Lady Cultivator - Chapter 334 - Middle Stage of the Core Formation Realm

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Chapter 334: Middle Stage of the Core Formation Realm

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Mo Yaoqing was an arrogant person. She didn’t want to perform Dual Cultivation with others because of her self-esteem, not so-called chastity.

Her growing age and increasing number of enemies forced her to make a decision. She was determined and would perform Dual Cultivation when needed, so she then made a quick decision. Since she didn’t value chastity and had quite a good impression of Zhong Muling, why not? What she did next was carry out a scheme on Zhong Muling and reach the Nascent Soul realm with the Art of Absorbing in one try.

After that, Mo Yaoqing went to Danxia Sect to cause trouble. She was all alone, so she naturally couldn’t stand against the entire Danxia Sect by herself, but she secretly killed many of the Grand Supreme Elder’s descendants. Such a method of taking revenge was truly a little malicious, but upon about Mo Yaoqing’s experience before, Mo Tiange just sighed.

With Mo Yaoqing’s qualifications in those days, she had already reached Core Formation realm when she was a little over a hundred years old. If things had gone well, she presumably could’ve reached the Nascent Soul realm when she was about three hundred years old. However, she had paid two hundred years additional time along with indescribable hardship. If she hadn’t been smart enough, she wouldn’t have escaped the fate of being forced either.

Of course, Danxia Sect had several cultivators in the late stage of the Nascent Soul realm, none of which could be offended by Mo Yaoqing, who had just entered the Nascent Soul realm. Moreover, she still had a lot of other enemies, so after killing some disciples, Mo Yaoqing made a resolute decision to flee far away, and she arrived in the Celestial Pole incidentally.

When she arrived in the Celestial Pole, she settled in Linhai by the Eastern Sea shore. What happened next was she established Bixuan Court there and sheltered herself in Linhai temporarily. Mo Tiange knew about all this.

But just at that moment, she found herself pregnant!

Five years had passed since she and Zhong Muling spent that night together.

Generally speaking, if one got pregnant, she would give birth to a child after bearing it for ten months. But Mo Yaoqing was a cultivator, so she might’ve had a hidden fetus. It meant that the baby was enveloped by spiritual aura before it could grow, so she didn’t show signs of pregnancy. After that night, Mo Yaoqing performed a Closed Door Meditation to advance, and when she reached the Nascent Soul realm, she was surrounded by spiritual aura, so the possibility of that happening was quite large. Also because of this, Zhong Muling hadn’t known about the matter of the child from beginning to end. It was only after many years that he discovered Mo Yaoqing had left him a son.

Mo Yaoqing didn’t have the heart to give up the child and considering that Zhong Muling, the child’s father, was a good person, she decided to give birth to the child in the end. Unfortunately, although this child had two Nascent Soul cultivators as his parents, he didn’t have spiritual roots. Mo Yaoqing had to go to the secular world and pretend to be a mortal to raise this child. She waited until the child grew up, got married and had children before Mo Yaoqing then pretended to die of old age and returned to Linhai.

Upon reading this, Mo Tiange formed a different view of her ancestor. In addition to Mo Yaoqing’s firm and decisive characteristics, she was also a woman, a mother. Most cultivators wouldn’t care about a child who didn’t have spiritual roots, but Mo Yaoqing was willing to pretend to be a mortal for the child.

Mo Tiange sensed the sadness that Mo Yaoqing revealed between the lines. It was her blood child, a child who had no spiritual roots, so she could only see him have children, get old and die. She’d rather cut off her relationship with him and leave him in the secular world.

Giving birth to offspring was so cruel for cultivators. Even if both parents were Nascent Soul cultivators, there was no guarantee that the child born would have spiritual roots.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help thinking about herself. After marrying Qin Xi, both of them hadn’t brought up this issue. She thought about it once vaguely, but she didn’t think deeply because compared to mortals, it was more difficult for cultivators to have pregnancies. Only then did she realize how cruel the question was. She and Qin Xi both had firm Dao hearts. Originally, cultivators who dedicated themselves to cultivation weren’t suited to have children, let alone face the risk of such a problem…

What if their child didn’t have spiritual roots? Wasn’t it cruel to tell him about the cultivation world if he didn’t have spiritual roots? They could only leave him in the secular world, but then that would require a separation.

Thinking for a while, Mo Tiange sighed and tossed away this problem. Since it wasn’t suitable, they just wouldn’t have a child. Anyway, Qin Xi was now in Closed Door Meditation and would come out in one or two decades at the very least; they would discuss this then.

After returning to Linhai, Mo Yaoqing continued her cultivation. Yunzhong was smaller than the Celestial Pole, but there were a lot of cultivators in Kunwu and the degree of prosperity was no worse than Yunzhong. Mo Yaoqing thus lived a quiet life in such an environment in Linhai, and without alerting her enemies, she advanced to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm smoothly.

During this period, she also returned to Yunzhong. She wanted to take revenge, relying on her many magic weapons and powerful strength, but she discovered that the Grand Supreme Elder who forced her back then was already waiting for his own death.

Upon receiving this news, Mo Yaoqing was stunned for a long time before she finally sighed and put down her hatred. It was only then that she saw that hatred wouldn’t last over time. Nascent Soul cultivators had a life of more than one thousand years, but so what? One day, they would finally fall and die, and in that time, they would be but a handful of earth.

