Lady Cultivator - Chapter 341 - Preparations for Departure

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Chapter 341: Preparations for Departure

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Now that Mo Tiange decided to go to Yunzhong, she busied herself again in the next few days.

Above all, she needed to refine the numerous magic weapons she obtained from Mo Yaoqing’s cave so she could use them skillfully in fights of magical power. Secondly, she needed to leave Qin Xi and Lord Daoist Jinghe enough medicine in case of emergencies. Finally, she had to familiarize herself with Yunzhong as much as possible.

Qin Xi suspended his Closed Door Meditation and searched everywhere for records about Yunzhong. Surprisingly, Lord Daoist Zhenyang knew about the situation in Yunzhong somewhat.

“You want to go to Yunzhong?” Lord Daoist Zhenyang was also quite surprised.

“Well…” Qin Xi paused for a moment and confessed, “It’s Tiange who wants to go to Yunzhong.”

“Oh?” Lord Daoist Zhenyang was confused. “It’s not that easy to go to Yunzhong, The South Sea is very dangerous, not to mention that she’s a Core Formation cultivator. Even Nascent Soul cultivators can’t cross the South Sea easily. Your Master also knows this, so why didn’t he stop her?”

Qin Xi smiled and said, “Tiange has found a safe way to get there from the Eastern Sea.”

“Is that so?” Lord Daoist Zhenyang was even more surprised, and when he thought about it, he was very happy. “This is good. Yunzhong is a holy land for cultivation. If she can travel there, she will definitely learn a lot. By the way, if she’s sure this road is safe, we can let all our Core Formation cultivators experience and communicate with the cultivators in Yunzhong. Besides, it’s said that Yunzhong is rich in materials for cultivation, so if Qingwei goes there, she can exchange with them and bring some rare treasures back. Well, that’s one way of obtaining a fortune…”

Gradually, Lord Daoist Zhenyang began to calculate how much benefits this journey would bring. If they could bring some of Kunwu’s specialties to Yunzhong and exchange them for rare treasures, then Xuanqing School could profit greatly. With those materials, they could then train another batch of disciples.

Qin Xi was very helpless upon seeing such a scene. This Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang was a Nascent Soul cultivator in the late stage, but he was responsible for the sect, so he was always very keen about these things…

“Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang, you seem to understand the situation in Yunzhong?”

Upon being drawn back to the topic, Lord Daoist Zhenyang stroked his beard and laughed. “Though we have little contact with Yunzhong in the Celestial Pole, there are occasionally cultivators who come here from Yunzhong by accident. I once met a cultivator from Yunzhong, and through him, I heard some things about Yunzhong.”

“Oh? How long ago was this? What was that cultivator’s cultivation level? Was he from the South Sea?”

“Well, it was about five or six hundred years ago…” Lord Daoist Zhenyang recalled. “At that time, I was still in the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm. I met a cultivator who was the same level as me by chance, and his skills were very formidable. We once had a fight, but we reached a stalemate and therefore ended up admiring each other and became good friends. He did come by way of the South Sea, which, according to him, was a dangerous place full of high-level sea beasts. He was lucky enough to escape every time, but even so, it took him two years to reach the Celestial Pole.”

“He was able to cross the South Sea only as a Nascent Soul cultivator in the early stage?” Qin Xi was quite surprised. Didn’t they say even Nascent Soul cultivators in the late stage could only look at the sea and sigh?

Upon seeing Qin Xi’s expression, Lord Daoist Zhenyang smiled and said, “You must not think it’s very common. I dare say that the man’s ability to flee for his life was first-class, and it wouldn’t be easy for even a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator to stop him. But even with such skills, he almost died in the South Sea. So, if Qingwei really has found a safe path, it’d be very beneficial for our entire sect.”

Qin Xi wasn’t interested in this matter. He instead asked, “Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang, can you tell me about the situation in Yunzhong after all?”

