Lady Cultivator - Chapter 336 - Demonic Beast’s Wisdom

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Chapter 336: Demonic Beast’s Wisdom

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The Sea Dragon didn’t answer Mo Tiange immediately. Instead, it looked down at the young Sea Dragon trapped in the Heaven and Earth Fan. “Let it go.”

Mo Tiange’s eyes blinked. She lifted her hand and the Heaven and Earth Fan came back to her hand, the Illusory Formation disappeared immediately.

The Sea Dragon roared at the young sea dragon several times. The latter looked up and nodded then dove in and disappeared into the water.

“Now you can tell me.”

“Human, you need to swear to keep your oath not to kill any of the sea beasts nearby, so that I can tell you my secret.”

Mo Tiange smiled. “How will I know whether your secret is worth the oath unless you tell me?”

The Sea Dragon was irritated and said, “Are you so confident about your strength?”

Mo Tiange waved the Heaven and Earth Fan in her hand gently and said, “So many days have passed but you haven’t banded against me. I think perhaps you sea beast families typically just hunt each other, don’t you? You hate each other so much, so even if I’m not your match, I can run.”

What the Sea Dragon said seemed sincere, but Mo Tiange knew it couldn’t be taken seriously. They lived peacefully for thousands of years? So did these sea beasts eat water plants every day? The law of the jungle existed everywhere. In fact, these sea beasts killed or were killed, hunted or were hunted, and the sea was never calm. The Sea Dragon was only trying to deceive her, and she would be a fool to believe all this.

The Sea Dragon stopped talking and stared at Mo Tiange with its wise eyes. After a long time, it said, “You’re very clever, like my old master.”

After being praised by the Sea Dragon, Mo Tiange was still unmoved. She looked at the Sea Dragon with flat eyes and asked, “What about your secret? Are you gonna tell me?”

For some reason, the Sea Dragon thought there was a touch of mockery in her calm eyes. Was that just an illusion? The Sea Dragon blinked and continued to communicate with Mo Tiange with his divine comprehension. “It’s fine. I’ll tell you the secret first, but remember, if you don’t stop after hearing my secret, then we, who are usually enemies in ordinary times, will unite against you!”

Mo Tiange believed that. Even though these sea beasts killed each other on a daily basis, when she, a human, suddenly appeared in the sea, threatening the lives of all sea beasts, they would probably choose to unite first.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. I never joke about my own life.”

Her voice was so calm. The Sea Dragon shook its head and shook off some misgivings. “What I wanted to tell you is that near the sea, there’s an island containing treasures left by a powerful cultivator!”

It paused for a moment but didn’t see any reaction from Mo Tiange, who was still looking at it with a faintly mocking smile. This puzzled the Sea Dragon, who was far smarter than the other demonic beasts. “Don’t you want the treasures?” he asked.

Mo Tiange nodded and said carelessly, “What else?”

“… I can tell you exactly where the treasures are, and if you can break the formation outside, they’ll all be yours…” As the Sea Dragon spoke, it couldn’t go on confidently as it somehow seemed the human wasn’t interested in what it was saying.

Mo Tiange suddenly stopped smiling and sighed. “Are you going to say that these treasures were left by your former master, who was a powerful Nascent Soul cultivator?”

The Sea Dragon’s eyes widened in shock. “You…”

Mo Tiange shook her head and beat her palm with the Heaven and Earth Fan. “You’re right. You Sea Dragon families are wiser than other demonic beasts, but in the end, you’re still demonic beasts.” When it came to wisdom, which species in the world could surpass human beings? Human beings were creatures created by God using himself as a template.

The Sea Dragon, talking to her in a wise and steady tone, tried to convince her that it was her equal then tried to trick her into going to the island where Mo Yaoqing sat for her death, half through warning and half through a trade. If she was intrigued by those treasures and found traces of the Seven Extremes Formation, she would’ve believed what the sea dragon said to be true, and by then, even if she could survive the Seven Extremes Formation, when she entered Mo Yaoqing’s cave and thought all her possessions could be taken away… there would be no place to bury her.

If she hadn’t come to look for Mo Yaoqing’s cave and found it, she might’ve fallen into the trap. So the Sea Dragon might’ve tricked her into killing herself without any effort.

No wonder Mo Yaoqing accepted this Sea Dragon as a spiritual beast. Such wisdom was no less than that of most human beings.

Upon seeing Mo Tiange’s eyes scanning it, the Sea Dragon erected its blue scales all over its back and instantly prepared itself for battle.

Upon seeing this, Mo Tiange smiled and unfolded the Heaven and Earth Fan. “What, won’t you go gather your alliance? Or have you not had time to make an alliance yet?”

The Sea Dragon was angry. “Don’t think that us demonic beasts can’t defeat you humans! You’re only in the sixth rank while I’m at seventh; it’s not so easy to beat me!”

“Well, just have a try.” Mo Tiange put away her smile and gently waved her sleeves. The Art of Temporary Origin formed a spiritual aura shield around her.

Now she was sure that the Sea Dragon had come to scare her. Maybe what it said was true; if she continued the killing, the sea beasts would unite sooner or later, but not now. Perhaps in order to save its own descendants, the Sea Dragon relied on its wisdom which was far beyond that of other demonic beasts and tried to scare her away, even trying to lead her into a trap to kill her with one move!

Even though the Sea Dragon might’ve been Mo Yaoqing’s spiritual beast, it was just a demonic beast now. If you really thought it was as wise and steady as it appeared, you would have no time for regrets.

