Lady Cultivator - Chapter 338 - Bring The Sea Dragon Under Control

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Chapter 338: Bring The Sea Dragon Under Control

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The Sea Dragons were actually demonic beasts of the sea with ferocious looks. They had pointy heads and big mouths, as well as sharp teeth. When the scales on their bodies stood up, they were as sharp as knives. However, these Sea Dragons were surnamed Bai, and they had such lovely names…

Mo Tiange turned her head and held back her laughter for a long time. Then she turned back and put a serious look on her face. “You can make the decision for me. I don’t mind which one it is as long as it’s your descendent.”

Hesitation appeared in Old Sea Dragon’s eyes. It looked at the five Young Sea Dragons reluctantly then turned to say to her: “Human, just choose one for yourself. They’re all the same to me and it’s hard for me to choose.”

Upon noticing its expression, Mo Tiange didn’t force it. She counted the Young Sea Dragons and said, “Okay, this one.”

It was the smallest Sea Dragon called Bai Xiaofan.

As Bai Xiaofan was chosen, the other four Sea Dragons surrounded it and roared. They spoke the language of Sea Dragons, which Mo Tiange couldn’t understand, but judging from the way they were acting, it was easy to guess that these Sea Dragons had good relationships and were reluctant to part with each other.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help smiling upon seeing such a scene. Ever since she entered the cultivation world, she seldom saw such brotherly love. Even though they were demonic beasts, they gave Mo Tiange a certain warmth.

The five little sea dragons discussed for a long time then the old sea dragon let out a roar to make them quiet down.

Old Sea Dragon looked at the Young Sea Dragon named Xiaofan and told it to swim closer. Then it turned to look at Mo Tiange and said, “Okay human, you can sign a spiritual beast contract with my child now.”

Mo Tiange looked at the small Sea Dragon before her. Its tail was still injured, and it timidly looked into her eyes. She knew that it had almost died under her flying sword and must be afraid of her.

But that didn’t matter. As long as a spiritual beast contract was signed, the little Sea Dragon would trust her.

Mo Tiange closed her eyes and gathered her divine comprehension. One of the reasons why she chose this little Sea Dragon was because it was the weakest among these Sea Dragons and its divine comprehension was also weak, so it would be easier to establish a spiritual beast contract. The other reason was that it was only eight hundred years old but was already in the fifth rank, so it could be seen that this Sea Dragon was quite talented.

As her divine sense touched Bai Xiaofan, under her strong pressure, Bai Xiaofan obediently signed a subordinate contract with Mo Tiange. From this moment on, Mo Tiange would be its master and they couldn’t hurt each other until the spiritual beast contract was broken or one party died.

Upon seeing that Mo Tiange opened her eyes and the fear in Bai Xiaofan’s eyes faded, Old Sea Dragon Bai Xiaoqing asked with surprise, “So quick?”

They finished signing the spiritual beast contract so quickly, which could only prove that Mo Tiange’s divine sense was much stronger than Xiaofan’s. Xiaofan was a demonic beast whose cultivation level was equal to a human in the early stage of the Core Formation realm. Its divine sense was inferior to mankind, but it wasn’t very weak. Mo Tiange was just in the middle stage of the Core Formation realm, so there shouldn’t be such a big difference between them.

Mo Tiange smiled and waved to Xiaofan. Xiaofan was still timid but was no longer afraid of her. It approached her obediently. “Master, we’ve signed the contract, so will you give the spiritual fruit to my grandpa?”

“Of course.” Mo Tiange took out a healing pill and threw it into its mouth, saying, “You wait here for a while.”

As she finished talking, she started the technique again and went into the Virtual Sky World after several breaths. Then she came out with two Baijie Fruits.

“Here, these are for you.” Mo Tiange passed the fruits to Old Sea Dragon along with the original one.

At the sight of three Baijie Fruits, Old Sea Dragon and the four Young Sea Dragons’ eyes lit up.