“Well…” Lord Daoist Zhenyang recalled and said slowly, “Yunzhong has a lot of spirit veins, so there are also lots of cultivators. In addition to Dao cultivators, there are also Confucian cultivators, Buddha cultivators, Spirit Cultivators and Devil Cultivators. Among them, Dao, Buddha and Confucianism collectively belong to the Righteous Path, while the spirits and demons belong to the Devil Path. Of course, the so-called Righteous and Devil Paths are equivalent to our classification of the righteous and the devils, but it doesn’t mean that the Righteous Path is the “just” path and the Devil Path is evil. In Yunzhong, all the cultivators live in one place, and they seldom have disputes…”

Qin Xi patiently listened to Lord Daoist Zhenyang for a long time, but he duplicated some of the contents recorded on Mo Yaoqing’s jade slip, so while Lord Daoist Zhenyang was recalling all this information, Qin Xi hurriedly asked, “Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang, is there anything Tiange should pay attention to if she goes to Yunzhong? These things aren’t so important…”

“Oh, well…” Lord Daoist Zhenyang thought for a moment and said, “There’s nothing special. Just tell Qingwei that she should know that cultivators in Yunzhong use different fighting methods, so don’t start fights easily before she fully understands the enemy’s situation.”

“Oh?” Qin Xi was somewhat interested. “How different?”

Lord Daoist Zhenyang said, “That’s a little complicated. Well, first, their magic weapons are meant to be quicker than their enemies, so Tiange must be very careful not to be preempted by others. Second, many of their magic weapons can disturb others’ spiritual aura. If you don’t pay attention, you can be easily influenced…”

This was what Mo Yaoqing didn’t mention in detail and was very helpful to Mo Tiange.

When Lord Daoist Zhenyang finished speaking, Qin Xi asked again before leaving, “Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang, about that cultivator who came to the Celestial Pole from Yunzhong, what happened to him in the end?”

Lord Daoist Zhenyang was stunned and answered, “He stayed in the Celestial Pole for several years, but he finally decided to return to Yunzhong. Since he left, no one has heard from him again. He might have fallen in the South Sea, or he might have returned to Yunzhong safely.”

“…” Qin Xi was silent. He stood up and sighed. “Thank you, Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang, for telling me about all this. I’ll tell Tiange this and I’m going to go back now.”

“Wait, Shoujing!” Lord Daoist Zhenyang called behind him, “Remember to tell Qingwei to pay more attention to spiritual objects; see if there are any unique ones that can be exchanged…”

Mo Tiange was cleaning up the Virtual Sky World.

Even if there were jade boxes and spiritual talismans that could seal the spiritual aura of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual plants, spiritual plants would always lose their aura when they had been stored for too long. They could be stored longer if they were refined into medicinal pills. She and Qin Xi were trapped in the Virtual Sky World for ten years, during which they refined a lot of medicinal pills. Most of those were stored well.

In addition, Qin Xi prepared a lot of things for her. Although most of them weren’t necessary, in the end, it was his way of caring for her and she accepted them all.

In fact, she had a purpose for going to Yunzhong which she hadn’t told him about.

Mo Yaoqing once said her Art of Sunu came from Danxia Sect, which included even the part above the Nascent Soul realm. If she had a chance, she wanted to get that cultivation technique from Danxia Sect and compare it with her own cultivation technique; perhaps it could give her some enlightenment.

Of course, she could just investigate this matter at her convenience. If it was difficult to achieve, she wouldn’t persist.

As she was cleaning up, she heard Qin Xi call her outside. “Tiange?”

She opened the Virtual Sky World and let Qin Xi in. Upon thinking about this Virtual Sky World, she could obviously feel that it was inferior to Zhong Muling’s. Perhaps it was because she hadn’t reached a high cultivation realm yet?

“Well, is everything ready?” Qin Xi looked at the bottles and jars on the ground. “What are these for?”

“For you and Master.” Mo Tiange counted the objects one by one. “These are for Master, these are for you, and these are for Zhenji. As for this box, it’s for the spiritual beasts, so I’ll give it to you.”

