Lady Cultivator - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Competitions

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When the youth on the ring saw Mo Tiange greeting the refereeing cultivator first and didn’t pay any attention to him, he felt Mo Tiange wasn’t taking him seriously and was very unhappy about it. He uttered a “hmph” and directly released his flying sword without even returning her greeting.

Mo Tiange was ready. She took out her Green-Wood Sword and began to fight.

Although Green-Wood Sword was a wooden sword, it was a high-grade spirit tool which had been repaired by a high-level cultivator. Besides, accompanied by her Green-Wood Art, it wasn’t at all inferior to her opponent’s flying sword. As a result, it was quite a well-matched fight.

Seeing that the youth was solely engrossed in controlling the flying sword, Mo Tiange stealthily took out a few seeds from her Qiankun Bag.

To qualify, she had to win ten fights consecutively. Although competitors were allowed to eat Restorative Panaceas, no one could predict what kind of difficult opponent they might face later. That was why it would be best if they could resolve fights as quickly as possible and conserve their spiritual aura. Hence, Mo Tiange didn’t have any intentions of taking her time in defeating him. She only probed a bit to determine this youth’s movements then made her decision.

Once again, she maneuvered her Green-Wood Sword to meet her opponent’s flying sword. She then raised her left hand, propelling three seeds that dove separately towards the upper part, middle part, and lower part of her opponent’s body.

Her opponent immediately sensed that something was wrong. In his haste, he didn’t dare to meet the oncoming attack and could only dodge out of the way. Mo Tiange threw three other seeds towards him again. This time though, he only managed to avoid the one aimed at his head while two other seeds successfully struck him.

In an instant, a ball sprouted from the seed on his body and exploded, breaking the defensive sphere that protected his body. Meanwhile, the seed directed towards his lower body grew into thorny vines that coiled around his legs and bound him.

This youth was frightened. He hastily commanded his flying sword to return and chop off those vines. He then took out a talisman from his robe and threw it at Mo Tiange to stall her Green-Wood Sword.

Nevertheless, instead of blocking that talisman, Mo Tiange suddenly jumped and took back her Green-Wood Sword. In an instant, she rushed forward with the sword in her grasp, avoiding the talisman without much effort.

The youth didn’t have time to move; the Green-Wood Sword had shaken off his flying sword and was now pointing at his heart.

He didn’t dare to move now. Mo Tiange was holding a talisman in her other hand. The youth believed that as soon as he moved, this talisman would be thrown at him. With no other options, he grudgingly said, “I lose.”

Mo Tiange grinned and pulled her Green-Wood Sword back.

After all these years following Second Uncle around, she discovered that in a fight of magical powers, cultivators tended to depend on things like spirit tools and talismans and weren’t good at martial arts. For that reason, she used the Light Body Technique as her foundation and mixed in some martial arts from the secular world, resulting in her having quicker reactions than others. That day, when she killed that man from the An Clan in the forest, she also gained the upper hand because her reactions were faster than his.

Because Second Uncle always told her to practice using her spiritual aura, defeating this youth was rather easy. Moreover, her spirit tool was of the highest grade. Her odds of winning against those in the same realm as her or even cultivators in one or two layers above her were quite high. After all, unlike that day when she had to save her own life, today, she had Second Uncle with her. Her life wouldn’t be in danger, so she could face her enemies calmly.

Of course, if she had to fight against a tenth layer Aura Refining cultivator or a comparably strong ninth layer Aura Refining cultivator, winning would be quite an arduous task.

The second person who entered the ring was also a seventh layer Aura Refining cultivator like her. Mo Tiange could win without expending too much strength.

After that one, however, no other seventh layer Aura Refining cultivators entered her ring. Those who came were all eighth or ninth layer cultivators. Although Mo Tiange was still quite relaxed at first, she finally felt some strain after defeating about five to six individuals. In her last few fights, she basically had to depend on Green-Wood Sword to surpass equally high-grade spirit tools to win. Usually, after she finished her fights, she ended up with almost-depleted spiritual aura.

Nevertheless, Yunwu Sect also had regulations for this kind of situation. The winners were allowed to meditate for a moment, but they couldn’t do so for too long. Because of this, they had to depend on spirit stones to restore their spiritual aura. Fortunately, the spirit stones Mo Tiange prepared were sufficient; she could use them after each fight to restore her spiritual aura. However, she still felt tired after fighting six people in a row. This was mental fatigue; having abundant spiritual aura was of no help.

Her winning streak also attracted the audience’s attention. Although seventh layer Aura Refining cultivators participating in the Immortals Assembly were numerous, ninth and tenth layer cultivators still occupied the dominant positions. Moreover, those who were able to win successively against four cultivators with higher cultivation levels than them were incredibly rare. Right now, aside from her, there was no other seventh layer Aura Refining cultivator who was in the position of maintaining their victory in the other rings.

Furthermore, the magic she used were indeed different from other peoples’. Seeds that could sprout in an instant and charge at the enemy were far more powerful than ordinary wood spells. Ordinary wood spells would transform one’s spiritual aura into plants, hence they definitely consumed a lot more spiritual aura than using seeds. In addition to that, her seeds could be thrown into the air and were thus hard to thwart.

