Lady Cultivator - Chapter 349 - A Visitor Drops By

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Chapter 349: A Visitor Drops By

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Mo Tiange flung her sleeves and left, leaving behind those five Foundation Building cultivators who eventually stopped chasing after her.

“Senior Martial Brother, what should we do?” the Foundation Building cultivator, who’d just courted trouble, asked somewhat anxiously. Although he seemed very imposing earlier, he began to worry now that Mo Tiange flung her sleeves and left.

The leader wrinkled his brows, saying grumpily, “How should I know?” Tianyan Sect was indeed the biggest cultivation group on North Pole Island, but they were just Foundation Building cultivators after all, and they also didn’t have high-level cultivator seniors—even if they suffered some losses facing a Core Formation cultivator, no one would help them out of that predicament. On the contrary, their divisional senior would only feel that they couldn’t do their jobs right. After all, they were the ones who first offended the other party through their words.

When he thought about this, that “senior martial brother” only felt his head aching.

“Forget it. Let’s go back first,” he finally said. “This time, the lost item is very important, so the martial uncles in the sect will definitely get involved. When we go back, we just need to report it as is. At worst, we’ll just get a round of punishment.”

“Yes.” The few people were crestfallen. Initially, they were already very unlucky to have lost something when they were in charge of watching over the situation. They’d wanted to catch the person and gain some merit to make up for their mistake, yet they instead caused such a matter. Considering how strict the sect head was in governing the sect, it was unclear how severe their punishment would be.

On the other side, Mo Tiange flew for quite a distance before she eventually stopped.

Anger had already vanished from her face. There was now only bewilderment.

She already surmised what had happened from what those several Foundation Building cultivators said. Someone must’ve stolen some kind of treasure from Jade Qilin Pavilion, then they chased after the culprit and found her bearing suspicious, so they viewed her as the thief who stole the treasure.

Now, this was interesting. Since they took her as the thief who stole the treasure, her figure and cultivation level must be similar to the thief’s. Furthermore, the time the incident happened ought to be right when she left Jade Qilin Pavilion. In addition, once she spoke, those several Foundation Building cultivators immediately said her accent was very similar to the thief’s…

Mo Tiange’s eyes narrowed as she thought about what she saw in Jade Qilin Pavilion, about the figure who resembled Nie Wushang.

Although face-wise, Nie Wushang wasn’t similar to her, their figures were about the same, and at that time, her cultivation level also seemed to be in the Foundation Building realm. The most important thing was that if that person was indeed Nie Wushang, to the people of Yunzhong, their accents would indeed sound similar as both of them came from the Celestial Pole.

Could it be… that Nie Wushang really came to Yunzhong? When she thought about this possibility, Mo Tiange felt that things were somewhat bad.

If Nie Wushang came to Yunzhong, did she come alone or did she come with her master, Master Song Feng? What did she steal from Jade Qilin Pavilion in the end? Based on how those five Foundation Building cultivators looked, the item she stole definitely wasn’t an ordinary thing. She was Master Song Fang’s disciple, so she presumably didn’t lack spirit stones. If she could buy it, why did she have to use a method like stealing?

Mo Tiange rubbed her forehead, feeling her head aching immensely. How could she be so unlucky? She was just walking on her own path and wasn’t bothered with people’s business, yet she was dragged into a quarrel.

No matter whether her guess was right or wrong or whether that person was Nie Wushang or not, she was already implicated in this matter.

Just now, those Foundation Building cultivators were so embarrassed because their attitude was rampant. The rule of the cultivation world was that the strong ones were the seniors. It naturally wasn’t a problem that she, a Core Formation cultivator, berated several Foundation Building cultivators. The same rule applied even though those people were disciples of Tianyan Sect, the biggest sect on North Pole Island.

However, that was it. She was now on North Pole Island; as long as those people reported the matter to their superiors, her whereabouts would be discovered very quickly. Considering her identity as a Core Formation cultivator, Tianyan Sect’s Core Formation cultivators would definitely step forward. At that time, she certainly couldn’t not give them any face as she had just now. In any case, a powerful dragon couldn’t crush a snake in its old haunts. Moreover, this Tianyan Sect had two Nascent Soul cultivators—she mustn’t have a true falling out with them.

