Lady Cultivator - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Chatting

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Her room wasn’t large. A low bed had been placed in the corner of the room and a straw mat, as well as a cattail hassock 1 , had been placed on top of it. There was also a wooden table and chair, but aside from this, there was nothing else in the room.

However, in the end, this was a cultivation sect, so even the straw mat and the wooden table had a faint spiritual aura. They obviously weren’t items of the secular world.

Having calmed down, Mo Tiange took out all kind of things like bedding and such from her Qiankun Bag and started arranging them in the room. Although she didn’t really need to rest, having a quilt would make her feel warmer.

Once she tidied everything up, she finally examined the things she received.

This Qiankun Bag was the most common one in the cultivation world. It was far inferior to the one she had. After all, her Qiankun Bag was something that came from Ye Clan’s collection; it wasn’t some sort of common good.

There also weren’t many things inside it. Inside were only a jade tablet, a cultivation technique manual, two bottles of medicinal pills, twenty spirit stones, and a Jade Slip known as Yunwu Sect’s Book that recorded the rules of the sect and things they needed to pay attention to.

The jade tablet was an identity tablet. Long ago, she saw Ye Jingwen using a similar object. All cultivation groups used this object to verify their disciples’ identities. The person’s name, age, cultivation level, and so on, were engraved on the jade tablet. At the same time, a copy of it was kept by the cultivation group. If a missing disciple came back, these would be used to verify the disciple’s identity.

Yunwu Sect’s cultivation technique manual for Aura Refining disciples was assigned according to the five elements attribute registered on the identity tablet. For example, since during the Immortals Assembly, Mo Tiange registered that she practiced cultivation techniques with wood attributes, the one she was given was the wood element cultivation technique.

This manual was called the Art of Long Life. It was the most common basic cultivation technique in the cultivation world. Nevertheless, the one she had was a slightly more complete version of the manuals circulating outside and had a few notes from the seniors of previous generations.

In addition to these, there were twenty spirit stones and two bottles of medicinal pills. These were rewards from the Immortals Assembly. In the future, spirit stones and medicinal pills would be distributed each month according to disciples’ rations.

Getting these two bottles of medicinal pills actually made her very happy. Based on the spiritual roots she had, a good cultivation technique, the Spirit-Gathering Pearls, and the Spirit-Gathering Formation would only ensure that she wouldn’t fall behind ordinary cultivators with three spiritual roots. If she wanted to rise above others, medicinal pills were absolutely necessary.

Today, she chose to have a good sleep instead of cultivating.

At the crack of dawn, she woke up completely energized. When she left her room, the small sitting room was still empty and quiet. She could sense other cultivators’ breaths in other rooms; presumably, everyone was still cultivating. Hence, she locked the door of her room and went out to freshen up.

Yunwu Sect’s Book stated that in this bamboo residence, there was a small stream at the back of the houses. The sect drew water from this small stream and made a pool so the disciples could use it to wash.

After she walked around to the back of the house, she saw that there was indeed a pool. At this moment, no one else was there. She took a handkerchief and began washing her face. However, she naturally didn’t comb her hair; she would comb it slowly after she returned to her room. When she was done washing her face and was about to head back, she came across two people who were coming her way while chatting. Mo Tiange promptly greeted them: “Good morning, Senior Martial Brothers.”

The two of them saw her and also gave a short greeting. After that, they continued chatting and looked for a place to wash.

In the next second, however, Mo Tiange instantly had an urge to vomit! One of the men had shamelessly shed his clothes and jumped into the pool! Seeing that person’s fat body then recalling that she used this water to wash her face and rinse her mouth… absolutely disgusting… Thus, she made up her mind—next time, I’ll definitely go upstream for water!

When she returned to the house, Xu Jingzhi had just pulled Qin Xi over to chat. Qin Xi’s expression was rigid and obviously wasn’t at all interested in chatting.

Right after Xu Jingzhi saw her, he cheerfully called her, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, you’re up very early.”

“Good morning, Senior Martial Brothers.” Mo Tiange walked towards them and asked with a smile, “Senior Martial Brothers, what are you two chatting about?”

Xu Jingzhi said, “We’re just talking about going to eat breakfast and strolling around the sect while we’re at it to learn a bit about the situation here.”

“Oh… I see…”

Xu Jingzhi was very excited, but Qin Xi, although he didn’t refuse Xu Jingzhi directly, obviously wasn’t too interested in it. After all, no cultivator liked to be infected by the smell of food. Although they couldn’t abstain from eating, under normal circumstances, most of them preferred to eat Fasting Pills. After pondering the matter, Mo Tiange smiled and said, “I’ll go with you. I feel a bit hungry too.”