With a lot of effort, she managed to defeat an eighth layer Aura Refining cultivator using a high-grade talisman. Her next challenger, however, made Mo Tiange feel very helpless.

It was a tenth layer Aura Refining cultivator.

If in a fight against an eighth layer cultivator her chances of winning were 50-50, then in a fight against a tenth layer cultivator, she could be considered completely helpless. And yet, she instantly made up her mind. Since it might be hard for her to win, she’d better prepare to use all her talismans and panacea!

After an exchange of pleasantries between the two of them, Mo Tiange immediately took out her Green-Wood Sword and stuck a Defense Talisman on her body.

This cultivator was a middle-aged man who was obviously very experienced in fights of magical powers. He calmly took out his spirit tool, a small flag which floated in front of him.

Most of the time, flag-like spirit tools were either defense or spirit-controlling type spirit tools; both types were hard to deal with. Mo Tiange became more cautious. While controlling the Green-Wood Sword, she slipped the seeds in her hand between her talismans and hurled them unrelentingly at the middle-aged cultivator.

This middle-aged cultivator wasn’t worried at all. Under his control, the little flag actually emitted spiritual aura which drew all the attacks towards it. Furthermore, under her barrage of attacks, the little flag didn’t seem to suffer the slightest damage.

Mo Tiange frowned. Apparently, this flag was a defensive treasure; this time she was in big trouble. Because her opponent’s cultivation level was higher than hers, it would require a lot of effort on her part to withstand his attacks. Thus, she originally planned to attack first and gain some advantage. If her opponent could be injured by her attacks, he would be much easier to handle. Unfortunately for her, her opponent had this kind of spirit tool.

She continued hurling seeds but no longer used her talismans. If they didn’t work yet she continued to use them, they’d only be wasted and she’d be in a more difficult situation in her next few fights.

While warding off her attacks, her opponent managed to throw a fireball at her. Fire spells were the most powerful spells among the five elements spells. The vast majority of cultivators who possessed spiritual roots with fire attribute practiced fire spells.

Mo Tiange didn’t dare to underestimate it and used Light Body Technique to dodge to the side. To her surprise, this fireball was very easy to avoid. It seemed her opponent was good at defending but not good at attacking. That being the case, she still had a shot at winning.

Fortunately, the seeds of the common thornbushes and cactuses she had been using didn’t cost too much. She just needed to continuously throw them at him.

After getting no results from her attacks, Mo Tiange started to feel somewhat anxious. It would be detrimental to her if this situation went on. Because she had been fighting for too long, her mental fatigue had reached a certain threshold. Even though her opponent wasn’t good at attacking, he still made it strenuous for her to dodge. Moreover, with that flag, he basically didn’t need to do anything else to defend himself, so he had it far easier than her. If this situation went on, she would definitely make a mistake before he did. So, as long as he could completely defend himself from her attacks, he could already be considered the winner.

This won’t do! I have to change this situation to have a chance of winning!

She clenched a handful of seeds with one hand and threw dozens of others at the same time. The middle-aged cultivator was the same as before, pouring his spiritual aura into that little flag. He didn’t notice that instead of coming at him, several seeds flew in other directions.

Mo Tiange patiently dodged his spells while continuously throwing some seeds. Eventually, there was no other direction left for her to throw her seeds at.

She stopped moving and gathered her aura in her palms. All of a sudden, she pushed her aura towards the ground. Numerous thorny vines grew at an insane speed all over the ring, completely trapping that middle-aged cultivator in the middle.

The middle-aged cultivator was shocked. He discovered that thorny vines were encircling him. They kept circling and circling so that the scene in front of him slowly became blurry. In the end, even the thorny vines couldn’t be seen. His surroundings were indistinguishable; except his own body, he couldn’t see anything.

He looked around and increased his vigilance, but he felt quite terrified in his heart. At first, he didn’t take this seventh Aura Refining boy seriously, but this move… this move was definitely a formation! This was something he was completely unfamiliar with!

Suddenly, a barrage of spells came towards him. One by one, he used his flag to ward them off. However, these attacks were unending; he couldn’t relax and was slowly running out of spiritual aura. His Restorative Panacea also wouldn’t last long in this situation.

Outside the formation, instead of attacking, Mo Tiange was now resting while throwing several spirit stones to control the formation. She was waiting for her opponent to run out of spiritual aura.

It was fortunate that her opponent wasn’t proficient in formations and had never moved from his position. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for her to lay a formation during a fight.

In the end, when she finally saw that her opponent was getting tired, she took out a high-grade water element talisman and hurled it forward. Water rose quickly from the middle-aged cultivator’s feet.

She then cast an ordinary soil spell, causing a quicksand to appear under the cultivator’s feet.

What happened below his feet was hard to perceive. Moreover, right now, he was already having a difficult time using his small flag. When the quicksand appeared, water completely surrounded him. He wanted to use the flag to break this spell, yet he found that he didn’t have enough spiritual aura left.

Mo Tiange released her Green-Wood Sword, sending it straight towards her opponent.