She originally wanted to go to the wharf to see how Yunzhong’s cultivators hunted sea beasts and chat with them to understand Yunzhong more deeply. Now, she wasn’t in the mood. After making a detour, she went directly back to the inn.

Ayin was extremely astonished to see her returning so quickly. She just arrived, but this fairy was already back—as expected of a powerful cultivator!

Mo Tiange didn’t feel like explaining to her. Before she went back to the cultivation room, she told Ayin: “In these next few days, if a visitor comes for me, you can directly call me in the courtyard.”

Ayin was baffled. For more than half a month during this fairy’s stay, she didn’t even come out of her room. From all aspects, it didn’t at all look like she was visiting her friends. But this time, after she went out on a trip, she immediately mentioned visitors. Because of that, Ayin really didn’t understand what was going on. Nevertheless, she was only a maidservant hired by the inn to wait upon cultivators and didn’t have the qualifications to ask anything, so she just answered, “Yes.”

Mo Tiange wrinkled her brows, entered the cultivation room, initiated the defensive formation, and then went into the Virtual Sky World.

Inside the Virtual Sky World, everything was normal. Feifei and Xiaohuo were playing, while Xiaofan was cultivating in the brook.

Compared to those two, not only did Xiaofan possess wisdom equal to that of humans, but its behavior was also similar to human’s. Although it was but a child among demonic beasts, it was very passionate about cultivating. After it came to the Virtual Sky World, it was just like a fish back in the water.

At that point, Mo Tiange’s mind started to wander. Qin Xi wasn’t very suited to the environment in the Virtual Sky World, but her three spiritual beasts had no such problem. Maybe it was because demonic beast cultivation techniques were more concerned about their instincts? Unfortunately, they couldn’t learn from demonic beast cultivation methods; otherwise, she and Qin Xi wouldn’t have had to part.

The people from Tianyan Sect came quicker than she expected.

After just half a day, just as Mo Tiange was meditating in the Virtual Sky World, she heard Ayin’s voice coming from the outside, telling her that a visitor had come for her.

With a sigh, Mo Tiange opened her eyes then used her divine sense to command Xiaofan and Xiaohuo to come over.

“Master, is there something the matter?”

As she caressed Xiaohuo, who had thrown itself into her embrace, Mo Tiange said to the two beasts: “It might be a bit troublesome. You go into the spiritual beast pouch first—go out with me.”

“Oh.” Xiaofan didn’t ask anything. Once it saw Mo Tiange opening the spiritual beast pouch, it directly took the initiative to enter. Xiaohuo, on the other hand, rolled about rather unhappily several times before it unwillingly went into the spiritual beast pouch.

Upon storing the two spiritual beasts properly and ensuring the magic weapons she had were in the most convenient places that would allow her to fight at any time, Mo Tiange didn’t dawdle; she came out of the Virtual Sky World, opened the restriction, and went out.

“Fairy.” The moment Ayin spotted her, she stepped forward to salute her. “Your guest’s already waiting for you in the sitting room.”

Mo Tiange nodded with a smile and walked towards the small sitting room for receiving guests.

Ayin was well-trained. She’d long invited the guest into the sitting room and served them tea.

Right now, the one sitting inside the sitting room was a female, early stage Core Formation cultivator. She had a head full of pearls and jade accessories and clothes layered with decorations, looking extremely gorgeous. Just looking at her back already gave Mo Tiange the sense that she was very noble.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but recall her master, Lord Daoist Jinghe. This style and her master’s were really similar. If Lord Daoist Jinghe was said to have the mannerisms of an incapable ruler, then this female cultivator could be said to have the mannerisms of an empress.

The female cultivator was currently drinking tea leisurely. Sensing Mo Tiange’s arrival, she put down the teacup in a manner that was neither too fast nor slow and looked up just in time to meet Mo Tiange’s gaze.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but feel dazed. This female cultivator looked beautiful; her immortal aura was overflowing and she was elegant—she was the kind of beauty Mo Tiange had never encountered in the cultivation world. Compared to those fairies, who seemed graceful like immortals but tacky in reality, this cultivator might still have secular beauty, but her temperament was nothing mundane.

