Lady Cultivator - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Miwu Valley

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Regarding this trip to Miwu Valley, Mo Tiange felt both excited and depressed. She felt excited because if she could persist until the end, she would be generously rewarded and therefore wouldn’t have to worry about medicinal pills for a long time. On the other hand, she was depressed because she had to spend those few spirit stones which had taken her about three months to collect.

After she bought some talismans, asked Murong Yan to get some seeds on her behalf, and prepared some emergency formations, the spirit stones she had were all spent.

During this time, the five people in the house became closer than ever. Everyone was making preparations, planning what they were going to do, and keeping each other informed. They intended to win in one go on this trip to Miwu Valley.

This situation naturally made Mo Tiange happy because she wouldn’t be working alone this time. However, she would never place all her hope on her companions. Since she spent all her spirit stones, even if she couldn’t last until the end, she still had to obtain some rewards in this trip to Miwu Valley. That was the only way for her not to suffer any losses.

The month passed by in the blink of an eye. All disciples whose cultivation level was at or above the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm once again gathered together in the sect’s square.

This time, in addition to the Sect Head, there were also two Core Formation cultivators present in the square. Yunwu Sect had one Nascent Soul cultivator and about seven or eight Core Formation cultivators in total. The simultaneous appearance of the Sect Head and the two Core Formation cultivators was an undeniable proof of how important this event was.

“Disciples, please stop chatting. Today’s the day the three cultivation groups compete in Miwu Valley. I presume you all clearly understand the matter, so I won’t burden you with unnecessary details. However, there is one matter I have to let you know. To motivate the disciples, we decided that the three most victorious disciples will be awarded an additional 500 spirit stones and a bottle of Aura-Converging Pills.”

The people in the square went into an uproar right after the Sect Head finished speaking.

500 spirit stones…

Ordinary Aura refining disciples only got five spirit stones a month while ordinary errands only gave approximately ten spirit stones in a month. Even after running errands for several months to the point where she had almost no time to cultivate, Mo Tiange only made about a hundred spirit stones in total. One ordinary Aura-Nourishing Pill cost two spirit stones while one Aura-Converging Pill cost twenty-five spirit stones. With 500 spirit stones as a reward, persisting until the end of the competition would really be worth it. Furthermore, there was also the additional bottle of Aura-Converging Pills.

Mo Tiange was excited. With 500 spirit stones and a bottle of Aura-Converging Pills, coupled with another two bottles of Aura-Converging Pills she would get if she could last until the end of the competition… She could focus completely on her Closed Door Meditation until she made a breakthrough from the Aura Refining realm without any problems!

Just as her imagination ran wild, she suddenly heard someone coughing and sobered up in an instant.

The 500 spirit stones and a bottle of Aura-Converging Pills were the rewards for the three most victorious disciples. She was only an eighth layer Aura Refining disciple; in addition to other challenges, cultivators who were about to enter the Foundation Building realm like Senior Martial Brother Zhou were numerous. Besides, there were at least a hundred disciples with a higher cultivation level than hers. Her chance of becoming one of the three top disciples was indeed very small.

At this moment, the Sect Head was talking with the two Core Formation cultivators. The three of them dispersed and each took out their respective magic weapon. Their magic weapons were unexpectedly a huge tortoise, a boat and a square handkerchief that spread over an acre.

The Sect Head shouted, “Supervising disciples, bring up the disciples in your charge.”

Senior Martial Brother Zhou gathered more than twenty of them together and said, “Junior Martial Brothers, we’re going to proceed towards Miwu Valley. Everything that needs to be said has been said; everyone should just do their best.” After he finished speaking, he led everyone forward. They lined up to board the small boat.

When several hundred disciples all stepped onto the three flying magic weapons, the Core Formation grandmasters began to control the magic weapons. In a flash, the three magic weapons rose to the sky and flew forward at a very high speed.

The Aura Refining disciples were utterly amazed. Flying magic weapons… Aura Refining disciples could only use Light Body Technique. Only those who reached the Foundation Building realm were able to control spirit tools and magic weapons to fly. Nevertheless, only magic weapons belonging to Core Formation cultivators were able to carry so many people with such speed.

