Lady Cultivator - Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Entering the Sect

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“This time you go up the mountain, Second Uncle won’t be with you. You have to be cautious with everything. Make sure that the Spirit-Concealing Jade Pendant never leaves your body and more importantly, never reveal that you’re a woman in front of anyone; if one day you succeed in forming your Gold Core and have the power to protect yourself, you may reveal your nature as a woman. If you encounter problems with your cultivation, come down from the mountain and ask me. Also, don’t quarrel with your fellow disciples. Do you understand?”

Mo Tiange nodded. There was a reluctant expression on her face as she said, “Second Uncle, you also have to be careful living alone at the foot of the mountain. If you have any problems, just send a message to me and I’ll come straight away.”

Ye Jiang, feeling pleased, nodded. He then comforted her again: “Rest assured, this place is Yunwu Sect’s affiliated market square, so there won’t be any danger here. Moreover, I am, after all, a Foundation Building cultivator; people won’t come provoking me. You shouldn’t come down from the mountain too often—it wouldn’t look good in other people’s eyes. Once a month is enough.”

“But…” Mo Tiange hesitated. “Second Uncle, if I’m not here, what about the medicinal pills for your injuries?”

Ye Jiang smiled. “Since you’re already a disciple of the Yunwu Sect, you can ask Yunwu Sect’s affiliated shop to sell things on your behalf. In the future when you come here, you just need to take these formation methods and ask the shop to sell them to get some spirit stones.”

This was indeed a good thing. At first, when they were individual cultivators, Yunwu Sect’s shop bought their items at very low prices. Furthermore, the shopkeeper didn’t understand the value of some objects and refused to give high prices for their formation methods. But if she let the shop sell her things to others on her behalf, these kinds of problems wouldn’t exist.

Mo Tiange was happy. “En! Second Uncle, wait for me to build my foundation. When the time comes, I can have my own Immortal’s Cave and we can live together again.”

Ye Jiang smiled and nodded. “I’m waiting. It’s going to be the hour of the dog 1soon, so you should go now.”

“En, I’m going! I’ll come back to visit you soon!”

Having gotten her luggage ready, Mo Tiange used the Light Body Technique and flew straight towards Yunwu Sect’s monastery. Ye Jiang watched her disappearing back and sighed.

When she arrived at the monastery and saw the disciples guarding the gate, Mo Tiange smiled and stepped forward to greet them. She then asked, “Senior Martial Brothers, I came today to register. Could you please tell me where I should go?”

Seeing her being so polite, the two disciples also exhibited a friendly manner and answered while pointing somewhere inside the gate: “Junior Martial Brother just needs to go there and wait. There will be another Senior Martial Brother coming to meet you.”

Mo Tiange looked at the spot they pointed at. Sure enough, there were already several individuals waiting there. She then politely said towards the two disciples, “Many thanks to Senior Martial Brothers” then she followed the directions she was given into the monastery. She waited obediently at an empty spot.

Second Uncle said she mustn’t recklessly offend any Aura Refining cultivator, not even those whose job was only carrying water or cooking rice. Although this kind of cultivator wasn’t talented, they were in charge of many things and were actually the ones who could make things difficult for her. Therefore, even if they were only two gate-keeping disciples, she still warmly greeted them as “Senior Martial Brothers.”

Just as she felt thoroughly bored, someone came to her side and said to her, “Greetings to Junior Martial Brother.”

Mo Tiange turned her head around. What she saw was actually that man, the only eighth layer Aura Refining cultivator among the winners. This person was in his early twenties; he had a regular face and neat, refreshing vibe from his body. Indeed, his looks made a very favorable impression on her.

Mo Tiange replied, “Greetings to Senior Martial Brother.”

The man gave a very gentle, very courteous smile. “Junior Martial Brother, you’re very young, yet you’re already in the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm and have such outstanding strength. Perhaps you’ll surpass me soon. My name is Xu Jingzhi, may I know yours?”