Qin Xi looked at these things and was a little stunned. “You prepared all of these things?” Not only was the whole table covered, but the floor was also crowded with them. These medicinal pills would’ve been enough to consume for a hundred years.

Mo Tiange said, “These are all finished products from our last refining. I’ve kept the medicinal pills for the Core Formation realm for myself, and the rest is all for you.”

Qin Xi thought for a moment. Since he and Master were in the Nascent Soul realm and Zhenji was in the Foundation Building realm, they wouldn’t affect Tiange by taking her pills. Thus, Qin Xi said, “Okay. I’ll take these out of here later. By the way, I went to ask Senior Martial Brother Zhenyang something just now and there’s something he wanted me to tell you…”

After listening to Qin Xi tell her all about what Lord Daoist Zhenyang said, Mo Tiange was also helpless. “Why’s Lord Daoist Zhenyang so wordy? I’m not going there to trade!”

Qin Xi understood her very much, but he smiled and said, “He’s the Head Grand Supreme Elder, so of course he’d consider things differently. You should listen to him somewhat.”

“En.” Mo Tiange also knew that. She was also one of the Elders in the sect, so she should consider something that was advantageous to Xuanqing School.

When she had finished arranging everything, she said, “Okay, take these things now and let’s get out.”

The two of them went out of the Virtual Sky World then Mo Tiange called both Ye Zhenji and Shui Linbo over.

“Auntie, Master!”

“Greetings to Grandmaster Shoujing and Martial Uncle Qingwei.”

“No need to salute.” Mo Tiange looked up to see that Shui Linbo was still as prudent as before, and she behaved well enough like ordinary disciples with general courtesy. She didn’t become arrogant because of her relationship with Zhenji. Mo Tiange nodded discreetly. If Shui Linbo could always get along with people in such a manner, it would make up for Zhenji’s shortcomings, so Mo Tiange could let her do things at ease.

“Auntie, Master, what can we do for you?” Ye Zhenji saw they were serious and couldn’t help asking cautiously.

Qin Xi looked at him and said, “Your aunt is going out for some time, and it may take a long time. So, she wanted you here to tell you something.”

“Huh?” Ye Zhenji looked at Mo Tiange. “Auntie, are you going out to do something? Or travel?”

“To travel.” Mo Tiange smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about me. It’s just that it might take a long while this time.”

“But, Auntie, didn’t you just return?” Ye Zhenji didn’t understand. “Last time, you didn’t return for ten years, and only after two years of being back, Auntie went out again. This time, you’ve just been back for only a month… Auntie, is there anything important reason for you to go out so often?”

“…” If she explained this, it couldn’t be clearly stated concisely. Mo Tiange didn’t explain and just said, “Yes, but it’s no big deal. Zhenji, I might be gone for a few years to more than ten years this time, and during that time, your Master needs to perform a Closed Door Meditation to stabilize his realm and your Grandmaster will also be healing, so you must rely on yourself when it comes to cultivation.”

“Rest assured, Auntie,” Ye Zhenji said. “I’ll see to it myself. If there’s anything I don’t understand, I can communicate with Senior and Junior Martial Brothers. If I still don’t understand, I can go ask Martial Uncle Mingzhen. And… I’ll also take good care of the cave while you’re away.”

“Good.” Mo Tiange nodded with a smile and turned to Shui Linbo. “Linbo, I’ve discussed with your Grandmaster Shoujing and when you’re completely healed, you can register at the Steward’s Hall and will be officially accepted as my disciple on the Clear Spring Peak. In addition, when your Grandmaster Shoujing is in his Closed Door Meditation, you will help Zhenji take care of the cave. Just tell this to the Steward’s Hall.”

Upon hearing this, Shui Linbo was overjoyed. She saluted very humbly with great excitement. “Thank you, Martial Uncle Qingwei. Thank you, Grandmaster Shoujing, I’ll do my best.”

Mo Tiange smiled. Shui Linbo was a smart person who knew that they were giving her a chance. If she took this chance, she would be treated well.