their possession.

Because the number of people remaining weren’t many, their chance to fish in troubled waters was gone already. Most people gathered in one spot, so attacking them would be very hard.

At noon, when they were taking a short break, Liu Yidao, who was scouting in the area, came back. He told them there were two groups fighting each other not too far from them. It was Yunwu Sect against Zixia Sect. There was only one person from Yunwu Sect while Zixia Sect had six people.

After a moment, the five people decided to go and take a look. Since this single person was able to fight six people by himself, his strength was certainly outstanding. If the five of them joined the fight, maybe they could quickly turn the tide around.

They hadn’t traveled for too long when they heard fighting noises. Weapons were colliding against spells. Apparently, the fight was quite intense.

Dust was blown around. They had to pass through it to head towards the place where the fight was happening.

From a distance, they already noticed the messy looking disciple from the Yunwu Sect.

“Senior Martial Brother Zhou!” Liu Yidao was completely shocked when he finally got a clear look at that person’s face. That person was unexpectedly their supervisor, Senior Martial Brother Zhou!

Mo Tiange swept her gaze over Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s opponents. Liu Yidao said there were six people when he came back from scouting, yet there were only five people left in front of her. Has Senior Martial Brother Zhou perhaps already taken care of one person?

The supervising disciples were all elites among the Aura Refining disciples. It wasn’t strange that Senior Martial Brother Zhou could hold his own for so long despite having to fight six Aura Refining disciples.

These disciples from the Zixia Sect were really bold. They still had three eighth layer disciples among them, but they dared to attack Senior Martial Brother Zhou. It was common knowledge that an elite disciple wouldn’t have any problems with fighting several ordinary disciples. Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s cultivation level was in the eleventh layer of the Aura Refining realm; he was obviously not an ordinary disciple. Nevertheless, the enemies’ attacks weren’t futile. With so many people attacking him, Senior Martial Brother Zhou already spent most of his spiritual aura. As long as these people persevered, they would win this fight.

The five people in their group each took out their respective spirit tool. Qin Xi even sent his spell forward, forcing the Zixia Sect disciples to retreat several steps back.

Seeing the appearance of Mo Tiange’s group, the Zixia Sect disciples were completely taken aback. Obviously, they had also been struggling in this fight, so they hadn’t noticed that some people were coming towards them.

On the other hand, Senior Martial Brother Zhou was ecstatic. He shouted loudly, “Junior Martial Brother and Sisters, they can’t hold on much longer. Attack now!”

Mo Tiange’s group didn’t hesitate at all; both spirit tools and talismans were used to attack. Their cultivation levels were clearly a lot higher than their opponents’, so they didn’t need much time to eliminate all of the Zixia Sect disciples.

“Senior Martial Brother Zhou.”

Senior Martial Brother Zhou finally got to take a rest from the hard battle. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and shifted his gaze towards them.

“Junior Martial Brothers…” In fact, he recognized these disciples who lived in the same residence as him, but because he didn’t interact with them a lot, he wasn’t familiar with them and couldn’t remember their names. Nevertheless, when his gaze fell on Shen Bing and Wang Qianyi, he actually seemed surprised and said, “Junior Martial Sister Shen, Junior Martial Sister Wang—how are you here too?”

Shen Bing forced a bitter smile and said, “The rest of our group has been eliminated, so we grouped together.” She asked him back, “Senior Martial Brother Zhou, aren’t you supposed to be with Senior Martial Brother Li and Senior Martial Brother Qi? Why are you also…”

This time, it was Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s turn to show a bitter smile. He said, “I’m going to be honest; we really underestimated our opponents. Yesterday night when we were resting, we were ambushed. The two of them were eliminated while I and the other two members of our group were forced to split up, but I haven’t been able to find them…”

Since Senior Martial Brother Zhou was an elite disciple, the people he traveled with naturally weren’t ordinary disciples. Each of them was definitely outstanding. Like Senior Martial Brother Zhou said, apparently, they really underestimated their opponents.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but sigh about her good luck. Even a group like Senior Martial Brother Zhou’s group was eliminated early. If it wasn’t because she was with Qin Xi and Liu Yidao, she probably would’ve been waiting outside the valley now. It was precisely because of Liu Yidao’s strong divine sense, Qin Xi’s outstanding spells, and their exceptional cautiousness, that they were able to avoid powerful opponents and seize so many identity tablets.

After that conversation ended, their group sank into silence.

Everyone in their group except Mo Tiange was in the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm; their strength wasn’t weak, so Senior Martial Brother Zhou naturally wanted to join their group. However, he was a supervising disciple, so he felt embarrassed to ask them. Shen Bing and Wang Qianyi just joined their group, so although they wanted to ask on his behalf, they didn’t know whether or not Mo Tiange and the others would be willing. Without any better option, they could only stare probingly at the three others. As for Mo Tiange, she was actually worried about Senior Martial Brother Zhou. With his presence, they wouldn’t be able to deliberately lose.

When she was talking with Qin Xi yesterday, she agreed to his suggestion. Indeed, she couldn’t be too conspicuous. If she, whose cultivation level was only in the eighth layer, could persist until the end of the competition, she would definitely attract everyone’s attention. There were three Core Formation cultivators outside Miwu Valley; furthermore, people said that the Sect Head would personally reward them later. Although she had Spirit-Concealing Jade Pendant to hide her constitution, she still didn’t want to risk facing this kind of danger.

Besides, even if she couldn’t obtain the final reward, she already had more than fifty identity tablets which could be exchanged with more than 500 spirit stones. Qin Xi was also willing to give some of his to her so she could get the top three disciples’ reward. In that case, she would get an additional 500 spirit stones and a bottle of Aura-Converging Pills. With all of this together, she could obtain more than 1,000 spirit stones and one bottle of Aura-Converging Pills. Those rewards, plus the one bottle Aura-Converging Pills she already had, would be enough for her to do a Closed Door Meditation until she completed the Aura Refining realm.

Under their protection, Senior Martial Brother Zhou finally recovered his spiritual aura. Qin Xi then said, “Senior Martial Brother Zhou, since we were fated to meet, we might as well travel together. Will that be convenient for you?”

Senior Martial Brother Zhou, Shen Bing and Wang Qianyi obviously felt relieved to hear his words. Senior Martial Brother Zhou said, “Thank you, Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters. It’s my pleasure to travel together with you.”

Qin Xi smiled. “That being the case, what does Senior Martial Brother Zhou think we should do now?”

Senior Martial Brother Zhou said in a humble manner, “I’ve already been benefitted from you guys. Since presumably, all of you already figured out how to cooperate, I will follow your plan.”

Qin Xi nodded and turned towards Liu Yidao to say, “Senior Martial Brother Liu, since we likely won’t run into others today, we’d better stay here and wait. We can recover our strength while biding our time. Furthermore, we can have a short period of relaxation.”

Liu Yidao nodded without the slightest intention of objecting. From yesterday, he was already used to Qin Xi coming up with plans. Ever since they entered Miwu Valley, Qin Xi almost seemed like a fish back in water. Evidently, he had much more experience in fights of magical power than the rest of them.

Thinking about this, doubt once again grew in Mo Tiange’s mind about this person’s origins.