Lady Cultivator - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion

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In fact, Mo Tiange wasn’t really familiar with this Qin Xi. Although he wasn’t like Jiang Shanghang who avoided contact with the others completely, he was also a very cold person who rarely spoke even when he was with them. Normally, he only focused on cultivating; he seldom went out and never caused any trouble.

Among the Aura Refining disciples in Yunwu Sect, he wasn’t conspicuous at all. When it came to his cultivation level, although achieving the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm at his age wasn’t easy to do, it wasn’t that hard to achieve either. When it came to diligence, six or seven out of ten random people determined to cultivate would probably be as diligent as him. As for family background, he was merely an individual cultivator from a broken-down cultivation clan. All in all, there was really nothing about him that would cause people to notice him.

If she had to mention one outstanding thing about him, it would be his extremely handsome looks. However, for cultivators, this matter was of no significance because after cultivating, they would naturally shed their mortal bodies and exchange their bones, so even if they were ugly, they would never bethat ugly in the end.

Because of this, Mo Tiange never really paid much attention to Qin Xi. She was even less interested in investigating what kind of technique he cultivated with. Hence, she only found out now that he practiced the Body-Refining Technique.

The so-called Body-Refining Technique was a type of cultivation technique. Aside from techniques with five elements and Yin or Yang attributes, there were countless techniques with unusual effects in this world. Body-Refining Technique was one of them.

The appearance of this kind of technique dated back to the Distant Past era. At that time, the world had just begun; the immortals, devils, humans, and beasts lived alongside each other.

Spiritual beasts were much more blessed in their cultivation compared to humans. Due to their strong bodies, they could undergo heavenly tribulation once their cultivation reached a certain level without needing any magic weapons. Humans, on the other hand, needed things like magic weapons to pass heavenly tribulation. That was the reason Body-Refining Technique appeared. With a combination of extremely strong bodies and powerful magic weapons, going through heavenly tribulation would be a lot easier.

However, even in the Distant Past era, Body-Refining Technique was never an important part of cultivation. The reason was because humans were born weak—even if they practiced Body-Refining Technique, they could never compare to spiritual beasts.

In the Distant Past era, there were numerous cultivators with great divine powers and people regularly passed the tribulation and flew heavenwards, but now, things were different. People who could cultivate to the Nascent Soul realm were very few, not to mention the people who could fly heavenwards. Now, heavenly tribulation was no longer as formidable as it was years ago; coupled with the extinction of excellent Body-Refining Techniques, nearly all cultivators who hadn’t yet reached the Core Formation realm wouldn’t practice Body-Refining Technique.

Mo Tiange never expected Qin Xi would actually practice Body-Refining Technique. Apparently, his talent was indeed outstanding. It was really a wonder how he wasn’t recruited by other sects and schools.

After watching for a moment, she minded her own business and went to wash her face and hands then went back following the road she took to come here. The technique he practiced was his private matter; she didn’t have any interest in watching him any longer.

Right after she returned, Murong Yan started to yell, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, you took a really long time just to wash your face!”

Mo Tiange said, “Senior Martial Sister, it’s already late now. Aren’t you going back?”

Murong Yan looked at the sky and realized it was afternoon already. Feeling extremely unwilling, she said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, the next time you go out, you definitely have to tell me.”

Mo Tiange nodded. “Mhm.”

Murong Yan took out a wrapped up package from her robe and passed it to Mo Tiange. “Here! Next time you call me out, I’ll give you something good.”

Seeing this wrapped-up package, Mo Tiange finally answered in a delighted tone, “Thank you, Senior Martial Sister.” The reason she was willing to become this senior martial sister’s page boy and be ordered around was exactly this thing.

Ever since Murong Yan found out about the characteristic of her spells, she always brought some seeds to tempt her; that was how Mo Tiange came to be her page boy.

Murong Yan had an elder brother who worked in the sect’s medicinal garden; it was very easy for him to sneak a few seeds out. Mo Tiange didn’t have any connections, so when she had someone willing to help her, she naturally grabbed the opportunity. In any case, she only had to roast things to get a few packaged of seeds that she couldn’t buy. She had indeed gotten an easy advantage over others.

Murong Yan brandished her hands towards Mo Tiange. “That’ll do, I know you’re letting me order you around for this thing. Alright, I’m going back first.” After wiping her hands clean, she put on the mannerisms of a virtuous lady and slowly walked away.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but smile when she watched Murong Yan walking away. This was a similarity between Senior Martial Sister Murong and Tianqiao; both of them obviously loved to play and have fun but pretended to be virtuous ladies.

Tianqiao … Mo Tiange would probably never see her again for the rest of her life. Back then, Ye Jingwen told her that if she succeeded in her cultivation, she would be able to go back to visit her relatives. However, she later learned that after separating herself from the mortal life, the best thing for her was to never look back. The mortal fate of one’s relatives would be very unbearable to watch; since she cut off her ties with the secular world, it’d be better for her not to go back to prevent hindering her mentality with cultivating.

With a touch of sadness, Mo Tiange returned to the house.

She could feel other people’s breaths from other rooms; presumably, everyone was cultivating. Thus, she also went back to her own room then examined all the seeds she got from Murong Yan the past few days.

