Lady Cultivator - Chapter 354 - Left The North Pole Island

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Chapter 354: Left The North Pole Island

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Not long after Nie Wushang left, Mo Tiange got up and put away her things.

Nie Wushang had left, but what if the two Nascent Soul cultivators from Tianyan Sect were capable of some magic arts unknown to her and searched here? Mo Tiange might as well leave now before Tianyan Sect suspected her.

She entered the Virtual Sky World and put Xiaofan and Xiaohuo into the Spiritual Beast Bag, put away the magic weapons, and finally removed the formation in the Cultivation Room.


Upon hearing her call, Ayin, who was watering the flowers outside, ran over. Just now, Nie Wushang left under her nose, but she didn’t notice at all.

“Fairy, what can I do for you?”

“I’m leaving,” Mo Tiange said gently. She took out several spirit stones from her chest and put them in Ayin’s hand. “You have waited on me with great care these past few days, and these spirit stones are for you. I’ve already paid enough for the room, so after I leave, you can just go tell the shopkeeper.”

Ayin was stunned. “Fairy, you’re leaving so soon…”

“I’ve recently comprehended some profound theories, so I have to go back to inland Yunzhong. We’ll meet again some day if it’s destined,” Mo Tiange said goodbye to her with a smile then lifted her feet to leave the courtyard.

“Fairy!” Ayin chased out with the spirit stones in her palms and wanted to thank her, yet found no one outside. With a sigh of regret, she returned in silence. Ayin had worked as a maid servant in the inn for a while and seldom met a cultivator who was so easy to serve. When Fairy left, she gave her so many spirit stones. Ayin wondered whether she would have a chance to see her again…

After leaving the inn, Mo Tiange stepped forward and headed to the free market.

She had already inquired about the Transporting Formation leaving North Pole Island. There were several Transporting Formations on North Pole Island, most of which were controlled by cultivation sects. Even though they weren’t nominally owned by the sects, they were more or less related to them. That was to say that no matter which Transporting Formation she took, it was impossible to avoid Tianyan Sect.

Therefore, Mo Tiange chose to take the Transporting Formation that contained a free market belonging to Tianyan Sect. Since it was impossible to avoid, she’d borrow Tianyan Sect’s Transporting Formation then. Nie Wushang had left, and as long as she didn’t show any guilty conscience, Tianyan Sect wouldn’t suspect anything.

Mo Tiange went to the Jade Qilin Pavilion and greeted the reception cultivators, then was led by one of them to another hall with people coming and going.

The hall was much smaller and less crowded than the one where the free market was. As it was expensive to perform one transportation, those low-level cultivators would often have to scrape together enough money to try once.

As soon as Mo Tiange entered the hall, she felt a cultivator divine sense passing over her. For a moment, her hair stood up and she was unconsciously vigilant, because this divine sense belonged to a Nascent Soul cultivator!

Was the Nascent Soul cultivator from Tianyan Sect really here? Mo Tiange was a little surprised. What on earth had Nie Wushang stolen? Since the object was placed at Jade Qilin Pavilion, was it so important that a Nascent Soul cultivator was asked to come out and search?

Though she was confused, Mo Tiange retained a calm face. She walked over to the Transporting Formation and registered like the other cultivators.

Seeing that she was a Core Formation cultivator, the Aura Refining disciples who were in charge of registering respectfully invited her to wait aside, while the several Foundation Building cultivators, who were in charge of the formation, stared at her warily as if they were facing a great enemy again.

Mo Tiange smiled gently and just acted like she didn’t feel anything, waiting and tasting some tea leisurely. Tianyan Sect seemed to be rich. They used such good tea-leaves with rich spiritual aura to treat guests at the Jade Qilin Pavilion.

After a while, someone hurried out of the inner wing-room and came toward her.

Mo Tiange lifted her eyes and smiled. What a coincidence—it was unexpectedly that Madam Chisu again.

