Lady Cultivator - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Encounter on the Road

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After she parted with the two women, Mo Tiange packed up her things and prepared to head back.

She really didn’t lose much from today’s meal. Senior Martial Sister Shen was very courteous, so presumably, she wouldn’t refuse if Mo Tiange went to her for help someday. As for that Senior Martial Sister Murong, she was the one who ate the most today. After eating Mo Tiange’s food, that Senior Martial Sister Murong treated her extremely well. As a matter of fact, once she realized the food was much more delicious than the food in the dining hall, she said straightaway that they should roast something and eat together again if they had free time in the future.

Mo Tiange didn’t refuse. She saw a slight resemblance to Tianqiao in this Senior Martial Sister Murong. Years ago, Tianqiao also dragged her aside to do this and that all the time. It was because she spent time with Tianqiao that she had a bit of happiness in her childhood.

After walking for a short while, she suddenly stopped. She sensed several people’s breaths ahead. What baffled her was that those breaths seemed to be hostile towards each other. Could it be that some disciples were having a private fight here?

Although she hesitated for a moment, she eventually decided to hide her breath and stealthily moved forward.

“Second Brother, you really do have the ability! You actually managed to get accepted here! Unfortunately, you’re only an ordinary disciple; it’ll be really hard for you to obtain a Foundation-Building Pill.”

Hearing that voice, Mo Tiange hurriedly hid behind a huge tree and discreetly took a look.

Several people were standing in an empty clearing in front of her. Among these people, one seemed quite familiar to her. After thinking for a few seconds, she suddenly realized that this person was the man who never wanted to come into contact with the other disciples—Jiang Shanghang!

Several people, who all seemed to be youngsters, were standing in front of him. Compared to Jiang Shanghang’s gloominess, the rogue attitudes they had were much more uncomfortable to see.

Since Mo Tiange was watching from quite a distance, she couldn’t see Jiang Shanghang’s expression clearly. She only heard him sneering: “Jiang Chengxian, what does me being able to obtain a Foundation-Building Pill or not have to do with you? You better take good care of yourself first!”

“Second Brother, how can you be so hostile towards me, your Fourth Brother? This isn’t how an elder brother should act; I’m afraid uncle will be mad again if he sees you like this.”

Mo Tiange felt very uncomfortable hearing his mocking tone. Xu Jingzhi told her that originally, Jiang Shanghang was supposed to enter the sect directly, but his seat was given to his younger cousin. Could this person be the so-called younger cousin?

Although this person replaced Jiang Shanghang and entered the sect earlier, his cultivation level was nothing great—he was only in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm. On the contrary, some people in his group were quite good. One was in the seventh layer like him, two were in the eighth layer, and the last was in the ninth layer.

None of them had a higher cultivation level than Jiang Shanghang, but countless ants could bite an elephant to death. If all five of them fought him, he wouldn’t be able to withstand their attacks. Furthermore, he also had to pay attention to their lives. Yunwu Sect’s rules stated that they couldn’t harm the lives of fellow disciples. Otherwise, they would be expelled from the sect.

Of course, Mo Tiange also didn’t want to get involved. No matter how Jiang Shanghang was bullied, he would always be a member of the Jiang Clan. Jiang Clan’s younger generations could raise a storm inside the Yunwu Sect but if she, a completely unrelated stranger, were to offend them, wouldn’t it mean she was bringing trouble upon herself? Besides, she didn’t have any particular relationship with Jiang Shanghang.

Hearing this person’s mocking remarks, Jiang Shanghang indeed couldn’t hold back. He slid his hand into his robe, attempting to take something out.

Those people saw his actions and immediately pulled out their weapons. The next moment, however, they saw that Jiang Shanghang had taken out a handkerchief to wipe his hands while shooting a contemptuous gaze towards them. “I’m just wiping my hands. What are you all so tense for?”

Mo Tiange almost burst out laughing. This Jiang Shanghang really was talented! After being ridiculed, he could make that Jiang Chengxian’s face turn green with just one move!

This time, it was Jiang Chengxian who couldn’t hold back. He threw meaningful glances towards his companions before sneering, “I heard you did very well in the Immortals Assembly. I really wanted to ask for your guidance!”