“Ye Xiaotian.” Since this person was being very courteous, she naturally cupped her hands politely like he did and answered, “Senior Martial Brother’s joking. Eating a lot of medicinal pills is the only reason I reached my current cultivation level. I’m probably here because I happened to beat several people with luck. Besides, if we’re talking about strength, Senior Martial Brother is certainly stronger than me.”

Xu Jingzhi smiled and waved his hand. He then said, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, since we’re joining the school from the same batch, we’re probably going to share the same cultivating spots. At that time, please show some tolerance for me.”

“Is that so?” Although Mo Tiange was unaware of how Yunwu Sect would arrange its new disciples, she still answered, “That being the case, it’s only proper for us to take care of each other.”

As the two of them chatted, other people finally arrived one after the other.

Mo Tiange discovered that the middle-aged tenth layer Aura Refining cultivator who lost to her was among them, having apparently won in another ring. Yet based on his extremely pale complexion, he obviously hadn’t recovered from his injuries. In addition to him, the youth who cast his spells as quickly as hurling talismans in her first fight was also here.

When the hour of the dog approached and the sun began to set beyond the western hills, two tenth layer Aura Refining cultivators strode towards them from the direction of the hall. They greeted everyone and said, “Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters, please follow us into the hall to meet the Sect Head.”

Everyone respectfully answered and walked forward, following the two men into the hall.

It was only after they entered the hall that they realized how tall and majestic it was. There were carved railings and jade inlays in the hall, and the spiritual aura was abundant. At the highest point, a high chair had been placed. A middle-aged man with a long beard was sitting in that chair and drinking tea.

Perceiving this man’s surging aura, Mo Tiange was certain this person was undoubtedly the Sect Head, a Core Formation grandmaster, Fang Dingyue.

As she expected, the two cultivators who guided them stood on each side and said, “Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters, quickly greet the Sect Head.”

Everyone hastily made their salutations: “Disciples greet the Sect Head.”

This Fang Dingyue put down his teacup, stood up and raised his hand. “Arise.”

He swept his gaze over everyone. After everyone finished their respectful salutation and stood up properly, he said, “Since everyone has now become members of my Yunwu Sect, everyone must abide by Yunwu Sect’s rules and the sect will do its best in facilitating your cultivation. The victories all of you gained over a thousand others have shown how outstanding you are compared to other Aura Refining cultivators. I hope you will strive hard in your cultivation, advance to the Foundation Building realm, and make my Yunwu Sect flourish. That is all. It’s already late, so go to the steward’s hall to register your name and get your things. Tomorrow, you’re going to cultivate together with the disciples of my Yunwu sect.”

After that brief lecture, the two Aura Refining disciples led them out of the hall, bypassing several areas before entering a courtyard.

This courtyard was very simple. It didn’t even have the slightest grandeur the previous hall had and seemed just like an ordinary little courtyard in the secular world. There was a desk inside the main hall of the courtyard and a Foundation Building cultivator was meditating behind it.

The two Aura Refining disciples leading them walked into the hall and respectfully called out, “Martial Uncle Yu, we have brought the new disciples here to register their names.”

The cultivator was still focused on meditating and didn’t give any response. However, the two Aura Refining disciples weren’t in a hurry and waited for him. After a while, the Foundation Building cultivator finally opened his eyes and shot a faint glance at all of them. He said, “Tell them to bring their identity tablet over to receive their things.”

The two men complied. “Yes.” They turned around to face everyone and said, “Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters, please come inside one by one. After you receive your things, please wait in this courtyard for a moment. We will soon take you to your residence.”

Everyone nodded and responded straightaway with “yes.” After that, they went inside one by one without daring to make any commotion.

After a short while, it was finally Mo Tiange’s turn to go inside. Once the Foundation Building cultivator verified the identity tablet she handed over, he recorded her name on a Jade Slip and produced another jade tablet. He ordered her to leave divine sense imprints on both the Jade Slip and the jade tablet. The Jade Slip was meant to stay with them for their records while the jade tablet was given to her. And then, she didn’t know where he retrieved it from, but he tossed her a Qiankun Bag which she immediately accepted. Then, after politely excusing herself, she withdrew from the hall.