When Madam Chisu saw her, she also smiled before saying anything. The two of them greeted and saluted each other tacitly.

“Fellow Daoist Chisu.”

“Fellow Daoist Qingwei.”

Then Madam Chisu asked with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Qingwei, are you leaving North Pole Island? Why don’t you stay longer?”

Mo Tiange replied with a smile, “When I was cultivating recently, I suddenly comprehended some true meaning, so I need to go back to inland Yunzhong as soon as possible. Fated chances wait for no one, and although I haven’t seen enough of North Pole Island, I have to leave.”

“I see.” No cultivator would doubt this excuse. For cultivators, after all, nothing was more important than fated chances.

Mo Tiange looked all round and asked with a little bit of curiosity, “Fellow Daoist Chisu, haven’t you found the thief yet?” Mo Tiange noticed that the Foundation Building cultivators were nervously checking the cultivators leaving, there was also a Nascent Soul cultivator who assumed personal command on the inside, and once a Core Formation cultivator was encountered, Madam Chisu would come out personally to check. This was quite a big cast.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help worrying in secret. Nie Wushang had disguised as a cultivator going to the sea; would there also be a search on her side? Mo Tiange wondered if she had passed the check…

Madam Chisu smiled helplessly. “Not yet. Our sect’s Nascent Soul Martial Uncle gave orders that we must check every cultivator who leaves North Pole Island during this time. Fellow Daoist Qingwei, do you mind?”

Mo Tiange was a little worried in her heart, but she didn’t show any sign of it. “Just do it, Fellow Daoist. I would like to leave as soon as possible. If I miss this chance, I don’t know when the next one will come.”

“Of course,” Madam Chisu promised immediately and said, “Fellow Daoist Qingwei, this way, please.”

Mo Tiange got up and entered an empty room with Madam Chisu. Madam Chisu then took out a jade plate and walked around Mo Tiange twice carefully to check. Finally, she breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Okay, Fellow Daoist Mo, you can go through the formalities now.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Tiange’s tightened nerves loosened a bit, and she felt that the divine sense which had wrapped around her finally dispersed. But Mo Tiange still wore the same expression on her face and bowed to salute Madam Chisu. “Fellow Daoist Chisu, I’ll take my leave and hope we can meet again some day.”

“See you soon, Fellow Daoist. It’s really a bad time to make acquaintances with you as something important is happening in my sect. If you come to North Pole Island again in the future, Fellow Daoist, I’ll perform the honors of a host then.”

Madam Chisu saw Mo Tiange to the Transporting Formation and told the disciples who watched the Transporting Formation to waive her transfer fee, then the two of them saluted each other very politely for a while again before the final, formal goodbye.

With the personal permission of Madam Chisu, the Foundation Building cultivators who watched the Transporting Formation immediately became much more polite and respectfully asked, “Predecessor, where do you want to go?”

Mo Tiange smiled and asked, “How many places can you transfer me to with this Transporting Formation?”

“Predecessor, our Transporting Formation can transfer you to three places: Eastern Tang State, Southern Zhou, and Northern Lin State.”

Mo Tiange asked, “Will it transfer me directly to the capital city of Eastern Tang State?”

“No.” One of the Foundation Building cultivators spread out the map and pointed to the Eastern Tang State on it. “Predecessor, please look here. This is Sky Snow City—that’s our transmission location.”

“Oh…” Mo Tiange murmured. “It seems a little far.”

The Foundation Building cultivator revealed an apologetic expression. “The capital is too far away and the cost would be too high. But there’s also a Transporting Formation in Sky Snow City; it should be convenient if you want to go back to your sect.”

Mo Tiange knew he misunderstood, but she didn’t explain. It was to her advantage for others to think she was a Dao cultivator from Eastern Tang State. If they knew she had come from the distant Celestial Pole, who knew if anyone would want anything from her out of curiosity?

She then nodded and said, “Fine, send me to Sky Snow City.”