Jiang Shanghang coldly uttered a “hmph” and said, “All of you can come at me; just let me see whether you’ve made progress after entering the sect or not!”

His tone was clearly a lecturing tone. Jiang Chengxian looked towards the people at his side again. Once he gave his command, five people simultaneously took out their spirit tools and talismans.

Jiang Shanghang’s reaction wasn’t slow. In the split second they took to act, he had taken out a talisman and stuck it to his body. As he leaped and flew midair using the Light Body Technique, his spirit tool also flew out.

Jiang Shanghang’s spirit tool seemed to be either a handbell or a large cat bell; Mo Tiange only saw him putting his spiritual aura into it. The next thing she knew, the bell issued a loud, reverberant “HUM” noise and she suddenly felt dizzy. When she finally recovered, she instantly realized that this bell was a spirit tool that produced psychotic effects. Hence, she moved aura into her dantian and sure enough, her headache was gone.

Jiang Chengxian’s expression turned very ugly. He shouted towards his companions, “Shield your dantian and his bell will be useless!” He was only in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, so he was no match for Jiang Shanghang and could only focus on resisting the bell’s sound.

With a lot of effort, the three people who were in the eighth and ninth layers managed to break away from the influence of the bell’s sound and maneuvered their spirit tools towards Jiang Shanghang.

Jiang Shanghang had to stop sounding his bell to dodge the oncoming attacks.

Mo Tiange shook her head. This bell was a good treasure indeed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very powerful and was very easy to be dispelled; people whose cultivation levels weren’t too dissimilar to the user’s wouldn’t have any difficulty in breaking away from its influence.

As she expected, Jiang Shanghang withdrew his bell and took out a flying sword. The spiritual aura of Aura Refining cultivators only allowed them to control one spirit tool at a time—this was their limit in a fight of magical powers. Thus, although this bell was very helpful in fighting, Jiang Shanghang had no choice but to abandon it for now.

However, his flying sword also didn’t seem like an ordinary spirit tool. It was completely covered with spiritual aura, and although three people attacked it together, they still couldn’t cause any damage to Jiang Shanghang.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chengxian was very vicious. While three other people attacked Jiang Shanghang from all sides, he still took out some talismans and continuously threw them at Jiang Shanghang. Mo Tiange didn’t know how he felt about this blood-related cousin of his, but his actions now were simply asking for a quick death!

Mo Tiange frowned. She didn’t want to meddle; she clearly knew that she didn’t have the qualifications to cause any trouble. Moreover, the other party was the Jiang Clan who dominated the Yunwu Sect. However, since Jiang Shanghang was, after all, one of the people she knew in the Yunwu Sect, she still felt that he was a bit more pleasing to her eyes compared to that Jiang Chengxian.

Jiang Shanghang indeed couldn’t last. He could’ve still ended up with a draw if he fought against three people whose cultivation levels were lower than his, but having an additional opponent incessantly throwing talismans at him made avoiding the attacks a very arduous task. He could only choose to dodge instead of continuing to fight.

Jiang Shanghang was a tough guy. Although he was being beaten into a very pathetic state, he didn’t once scream or say anything and was completely engrossed in dodging the attacks. He hit back every time he found an opportunity. Furthermore, regardless of the people who were attacking him, he only attacked that Jiang Chengxian.

By the time he was finally down, Jiang Chengxian had also been struck by one of his spells.

Seeing his motionless body, Jiang Chengxian contemptuously spat and walked towards him to kick him while swearing continuously. However, he didn’t have much strength in his feet. Jiang Shanghang, who lay on the ground, only let out a groan but no other sound.

Mo Tiange watched with a frown. Fortunately, this Jiang Chengxian was already satisfied to see Jiang Shanghang lying half-dead on the ground. After saying a few mocking sentences, he beckoned his companions and they walked swaggeringly away.

Having waited for a while and confirming that those people weren’t going to return, Mo Tiange finally came out. She cautiously checked her surroundings then walked towards Jiang Shanghang.

Jiang Shanghang’s face was covered with blood and his breaths were weak. He opened his eyes to look at her before closing them again.

Mo Tiange couldn’t do anything and had to use a spell to prop him up. She then used Light Body Technique to fly back to their residence.