Lady Cultivator - Chapter 344 - The Lu Family

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Chapter 344: The Lu Family

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The Lu Family’s butler called himself Lu An, who talked with Mo Tiange carefully on the way and explained the Lu Family’s situation on South Pole Island.

It turned out that there was a large island in the northeast of Yunzhong which was separated by a shallow channel, dividing the island into the North and South parts. The north island was huge and contained a few good spirit veins, so there were a few small and mid-sized sects who settled there.

What’s more, Yunzhong was very different from the Celestial Pole. It spread out in all directions, and it seemed there was nowhere it couldn’t reach. There were many people who hunted sea beasts on the coast, and the north island was also very busy because of its spirit veins and sea beasts surrounding it.

However, the south island was only a tenth of the size of the north island, and it only had some weak spirit veins. No sects or cultivation family clans wanted to settle there, so few people came. But the strength of the Lu Family was neither very strong nor very weak, and they chose to settle and live there.

This island was said to be the northernmost place in Yunzhong, so it was called North Pole Island. But considering that it was divided into the south island and the north island, people on the south island called their island the South Pole Island.

Upon hearing this, Mo Tiange understood that the so-called South Pole didn’t mean that the island was in the southernmost part of Yunzhong.

And for the name South Pole Island, it was only known to the Lu Family and the residents there. Cultivators coming from other places would only go to the north island, and they didn’t know there was a south island at all.

After talking about the South Pole Island, Lu An began to ask Mo Tiange about her background. Mo Tiange said she was just an individual cultivator who traveled everywhere because she didn’t have fated chances to advance. Yunzhong was a large place and Mo Tiange had heard about it roughly. Lu An was just a butler from a small cultivation family clan, so he didn’t suspect anything at all.

Mo Tiange learned from Lu An that the Lu Family’s Old Master was a cultivator in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, who was already more than 200 years old. Besides, the family also had a few talented members of the junior generation. All their family members practiced the Law of Immortality, and there were many cultivators in the Aura Refining realm. However, the butler and guards were only minor figures in the Lu Family. They were all mortals with spiritual aura surrounding them.

Mo Tiange knew that it wouldn’t work for mortals to cultivate because they didn’t have spiritual roots and could barely retain spiritual aura. With their own efforts and the help of medicinal pills, they could only reach the first layer of the Aura Refining realm at most, so they could use some simple immortality laws and protect themselves from disaster or disease. Even so, there were only very few people who could reach the first layer of the Aura Refining realm; most people couldn’t reach this level and could never become an immortal.

According to Lu An, Mo Tiange could see that cultivation was very popular in Yunzhong as expected. Those families who possessed a certain amount of fortune must be cultivating.

Since these few people couldn’t see through Mo Tiange’s cultivation level, they inquired carefully as to whether she was a Foundation Building cultivator. Mo Tiange didn’t intend to make it widely known, so she tacitly admitted it. Upon seeing this, these people were very happy and asked her many questions about cultivation on the way. Mo Tiange saw that they were so fanatical about cultivation, thus she gave them some directions which were easy to understand and to the point, making them suddenly enlightened and very grateful to her.

Before long, they arrived at the mansion of the Lu Family. Lu An personally led her into the courtyard and reported to the Head Butler. The Head Butler was a low-ranking cultivator with spiritual roots. He was indifferent to Lu An, but when he saw Mo Tiange, he immediately changed his attitude and respectfully invited her into the reception hall, ordering people to report to the Old Master.

Mo Tiange had repressed her spiritual breath and pretended to be in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm. She learned from Lu An that although the number of cultivators in Yunzhong was higher than in the Celestial Pole, Yunzhong didn’t have many high-level cultivators. Core Formation and Nascent Soul cultivators were extremely rare, but late-stage Foundation Building cultivators were neither too conspicuous nor too low in cultivation level, which could save her a lot of unnecessary trouble.

When this “Foundation Building” cultivator arrived, the Lu Family’s Old Master had long sensed her with his divine sense. As the Head Butler was about to report to him, the Old Master came out from the backyard.

Though he was called the Old Master, he appeared to be about forty years old. He was well dressed, radiant, and evidently well cared for. When he saw Mo Tiange, he was a little taken aback, and after he came to, his attitude became more polite and he came up to salute her. “Fellow Daoist, I’m Lu Qingdong. Greetings, and I’m sorry that I’m too late to greet you.”

Mo Tiange returned his salute, neither too warmly nor too coldly. She smiled and said, “So you’re Fellow Daoist Lu, nice to meet you. I’m Mo Qingwei, an individual cultivator. I came here to travel by accident and happened to encounter the people of your family, who then invited me to your place. If I have disturbed you, please forgive me.”

“You’re so humble!” Seeing that Mo Tiange held such a friendly attitude and wasn’t that kind of high-level cultivator who looked down on low-level cultivators, the Lu Family’s Old Master was very happy and he said even more warmly, “We’re both cultivators on the Righteous Path of cultivation. Since we met, it was destiny that ties us together. Fellow Daoist Mo, you’re so kind. Sit, please take a seat.”

The two people saluted each other then took their seats separately as the host and guest. Lu Qingdong ordered the servants to offer good tea and treated Mo Tiange warmly.

After drinking the tea, Lu Qingdong sized up Mo Tiange carefully and was quite surprised that she was young. As they all knew, it was difficult for individual cultivators to cultivate, and only a few could reach the Foundation Building realm; even fewer could reach the late stage. But Mo Tiange looked like she was just in her twenties, yet she had such an extraordinary temperament and high cultivation level. She seemed to look like a disciple from some large sect.