Soon, everyone finished registering their names. They followed the two Aura Refining disciples again, but this time, they walked for quite a long time. They walked around to the back of the mountain and made another long detour before they finally stopped at a certain residence on the mountain.

Although this was also a courtyard, it was different from the steward’s hall courtyard. It consisted only of one bamboo house that was surrounded with bamboo fences. A middle-aged lady in the Foundation Building realm came out of the house right after they arrived.

The two Aura Refining disciples hastily stepped forward and made their salutations: “Greetings to Martial Uncle Lin. Us disciples have come to send off several new junior martial sisters. We have to trouble Martial Uncle to make arrangements for them.”

The woman frowned and said coldly, “Why didn’t you send them on your own? What do you think you’re doing, bringing so many men to this female courtyard of mine!?”

The two disciples repeatedly apologized, “Yes, yes, Disciples were reckless. Martial Uncle may punish us.”

The lady grunted. “Forget it! Female disciples, come in and follow me.”

Four female disciples stepped forward and greeted her simultaneously, “Greetings to Martial Uncle.”

“That’ll do. Walk quickly.” The lady led the female disciples into the courtyard, completely ignoring the male disciples.

The two Aura Refining disciples smiled bitterly at each other before leading everyone away. After walking a considerably long distance, they finally arrived at another bamboo residence.

“This is your residence. The one who supervises this place is Senior Martial Brother Zhou, but he has something to do and isn’t here at the moment. For now, follow our arrangements first; one person in one room, five persons in a house. When I call your names, you can go and pick your own rooms.”

Soon, Mo Tiange was also allocated to a house. After saying her thanks and excusing herself, she walked towards her allocated house. Unexpectedly, Xu Jingzhi was going to share the same house with her.

For cultivators, arranging rooms was only a matter of using several small spells. Thus, in a short while, the cultivators who would live in the same house gathered in the small sitting room to chat and get to know each other.

Aside from Xu Jingzhi, Mo Tiange still had three other housemates. Two of them were tenth layer Aura Refining cultivators while the last was a ninth layer Aura Refining cultivator.

The ninth layer Aura Refining cultivator was called Qin Xi. He was the youth she saw casting spells as quick as hurling talismans yesterday. He was around twenty years old. He looked elegant and seemed to be a quiet person.

As for the two tenth layer Aura Refining cultivators, one was called Liu Yidao, a robust-build man who was extremely outspoken and the other was called Jiang Shanghang, a gloomy-looking man with regular features who seemed to be in his late twenties and practiced water magic.

Mo Tiange, living up to her name 2 , was the smallest in the room. Whether it was cultivation level or age, hers were below the rest. Thus, she bluntly recognized the fact that she was the youngest and called the others “Senior Martial Brother.”

The oldest was naturally Liu Yidao. He was already thirty-two years old, was very friendly towards others and had a big-brother demeanor. Thus, he became the Senior Martial Brother. Next was Jiang Shanghang. He was twenty-eight years old. Xu Jingzhi and Qin Xi seemed to be similar in age, but Qin Xi said he was twenty-four years old while Xu Jingzhi said he was twenty-three. As a result, Qin Xi was recognized as the older one.

After the age hierarchy was set, they finally realized that the hierarchy of their cultivation level was exactly the same as their age hierarchy. Both Liu Yidao and Xu Jingzhi shouted that it was such a coincidence and said they had to toast and drink a cup of wine. Unfortunately, everyone had just arrived at the sect and the sky was getting dark; they had nowhere to look for wine and had to drop the idea.

Since everyone just arrived, they needed to tidy up their belongings. Therefore, after a short gathering, each individual went back to their own room to either cultivate or acclimate themselves to the environment.

After Mo Tiange went back to her small room and laid a defense formation, she finally heaved a sigh of relief. She sat on the bed, feeling that she had lost all the strength in her body.