No one knew whether there was someone among the people on these flying magic weapons today who could advance into the Core Formation realm. Bear in mind that in a medium cultivation sect like Yunwu Sect, only one Core Formation cultivator emerged every hundred years normally. In fact, probably none of them here could advance into the Core Formation realm.

Mo Tiange sighed in her heart. There wasn’t anyone with no talent among these disciples, yet none of them was certain they could enter the Core Formation realm, let alone herself.

The speed of these flying magic weapons was extremely fast. The Sect Head controlled his tortoise spiritual beast, flying at the front, with the others following closely behind. About five hours later, their speed eventually slowed down and they slowly descended from the air.

Mo Tiange looked down to stare at the ground below. There was a mountain with a flat top beside a misty canyon. The mountain was densely packed with a lot of people including disciples in yellow colored and purple colored robes. Apparently, they were the disciples of Jindao School and Zixia Sect.

Once all of them landed, the Sect Head and the Core Formation grandmasters withdrew their magic weapons and walked to the center where several Core Formation cultivators were waiting. After an exchange of pleasantries, the Sect Head said, “Brother Jin, Brother Li, both of you are quite enthusiastic, you arrived very early!”

The two people were likely the School Heads of Jindao School and the Sect Head of Zixia Sect. The one referred to as Brother Jin was relatively young and looked like someone in his thirties. It was questionable whether or not he had taken medicinal pills such as Look-Preserving Pills and the like. The other one looked a lot older than Sect Head Fang. Both his hair and beard were white already. It seemed like there wasn’t much time left in his lifespan.

The younger one uttered a “hmph” and said in a rather unhappy tone, “Not at all. The strength of my Jindao School isn’t good, so we came early to prepare ourselves, unlike Brother Fang who must’ve already made plans.”

Mo Tiange once heard there was an inner strife in Jindao School a hundred years ago and even now, it still hadn’t recovered its strength. Presumably, this Sect Head Jin was dissatisfied with this Miwu Valley competition. After all, if his disciples weren’t good, his resources would certainly be cut.

The old man surnamed Li calmly spoke with half-closed eyes: “Brother Fang, long time no see.”

Apparently, this person was the Sect Head of Zixia Sect. The competition this time was proposed by Zixia Sect. People said that Zixia Sect was the opposite of Jindao School. In the last hundred years, it received a lot of good disciples. Soon it became richer and stronger than Jindao School and Yunwu Sect, so it couldn’t help but seek more benefits.

Mo Tiange wanted to watch these people longer, but Liu Yidao patted her shoulder and said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, let’s gather together for a moment.”

Mo Tiange gave a short complying answer and turned her head around.

At this moment, the mountain was filled with disciples from the three cultivation groups. Some disciples were sitting in meditation while others were whispering to their friends. The five of them found a less crowded area and sat down.

Liu Yidao cautiously spoke, “Junior Martial Brothers, I need to stress this first—the five of us are journeying together, so we have to cooperate with each other and be careful in doing everything. We mustn’t say anything that isn’t in accordance with what we think and damage other people’s chances in the process.”

Several people nodded simultaneously. These were the basic requirements for cooperation; if they couldn’t trust each other, how could they cooperate?

Liu Yidao continued to emphasize some points. “Hang your identity tablet properly. Putting it in your Qiankun Bag is useless.”

Several people inspected their respective identity tablet to confirm there weren’t any problems.

Liu Yidao continued to speak: “We’d better make this clear first—we’ll cooperate to defeat the enemies and the identity tablets we win will be divided evenly. If the identity tablets aren’t enough to be divided evenly, they’ll be given in accordance with your role in the battle. We absolutely cannot fight because of this matter. If anyone has any objections, everyone should discuss the matter properly. What do you guys think?”

Xu Jingzhi said in agreement, “This is only natural. We enter Miwu Valley as comrades and if we argue amongst ourselves, other people will benefit at our expense.”

Mo Tiange nodded. The other two also didn’t utter any objections.

Seeing their response, Liu Yidao said happily, “This was all I wanted to say. Do any of you have any questions?”

In this trip to Miwu Valley, everyone tacitly agreed that Liu Yidao would be the leader and decision-maker in their group. Right after they finished their discussion, the Sect Heads gathered in a spot and said together, “Disciples, gather around! The competition will begin shortly.”