The Old Sea Dragon took them carefully with its fin, and with a flash of white light, the Baijie Fruit disappeared, hidden somewhere unknown. Demonic beasts didn’t have Qiankun Bags, but they did have their own storage space which was much more convenient than the bags.

“Well, I gave you what I promised; you can tell me the secret now, right?”

Mo Tiange didn’t know whether it was because of the Baijie Fruits or because Xiaofan had become her spiritual beast, but the Old Sea Dragon’s voice somehow became respectful. “I’ve told Xiaofan all about the matter. It will tell you.”

Mo Tiange nodded. “Okay.” Since Xiaofan had become her spiritual beast, she didn’t worry that the Old Sea Dragon would lie. “Then our deal is done.”

The Sea Dragon didn’t respond but looked at Xiaofan at her side and sighed. Then the four little Sea Dragons roared again.

Xiaofan also responded with a roar, and the five Sea Dragons huddled together, rubbing their heads against each other and flapping their fins at each other as if to express their reluctance to part.

Seeing this, Mo Tiange smiled and watched them saying goodbye to each other without urging them.

After a long time, it was Old Sea Dragon again who uttered another roar and interrupted their farewells. Under the Old Sea Dragon’s scolding, the other four Sea Dragons eventually separated from Xiaofan, but they lined up and wagged their tails to pat the water as if they were holding some kind of ritual.

Xiaofan looked at them and also wagged its tail to the rhythm.

After a long time, they finally stopped. The Old Sea Dragon turned its head and said to Mo Tiange, “Okay human, you can take Xiaofan away now.”

Mo Tiange nodded gently and gave them a Dao salute as a sign of respect. “Some day in the future before I sit for my death, I will bring Xiaofan back here to see you. If I get lucky and reach the Deification Realm, then as long as Xiaofan requests it, I will also discharge the spiritual beast contract and give it freedom. So, good bye for now.”

The Old Sea Dragon floated to the surface with the four little Sea Dragons, pressing their fins to their chests and bowing their heads toward her as if giving a salute.

Under the gazes of the five Sea Dragons (including the Old Sea Dragon and four young ones), Mo Tiange took Bai Xiaofan, flew to the distant island, and finally disappeared in the sky.

After returning to the island, Mo Tiange took Xiaofan to Mo Yaoqing’s cave to treat its injuries first.

Xiaofan’s injuries weren’t serious. Since Sea Dragons had hard armor and Mo Tiange wasn’t good at using her flying sword, the would in Xiaofan’s tail caused by her stab wasn’t severe enough to immobilize it. The wound soon healed up after it took some medicinal pills.

“This is amazing!” Xiaofan wriggled its head to see the wound on its tail disappearing, stunned. “It’s healing so quick.”

The Old Sea Dragon Bai Xiaoqing’s voice sounded like an old man, but Bai Xiaofan sounded like the unchanging voice of a human teenager. It was only eight hundred years old, and considering their ten-thousand-year lifespan, it was indeed a child.

Mo Tiange smiled and asked, “You don’t have medicinal pills. If you’re injured, what can you do?”

Xiaofan said, “We also have plants in the seabed that can help heal injuries, but the effects aren’t very good. And we know some magic arts for healing injuries… Master, I heard that you human beings know how to refine medicinal pills and the pills can help you advance very quickly. Is that true?”

These words made Mo Tiange laugh. “They’re not that magical, but they allow the cultivation process to become faster and it may be easier to advance.”

“Wow, you have things much better than us demonic beasts.” Xiaofan’s voice was very happy, and it looked at her longingly again. “Master, in that case, will I also get medicinal pills to take in the future?”

“Of course.” Mo Tiange reached out and touched its little ferocious head. “You’re my spiritual beast. Of course I’ll give you medicinal pills.” She smiled after speaking. “Right. I haven’t asked you—would it be okay for you to leave water?”