The female cultivator also stood up upon seeing her. She bowed as a salute and said: “I’m a cultivator from Tianyan Sect. My Daoist name is Chisu. Outsiders refer to me as Madam Chisu. Greetings to Fellow Daoist.”

Mo Tiange cupped her hands towards her to salute her back. “Fellow Daoist Chisu’s too polite. My surname’s Mo, and my name’s Qingwei.”

“So it’s Fellow Daoist Qingwei.” Madam Chisu smiled. She proceeded neither too urgently nor too slowly to praise: “Fellow Daoist Qingwei’s already in the middle stage of the Core Formation realm despite looking so young… It’s really astonishing.”

“Isn’t Fellow Daoist Chisu also young and beautiful? Why should you tease me?” Mo Tiange said faintly then called out to her, “Fellow Daoist, please take a seat.”

Smiling, Madam Chisu sat down and once again picked up her teacup.

The two of them took the moment of drinking tea as a chance to secretly size up each other.

Mo Tiange could see that although this Madam Chisu was only in the early stage of the Core Formation realm, her status in Tianyan Sect ought to be quite high. She had a graceful temperament, her every movement was steady and calm, and her whole body faintly emitted a kind of might—these were things ordinary cultivators didn’t have. Presumably, she held quite some power in her sect, thus she had this kind of momentum.

As Mo Tiange was sizing up the other party, Madam Chisu was also looking at her. When she first saw Mo Tiange, astonishment flashed across her gaze. Although many of the high-level female cultivators in the cultivation world retained their youthfulness and beauty, an experienced person could still make out the differences. But when she saw this female cultivator, whom she had never seen on North Pole Island, the female cultivator really did seem like she was genuinely very young. Doubt grew in her heart. Could it be that a disciple of some big cultivation group from inland came here?

With that thought in mind, something flashed in Madam Chisu’s eyes. She asked with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Qingwei, may I know where you came from? What brings you to North Pole Island?”

For cultivators, such direct questions were rather rude. However, with the way Madam Chisu spoke, Mo Tiange only felt that such questions were right and to be expected.

Mo Tiange put down her teacup then answered with a smile, “Please forgive me, Fellow Daoist. My background is inappropriate to be told in detail, but my purpose in coming was nothing special—I was just out traveling around and somehow arrived in this place.”

“Oh?” Madam Chisu raised her eyebrows slightly. “Fellow Daoist’s just traveling around and didn’t come to buy beast cores?”

Mo Tiange answered calmly, “If I see suitable ones, I’ll naturally buy them. But it also doesn’t matter if I can’t buy them.”

Madam Chisu smiled upon hearing her answer. This kind of mannerism was indeed that of cultivators from big cultivation groups. They were the only ones who wouldn’t be awed by the gigantic beast core market on North Pole Island.

Thinking like that, Madam Chisu slowly said, “Fellow Daoist Qingwei, just now, I heard from the innkeeper that you claimed to be an individual cultivator when you first came to the inn. Moreover, you also lowered your cultivation level, pretending to be a Foundation Building cultivator. May I know if there was any hidden reason for this?”

Mo Tiange showed a faint smile, but she only looked at Madam Chisu without saying anything.

Under such a gaze, Madam Chisu gradually also felt her question was rather improper. Since it was a hidden reason, how could she possibly explain it to an outsider?

“Fellow Daoist Chisu,” Mo Tiange said, “I don’t like to be high-profile or talk about the origin of my division over and over. I don’t need to explain this to you, right?”

Although she currently had a smile on her face, how could a smart person like Madam Chisu not notice the warning behind her words? This woman wasn’t one to be trifled with—this thought immediately flashed in Madam Chisu’s mind.

Just as Madam Chisu was about to speak, Mo Tiange moved one step faster, lifting her hand to stop her. She then dusted off her sleeves and said calmly, “I clearly understand Fellow Daoist’s purpose for coming here. Since Fellow Daoist’s treating me politely, I’m also not someone who can’t differentiate good from bad—I’ll explain to your sect clearly now.”