Although she recognized some of the seeds, she didn’t know what the rest were. Most of them were seeds of medicinal herbs that didn’t have any extraordinary uses and couldn’t be used in a fight. Her Green-Wood Art allowed her to hide some spiritual aura inside the seeds the moment she threw them; the spiritual aura would then induce the seeds to instantly grow into plants which she would use to attack her enemy. Therefore, she couldn’t use ordinary seeds or seeds that needed much spiritual aura to grow. This was the limitation of Green-Wood Art—only some low-grade plants could be used to attack.

After examining the seeds and failing to recognize some of them, she stood up and decided to go on a trip to Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion.

Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion was the place where Yunwu Sect’s collection of technique manuals was kept. Every disciple from the Yunwu Sect was only allowed to go there once every month. According to their cultivation level, they might also choose a few to borrow.

Because Mo Tiange already had the Art of Sunu which she used in her cultivation and Green-Wood Art which she used in fights of magical power, it wasn’t necessary for her to read other technique manuals. Hence, ever since she entered the sect, she had never once gone to Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion.

Compared to other buildings, the location of Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion was quite special. It was located neither in the South Peak nor the North Peak; instead, it sat in a remote valley between the two peaks.

She had to look for a while before she finally managed to catch the trace of a formation and find the entrance. However, it was actually a completely inconspicuous cave!

Right after she walked towards the mouth of the cave, the formation placed at the entrance suddenly emitted a dazzling light. Unfazed by this situation, she placed her identity tablet in a vacant space on the mountain wall, causing the light to dim in an instant. As long as one had a Yunwu Sect’s disciple identity tablet, one could enter the outermost formation of the Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion.

Having stepped into the cave, Mo Tiange saw there was actually a very spacious hall inside the cave. There were three other restricted caves inside, one on each side of the hall, though it was unclear where those caves led. Moonstones gave off light as bright as daylight, and it felt dry and cool inside. This might also be due to effects from some other formations. This condition wasn’t just suitable for preserving Jade Slips—works made of paper or other materials could also be preserved here.

A huge table had been placed in the corner of the cave. Several Aura Refining cultivators were sitting behind it. Some were meditating and some had their heads askew as they dozed off. Seeing her approaching, only one of them responded by lazily raising his gaze towards her and said, “Identity tablet.”

Mo Tiange took out her disciple identity tablet. The person took it then took out a Jade Slip and told her to leave her imprint inside it before saying, “Follow me.”

He walked towards one of the cave mouths and took out a jade tablet. The jade tablet emitted a flash of light which fell on the restriction placed on the cave mouth, causing the restriction to disappear in an instant. The man tossed the jade tablet at her and said, “The jade tablet mustn’t leave your body. You have to come out before the hour of the rat 1 , and you mustn’t damage or smuggle out the things inside. If you need a copy to be made, bring the Jade Slip here, but you can only copy three Jade Slips at the most. That’s all. You can enter now.”

Mo Tiange thanked him and took the jade tablet into the cave. This cave was slightly larger than the hall outside. Numerous books had been arranged closely together in the front area while in the back area, in addition to Jade Slips, there were also all sorts of strange and unique things.

She walked further into the cave. After rummaging through several books, she found that most of them were either ordinary cultivation technique manuals or techniques that had spread in the secular world. Based on this, she assumed all of the things that were written in books wouldn’t be anything profound or important.

In the back area, on the other hand, there were things written on cauldrons, iron tablets that had been engraved with densely packed words, and also glass beads that seemed to have countless words inside them. The things recorded on these weren’t common; they described how to concoct pills, unique things, or special spells.

Mo Tiange first chose a Jade Slip known as “Complete Examples of Spiritual Plants” before slowly looking for other useful things in the cave. She didn’t need any other cultivation technique manual and didn’t have the energy to learn about concocting pills, refining tools and the like. Hence, she chose a record that discussed the essence of formations. As for her last pick, it was a Jade Slip that recorded the history of the Yunwu sect.

Once she went out, the guarding disciple was quite surprised and asked, “Are you done choosing already?”

It wasn’t really a wonder that he was surprised by her actions. Based on Mo Tiange’s identity tablet, this was the first time she came here. Which disciple who entered Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion for the first time wouldn’t choose with the utmost care? All of them spent a lot of time choosing, unlike her who came out after just an hour inside.

Mo Tiange nodded and handed over her jade tablet as well as the three Jade Slips. “I have to trouble Senior Martial Brother.”

He took those things then raised his chin as a hint towards Mo Tiange. “Three spirit stones.”

Huh? Mo Tiange was bewildered. Spirit stones?

With a hint of impatience, he said, “Junior Martial Brother, don’t you know that copying Jade Slips will cost you spirit stones?”

She really didn’t know about this. However, one spirit stone to copy one Jade Slip wasn’t expensive, thus she directly took the spirit stones and gave them to him.

The man took her spirit stones and very quickly made copies of the Jade Slips and gave them to her.

Mo Tiange took them and thanked him while secretly muttering in her heart. Although three spirit stones weren’t much, ordinary Aura Refining disciples only received five spirit stones every month. If each month they came here and copied three Jade Slips, more than half of their spirit stones would be gone already. Apparently, those who entered the sect also didn’t really have it easy.