The Sea Dragons were demonic beasts of the sea, so naturally, they could fully utilize their fighting capacity in the sea. However, if its spell had already been in shape, it wouldn’t affect its power.

“It’s okay,” Xiaofan answered. “Us Sea Dragons are all born with magic arts and I’m at the fifth rank now, so I can survive without water.” As it spoke, it moved its head up and down. “Besides, Grandpa has taught me everything, and I’m smart enough to remember everything.”

There was a note of pride in its voice, as if it was asking for praise like a child.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help laughing and touched its head. “You’re really so smart. So do you remember all the secrets your grandpa told you?”

“Of course.” Xiaofan lifted its head high confidently.

Mo Tiange smiled even more happily, touched its head again and said, “Okay, you’re already my spiritual beast, so let me take you to a good place.”

Xiaofan blinked its eyes and looked at her with confusion.

Mo Tiange didn’t say a word. She reached out to hold Xiaofan’s head, and the other hand pointed between her eyebrows. When the bead emerged and the spell struck it, they appeared in the Virtual Sky World after several breaths.

“Wuuuu!” As soon as they entered, a golden shadow rushed over and threw itself into Mo Tiange’s arms.

It was Feifei. She entered the Virtual Sky World twice just now but had no time to pet it, so it was very upset.

Mo Tiange patted its head comfortingly. “Good boy, Feifei. Did you get bored? Would you like Xiaohuo to play with you for a while? We have a new friend here.”

Xiaofan was now staring with its slender eyes and looking at the surroundings in surprise. It didn’t understand how they came here in an instant, and this space had such rich spiritual aura! It couldn’t help feeling that human’s magic arts were so magical!

“This is Xiaofan, and this is Feifei.”

Being pulled by Mo Tiange by the paw, Xiaofan came to and stared at the golden, hairy, ball-like, leopard-looking creature before its eyes. It blinked, without understanding what the thing was, but for demonic beasts, whenever they encountered something that wasn’t their own race, they would generally hunt it. So it jumped up and floated in midair, showing Feifei its sharp teeth.

Feifei had followed Mo Tiange for sixty years and ate many spiritual plants. However, maybe because of a characteristic of its race, it was still in the fourth rank and couldn’t advance.

For demonic beasts, the fourth rank was markedly different from the fifth rank, and Feifei especially wasn’t good at fights of magical power at all. Xiaofan only needed to wave its fin or tail lazily and Feifei wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

The two demonic beasts stared at each other. Upon seeing that anger appeared in Xiaofan’s eyes, Feifei suddenly stretched out its paw. With a white light flashing past, it put its paw on Xiaofan’s dark blue scales, and in the white light, the irritation in Xiaofan’s eyes gradually dispersed.

It wasn’t Mo Tiange’s first time seeing such a scene, yet she was still entranced by it. As expected, Feifei was a kind of magical demonic beast who could naturally live peacefully with a lot of other demonic beasts, which was an anomaly in the world of demonic beasts.

Mo Tiange then patted Feifei’s head and released Xiaohuo, who had been in her Spiritual Beast Bag the whole time. “Go play,” she said.

Xiaohuo also showed hostility to Xiaofan, but under Mo Tiange’s orders given through her divine comprehension, it was soon pulled away to play by Feifei.

“Xiaofan, why didn’t you attack Feifei just now?”

Xiaofan’s voice was also mixed with some confusion. “I felt like it wasn’t dangerous…”

Mo Tiange nodded. Sure enough, that was Feifei’s special ability. She then took a few steps forward and waved her hand. “Can you get used to the spiritual aura here?”

Xiaofan nodded. “En, the spiritual aura here is very nice…” Then it saw large fields of medicine and its eyes lit up. “Master, that…”

Mo Tiange stood by the stream and pointed to a large medicinal field. She smiled and said, “You’re now my spiritual beast. You can take all the medicine you want, but you have to make sure it’s not bad for you. From now on, this stream is yours. Get along well with Xiaohuo and Feifei—they’re also my spiritual beasts. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”