Xu Jingzhi was very happy. At this moment, the other room’s door was opened and Liu Yidao came out. He stared at them and asked, “Junior Martial Brothers, what are you chatting about?”

“Senior Martial Brother Liu, we’re talking about going to the dining hall to eat something and strolling around.”

Liu Yidao pondered it for a while. He then said, “You don’t mind if I go with you, right?”

Xu Jingzhi waved his hand. “Of course not. I’m very excited that Senior Martial Brother Liu wants to join us.”

Liu Yidao laughed. “Since all four of us are going, we might as well call Junior Martial Brother Jiang out.”

Xu Jingzhi certainly didn’t object. As for Mo Tiange, she didn’t really care. It would naturally be good for her if she could get along well with these senior martial brothers who were also her housemates. On the other hand, Qin Xi still had that wooden expression on his face; no one knew what he was thinking about.

Liu Yidao knocked on Jiang Shanghang’s door. “Junior Martial Brother Jiang.”

After a while, the door was opened. Jiang Shanghang unlocked the deadbolt and was staring at Liu Yidao standing on his doorstep. His tone was faint, but there was still a trace of gloominess inside as he said, “Senior Martial Brother Liu, is there a problem?”

Liu Yidao smiled and said, “Junior Martial Brother Jiang, all of us decided to go to the dining hall and eat a few things before strolling around. Do you want to go with us?”

Jiang Shanghang frowned and said, “I don’t.”

Liu Yidao was rather stunned. He hadn’t expected this person to be this cold; it was as if he didn’t want to get close to the rest of them. Thus, he instantly gave up and said with a smile, “As you wish. We’ll go first.”

Jiang Shanghang uttered an “en” before closing his door in Liu Yidao’s face.

Liu Yidao didn’t take any offense and just turned around to say to everyone, “Let’s go.”

Mo Tiange and Xu Jingzhi glanced at each other, shook their heads and followed Liu Yidao out.

They hadn’t walked too far when Xu Jingzhi stealthily said to Mo Tiange, “This Senior Martial Brother Jiang – he also comes from one of Yunwu Sect’s cultivation clans. I heard he’s treated like an abandoned child by his clan. His chance to enter the sect was given to his cousin, but he was unreconciled and willing to risk his life to participate in the Immortals Assembly.”

“Oh…” Mo Tiange finally understood. Presumably, this person’s heart was filled with ambition, so he simply didn’t want to waste his time on things other than cultivating.

“Junior Martial Brother Jiang has reached the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm even though he isn’t thirty years old yet. People like him could be considered very rare, yet their clan actually abandoned this kind of child?” Liu Yidao heard them gossiping and had come over.

Xu Jingzhi was also someone who came from a cultivation clan and knew a lot about matters like this. He said, “Senior Martial Brother Liu, you must be unaware of this; their Jiang Clan is one of the best cultivation clans under Yunwu Sect. There are two Core Formation and several dozen Foundation Building cultivators in their clan. They basically don’t care about children who have more than three spiritual roots. Moreover, I heard Senior Martial Brother Jiang used to have an elder; but because of a power struggle inside the clan, this elder offended the current Clan Master. After the elder passed away, Senior Martial Brother Jiang had to bear the brunt and became the target of their anger.”

Except for Xu Jingzhi, everyone else here was previously an individual cultivator. They couldn’t imagine what the power struggle in a cultivation clan felt like and could only shake their heads. Liu Yidao sighed. “Although Junior Martial Brother Jiang’s spiritual roots aren’t the best, he’s very hardworking in his cultivation. If he has the clan’s support, he would most likely be able to enter the Foundation Building realm. What a pity…”

Xu Jingzhi also shook his head. “Alas… According to Jiang Clan’s power, they can recommend several children to enter the sect each year. Those children can directly enter the sect without having to cultivate until they reach the tenth layer or participate in the so-called Immortals Assembly. They’re the complete opposite of my Xu Clan. We’re only a small cultivation clan and the slots to enter the sect given to us very few, so we have to participate in the Immortals Assembly.”

Several people were all lamenting in their heart. Living as individual cultivators was hard, but being members of a cultivation clan wasn’t without its problems; each had their own difficulties. In the end, there was only one conclusion: the Immortal’s Path was hard ah~~~