Thinking this, Lu Qingdong put a smile on his face and asked politely, “Fellow Daoist Mo, you have such an elegant demeanor and high cultivation level, yet you’re only an individual cultivator. I admire you for that very much!”

Mo Tiange could of course hear the intention in his words, so she smiled gently and said, “You’re so polite, Fellow Daoist Lu. Thanks to my elders, I was able to reach my current realm. When I first entered the path of immortality, I had an elder to look after me. Otherwise, I would still be wandering in the Aura Refining realm.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, a trace of understanding flashed across Lu Qingdong’s eyes, and he smiled. “So that’s it. But Fellow Daoist Mo, since you could reach the late stage of the Foundation Building realm, you must be very talented. Us ordinary people truly envy you!”

“You’re flattering me. I just got lucky.” Mo Tiange still smiled and didn’t show any pride on her face.

Seeing this, Lu Qingdong thought of her even more highly, and he asked again, “Fellow Daoist Mo, where did you cultivate before? Is there anything important you need to do on this visit to South Pole Island? Although my Lu Family isn’t a big cultivation family, we’ve been here for hundreds of years, so perhaps I can do some favors for you.”

“Fellow Daoist Lu, you’re so kind.” Mo Tiange smiled and said, “To tell you honestly, since I set foot on the road to immortality, I followed my elders in wandering around. Then my elder died, and I had to travel alone with never a place to stay. This time, I came to South Pole Island by accident. If I disturbed your family, I’m really sorry.”

“You’re being too polite, Fellow Daoist Mo. What’s the big deal?” Lu Qingdong paused for a moment and smiled. “In that case, Fellow Daoist Mo, this was truly destiny for you and the Lu Family! Although our South Pole Island is connected to North Pole Island, very few cultivators come and go here, and it’s rare for us to welcome people engaged in the same pursuit. Being the host, I’ll definitely treat you well!”

Then Lu Qingdong began to chat with her enthusiastically.

Mo Tiange knew why Lu Qingdong was trying to do this. The difference between the early stage and late stage of the Foundation Building realm was huge. The Lu Family was only a small cultivation family clan, so presumably, Lu Qingdong didn’t have many chances to meet many cultivators in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm. Naturally, he wanted to befriend her and take the chance to talk about cultivation.

Mo Tiange thought to herself that the cultivation technique she practiced was different from ordinary people, but since they were all cultivators, the Law of Immortality might have some common methods, and it was no problem for her to guide an early-stage Foundation Building cultivator. Thus, she accepted his hospitality unashamedly.

The two of them talked for a while and discussed the path of cultivation. Then Lu Qingdong ordered the Lu Family’s younger generations to come and meet Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange met them one by one and found there were a few who had really good spiritual roots, so she praised them conveniently, making Lu Qingdong feel very proud.

Among the Lu Family’s younger generations, there was a young lady who was said to only be eighteen years old, but she had already reached the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, and she was most valued by Lu Qingdong.

Judging from the proud tone used by Lu Qingdong when he introduced this young lady, Mo Tiange knew she must be favored very much, so Mo Tiange praised her naturally. “With such a cultivation level at such a young age, your granddaughter has a promising future.”

Mo Tiange was being polite, but she also meant what she said. When she was seventeen years old and reached the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm, it was because her Second Uncle used Ye family’s strength to help her progress. While the highest cultivation level in the Lu Family was only the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, it was no match for the Ye family in those days. But they cultivated a young lady who wasn’t junior to her, so the young lady must also be very talented.

Upon hearing this, Lu Qingdong smiled very happily and said, “Not that good, Fellow Daoist Mo. You’re so polite.”

Lu Qiongying, the Lu Family’s young lady, wasn’t afraid at all. She stared at Mo Tiange for a while and said with a smile, “Predecessor, you’re so young and look like an elder sister.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Qingdong scolded her hurriedly, “Don’t talk nonsense. Predecessor has a high and deep cultivation level. She just looks young… How can you be so rude?”

Mo Tiange knew that Lu Qingdong was saying although she looked young, it was hard to tell her actual age. She wasn’t one of those women who cared much about their age, and she only smiled at this, not unpleasantly.

Lu Qiongying pouted though. “Grandfather, you don’t understand. I said predecessor looks like an elder sister because she’s young and beautiful. I should call her sister instead of predecessor!”


Mo Tiange smiled and said, “Don’t scold her, Fellow Daoist Lu. Your granddaughter said I’m young and beautiful; why wouldn’t I be happy to hear that?”

Lu Qingdong stared at Lu Qiongying and apologized again. Then he continued: “She has been spoiled since childhood. Though her words weren’t respectful, she meant no harm.”

Mo Tiange saw there seemed to be some pride on the Old Master’s face and felt funny. Although he apologized for his granddaughter, he felt his granddaughter was very good in his heart.

Soon afterwards, the Lu Family hosted a banquet for Mo Tiange. After eating and drinking, they talked a lot more about cultivation, and in the end, they invited Mo Tiange to stay a few more days with the Lu Family.

Mo Tiange intended to inquire about some news about Yunzhong from the Lu Family, so she agreed. Lu Qingdong asked the Young Lady to accompany Mo Tiange.

Of course, Mo Tiange knew Lu Qingdong wanted her to guide his granddaughter more.

Mo Tiange was happy to do that since it was easier for her to obtain news from the young lady.

After the banquet, both guests and hosts were joyful. Mo Tiange was then accompanied by Lu Qiongying to the guest room.