Mo Yaoqing then returned to the Celestial Pole and concentrated on her cultivation, but she wasn’t able to advance and it was the end for her. She encountered obstacles after the destruction of her cultivation level, and she had been unable to overcome those obstacles. After staying in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm for hundreds of years, eventually, she couldn’t advance to the late stage and prepared for her death in the Celestial Pole.

Before her death, Mo Yaoqing wrote down her life experiences. Looking back, she fought against fate all her life until the end, without complaint or regret.

Mo Tiange put down the Jade Slip and sat for a long time. She puffed out a breath, looking up at the sky.

The day had passed, and the sky was filled with rosy clouds. Soon, night would fall, but so what? There were beautiful stars and the dawn to look forward to.

She smiled and put away the jade slip then sat cross-legged in meditation.

She wasn’t as wise and talented as Mo Yaoqing, but she was lucky in ways Mo Yaoqing wasn’t. Mo Tiange met a good Master and had a lover who loved her true-heartedly. Although she also lost a lot, she gained more.

As soon as she sat quietly and meditated, it was easy for her mind to enter a state of peace and nothingness. Heaven and earth seemed to dissolve as a whole, and everything was ethereal and quiet. The Origin inside her body began to circulate. The five elements were born from each other and Yin and Yang circulated, going on and on…

Mo Tiange felt that she had entered a very mysterious realm which she had never experienced before; she felt that her whole body was melting into the environment, gradually losing her own figure…

The wind was blowing, the fragrance of flowers and plants entered her nose, and the sound of waves approached her ears. It was as if she had fallen asleep and woken up again.

Upon opening her eyes, it was still night. Mo Tiange didn’t know how long she’d been cultivating for; she only felt refreshed and energetic.

She tried to circulate her spiritual aura and felt her Dantian was a little abnormal as if something was ready to move. She felt that she especially wanted to continue her cultivation, make the spiritual aura circulate, absorb the spiritual aura from outside to pass through her meridian vessels and reach her Dantian. Was it time to advance?

Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange was overjoyed. She didn’t expect that she would be able to advance so soon this time!

Perhaps this was related to reading through Mo Yaoqing’s notes? During that half a day’s time, she experienced Mo Yaoqing’s whole life o the Jade Slip, tasting flavors of joy, sadness, and anger along with her narration. In this process, she experienced a lot and also understood a lot. Maybe it was because of this that her mental state advanced rapidly, catching up with the speed of her cultivation, thus leading to the impulse of wanting to advance to the next level.

Technically, if she needed to advance, she should enter the Virtual Sky World. But for some reason, she suddenly wanted to sit right there and feel what Mo Yaoqing had once felt.

Just do it then. Mo Tiange set a simple defensive Spirit Gathering Formation around herself, took out several kinds of medicinal pills and sat down cross-legged, beginning a Closed Door Meditation right there.

Such a small advancement was easier than advancing to the Foundation Building or Core Formation realms. She was now in the depths of the Eastern Sea, so Mo Tiange only took a Clear Sky Pill and Constitution-Enhancing Pill before closing her eyes and beginning to absorb spiritual aura.

The sun rose and the moon sank, the tides rose and fell. With the sound of the waves, time passed day by day.

Listening to the sound of waves rising and falling, Mo Tiange seemed to have returned to the distant past five thousand years ago, an era that a proud and resolute woman lived in.

Nothing lasted forever, only time. Mortals would live and die and cultivators would fall. As time went by, no matter how amazing a genius was, they would eventually be submerged in time and be covered up by smoke and grass.

Unless the cultivator could reach the highest level and jump out of reincarnation.

Only then could they grasp time, grasp eternity, become a unison of heaven and earth, and never perish.

Four months later, Mo Tiange opened her eyes.

She looked down at herself. Nothing had changed, but she was filled with much more spiritual aura than before she entered Closed Door Meditation.

During this period, she had already advanced to the middle stage of the Core Formation realm smoothly.

She smiled at the thought of this. Although she wasn’t earlier than Qin Xi in entering the middle stage, she was younger than him. She remembered Qin Xi had said that he went to Demonic Mountain shortly after he entered the middle stage of the Core Formation realm, when he was already 116 years old.

She compared herself to Qin Xi not because she wanted to compete. It was just that there was such a huge difference between their cultivation levels, so she needed to catch up with him earlier so that the two of them could move forward, side by side.

Mo Tiange’s thoughts floated away. It had been half a year since she left Xuanqing School. She really missed him a little and didn’t know his current situation. He must be very happy to find out she had advanced, right?

“Perhaps it’s time to go back…” she murmured. Qin Xi might be still in his Closed Door Meditation when she returned, but she might occasionally still see him.

She thought for a moment then shook her head. This was no good. How many times did a cultivator have to go through Closed Door Meditation in his thousand years of life? It was only half a year. If she was always thinking about him, how could she stay in Closed Door Meditation without distractions? If he could do it, she should also be able to do it.

But what should she do next? She had found Mo Yaoqing’s cave and achieved her purpose. According to her original plan, she should study the cultivation notes Mo Yaoqing left carefully.

Right. She was in the Eastern Sea. Perhaps she could study here as she went to hunt some sea beasts? If she could get some beast cores that Kunwu didn’t have, perhaps she could use them some day, which could also boost her fighting abilities.

Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange clapped her hands and said to herself in her heart: Let’s do this!