The Sea Dragon’s demonic beast instinct made it immediately chose to attack after seeing Mo Tiange forming her spiritual aura shield.

Its tail wagged, and the waves rose to the sky! Sea Dragons had the blood of Divine Dragons which could call the wind and call the rain!

But these waves didn’t approach Mo Tiange at all; they were blocked by the spiritual aura shield created by the Art of Temporary Origin.

Upon seeing this, the Sea Dragon opened its big mouth and a magic art of water rushed at Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange waved her Heaven and Earth Fan immediately. Then the mountains and rivers on the Fan suddenly turned into real objects and pressed down on the Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragon shook its tail and jumped out of thin air, escaping the range of the Heaven and Earth Fan.

Mo Tiange was a little surprised. Seventh-rank demonic beasts were surely stronger. With the treasures in her possession, she had killed all the sea beasts of the fifth or sixth rank in the past few days. But this Sea Dragon had just avoided her Heaven and Earth Fan easily.

The next moment, the Sea Dragon shook its tail again and a huge spiritual aura pushed down.

Mo Tiange pulled the White Silk Handkerchief and wrapped it around her, dragging out a trail of white. The handkerchief turned into a fog and protected her firmly.

Then her Heaven and Earth Fan spread out again.This time, instead of showing mountains and rivers, there rang a clear cry. A spiritual crane flew out and headed straight for the Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragon was startled, not quite sure whether it was real or imaginary. Although its wisdom was no less than that of ordinary people, it required knowledge of array formations to distinguish illusions. In this respect, it was obviously no different from ordinary demonic beasts.

In the end, it chose to stay out of the way. But Mo Tiange was waiting there. She waved her Heaven and Earth Fan once again and mountains and rivers appeared dimly. The Sea Dragon had nowhere to hide, so under this crisis, it could only open its mouth and bite!

Mo Tiange’s eyes turned cold. With a light flashing in her hand, she took out the Spirit Clouds Ruyi with a “Bang” and the surrounding spiritual aura suddenly exploded!

“Aoww!” With a cry of pain, the Sea Dragon rolled in midair.

It had avoided the immortal crane and blocked the Heaven and Earth Fan, but it couldn’t avoid Spirit Clouds Ruyi!

Mo Tiange waved her sleeves and took back the Spirit Clouds Ruyi. She folded the Heaven and Earth Fan slowly, not ready to take advantage of this opportunity to kill it.

After a while, the Sea Dragon recovered and stopped rolling, but its blue scales had been covered with blood.

If this was any other time, it would’ve dove into the seabed, but the weapon which had wounded it just now stopped the Sea Dragon in its tracks. The Sea Dragon stared at Mo Tiange, eyes mixed with vigilance and confusion. “You… What is it?”

Mo Tiange held up the Spirit Clouds Ruyi in her hand and asked with a smile, “You mean this?”

The Sea Dragon blinked its eyes, shocked. “This… You…”

Mo Tiange put away her smile and looked directly at it then asked, “Was your old master’s last name Mo?”

The Sea Dragon wanted to wag its tail, but the power of Spirit Clouds Ruyi had scarred it so it could only blink its eyes again. “Have you been there?”

Mo Tiange sighed and put away the Spirit Clouds Ruyi. “My last name is also Mo,” she said. “I came to look for the cave on the island.”

The Sea Dragon looked in the direction she was pointing and turned around, shocked. “Did you pass the test?”

Mo Tiange smiled. “Sure enough, you knew about the test, so you were trying to send me there and kill me in your master’s trap?”

The Sea Dragon was silent. After a while, it said, “Us Sea Dragons are smarter than common demonic beasts. In the past, my master accepted me as a spiritual beast because I was far more intelligent than common demonic beasts. There’s nothing about my master that I don’t know.”

Mo Tiange knew that. This Sea Dragon had lived for nearly ten thousand years, yet it was still in the seventh rank. It could be inferred that when Mo Yaoqing accepted it as her spiritual beast, it wasn’t because of its fighting power. Perhaps it was accepted because of its high intelligence.

The Sea Dragon moved its head and its intelligent eyes once again gazed at Mo Tiange. “Human, are you my master’s heir?”

“Sort of,” Mo Tiange said softly. “She’s my Great Ancestor.”

“Great Ancestor…” The Sea Dragon was confused. Apparently, it didn’t understand the relationship between Mo Tiange and its master for a moment. But this didn’t hinder his comprehension. It turned its head and said much more quietly, “Since you’re my master’s heir, I trust you.”

Mo Tiange smiled. “Your master has already sat for her death, and the spiritual beast contract between you and her has expired. Why would you trust me?”

The Sea Dragon looked at her calmly and said, “I still want to make a trade with you. I’ll tell you another secret in exchange for you to stop killing.”

“Aren’t you afraid I won’t make a vow after hearing your secret this time?”

The Sea Dragon paused for a moment, looking at the island in the distance where Mo Yaoqing sat for her death and said, “It’s a secret of my master’s. Since you are her heir, you’re entitled to know it.”

Mo Yaoqing’s whole life had been recorded on the jade slips. So what other secret was there in the depths of the Eastern Sea?

The Sea Dragon said slowly, “It’s a secret about how my master came here.”

Mo Tiange was stunned. The secret…about how Mo Yaoqing came to the Celestial Pole from Yunzhong?! It was indeed the only thing Mo Yaoqing hadn’t recorded in her notes.